Ryan Preece On The Minds Of Joe Gibbs, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sunday At NHMS

Ryan Preece Saturday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway prior to the XFINITY Series Lakes Region 200 (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

LOUDON, N.H. – After putting on a show in fighting at the front of the field all race during Saturday’s NASCAR XFINITY Series Lakes Region 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Berlin’s Ryan Preece remained the talk of the track for many in Loudon on Sunday before and during the Monster Energy Cup Series Foxwoods Resort Casino 301.

Preece finished third in the Lakes Region 200, but throughout the race had fans on their feet as he boldly fought for positions on the track fighting in a seldom used low lane.

Preece, a regular on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, was making the fifth of an expected 11 XFINITY Series starts in 2018 for Joe Gibbs Racing Saturday.

He ran full-time on the XFINITY Series in 2016 for the underfunded JD Motorsports team before making four starts for Joe Gibbs Racing in 2017.

The 27-year old Preece got his second career XFINITY Series victory for Joe Gibbs Racing on April 14 at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway.

Team owner Joe Gibbs was asked about Preece’s future Sunday morning at New Hampshire Motor Speedway during a hospitality appearance.

“There’s a guy that’s a little bit older,” Gibbs said. “… Really hadn’t done much. Raced in XFINITY, ran 10th, 11th, 12th [in 2016]. He got in our stuff and went right to the front. And now he’s a big story. I actually think he may have several opportunities next year. But it’s hard for us right now because we’re booked up. But I think we have helped his career that’s for sure.”

Preece has been mum about rumors that multiple organizations are looking at him for full-time opportunities in the XFINITY Series and Monster Energy Cup Series in 2019.

Preece made his first career start for Joe Gibbs Racing in the XFINITY Series at last year’s Lakes Region 200 at NHMS and finished second to Monster Energy Cup Series star Kyle Busch. In his next event with the team two weeks later Preece got his first career XFINITY Series victory at Iowa Speedway. He ended up making two more starts for the team in 2017, recording finishes of fourth and fifth.

In nine starts for Joe Gibbs Racing with the series over the past two seasons Preece has seven top-five finishes and eight top-10’s.

Preece’s performances have been noticed and mentioned regularly by many of NASCAR’s major players. Dale Earnhardt Jr., now a broadcaster with NBC Sports, has regularly praised Preece’s talent.

At the start of Sunday’s Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Earnhardt mentioned drivers going to the low lane in the race as using “the Ryan Preece line.”

Preece is scheduled to make his XFINITY Series start for Joe Gibbs Racing on Sept. 8 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Preece was not originally slated to compete in Saturday’s XFINITY Series event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but it was added to his schedule thanks to sponsorship support from Falmouth Ready Mix of Falmouth, Mass., Mizzy Construction of Plainville and GMI Asphalt of Belmont, N.H.

Preece has started seven of eight Whelen Modified Tour events this year and sits seventh in the standings with two wins and five top-five’s. Preece also races full-time in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified division at Thompson Speedway.

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  1. Sorry Kid says

    That is Joe Gibbs way of saying sorry kid. You don’t have enough money. So let me get this straight…it was NOT on his schedule but after he called with money it was? Such a BS sport. I hope parents and better yet young talented drivers are watching the nightmare Ryan is living now. Nascar is a disgusting sport. Period. If your racing a mod now, do what you love, use your time wisely and plan on making a living doing something else. Don’t chase the dream that is actually a nightmare. Three quarters of that field can’t even drive. Look at the xfinity entry list and all it is made up off is daddy’s wallets. Grala, Custer, Annett etc. a sport you can buy success in is not a sport. Sorry. Preece is a great driver don’t get me wrong but to be dumb enough to shovel enough money to buy a beautiful house and put your kids through college on a sport that is made up of the people that it is just makes NO sense. No one cares about talent. It’s the wallet that counts. He should have chased the mod championship this year. He would have had a shot at it. Plus it would have been a accomplishment well earned. I could not do that but I could call scum like Gibbs and Childress and be in a car next week. Sorry but it’s the truth.

  2. Opportunity is now !!!
    Like he says keep doung your job and good will come and already has!!!!

  3. A lot of people in the Northeast are as frustrated as Sorry Kid. It sounds like Gibbs is saying sure he did OK but in my really great equipment. Like good drivers are abundant and good cars not so much. Which is probably true. Nonetheless how many of us in the Northeast ignore the Monster Series on the weekend when if Preece was there we would be rooting our brains out.

