Tommy Barrett Jr. Wins Inaugural Twisted Tea Open Modified 80 At Stafford Speedway

Tommy Barrett Jr. celebrates victory in the Twisted Tea 80 Open Modified race at Stafford Speedway Friday (Photo: Fran Lawlor)

STAFFORD – There was a time in 2010 when Tommy Barrett Jr. was the youngest feature winner ever at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Friday, nearly four years removed from his last victory at the track, the Millis, Mass. driver – now a 23-year old father – made history once again.

Barrett came out on top of the inaugural Twisted Tea 80 Open Modified feature Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

It was his 18th career victory at Stafford. He won his first feature in the SK Light Modified divison on June 4, 2010 at 15 years old. He had 14 SK Light Modified victories between 2010 and 2011. He also had three Valenti Modified Racing Series wins at Stafford, the last coming on Aug. 29, 2014.

He races part-time now in selected Modified events.

“It feels great to be here,” Barrett said. “It’s where I started racing Modifieds. It’s crazy to be here. I can’t thank my guys enough. We started off pretty rough. I got a couple jingles in the front. We came in and they fixed the front end.”

Chase Dowling of Roxbury was second and Dave Etheridge of Portland third.

“That was a fun race for sure,” Dowling said. “Stafford did a good job putting this race together. … A lot of passing going on out there.”

Barrett got by Rowan Pennink for the lead on lap 42. Pennink grabbed the lead back on lap 60, but Barrett went back to the front a lap later for good.


  1. Wish tommy ran my races on the whelen tour. He is to good not to be racing against top talent. He did make a big mistake back in the day but it’s time to move on. I’d put him in the 82 for woody. Team needs a change.

  2. Slapnuts says

    Tommy couldn’t carry Woody’s jock let alone take his

  3. Jerry Fascione says

    Stafford has a great idea with this open race, now they need to raise the purse to get more top names drivers to come and race. I didn’t see a lot of passing going on and thought the race was boring. the SK Modifieds put on a hell of a show that was worth the price of admission.

  4. NH MOD CHASER says

    Graig you are exactly right !I have always been a HUGE Tommy Barrett fan and love watching him wheel a modified.Their where alot of haters back when he got into that trouble but we ALL make poor judgement calls at times.GET OVER IT !! IF i owned a Tour Mod or any Mod he would be my first pick as a driver.Congrats on the win and hope to see him in more races in the future…

  5. There was a time… That time was long ago, TB is still suspended by Nascar so let’s stop with all the WMT stuff. He would have to enter and successfully pass their treatment program. Much more to it than “moving on”. So he races 3 or 4 times a year and Andy Suess races for Mr. Our at Talladega and Daytona in his place. Other talented drivers race every week. That little mistake destroyed a racing career. Who knows how much money it cost him potentially. Honestly, its hard for me to remember a mistake that cost someone so much. That’s the reality of that whole thing. Fair or not. Good lesson for other young folks though. Talented kid for sure. Good win for sure. At the end of the day though, he is a good driver that can only race a few times a year because of his own doing.

  6. wmass01013 says

    Has Barett ever attempted to get his NASCAR license back to be able to run WMT or even WMRS races? the kid has talent, u can argue the MISTAKE part, I think lots of things people do are covered up as MISTAKES but if he has learned his lesson and wants to do things u have to go thru proper procedures!!

  7. Tyrone Barbosa says

    The Whelan Tour really needs some fresh blood added; and drain off some of the stagnant water like Melissa Fifield and Wade Cole before they kill somebody out there. Robert Our racing can choke on it now, and , although we all love Woody – quite obviously TB9 CAN carry his jock. And then send it flying back to him.

  8. They don’t need to raise the purse for a part time division- raise the purse of the sk an lites

  9. The biggest Tommy Barrett fan of all watched the kid win from HEAVEN #44 R.I.P. Mario . Wish he was here to enjoy it!

  10. Not Blind as a Bat says

    If Nascar can give Molleur a license after falsifying a federal document and lying to everyone including the tracks, I don’t see why they wouldn’t give TB back his if he applied for one.

