RaceDayCT Notice Regarding Coverage Of New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Beginning this week, RaceDayCT will return to providing reporting of news and events at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

In January, because of issues involving track management/ownership, I made the decision at RaceDayCT to discontinue coverage of events at the Speedbowl or news directly involving management or ownership at the facility.

In May, Speedbowl management requested a meeting to open a dialogue concerning the issues that led to the suspension of coverage.

On May 22 in Stafford I met with Speedbowl general manager George Whitney, along with Mike Serluca of the Speedbowl staff. It was requested at that time that I bring coverage of the Speedbowl back to RaceDayCT.

After consulting with a group of trusted advisors and supporters of RaceDayCT, the decision has been made to bring limited coverage of the Speedbowl back to RaceDayCT.

At RaceDayCT we respect immensely the efforts and challenges faced by all short track competitors and believe that their stories deserve to be told. I have personally been involved with coverage of racing at the Speedbowl through the RaceDayCT website – and previously as a staff member for the Hartford Courant – for the last 19 years.

With most newspapers discontinuing coverage and trade papers having all but disappeared from the sport, today’s world of short track media is quite limited. No matter the issues between RaceDayCT and the management of the facility, it was unfair to competitors at the track that there has been virtually no regular coverage of their events this season. Competitors deserve the recognition of their effort that comes with coverage of events at the track. We look forward to bringing those stories back to RaceDayCT.


  1. wmass01013 says

    Fair enough Shawn your site, your choice!
    I think deep down most of us have issues with the OWNERSHIP/MANAGEMENT of the track but as you say the teams competing do deserve coverage, thank you!

  2. Appreciate all you do for short tracks and really enjoy your articles even if I don’t always agree

  3. I haven’t been to the bowl in years but I still enjoyed the coverage, I’m glad your differences were resolved and look forward to the coverage Thanks Shawn

  4. Thank You Shawn.The Speedbowl is very important to a lot of us.I look forward to your coverage.

  5. Crazy in NY says

    Good decision Shawn glad things got worked out. The respect thing works both ways however and I hope the posters to this site (some) that have made running down Waterford and those that race there almost sport show a reciprocal recognition. Glad Bowls news will be forthcoming.

  6. Thank you from another Speedbowl fan and family

  7. sour grapes of wrath says

    fair and balanced Shawn !!

  8. Corkster1955 says

    Thank you Shawn. I don’t get to the tracks as much as I would like (retired and living on small fixed income). I do look forward to your articles and RaceDayCT updates. Thanks again…

  9. Make the SpeedBowl Great Again!!!!!



  11. You have my support Shawn. This is the best thing that’s happened to the bowl all season. George got one right!! Glad you got it worked out.

  12. Fast Eddie says

    Glad to see this happen! Thanks to Shawn, George, and Mike for getting past the issues and giving the Speedbowl racers a chance to be recognized and acknowledged.

  13. Thanks Shawn!!!

  14. Al Coholic says

    Great News Shawn!!! Let’s all not talk about owners or management. Let’s concentrate in the racers!!!

  15. Al Coholic says

    Great News Shawn!!! Let’s all not talk about owners or management. Let’s concentrate on the racers!!!

  16. Great news!!

  17. This news makes sense for all parties involved. Unfortunately, getting Rocco and NASCAR to teturn to the Bowl is likely to be much more diffucult.

  18. Viva race fan says

    Thank you . Lots of Speed bowl fans read your site. This is about the racers and fans .

  19. Stefanie says

    Soooo Sean stop doing his job because he didn’t get along with management.. and now we’re applauding because HE chose the racers we’re missing out?! Dramatic whinny attention seeking BS! Why does a one sided opinion columnist matter so much to the bowl? Just my opinion.. don’t go giving me a corner spot in tomorrow’s paper or anything

  20. Never been to the Bowl, but I support you decision Shawn !!!

  21. Bystander says

    He was asked to stay off the property at the finale last year. Exactly how did you expect him to cover the place? Some people are so stupid.

  22. JimBinCT says

    Thank you Shawn. I just hope you will report objectively. That is all I ask.

  23. Stephanie, the bowl coverage has been dismal at best by other media and the website is not updated until several days after events. Shawn is a good man. He didn’t stop doing his job. He stopped being disrespected and chose the contents of his website to other racing coverage. The fans and teams suffered as a result. I am glad is back. It’s a good thing for New England auto racing coverage.

  24. Glad you worked things out Shawn. The drivers deserve their due……..

  25. sour grapes of wrath says

    stef if you had your way no one would ever make peace !!!.. this is good news.. people can agree to disagree and still work together/mend fences .. too bad our government cant do the same !!!

  26. “After consulting with a group of trusted advisors and supporters of RaceDayCT, the decision has been made to bring limited coverage of the Speedbowl back to RaceDayCT.”

    What does “limited” mean?

  27. In great hope this relationship works out for racing. Kudos to both partys for meeting in the middle.

  28. darealgoodfella,
    For the time being the coverage will be limited to event previews and the reporting of race results and news items.

  29. old observer says

    good news for the bowl & the fans. a good racy short track. looking forward to the coverage. A 2+ hour drive each way prevents me from being a regular but hope to make some big shows there!

  30. In this country we are innocent till proven GUILTY.

  31. Crazy in NY says

    In this country we are innocent till proven GUILTY.

    In the court of law that’s true. In the court of public opinion and on certain racing blogs you’re whatever the posters say you are.

  32. Hey Dareal. Come on man!!!!
    Limited means less than what it used to be….hey Dareal as you know i am your biggest supporter sir….but man you scare me with that silly question to Shawn…
    I hope you are doing ok and im a bit concerned about your not very well thought out remarks as of late..as you kbow my iq is well over 150.!!!! I am a very well versed person with unlimited funds as opposed to limited

  33. Chris P.Bacon says

    Wow Don’t read as much as I used to. But I’m reading what I thought was “good racing news” and something I would think racers and race fans alike would want….COVERAGE!!!
    Then I read comments and a Stephanie leaves a post with a “cheap shot” at Shawn! Why? Why post that in a “good news story?”
    Anyway I appreciate the “good news” and look forward too reading your column,no matter how limited..More coverage of the MODIFIEDS and other divisions is a GOOD THING!!

  34. Rhea LeVasseur says

    I’m very happy to see this. If anyone knows Todd Owen please tell him thank you for being at the bowl Saturday night. He made a couple of fans very happy by being there. The drivers really do deserve a lot of credit and appreciation. We go to the bowl to support the racers.

  35. Shawn, I respect your decision to provide coverage of the bowl. Although the owner is a scumbag, and the management comes in a close second, the competitors do deserve coverage. Thank you

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