Wild And Wacky Wednesday Update At Waterford – June 27, 2018

(Press Release from New London-Waterford Speedbowl)

WATERFORD — Steven Olsen knew he had some firepower to throw at the field in Wednesday’s X-Car race at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. He just didn’t know how much.

Olsen, however, had enough speed to get by Josh Cicio with eight laps to go en route to his first-ever X-Car win.

On other action on Wild and Wacky Wednesday, Marc Shafer survived an assault from Dave Yardley over the final two laps to land his second straight Super-X car win, John O’Sullivan held off Peter Bennett and Mike Blaskey to win a rain-shortened Legends feature. And Maddie Harkin charged back into the winner’s circle with a dominating performance in the Bandolero feature.
The 25-lap X-Car showdown was a battle of two underdogs, Olsen and Josh Cicio, who had not been on the podium all season.

Cicio surged into the lead early and gashed open a plush advantage, but Olsen pulled even with 10 laps to go. Then he roared into the lead two laps later.

“I knew I had something in practice,” Olsen said. “But my transponder in the car wasn’t working, so I didn’t know how much I had. But it turns out, I had a hot rod.”

Corey Caddick finished third, but also took over the point lead from Eddie Loomis, who was forced to leave the race with car trouble and finished 18th.

After Mitch Bombard dominated the early part of the 25-lap Super X-Car feature, Shafer’s car came to life and he took the lead. Dave Yardley, who was running second, however, never faded away. The two drivers made contact several times over the final handful of laps, especially during a green-white-checker finish, but Yardley could not stop Shafer’s momentum.

“Actually, I have to thank Dave Yardley for running me clean,” Schaefer said. “I don’t mind rubbing and riding, and that’s what happened tonight.”

O’Sullivan beat Mike Blaskey on a restart with 10 laps to go, then handled Peter Bennett on another restart with 9 laps to go.

Then O’Sullivan left the rest to Mother Nature. The race was called by rain with 17 of the 25 laps completed.

“I’m glad the rains came now, because I don’t know if we could have held Blaskey and Bennett for much longer,” O’Sullivan said. “They were tough.”

Bennett finished second and Blaskey third.

Harkin led every lap of the 20-lap Bandolero feature for her third win of the season. Harkin also took sole control of first place in the standings.

Emma Monahan stayed close to Harkin for the entire race, but could not get by on the outside. Tyler Alkas finished third.

Racing resumes Saturday at the Speedbowl with the 35-lap Summer Showdown Legends race, worth more than $2,000 to the winner.

Also on the card is the 80-lap SK Modified Blast Off race that was originally scheduled for May 6. The SK Lite Modifieds, the Speedbowl Trucks, the Sportsmen and the Mini Stocks round out the action. Qualifying gets under way at 4:45 p.m. with features to follow. Light

25-lap Super-X: 1. Marc Shafer, Groton; 2. Dave Yardley, Berlin; 3. Peter Martin, Plainville; 4. DennyLee Hoffman, Westbrook; 5. Donald Berge, Uncasville; 6. Keith Brown, Griswold; 7. Aaron Plemons, Uncasville; 9. Mitch Bombard, Willimantic; 9. Jeremy Wasburn, N/A; 10. Jay Clement. Wethersfield.

25-lap X-Cars: 1. Steven Olsen, Essex; 2. Josh Cicio, Seymour; 3. Corey Caddick, Richmond, R.I.; 4. Christopher Lee, Oakdale; 5. Dylan DeCoster, Waterford; 6. Bill Rheaume, Uncasville; 7. Eric Finkbein Sr., Columbia; 8. CP Burdick, Deep River; 9. Chuck McDonald, Groton; 10. Matt Westover, Charleston, R.I..

17-lap Legends: 1. John O’Sullivan, Salem; 2. Peter Bennett, Cromwell; 3. Michael Blaskey, Bethany; 4. Colin Haley, Ashford; 5. Brandon Martinez, North Kingston, R.I.; 6. Mason Levesque, Dighton, Mass.; 7. Dennis Pantani, Branford; 8. Devon Jencik, Canton; 9. Jason Palmer, Berlin; 10. Tyler Paslmer, Watertown.

20-lap Bandoleros: 1. Maddie Harkin, Portsmouth, R.I.; 2. Emma Monahan, Waterford; 3. Tyler Alkas, Berlin; 4. Nicholas Hovey, Chaplin; 5. PJ Evans, Uncasville; 6. Ethan Simmons, Pawcatuck; 7. Teddy Welch, Griswold; 8. Sawyer Reiss, Guilford; 9. Ari Jencik, Canton; 10. Conor Jencik, Canton.


  1. Shawn- are you not covering the Tri-Track Series? I’m surprised to see no coverage of last night’s event.

  2. Mick,
    I was not able to get to Seekonk last night. The race was stopped because of rain. There’s a story on the site now about when the race will be concluded.

  3. OK, thanks,, I see it now. I was able to attend and based on the first 20 laps a return trip on Tuesday is pretty compelling. Richard Savary was able to hold onto his lead while Rocco and Hirschman were waging a fierce side-by-side battle right behind him. Meanwhile, Ron Silk had made a great charge from deep in the field to tuck in right behind them. Should be a heck of show when they resume…

  4. Just Wondering says

    I finally found the price info for this Sat’s Big Money SK race. It was buried at the bottom of a facebook post. Adult admission is ONLY $18 so I am guessing there is no honoring my ticket from the Blast-off rain out? Anyway, Just Wondering why the Speedbowl is not getting the word out? $18 is a bargain for this show (actually $13 for this old Navy vet) and a car show as well:) How about an entry list of expected participants for the Big Money race?

  5. Viva race fan says

    Great job Steve Olsen . Proud of you. #4

  6. Just Wondering says

    Looking for a spot to post my thought and this was as close as I could find. I originally had planned on going to NLWS tonight to see the big dollar SK race nut I had to work late. Even thought they most likely would not honor my Blast Off rain check I would have went if I didn’t hacve to work late. I was just looking at tonight’s NLWS results and noticed that there were two heat races for the SK’s tonight. Wasn’t the field already set for this race, with any NEW competitors being added to the tail of the field? I see Rocco won a heat, so where will he start? Something smells fishy to this old salt. Is the Speedbowl trying to help out those racers that did not show up on the original race date?

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