  11. It truly was a perfect night for racing. The crowd fairly sparse at the start filled in nicely to an acceptable number is my guess. Not as good as Modifiedz Night but good. Racing action blasted off with the Open heats highlighted by a nice reception for the 13 and a failure to launch by Ryan Preece in his heat.. The 25 sign ups ended up being 20 cars. Hodridge, Jankowiak,Midgett,Abele,Galko, Ruocco and Rufrano were not in the race. Salzarulo and Bakaj were race day additions as well as Preece who didn’t make his heat for what reason maybe someone else can fill in cause I don’t know.
    Feature races for the 5 regular divisions had some high and low points. High included seeing young Mehgan Fuller go toe to toe with the front runners in the Steets and finish once again up front like the young veteran she is. Watching Brian Narducci fly through the SK Light field is always fun to watch as was Ruffrano until he spun while reaching the top 4 or 5 cars. 9 cars for the LLM feature and proby Ryan Fearn not only didn’t take his sister out this week he actually won coming from scratch. The memory of a green to checker finish last week in the SK’s……gone. Mass amnesia struck with pretty much the entire field forgetting there was more then one lap in the race and driving like they just turned on the electricity at a bumper car ride. So many cautions and so much damage including a severely wrecked Pennink 99 who had been running good in the front of the field. Berndt was fast as usual as was the winner Williams who had to fight off a determined Glen Reen who seemed to be the one car capable of passing at the apex of a turn. Man that guy can drive when his head is right. When the SK’s were not wrecking the racing as expected was tight and competitive as we have come to expect.
    The Open Modifieds were comprised of a mish-mash of cars from all over that in the end put on an exceptional race. They were fast with the top three cars best times averaging 18.68 compared to the SK’s at 19.28 and the VMRS Modifieds a few weeks ago at 19.14. Pennink looked like his usual dominant self early in the 25 with Pitkat right behind. Barrett made a tire change earlier then the front runners and when the entire field shook out it paid off. The tire situation made it very interesting and there was a ton of re-positioning and resulting passing. In the end an invader of sorts won it with another none VMRS regular and Stafford favorite coming in second. The first VMRS regular to show up in third wasn’t even Pennink or Pitkat so that was interesting as well. The distance of 80 laps was perfect.
    The lucky dog of the night was Preece in the SK feature for the wrong reason. Who broke a hose or something like that and was the first out of the race. That turned out to be a blessing since he was put in the back of the field before the part failure for rough riding and surely would have been caught up in a wreck at some point in the caution filled race.
    Much is made about the value of such a race in comparison to other touring series and their success. But you can’t overstate the importance of starting with full fields in the SK’s and Lights as part of the show. That sort of thing is rare in other places for under card divisions and it counts for something.
    Overall a great night for the first of the new format I would think. If they can get the purse up and attract more and better cars they could be on their way to the cult like following the TTOMS seems to generate. But by any standard good reason to be optimistic about the future of the opens.

  12. We all may make poor judgement calls, but one should learn quickly not to. And the magnitude and frequency is also a consideration. To make the poor judgment calls over and over, bigger and bigger is another thing. NASCAR requires remediation, and if someone does not want to do as required by NASCAR to be allowed to participate, then they are choosing to not participate. Good day. The mistake isn’t costing TB anything right now, it appears to be his refusal to go through the NASCAR required remediation program. Now move along, nothing to see here.

  13. Doug
    When Preece came out in the back for the heat race, he was in the 40 SK and not a tour type modified. Those were hardship the track approved, after the car died in practice and had to be pushed off.
    Also, I thought that was Matt Galko in that 76 Perry car (?)

  14. wmass01013 says

    Doug who is writing the Stafford press releases for you??
    that’s what I was asking if Barrett has gone thru any steps to try to get reinstated, u can race open comp shows now and then but to be considered a real racer u have to run somewhat regularly, NO NOT SAYING u have to drive ON the WMT, but more than 3 or 4 times a year, I mean I do think he is a talented driver and would be a good addition to any series BUT HAS TO BE CLEAN.

  15. Doug’s post was longer than Shawn’s article.

  16. I think one of the conditions of racing under NASCAR sanction is that you are subject to testing. Especially if you have a confirmed history. Numerous people have been caught over the years. Is someone afraid to be tested? NASCAR and all other racers need to be concerned if he is showing up under the influence, for the safety of all. NASCAR isn’t missing out on anything. Racing is dangerous enough as is. Zero tolerance.

  17. Doug, don’t need a press release here. You are eclipsing dareals comments. Let’s not stoop to that level.

  18. Paul your right , they also announced that Preece lost a freeze plug out of block, sometimes it’s hard to believe he was there

  19. There was a good show last night Mark. I tried to give anyone that was interested a little personal perspective from the cheap seats. Much like you did on your opener on the NWMT race at Seekonk that I enjoyed. If it’s too many words for you just skip it. Just see Doug and move on. Everyone else does.
    Thanks Paul for the information. If you were there would you care to weigh in on what you thought of the show.
    Got it. Tommy Barrett’s deal is three years old, he’s competed elsewhere over that time including at the opener at Claremont for the TTOMS but none of you went to the Modified Open so it’s what you have. Tommy Barrett from his strategic decisions to his racing performance was masterful. With regard to the three year old deal Mark thinks is relevant Dareal nailed it so anything more would be redundant.
    I would reach out to any folks that did go and ask what you thought. Good show, bad show, ehh. Would you go again?

  20. It’s not a press release humphry it’s simply a view from the cheap seats. If you and mark that count words and don’t care about what happened last night at Stafford I think that’s fine. If you two were the sum of all people that read these comments I would say why bother. But I’m pretty sure you aren’t.
    I’m especially disappointed with you humphry because I did a lot of research on this new race format, went to it and passed it on first hand with nothing but enthusiasm for a new event at a track I love. Yet you seem uninterested at all and offer zero insights on the event. Sometimes you are almost eloquent and i wish you could be here.
    What I would like to hear is some feedback. Not from people counting words but people that were there and have an opinion or information like Paul and Elect.

  21. Tyrone Barbosa says

    Screw NASCAR. They are losing the battle here. Screw their politics! Tommy is doing the right thing. Let Whelan keep some of the hacks instead of a proven hot shoe. Jerk Bateman blocked him too. I’ll only attend Open Mod races from now on

  22. Tyrone Barbosa says

    Go TB9 . Screw NASCAR. They are losing the battle here. Screw their politics! Tommy is doing the right thing. Let Whelan keep some of the hacks instead of a proven hot shoe. Jerk Bateman blocked him too. I’ll only attend Open Mod races from now on

  23. At the end of the day, TB beat a short field that was also short on real talent Friday night. The kid has talent but the few TTOMS races he has run these last few years he really hasn’t been a threat to the big dogs. Money Matt may have seen him in the mirror once or twice but that’s about it.
    I’m with DaReal on this one. Nothing to see here. Maybe we will see TB in the grandstands on Wednesday.

