Todd Owen Scores Victory In SK Modified Feature At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Todd Owen got his second victory of the season in the 40-lap SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

It was the second victory of the season at Waterford for Owen, of Somers.

Rob Janovic Jr. of Waterford second. Kyle James, of Ashaway, R.I. was third. James has won the other three SK Modified features at the track this year.

Ryan Morgan of Mystic won the 30-lap Late Model feature.

Anthony Flannery of East Hampton was second and Jason Palmer of Berlin third.

Bo Norman of Clinton scored the victory in the 25-lap Sportsman feature.

Adrien Paradis of Plainville was second and Ryan Waterman of Danielson third.

Jake Christian of Norwich won the first 25-lap Mini Stock feature.

Charles Canfield of East Haven was second and Ken Cassidy Jr. of Lisbon third.

Canfield got his third victory of 2018 in the second 25-lap Mini Stock feature.

Doug Curry of Groton was second and Sean Caron of East Hampton third.


  1. Come by and talk and talk to Ryan, he’s one of the most nicest/cleanest driver out there, you never give him any press

  2. Slapnuts says

    Ryan Morgan is a great race car driver who minds his own business and doesn’t create drama or constantly wreck equipment trying to make a pass. To bad his name’s not Rocco or Fern or running Stafford cause everyone knows that’s the best track in the state,cough,cough,wink,wink

  3. Slapnuts says

    I agree!!!!!To bad his name isn’t Rocco or Fern. I guess clean driving and not killing your equipment isn’t news worthy. Tell Ryan to rough some people up and make some enemies so he can get some

  4. This article missed probably the most exciting feature of the night. The first Mini Stock feature was won by Jake Christian, his first career win. The defending champion of the division, Charles Canfield was all over the 59 the last 10 or so laps, but couldn’t get by him. An exciting and very clean race.

  5. Stafford is a better track. It is NASCAR sanctioned, is not owned by a pedifile, and not run by a shciester

  6. Unbelievable, tell Stafford to get with the 21st century and we’ll race there!!!!!!!

  7. It just so happens that at the current rate of deterioration in the LLM division at Stafford there may just be on opening soon for Mini’s. Or front wheel drive sixes that are so popular elsewhere. Nice shot on the 21st century deal and well deserved.

  8. Roger Wilko says

    I’m no public relations genius, but if I was I probably wouldn’t complain on a public forum to said forum owner that he doesn’t write about my kid enough.

    I can think of two ways to have Shawn write a nice article featuring my son…first would be to have him win a tremendous number (5-10+) of track championships or a huge number of feature wins (100-200 or so) to force him to have to write a story on my boy because all he does is win. I’m pretty sure that’s how Rocco and “Fern” did it.

    Obviously that would take years and years to accomplish, so perhaps another, quicker way would be to actually approach Shawn when you see him at a track and ask to speak with him for a minute. He’s very approachable and always looking for good human interest stories to add content to this website. Explain to him how your son has been doing lately, where he’s racing now, how he enjoys the racing at Waterford, how much he’s learned running with the other guys, where he hopes to go from here, etc.

    Or just complain cause no one gives him a big write up without big results. Either way is fine with me.

  9. Viva race fan says

    Rob do you know you could be arrested for making false statements. He was never arrested on anything to do with children so watch your self. He will have his day in court. As far as Stafford a better track lol. I’ll take new London Waterford Speed bowl over 99% of tracks in country. Only other track up north l like is Wall Stadium. Happy 4 th all.

  10. If the bowl keeps going the SKL will be the premier division. 10 SK’s, sad car count.

  11. Viva race fan says

    The lite’ s are the show . Love to watch the young Guns drive the socks off these cars . It’s a great division . Mini stocks are 2 nd best show at bowl . Wednesday night’s the X-cars have been a must watch and there is no better winner circle interview the the Bandelaro kids thanking there families and more . Makes you smile to hear there interviews. Like to see more Wednesday classes added to Saturday night 1 division at a time.

  12. Racefanct says

    To bad all the bowl does is chase cars away. Maybe they would have more than 10 in every division if they were fair to all the drivers and not pick and chose who gets suspended etc.

  13. Viva race fan says

    There is definitely a major issue with the management the inspectors and that whole cast of clowns that run the place. The head of security Bruce bemer had escorted off the property but just new brain surgeon hired and back. The people running the concessions walked out on Shawn on one of the busiest nights and guess who’s there running the concessions another brain surgery move play the current manager . Yeah they throw out whoever they want that appeases them. George thinks this is a place for him and his buddies anybody is willing to kiss his butt. Well I hope the Speedbowl survive this. George needs to go Joe security guard and The Breakfast King who serves food they all need to go we need to clean house there. When you don’t respect anybody from the time you drive in the driveway to the time you leave it’s hard to come back. Somebody’s lining their pockets.

  14. Viva Race Fan said ” I’ll take new London Waterford Speed bowl over 99% of tracks in country”. Please explain that statement and the reasoning behind it.

  15. Awesome!!!

    It looks like things are going better than ever at the NLWSB.

    🚽 Flush on!!!

  16. Viva race fan says

    Just the talent that’s walked through the door there and strapped on their helmet. Personally I’ve been around Jimmy Spencer, the Bodines, the amazing talent that race their weekend and week out Moose Hewitt the Gada family, Teddy, the Legends go back so far and then Talent up to date has been unbelievable. Back in the seventies that used to short track on Friday night it was so much fun to watch Jimmy Ellis start a half a lap down and when a guy who is a national Supercross Champion that’s from Connecticut . I personally race there off and on for 35 years I have never personally one but had one of my driver win 2 track championships. It’s beyond the action track I think the only other tracked it held a wick to this one in the Northeast was Agawam.

  17. Danbury Racearena?

  18. Westboro Speedway, Plainville Stadium, Riverside Park great tracks, all gone.

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