  4. I agree with you Doug. Would people like Paul menard, Steven Wallace buckshot Jones ever made it to the big show with out their daddy’s money?? No because they didn’t have the ta

  5. You Kidding Me says

    Guess thats what Joe Gibbs the ” Holy Roller” is all about $$$$$$$$$$$.Heard many a bad thing about that organization,and Gibbs himself,but never really thought about it until i read this article.What a scumbag.Arrogant.Lots of very talented drivers out there that deserve a shot without having access to millons to buy a ride.Money is what Gibbs is Preaching

  6. Amazing. Preece is the opposite of Kyle Busch. KB is always a blink away from a hissy fit, Preece is personable and interesting. If I were KB’s sponsors, I’d be jumping over to the Ryan Preece show.

  7. wmass01013 says

    Ok GUYS racing today is all about money, u see 37 cars today for cup SERIES, why? Money, used to be 43 teams per race with times cars sent home, NOT ANYMORE, you see MOST races with half empty grandstands, tv ratings lower every year, u see MONSTER leaving after sprint left, 5 hour energy just announced leaving Nascar,, Lowes leaving Hendrick after 7 time championship driver and team still intact, Money is driving all this even for BIG TEAMS like GIBBS, HENDRICK, PENSKE and SHR, drivers aren’t getting big contracts even in cup like they used to, u call all cry about Preece but I don’t doubt he will get a shot somewhere to drive for a decent team.

  8. And if Preece were to secure major sponsorship, there would be plenty of space on the JGR calendar.

    The more you donate to the church, the more God loves you.

  9. Part timer says

    Owners have the right to make money, these cars cost a fortune to put on the track and a driver that brings funding is a plus, fair or not it is reality. Also Gibbs is not wrong that team is incredible the car wins everywhere with different drivers, it is always in the running for owners championships. So while Preece has done a great job capitalizing on the opportunity in top notch equipment it is not a stretch to say the equipment and team have helped him with that success. As much as the northeast might bristle at Gibb’s comments they seem brutally honest from a team owner who has been successful in a tough business for a lot of years. He seems to view Preece as an older athlete who is showing some potential but in an organization that is stock piled with talent, if he has a full time opportunity it will likely be elsewhere. I don’t see his comments as negative actually as honest and accurate, money has always been a part of racing and we can’t expect that to ever change.

  10. Man that was good Part timer. Hard to hear but all so true. I painfully agree with every word.

  11. I think Preece has way more talent than Jones or Suarez and if teamed with the JGR marketing department could secure a major sponsor. If Jr were smart he’d jump on the opportunity to sign this guy. Yeah he’s 27 but Sadler ain’t no spring chicken. All I know is that Ryan has paid his dues, and some top team should give him the opportunity to run a full season in good equipment.

  12. Several weeks ago, I wrote that all Preece needs to do is secure major sponsorship.

    He’s got all the talent he needs.

  13. Gibbs comments seem to be honest and straight forward.They are booked up right now.Could have booked up Preece last year.I agree that he probably will get a great opportunity this silly season or maybe before.There are not that many great drivers out there.Some hang around forever and never win.So as a life long Giants fan I can say it isn’t that I don’t like Joe Gibbs it’s more accurate to say I hate Joe Gibbs.But I have no problem with his remarks.The real clown in my opinion is the warped advice that sorry kid spews.As if anyone would listen anyway.Why is it a bad thing to chase your dream as a young person with talent at something?How would we have ballplayers,actresses,astronauts and many million to one shots.Hopefully sorry kid doesn’t have kids of his own.BTW had a blast Fri/Sat How bout that Bobby Santos and the Tinio crew.Is something wrong with the 6.Definately something wrong with the big bad duece.It’s shaping up as not their year.On to Stafford.

  14. Part timer says

    Don’t think Gibbs or anyone else has questioned the talent, work ethic or likeability of Preece. It also shouldn’t be ignored the enormous amount of money north east buisness owners like the ts haulers company, falmouth redi mix and the mizzy people must have put into his racing career. In many ways this Louden race was a “bought” race by those who obviously respect and want to help and support him. Unfortunately the Gibbs stable is pretty full of equal more accomplished talent seems it would be hard to create a full time spot for him even with a big time sponsor. Surez and Jones obviously have good marketability if at there very young ages the could displace Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth. Both have also risen to the occasion and won races. Preece is caught in a middle ground to old to be young up and comer and bit young and unproven at higher levels to be a dependable veteran. Those seem to be what top level teams seem to look for.

  15. Part timer says

    Don’t think Gibbs or anyone else has questioned the talent, work ethic or likeability of Preece. It also shouldn’t be ignored the enormous amount of money north east buisness owners like the ts haulers company, falmouth redi mix and the mizzy people must have put into his racing career. In many ways this Louden race was a “bought” race by those who obviously respect and want to help and support him. Unfortunately the Gibbs stable is pretty full of equal more accomplished talent seems it would be hard to create a full time spot for him even with a big time sponsor. Surez and Jones obviously have good marketability if at there very young ages the could displace Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth. Both have also risen to the occasion and won races. Preece is caught in a middle ground to old to be young up and comer and bit young and unproven at higher levels to be a dependable veteran. Those seem to be what top level teams seem to look for.