  24. Doug ? Didn’t read your book! It’s simple I love woody !!! TOMMY SMOKES THE BEST ! Hello tour guys ! Tommy on tour top 3

  25. Mary Bennaughty says


  26. What? Woody has been awful on the tour since the 88 closed up shop

  27. Glad this was a lovely event and some suffered though the ticket lines and concessions lines.

    But the white elephant in the room is that TB refuses to go through the NASCAR required remediation before he can be allowed to participate in NASCAR and VMRS events. The kid did not have just a single, minor, deviant event, there was a public history of such. Frankly, the kid appears to behave like an enabled, more equal than others, petulant child.

    Nothing can be made of the time passed. He can still be using and abusing. People use and abuse well into their 60s, 70s, and beyond. Just look at all the recent celebrity deaths where substance abuse was in their history or was a factor in their deaths. We and the people on the track with him will never know. Unless he’s tested frequently and heaven forbid, if after another incident, mandated testing shows that there is still an issue.

    If someone refuses to go through rehab to prove they are clean and safe, then they can’t play. That’s the rules, law and order. For the safety of all. Imagine what message it sends if someone is so arrogant and belligerent to refuse to cooperate by proving their sobriety but are then want to do something so dangerous as drive a race car when they could be a user? Who would be the irresponsible and negligent entities then? If something were to happen, all fingers would point to NASCAR for letting him drive.

    I’m disappointed that Stafford let TB drive in this Open Event. Very disappointed.

    I will never attend an event where TB is allowed to participate until he has successfully gone through the NASCAR or similar rehab program, and he’s proven to be clean.

    I know people that are alcoholics, and it is sad and scary watching their cars collecting damage from alcohol related incidents, and that they are collecting DWIs, DUIs, OUIs, etc. It isn’t funny or to be taken lightly.

  28. I am very surprised that TB has not entered and completed a program so he can clear his name and have an opportunity to move on with what could potentially be a very successful career. We all make mistakes in life that have a profound affect on out future. Time to man up and do what is right or walk away.

  29. Thanks Mike86. You make great points on most everything. Except the Open race. Barrett took on a tire early and made a charge through the field and Pennink did the same later on. I’m sure others did as Dowling eluded to I just didn’t notice. The VMRS front runners didn’t win, the times were faster then the VMRS as well so the idea of an open show held up. As for all the NWMT fans out there that did not go and do get such joy at throwing darts at anything not NWMT consistency and uniformity of thought that is a staple here has been noted once again.

  30. Mike86 nailed… there were about 4 competitive cars, and the winner was going to be one of those cars. The entry list was all one had to see. That’s what happened. Mike86, you are not contrarian, you are sensible and pragmatic. Others look at a pile of 💩 and blather and bloviate about how it is an opportunity for fresh produce. That’s not being optimistic, that’s being delusional.

    NH Mark also said it well, that TB beat a short field. Nobody should be surprised at all.

    TB needs to understand that he will have tons of support if he sincerely completes the rehab program and stays clean. As long as he keeps up this fight, he is dragging that dark cloud around with him.

  31. Tour stuff aside, Seekonk was 25 deep in every weekly division last week. Late Models put on a whale of show. As they also did last Oct during the Haunted 100. So some tracks aren’t feeling the pinch as much as others.

    Also, everyone railed Star/TTOMS last August for only getting 21 cars for the rescheduled Waterford race. Stafford got LESS than that on Friday and people don’t want to hear it.

    The 82 is a mid pack car. They got one lucky win with Silk before he quit.

  32. Hey NH Mark, you think NWMT cars would show up to these open shows if they still ran/had built motors?

    NWMT is getting more cars lately. Could be the economy, could be owners are less annoyed with NASCAR, could be some teams are fed up with MRS, etc. and NASCAR looks greener on the other side of the fence.

  33. Crazy in NY says

    Nothing can be made of the time passed. He can still be using and abusing.

    Yeah and you can be molesting collies. ( we don’t know that you aren’t).
    Get off your self righteous high horse for God’s sake. Everybody knows the TB screwed up including Tommy. Why grind on endlessly about it? And……who gives a flying crap if don’t go to a race that Barrett is in? Good..stay home and suck your thumb. You’ll feel better about yourself.

  34. I remember reading somewhere after a tri-track race Tommy won, that his NASCAR license is suspended for “actions detrimental to stock car racing,”….. and that there is a process if he wanted to be reinstated.

    I don’t remember the specifics of what Tommy did, and I am not trying to make excuses for him. He made a mistake, but three other instances quickly come to mind where upper level drivers made mistakes and were not even suspended:
    Kyle Busch going 128 MPH in a 45 MPH zone, Scott Wimmer, DUI and leaving the scene of an accident, and Michael Annett and his DUI with a .32 blood alcohol level. Also a former driver/owner and current broadcaster who “fell asleep at the wheel”…. and walked home comes to mind. I would imaging there is a list as long as your arm of examples where drivers got a slap on the wrist. Anyway, I agree with what Humphry said above, Tommy is such a talented driver, it seems like such a waste to only compete in 3 or 4 tri-track races and the 2 open shows at Stafford in a season.

