Tom Fearn Streaking Once Again In Late Model At Stafford Speedway

Tom Fearn celebrates victory Friday in the Late Model feature at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – On June 29 Tom Fearn had a division record six-race winning streak snapped when he finished second to Albert Saunders in the Late Model feature at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Last week Fearn got back in the win column and Friday the East Longmeadow, Mass. driver got back to streaking at Stafford.

Fearn got his second consecutive victory in the 30-lap Late Model feature Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

“I look back and it would have been nice to have it continue instead of finishing second in that one,” Fearn said. “But it kind of took the pressure off and the hype off. Now we can start again with our streak I guess.”

It was the eighth victory of the season in 12 Late Model events this season for Fearn.

“I’ve got to thank my guys at the shop,” Fearn said. “We work hard on this car every week to get it here and be fast every week. It’s not easy being good every week. I’ve got the best pit crew here.”

Glen Reen of Wilbraham, Mass. was second and Wayne Coury Jr. of Shelton third.

Fearn took the lead on lap two and went unchallenged the rest of the way.


  1. Good job Tom and your #92 team. 8 wins in 12 races,with 10 races remaining it’s possible that Tom might set a record for most wins in a single season.

  2. That may be all true Rob and the record books may indeed reflect a long list of wins that will endure. But I can assure you there is nothing good for the division about what is unfolding. It’s just boring to see Tom dart out and have to endure 28 or whatever laps of follow the leader. The crowd was totally disengaged. Versus the SK Light race where everyone was on the edge of their seat and standing at the end. Good for Tom. Not good for the Late Models.

  3. New rule to save is all the torture…. when Tom takes the lead, throw the white flag the next lap.

  4. James Scott says

    Time to combine the two divisions period. Stafford should consider mini stocks.

  5. Stafford does not need another division- they need less. Racing today does not need a so called feeder divisions. This day and age the feeder divisions are bondelaros, legends and karts. Look at the sk lites now- these kids are already seasoned racers with thousands of Laps under their belts. They are racing open mods and sk’s all in the same night or week.

  6. not to take anything away from Tom but lets really look at the late models and BE HONEST THERE IS NO COMPETITION in that division so of course he is winning. Years ago with Pikat Posocco Bennett and many more like them it was a stacked race now you have no one even close maybe Mike Wray or Reen but Fearn is under no pressure cause there is no one. So yes he may set a record for wins but everyone who is there knows it may become a record but a record who would want racing yourself…

  7. This is what happens when your support divisions do not have the same rules as other local tracks. The Late Models need ACT rules or they will die out at Stafford

  8. why is there very limited coverage of the street stock division each week….this week none??? they are alot more exciting to watch than the Lame Models?

  9. Ethan Williams says

    I don’t see Mini Stocks as a viable option. They are dwindling in numbers as it is and the engine costs are outrageous.

  10. Ethan Williams says

    I don’t see Mini Stocks as a viable option. They are dwindling in numbers as it is and the engine costs are outrageous.

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