  16. Great comment dareal!!!!
    I really do love you man!!!!!
    You a smart man too..
    Sorry im loaded with cash

  17. Sorry kid is probly not 2 smartts

  18. Sorry kid and part timer both have it right. It’s all about the money these days, and daddy’s check book. It’s becoming no different locally either, and yeah they have every right to dictate cash is a requirement for the seat. But fans are sick of it, and nobody is filling bleachers anymore, even outside of racing. Watching two rich dad’s try to outspend each other is about as interesting as watching two bums argue over who gets the last swig of boones farm wine.
    It’s about entertainment, that’s why fans show. What Disney story wasn’t about an underdog finally winning? That’s why I only watch when preece runs.

  19. What the heck says

    Stick to your local short tracks and support the real racers.Forget the jJoe Gibbs,Jack Roush,and others.They have ruined a great thing with their buisness sense.Its all coming to an end,look at the stands at every race,1/3 full at best,and they took down sections.Brian France,take a good look,you have screwed this all up.

  20. I’m baffled by people who are horrified that people in racing expect to make money. Why do you think race tracks even exist? They exist because someone saw an opportunity to make money. Race team owners invest millions to field a team. They also employ a boatload of people. Every time they take a risk in choosing a driver, they’re putting their company, and their employees’ livelihoods, on the line. Bemoan all the rich kids in the sport all you want. Go take a look at what it costs to go quarter midget racing. It’s those kids — the ones who start early (just as in stick-and-ball sports) — that have the edge. Personally, I think Preece has shown he belongs in a national division. (Heck, I even bought his T-shirt at the Gibbs trailer on Saturday to show my support.) But be real. The bigger story would have been if he WASN’T doing well. Gibbs cars win all the time. Preece didn’t turn that back-marker team that he ran for into a front runner. Yes, he’s talented. Yes, he belongs there. But he’s old (at 27, isn’t that nuts?) and the competition for that seat is fierce. (I’d love to see him replace Sadler, after the issues they had.) But speaking of people getting a raw deal, how many of those writing here are familiar with Maine’s Austin Theriault? Hooks up with Ken Schrader last year and wins the ARCA championship. Multiple wins, on ALL types of tracks. Amazing season! And what’s he doing this year? I think he’s run one super late model race. That sucks. Racing is a cruel mistress and there are dozens of stories about drivers who shoulda made the big time, but never did.

  21. Would like to see Ryan get the #1 ride at JR motorsports next year. Dale JR spoke highly of him during the Xfinity broadcast and they seem to be very good at finding sponcership. Also it would be great redemption after the hissy fit that Sadler had at Homestead last year.

  22. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I remember when cup looked to the Modifieds for talent, and most of the guys who made it to cup or Xfinity we’re in their late 20s to early thirties, some even older. Now teams seem to favor youth over talent, unless you bring your own money. I’m sure that a top team could ” market” Ryan Preece. The guy is still young at 27, is good looking, married, and quite grounded and level headed, not to mention his talent. I hope a good team gives Ryan a chance, he’s got nothing more to prove, the guy just needs a good ride with an organization that has a good marketing department. Let’s face it he’s better than 80% of the Xfinity drivers and at least 40% of the cup drivers including 75% of the JGR cup drivers.

  23. Nichols College in Dudley Ma (10 miles from Thompson Speedway) is a very good business school with a Sports Marketing program; maybe Ryan could approach professors or Dean of the program to see if students would be interested as a project in securing a National sponsor….Worse they can say is no, didnt cost you anything.

  24. And to think Danica Patrick had huge sponsorship for way too many years.

  25. Hey dareal srop ignoring me

    I thoufht we were friends

  26. Looks like Joe Gibbs Racing is nothing more than one of those high rolling holier than thou hypocrite preachers. Hey Joe, the good book is all about taking care of the underdogs. You have folks with little talent showing up with bags of money, and Ryan Preece with more talent than the rest of the field. What would Jesus do?

  27. Hi Jeffrey!!!!

  28. A few years back NASCAR implemented a ton of rules aimed at reducing the cost of racing. Last year they went to composite bodies and even lower tire allotment in Xfinity, aimed again at lowering the cost of racing. So I ask, why does it cost so much to get a 1 race ride? Where is all the money going? Did Gibbs make a profit on Ryan before he ever hit the track? Can anyone remember when racing was fun?

  29. Unless Denny Hamlin retires or moves on, JGR is going to have a tough time to find a seat for Christopher Bell, yet alone Preece.
    On another note, what is going to happen when the current huge money TV deal with Fox expires? Race after race, in all three of the major series, the stands are half full.

  30. wmass01013 says

    Why do you think NASCAR is up for sale????????