    Anyone remember Aaron Fike? He admitted to using heroin before truck races and was eventually reinstated.

  35. Crazy, you’re from upstate NY, it’s lawless up there. Makes deep Appalachia look civilized. And your gene pool is very small.

    But there’s no high horse, just law and order, rules. You don’t like law and order? That’s your problem. Rules put in place to protect the safety of others and the general public. Why do you have a problem with that? Why do people have to harp on NASCAR for having rules to protect the sanctioning body and other participants from some that might be dangerous because they could be under the influence? All TB has to do is go through the program. Stop trying to make like it’s NASCAR’s fault. Everyone with a drivers license is subject to rules and laws regarding operating under the influence. What’s your problem with that?

  36. Why harp on NASCAR for not allowing TB to run on the NWMT? Stop grinding on NASCAR for having rules to assure safety and there will be no reason to react to that.

    Enough of this, time to move on to the Thompson 125. Where’s that entry list?

  37. Be that as it may I thought Staffords open was a good start and from what I could tell a decent crowd enjoyed it as I did right to the end. I’m looking forward to the July Open in hopes of an improvement in the field and that it includes Mr Barrett once again. He can definitely drive the wheels off a car and that’s what opens are all about.

  38. The 82 is a solid team and watts puts in good work. Silk was a top 10 car with that team. Had a few bad luck moments. TC ran well in that machine. So don’t blame the Watts team. Pitkat is just struggling it appears. I think he has a well built machine. As for Tommy , good for him he won.

  39. In the end it appears Fast Eddie didn’t go which is a disappointment. No one could have written a more objective and informed review.

  40. wmass01013 says

    WMT Thompson entry list on Thompson web site, 31 cars entered as of 6/7

  41. Paul,
    Aaron Fike was arrested in 2007. He was reinstated by NASCAR in 2012 after completing the NASCAR mandated Road To Recovery program. The Kyle Busch incident had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. The Scott Wimmer (2004) and Michael Annett (2011) incidents were prior to NASCAR instituting its Road To Recovery program in 2012. Tommy Barrett Jr. was arrested in 2015 for driving under the influence. It is my understanding that NASCAR officials gave Barrett the option of participating in their Road To Recovery program to gain reinstatement in 2016, and that ultimately he never took them up on that offer. It is my understanding that he must complete NASCAR’s mandated program before being reinstated and allowed to compete in NASCAR sanctioned events.

  42. What’s the difference between someone that was arrested for a DUI and many of the rest of us? They were caught. Including Vince Vaughn.
    Awesome Paul that’s all I have to say. Perspective, information, comparisons. Poor Tommy Barrett. Guy wins a race and people from all over the Northeast are raising a 3 year old deal that I have yet to see any definitive information about that tags him as a problematic substance abuser. Rehab, please. For what. Just show the smallest bit of information that he has a longer term problem. Aspersions and innuendo is what the driving force is here.
    Dareal like the deal on Seekonk grooves you went down the rabbit hole. Crazy wants me least of all to back him up but man you can be cold.

  43. More great information from Shawn. But first you need to know the difference between a person with a legitimate drinking or drug abuse problem vs a person that used bad judgement. Road to Recovery is a program that the most skeptical could be termed as a public relations tool to deal with a subject that is a public relations issue. For a series that many of you think is archaic and dying. It could apply to a person with a real substance abuse issue as well as a one time mistake.
    Leave Tommy Barrett alone. He made his decision and this harassment is inexcusable after such a long time especially since it’s not like he became visible for the first time at Stafford. Hello, TTOMS you all love so much. In the eyes of the law he appeared in court, a judgement was made and that’s all he owes anyone.

  44. NH Mark you hit a home run with this thread connecting the DUI with Tommy Barretts win. Would you call that hijacking the thread? Poor guy wins and people that didn’t even go trash him. For a three year old arrest.

  45. Weather looks pretty bad for Wednesday. What’s the rain date?

    Looks like Max Zachem has withdrawn.

  46. Doug,
    Who said anything about rehab? NASCAR’s Road to Recovery program is a system that is in place to deal with instances involving drivers or crew members in situations involving alcohol or drugs. It’s not rehab. It’s NASCAR system. Each individual has the choice to participate or not participate. If you want to race with NASCAR you participate in their program that reinstates you. If you don’t want to participate in their program you don’t get reinstated. It’s the same for everyone.

  47. sour grapes of wrath says

    road to recovery program? OMG LOL….. . NASCAR is a joke….I have an idea for dareal…. who obviously dislikes TB… mandatory or random drug testing for all drivers participating at NASCAR sanctioned tracks…. better yet have the crews tested as well…official`s too they could be under the influence and possibly become violent?? problem is most tracks would have zero competitors…the reality is and I can almost promise you at least 25% of the participants (drivers and or crew) at New England/Northeast tracks would NOT pass a drug test .. so a teen is busted for DUI.. the legal process is over.. NASCAR oh great NASCAR says he cant compete until their program is completed??? you have got to be kidding me LOL… PS how many minors (under 18) competing in bandos ,legends and sk lites in New England /Northeast are possibly on some type of approved/prescription meds ????…. DA REAL you are delusional !! you have lost your mind….laws prevent the disclosure of medical records.. ya wanna have drivers and crew providing that info to the tracks..? Barrett is no more a danger than anyone else…favorite line I heard during a drivers meeting at the old riverside park during an enduro event .. “racing is a dangerous sport and you could be killed” ..Barrett is fully aware of the opportunities he threw away.. if Mario Fiore liked him he cant be all that bad…glass houses da real ….glass houses for you ..oh I forgot didn’t tony stewart settle with Kevin Ward who was under the influence of maryjane … ??? stewart was sober right ..still thought it was funny to throttle chop a stoner approaching his car on a dimly lit track wasn’t it??? .stewart has never been the same right ?? still angry/sad …..his actions were a contributing factor in the loss of life .. so he settled …PS is the track and or NASCAR as concerned about the drunk driving on tne race track or the many spectators who leave the track legally drunk on any given Friday or Saturday night ???..I hate hypocrites and you sir ( da real ) are the worst……hey everyone take your meds.. smoke or take your medicinal maryjane. kids take your Ritalin and or anxiety meds and lets go racing !!!!!

  48. Employers require substance abuse screening, and some with sensitive jobs require regular screening. Incidents in life can be red flags for the workplace. A history outside of the work place can and does relate to the risks involved in the workplace. With TB, it was posted that there was a history, not just a singular poor judgment event, which was pretty bad, but a trend. If you are NASCAR, which has responsibility to provide safety to the participants and customers, do you take the risk that a DRIVER, with a history of involvement in alcohol and substance abuse, is operating under the influence? If NASCAR did nothing to keep a driver off the track that had a history of substance abuse, it would be found massively liable if there were related damages.

    NASCAR does regular random screening, and if you show up on the radar, you get extra special attention. If you have a problem with that, you probably have a problem with substance abuse. If you don’t have a substance abuse problem, you shouldn’t have a problem with the NASCAR screening, and should be thankful that NASCAR does this screening.

    Stop blaming NASCAR for TB not running on the NWMT, it’s not NASCAR’s fault. If you want TB to run on the NWMT, convince TB to go through the NASCAR recovery program. He has a history of behavior that is detrimental to racing and he needs to prove he’s not a danger.

  49. From the NASCAR rules:

    “NASCAR members who violate this (Substance Abuse) Policy, are required to be tested before returning to NASCAR. In conjunction with the terms and conditions of reinstatement of a NASCAR license, the (Program Administrator) will provide for an evaluation with an appropriate substance abuse professional for the purpose of advising on the creation of a Road to Recovery Plan, which may include substance abuse counseling, treatment or rehabilitation. The PA (Program Administrator) will determine how many times the NASCAR member will be tested, for how long, and for what substances. The PA may also require that collections be under direct observation.”

  50. Max broke his wrist during his wreck at the Ice Breaker. Maybe he has not fully healed yet.

  51. Who used the word rehab Shawn? The guy that has been driving the major theme of this thread and that would be Dareal. And to his credit he has been revisiting the issue at regular intervals using the same themes and assumptions since 2015 most every time you write an article on a Barrett accomplishment. And the attacks get more pointed as time goes on.
    “.If someone refuses to go through rehab to prove they are clean and safe, then they can’t play”
    I’ve tried to find out as much about Tommy that one can find on the web. What I can’t find, what there is not a hint of is any continuing dust ups or events since 2015 that would show that Dareals assumptions of a pattern of “deviant” behavior are a continuing issue. But here he is once again generating a cloud of doubt over Barrett without one single credible source such as yourself Shawn to give it legs. Mark introduces the topic with what I viewed as a measured and thoughtful reference to the DUI topic from a historical perspective. Succeeded by Dareal who uses his skillful rhetorical flourishes and single minded determination to hammer the point home. And it worked spectacularly with the added benefit for the NWMT fans out there to diminish Staffords Open event..
    For my money I am not going to assume the management of Stafford as well as the TTOMS series or any other track that lets him race is stupid and willing to put other drivers at risk by letting a person with a known substance abuse problem participate. Furthermore I don’t think it’s asking too much of Dareal if he is going to continue harp on this to provide at least a kernel of a fact before he launches into one of his golden oldies.

  52. Crazy in NY says

    For what it’s worth to Dougreal and his minions, I talked to TB at Claremont (about racing stuff not his personal demons) and didn’t see a hint of an intoxicated individual. Dareal if you were there in the stands you would have been perfectly safe from this “abuser”. Years after the fact and the slamming of TB continues but I’m the one that’s cold. That’s choice. question. Did any of you see the Victory Lane Bar & Grill #9 on the Tour before his DUI? No? Do you know for a fact Tommy wants back into a Tour ride? Here’s an idea. Push the keyboard away and buy a pit pass at the next Open or TTOM event he’ll participate in and go ask him those questions that are burning inside you.

    I know I know my above written words are an endorsement of drunk driving and a slandering of your beloved NASCAR. For that I apologize.

  53. Please note in the NASCAR rules, the word “rehabilitation”, from which “rehab” is derived.

    I’m glad that people with substance abuse issues lose their driving privileges. That makes it safe for me as I drive on the same roads. I’m not missing anything because TB is not racing in NASCAR.

    TB has disappeared since he was cut off from NASCAR, no reason for him to be in the news since then, hence nothing would be found since 2015. There are plenty of incidents that happen that never make the news. But his issues while an active driver before his expulsion from NASCAR were well publicized. Just because there’s no news to be found on the internet about TB getting into further trouble since 2015 doesn’t mean that the problem is resolved.