  31. Thank you dareal!!!!!i love our comments!!!

  32. John MQT says

    I’ve known Ryan since he was a baby. He’s always smiling and working hard no matter what car he’s in or what track he’s racing. Always a pleasure to watch him race since midgets. keep up the great work.

  33. On the bright side of things. If no top team in Xfinity signs Ryan to a deal, at least we will be able to enjoy watching him in the Modifieds.

  34. Thomas Melnick says

    Rob P

    Suarez maybe but not Jones, Jones is gonna be a KB but not as big of a bitch.

  35. How bout a sponser from north korea..
    Those folks love nascar over there..
    I just went there and all they talk about is racing
    Just a thought..
    Hello Dareal …hope to see you at my country club in the hammptones

  36. I think the only way he gets a cup or xfinity ride is to bring the sponsorship and that’s sad. does anyone else wonder why some drivers who represent certain demographics have such a hard time finding sponsorship. For example Danica or any other woman driver. I would think a woman ceo would jump at the chance to sponsor a woman driver or a company that makers to woman would be a sponsor aka lovable bras years ago for Tammy jo Kirk or look at bubba Wallace right now. Where are the black ceo’s coming to help him share his immense talent to inspire other black men and women to join the sport. How about Daniel Suarez. I would think a Hispanic company would help him out with sponsorship. This has always bugged me to see talented drivers regardless of race, gender etc not be able to get the financing they need when that’s all we hear about. Danica crashed every week and always makes the highlights. What better company exposure and the race winner might be the only one mentioned in the highlight story. Does anyone else wonder this too? Thanks

  37. Racer 28
    I hate to say this but your comment is not correct
    I have a masters in business
    Ypu should stay out of that kinda talk
    Sounds like you are juat a person who does not kbow finance
    Gootta go nasdaq is calling me

  38. Owners sell seats. You want the seat, bring the revenue stream. Danica had the looks, and a little bit of credibility from Indy cars. Then the bikini photo shoots helped. Be real. When it turned out she couldn’t perform, she had to use all assets available to her. As long as she didn’t talk she was safe.

    Preece is a driver like we haven’t seen in decades. It will happen. Preece has the potential for the revenue stream.

  39. Racer28, next time you are at the track, study the people in the stands. They are white. They are the potential customers, they are the target audience. Now what products, from companies run by non-caucasian executives, are marketable to those lily white people? These people also proudly display the confederate flag. Now what products from non-caucasian companies would be of interest to these white folks that proudly display the confederate flag? Make the list, broker the deals. NASCAR still has a lack of diversity problem.

  40. Dareal, thanks for that different perspective. I agree with you. I didn’t see that angle but your right. Thanks

  41. Some people like different sports..
    Cant change that..ie:i like wine making and yacting..i also like my private jet racing..
    Thats ok diffent strokes for different folks. Gotta go my assistant is here to take me for brunch in france..be back by 9 pm

  42. Jeffrey, why don’t you throw Ryan some money you know it’s going to a good cause and to someone who would appreciate it

  43. Joe Gibbs Ain”t The Man I thought He Was!!!! Shows It’s A Business !! I Guess I Should Of The Thought Better Being A GIANTS Fan!!! Ryan Should Have A Break A Long Time Ago. He’s Got So Much TALENT!!!

  44. Big league racing IS a business, where money is the bottom line. Gone are the days when a driver is given a chance soley based on his talent, unless your a young kid who gets noticed by a manufacturer rep. One thing NASCAR should do is to not allow Cup drivers to run in Xfinity and trucks, as this would open up a few seats in good equipment, and maybe give some of the modified guys a better chance of landing a ride. This said, the movement favors youth over experience, but the almighty dollar will still by even some drivers who don’t belong there a ride. Unfortunately the ones who lose the most are us, the fans, who are stuck watching a handful of good teams, and a bunch of field fillers race

  45. Part timer i agree with almost everything you said. Full stable of talent, more like full stable of more secure money or funding. I bet you if ryan had a more lucrative package he would be in and someone else would be out.

    I hate what the big 3 have become. Even k&n is a joke. I used to watch every race. I tune in for the short tracks and the restrictor races now and even that interest is dwindling.. Beyond that its garbage. I don’t care if they goibg 220 into a corner in atlanta or whatever d shaped 1.5 mile borefest track they were at. Short tracks get it done. Its how they grew then allowed these track owners to buy them and dump them for more seats bigger track and didn’t care if the racing was good or not. I understand the business model but nascar allowed and even participated in that atrocity and now is floating a sale out there cause its easier to sell than fix it to them.

    Support the local tracks and hope they pull their head out far enough to see the changes needed. My guess is they can’t change because of track contracts.

    Oh well street stocks coming out gotta go watch real people racing.

  46. I have what u call liquid assets.
    One false move and irs is on me.
    As of today i am only worth about 54.00$$$
    But on paper 5.8 mollion

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