    If you want to see TB back on the NWMT, get him to do what NASCAR requires. TB won this unsanctioned open race, good for him. People then bash NASCAR for not allowing TB to run the NWMT. Why can’t you see how wrong that is? It’s not NASCARs fault that TB lost his NASCAR license. TB had well publicized violations that caused him to lose his NASCAR license. This requires successfully completing the NASCAR protocol before he can be reinstated. That’s the rules.

  54. sour grapes of wrath says

    thanks for nothing da real…all I hear from you is NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR,, they protect no one… are they carding patrons at the beer line ? .checking for intoxicated drivers or checking drivers,crew in the pits for signs of impairment?? ..a joke plain and simple .. NASCAR collects money from competitors and lines their pockets.. as for Barrett. did he not graduate.. have a baby?? gee perhaps he was busy with life and racing wasnt a priority ?? … the” tour” provides no legitimacy ..Preece ( a good driver) without his financial backers would not have made it to the big leagues….no one else has done squat ….. go sell NASCAR someplace else …

  55. Craig, if the SPEC engine were allowed, and assuming SPEC engine cars showed up, that would scare away the built motor cars, the VMRS cars. The SPEC motor cars rule now, by far. The NWMT is all SPEC motors, all competitive cars that is. The built motor can’t compete with the SPEC motor. And the NWMT cars do not show up at these open events. So if SPEC motors were allowed, maybe a couple NWMT cars would show up and steal the show. As it was, there were only a handful of competitive cars. The SPEC engine is causing this divide.

  56. Don’t we all wish we could be as perfect as dareal and never make a mistake, plus know so much about everything and apparently everybody ??? Let me think about that for a second !! NO THANKS

  57. sour grapes of wrath, is it NASCARs’ responsibility to patrol the beer line? Really? I’m sure if someone in the pits was intoxicated, s/he would be dealt with.

    Did Barrett graduate? From what? Lots of people graduate, no big deal, it’s expected. And he has a baby? Does he have a wife? Plenty of people are busy with life and still race. You think all those people in the pits don’t have a life? Preece got married while racing, missed a race. Still doesn’t have any kids yet.

  58. sour grapes of wrath says

    da real you are perfect… I guess TB is a failure because he cant race and take care of a baby.. answer my question.. how many minors racing in new England/northeast do YOU think are under the influence of prescribed meds ??? .how many adults racing in new England /northeast on prescribed meds.. how many have THC/cannabis in their system.??? how many have alcohol in their system?? you think NASCAR really cares ? LOL … you funny …TB as far as I know completed his state requirements following his arrest for DUI. that’s good enough for me.. another question da real.. if someone was to run all drivers thru a criminal data base how many would have DUIs or drug arrests on their record?? …or domestic violence/child abuse??? .NASCAR looking at those records too ???waiting for your answer(s).. LOL

  59. Sour Grapes of Wrath,
    I’m going to step into the middle of this squabble for just a moment. I think this topic took the turn it did because some people were inferring that NASCAR is somehow not allowing Tommy Barrett Jr. to race whatsoever and that they’ve somehow singled him out and are treating him differently than they would others, which is not the case. I think the point some were trying to make is that the ball is in Barrett’s court and NASCAR isn’t standing in his way. It’s his choice to fulfill what they’ve asked him to do and he’s chosen not to take that path. NASCAR has given him the option to return under a standardized system they have in place to deal with all drivers involved in issues like this. He’s not being treated any differently than anyone else under the current system they have in place.

  60. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, I made it and was very glad I went! The SK race was almost worth the admission on its own! Between both weekly Modified groups there were about 50 cars. Where else can you see that? IMO the racing was really good in the open race, as the tire options made a big difference in strategy. Barrett seemed to have a variation to his normal strategy. Usually he’s preserving the tires he has, then charging through the field late. Being able to take two changed that. He ran fairly strong in the heat, I’m guessing to find out what the car needed. Then he changed tires early and saved them. He moved up when everyone else pitted, then went to the front. A little different from most of the others, but it worked. I’m neither a fan nor a hater of him, but he certainly can drive and his dad can make good calls. I guess I’m heading to Stafford instead of Lee on 7/13!

  61. wmass01013 says

    Well said SHAWN, while I would love to see Barrett on the WMT he lost his NASCAR license due to his actions NO matter how long ago!! If he wants to run the WMT or VMRS he has to follow the rules set forth, END OF STORY and I may be Naïve but I don’t think many drivers on racetracks are under the influence of alcohol or drugs in NASCAR!

  62. Thanks Eddie for the review.
    See you in July.

  63. Hey Sour Grapes, lots of people get away with stuff. Lots of people go over the speed limit and never get caught. What’s your point? The deal is, TB got caught and did not do as he was supposed to. Starting with notifying NASCAR within 72 hours of the infraction. I think NASCAR cares about all participants, especially those that are under the influence of prescribed and illegal substances, including alcohol. Geez, what do you think would happen to NASCAR if drivers were allowed to race under the influence? That sort of thing might be normal to you, but not for me. You should hang out with some clean people, see what it’s like.

    Anyways, it’s not NASCAR’s fault that TB isn’t running the Tour. Do you think TB was pleased that he was immediately suspended by Our when the news broke of his arrest? TB had a great ride, he lost it. Nobody did it to him, he did it to himself.

  64. sour grapes of wrath says

    shawn my issue is that dareal in my opinion is attacking TB.. my position is the hypocrisy of NASCAR whom dareal chooses to defend as the all knowing. I am saying barrett chose NOT to fulfill NACAR wishes.. its his choice.. however I believe there are competitors who are MINORS who are on prescription meds and are driving race cars ..some very powerful race cars…… also adults taking meds and possibly using marijuana and drinking….all under the guise of NASCAR sanctioned tracks .. Barrett by NOT choosing to participate should not be labeled when there are NASCAR approved drivers ,crew and officials who pose a threat every week. its a fact .. lets not deny what I feel is an issue .. people driving on the track impaired or under the influence….legal or illegal substances along with some NASCAR approved tracks serving some patrons til they are legally drunk ….da real stated his undying support for NASCAR,his disappointment with the track allowing Barrett to compete and I am saying he is hypocritical in his opinion.. ..really would like you or someone to answer my question on percentage of drivers taking meds,THC and or alcohol.. I think people are afraid to address it .!!… lets be real da real !!!! .. that’s all ..thanks for the forum shawn .I think its a legit and important point.. I am NOT defending TB not a friend don’t know the guy but its glass houses…

  65. Can’t make this stuff up… sour grapes of wrath is asserting that TB is freely choosing to not run in the NWMT. Sour grapes indeed. So sour grapes of wrath, make sure everyone knows that it is TB that is freely choosing to not participate in the NWMT so they stop banging on NASCAR. Per your assertion, NASCAR is not preventing TB from running on the NWMT, it is TB that is FREELY CHOOSING not to. If that is the case, why are you railing on NASCAR? Per your assertion, NASCAR is completely out of the issue. It’s all on TB since he has chosen to not participate in the NWMT. Why are you railing on NASCAR? Sour grapes indeed.

  66. sour grapes of wrath says

    never answered the question asked three times cant be helped…..feel dory for you sir

  67. John davis says

    Pitkat is struggling? Watts has a good team?
    Last year Pitkat nearly won the World Series if he didn’t get dumped. This year the myrtle beach race the steering shaft fell out of the car Thompson he finished 12th after being spun out of 6th place stafford he was wrecked halfway through the race Running 4th and seekonk he had an electrical issue the whole day so he’s really struggling here? Sounds more like the guy’s in the shop not the driver

  68. John Davis says

    Cause all the cars he’s been in are junk and fall apart!

  69. You do realize Woody was in that race along with a good percentage of the other tour-type races TB has won, right?

  70. Abuse and addiction of any kind isn’t a laughing matter, but holy crap man, you want a giant sugar cube to feed that high horse of yours?

  71. wmass01013 says

    I almost never agree with dareal on anything but this topic I DO, he was arrested and charged with what he did, I don’t care if he settled with the state or how long ago it was, AS A NASCAR license holder he violated their procedures and was suspended, TO GET THAT LICENSE back he has to do things set forth by NASCAR, again CASE CLOSED, DONT BLAME NASCAR! I am not against TB, he would make a great addition to the WMT, his choice 100%

  72. Crazy in NY says

    An article about TB winning the augural Twisted Tea 80 has turned into what Tommy should or should not do to return to NASCAR. That’s not what the discussion is/was. Let’s not talk about how well his race strategy worked. Let’s not note the great performance he had at Claremont after crap luck in his heat and consi to take a provisional start and become a contender at the end….no let’s not actually talk racing on a racing blog let’s beat a three year old horse some more instead. Let’s also
    condemn those that challenge those that speak against this horse beating as being in favor of drunken driving and a condemnation of NASCAR and it policies. Lunacy. Let’s talk about Pete Rose now and what he has to do to get back to MLB …or how about the near 100 year old Black Sox scandal? That should be enlightening here. My words too prickly for some of you? Look up the word hyperbole and see if you can get it.

  73. wmass01013 says

    It also turned into a does Woody deserve a WMT ride and comments that since the 88 left he has done nothing, most articles take turns on this site, just way it is and also we can talk about his performance in those 2 races but its also sad that ALL he can run is OPEN COMP races because of things that we have been discussing, its NOT HORSE BEATING when he is STILL SUSPENED FROM NASCAR AND VMRS, AND I didn’t need to look up any words!

  74. Here’s my take. Respond to the posts, feed the trolls. Ignore the posts, trolls go away.

  75. Great comments from Dareal!!!!
    Always a pleasure reading your inserts sirrr. By the way i am saving your comments in my dareal fan room!!!
    Looks LIKE i am coming to ct this week for hedge fund pay outs….how a bout 1 million to you sir!!!

  76. Crazy, the thread took a turn when folks started bashing NASCAR, as if it is NASCAR’s fault that TB is not running on the NWMT. The ball is in TBs court, 1,000%. According to sour grapes of wrath, it is TB that is choosing to not run in the NWMT, hence NASCAR has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with TB not running the NWMT. Go start reading the thread from the beginning and see the NASCAR bashing used as the excuse that TB was not running the NWMT. Some folks simply responded to that misdirected bashing of NASCAR and cleared things up. NASCAR was getting bashed and didn’t deserve it. By wrongly blaming NASCAR as the reason that TB was not running the NWMT, it dredged up the sordid history of TB’s problems, and that was the collateral effects. If folks did not try to blame NASCAR for TB’s issues, this would not have happened.

    Anything else I can help you with? Is my staying focused on the relevant facts bothering you?

  77. I can’t understand how this race was advertised/promoted as an open race if the rules were limited to only certain engine combinations. To me that is not an open race.

  78. Craig, Stafford and Thompson are home base for NWMT racing, they do plenty of real racing and testing at those tracks already. No need to run at a VMRS/Open Event for testing purposes. If SPEC motors showed up on the entry list, many, most or all VMRS cars would not attend. The VMRS cars do not have a chance against a SPEC motor NWMT car. When the 6 and 51 debuted the SPEC, it was clear that the SPEC was better and if you wanted a chance to win, you had better run a SPEC. The NWMT field runs SPECs. Built motored cars are not competitive against SPEC motored cars.

    humphry, what engines or combinations were left out? List?

  79. Uhm, dareal, the spec engine was excluded. You just posted a full explanation of why. Pay attention 😉

  80. RichC, even an open event has to have rules and limits. Just want to see what humphry is thinking. It’s always entertaining.

  81. Do we know the spec is better. I don’t know. It’s reliable for sure. It’s also lighter, less rebuildable, has a shorter life span. It also is cheaper, requires a huge carb to make it competitive and a weight advantage.
    I don’t see better, I see faster.
    Like most folks I wanted to see the spec included but turns our that Stafford and Tom Fox know their jobs. The top 5 cars turned an average fast lap of 18.73. The NWMT top 5 check in around 17.82. Converting to MPH that’s 4.91 MPH faster. It would have been a blood bath, Stafford and all modified teams knew it so hence specs were out. Sure they could have bolted on weight or some other such thing but no spec team would go for that.
    In the end it was a great race, just watch it on youtube and most of you will agree. NWMT boys excepted of course.

  82. Well, when racing, faster is better.

    The difference between 18.73 sec. and 17.82 sec. is Y-U-G-E. Bigly huge. In practice and qualifying, that’s the difference between first place and 30th place.

    And to think that NASCAR told the engine builders that the SPEC will not affect their built engine business. It was targeted to the low budget teams so they could buy new, fresh horsepower, instead of second hand built engines, so they could be competitive. How’d that work out?

  83. The entire faster is better notion is in the eye of the beholder. If it was an absolute truth we’d all be watching top fuel dragsters, Indy Cars or whatever and guys a half lap ahead of the field would be an interesting race. For most of us it’s an interwoven, complex, undefinable interest that has elements of imagery, speed, competition, participation levels,sharing a common interest, history and so many more things I can’t think of.

  84. Crazy in NY says

    Well, when racing, faster is better.

    really? So a Modified Tour Conrail special is better than side by side Dare Stocks based solely on speed? Interesting standard you have.

  85. So Sybil and Crazy, a track full of Melissa Fifields would be exciting for you? They’d be equal and racing bumper-to-bumper and nerfbar-to-nerfbar. I hope you guys will agree that watching JBon, Pennink, Colbee, McKennedy, Dowling, Summers, T. Solomito, and Preece battle for position is far more exciting than watching Heagy, Fifield, and other backmarkers battling to evade the red lantern.

  86. Thank you Rich, thought I was missing something………

  87. Pennink and Dowling I know well Diaper Dareal being a Stafford SK fan and all. But these other names of which you speak are completely foreign to me be a local yokal Stafford fan and all. Ahh to be a regional traveler and expert on all things racing. I’ll so envious. Speaking of diapers did you get your supply of Depends yet for the Bristol trip. 9/10 hours straight through. Man you must be ripe by the time you get there.

  88. Sybil and Diaper Dareal taunting aside being a race fan is not a zero sum proposition. It’s not an absolute with a winner and a loser. Your creation of false equivalence is specious at best. It’s in the eye of the beholder. For you Dareal if the NWMT is the cats pajama’s it’s great. And if an Xfinity fan called the NWMT off, off, off broadway or the B team or a regional mickey mouse series or some other such nonsense I’d tell him the same thing. There is no absolute in being a race fan. It’s always win, win.
    Now the idea that there is only one groove at Seekonk, the inside and that it is the fastest way around the track. That is wrong in the absolute sense.

  89. I did not even want to answer the question Rich, that is how stupid it was.

  90. Let’s make something clear, an open show doesn’t mean no rules. It’s an open show, and what that means is no racing series sanctioning body is backing the race. That is all. There must still be rules on the cars to make it a competitive show. Geez… do I have to explain everything all the time?

    So humphry, would it be illegal to put a 750 CFM carb on a 18º built motor, run the same weight, make another 200 HP or so, and run that at these Stafford and Seekonk open shows? Do you believe that the rules on the engines themselves are against the grain of an open show? 😎

  91. Crazy in NY says

    ” So humphry, would it be illegal to put a 750 CFM carb on a 18º built motor, run the same weight, make another 200 HP or so………..”

    390 to a 750 and get 200 HP? Could I get the phone number of the engine builder that can pull that rabbit out of a hat? Man, the fairy tales from you never end.

  92. Crazy, notice I did not answer that one. The more he talks his lack of intelligence becomes more apparent. Open mouth insert foot, leg or whatever………..

  93. humphry, what is your definition of an open show?

    There are plenty of big blocks around, you know, from the big block dirt mods. Maybe stuff one of those in and go racing at an open show. Happy days are here again!!!

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