Back To Class: Keith Rocco Grabs Sixth SK Mod Victory Of 2018 At Stafford Speedway

Keith Rocco (Photo: Fran Lawlor)

STAFFORD – The battle of Keith Rocco and Ronnie Williams at the front of the SK Modified field this year at Stafford Speedway has become fairly commonplace.

Last week that fierce competition came to a head late in the feature when contact from Rocco sent Williams spinning to the backstretch grass. Half a lap later Rocco’s car was plastered against the frontstretch wall in another incident.

The show for the championship contenders rolled back to the front of the field once again Friday, this time with a far less contentious, though still dramatic finish.

Rocco held off the charges of Williams over the closing laps to win the 40-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature at Stafford.

“What happened last week was last week,” Rocco said. “Glad that both of us could put it behind us. It really showed on the race track. He’s a class act just like myself.”

It was the sixth victory of the season for Rocco, of Wallingford and his second in the last three events after winning the first four events of the season.

“Last week we were really good at the end of the race and what happened happened,” Rocco said. “We had a shot last week too. So we’re back on track.”

Williams, of Tolland, was second and Michael Gervais Jr. of Southbury third.

Williams went by Gervais for the lead on lap 10, but Gervais regained the lead following a lap 15 restart. On lap 19 Rocco overtook Williams for second and two laps later moved by Gervais to the lead. Williams followed to second.

Williams. stalked Rocco following a lap 38 restart and on the final lap seemed to get a low run down the backstretch. But Rocco closed the door going into turn three.

“He can have this one,” said Williams, who leads the SK Modified standings by 66 points over Rocco with three events remaining. “… We’ve just got to finish it off the rest of the year and we’ll be celebrating very down.

“I could have done a lot to him on the backstretch there if you want to block. I mean it’s racing. I’ve been blocking this season as well. Not last week. It is what it is. Great effort for our guys. We’ll be back in victory lane. We’ll be there soon.”


  1. Good job Ronnie Williams and the whole #50 Les’s Auto team. Two more podium finishes, and your the champions. Keep up the great work.

  2. He’s a class act just like MYSELF, I’m glad I was able to read it here because I thought I was hearing things when at the track

  3. Haha Rocco is no class act! You call intentionally dumping someone class act? At least he got part of that statement right, Ronnie Williams IS class act!

  4. Thought it was nice seeing Rocco up to speed again and making life difficult for the all but official future champion. Especially since Williams has started 7th and 5th the last two races and failed to win from favorable handicapping spots. Then the victory lane comment that I heard loud and clear and all I could do wonder what is in the guys head at these moments in time. Generally speaking if you have to label yourself a class act you’re usually the opposite. Insecure and needy.

  5. Keith is a legend in his own Mind

  6. car count were low
    i counted only 5 cars…oh well there was otgers too..i coubted 28 cars…j need a beeer..who won gambargino or trikkluee

  7. People always say why doesn’t Rocco get a tour ride maybe every time he opens his mouth more people understand if you just drive and win races you don’t have to say a word a shame

  8. Hillary 2028 says

    Class act or not, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone call themselves one.

  9. Sometimes the less said is better. Get in, sit down, shut up and drive, that simple. Some day he will learn.

  10. Don’t diss on Rocco for being a salesman.

    Just remember, what you are seeing and hearing really isn’t happening.

    And I am the only person that can fix this.

    I have a really good brain.

    All said by the guy you voted for. And you love him.

  11. DaRealLiberalFella.
    May I respectfully as what the real reason you just can’t keep the comments on here to be just racing related?
    You have such negative energy towards one thing and one thing only, you just can’t accept that Trump Won!!!
    Suck it up Butter cup and let’s talk about racing on here! Period!

  12. Rocco learn. Nope, wouldn’t count on it. He’s had limitless experience on the podium and he is what he is. The same guy that needled Dowling last year in the winners circle as the season wore down. The same guy that tried some sketchy humor that fell flat at the Speedbowl banquet. And to be fair, Ted Christopher wasn’t exactly smooth in the winners circle either and he left a pretty great legacy. We’ll just have to accept and love The Roc for who he is or not as the case may be. A character long on self promotion, short on modesty, rarely boring and great for local racing.

  13. Dareal is in a pathetic fantasy world as usual. Good race and the sk lights continue to put on a good show.

  14. Just saying ,but looks to me that winning a Tour championship might have opened a few more doors for Preece than a Nat. Championship did for Kieth the class act. But just saying , what do I know I’m a freaking idiot

  15. Salesman? Who is he trying to sell? The crowd, his competitors or himself? Not buying any of it. How about thanking his crew, and sponsors for starters because without them he would be nothing.

  16. Judging by the comments, Keith made an idiot of himself once again. Sounds like Burt Meyers, and his
    ” God gave me talent” comment. Have absolutely no respect for an idiot who dumps his competition because he couldn’t beat him, and makes self centered idiotic comments in victory lane. Ronnie Williams is the “class act” for not retaliating.

  17. sweet grapes of rocco says

    Rocco is looking to double up at Stafford and Thompson. AGAIN…. you cant say there isn’t stiff competition at Stafford..or Thompsn for that matter even with low car count . you can hate the man if you want .. but Rocco the driver/owner/mechanic is as legit as it gets.. works hard and your all jealous…. period !!! PS appears to be a great family man so stop the hate!!!

  18. Give the guy a break, no one has ever said something they wish they didn’t? The guy is a heck of a wheelman. That’s what I know.

  19. So much of a wheelman, he has to dump the competition, when he can’t run with them. That’s not a class act, just an …hole.

  20. Rob P. Ronnie was the leader and Keith caught him coming out of turn two, how is that not running with him?
    Last week after 2-3 laps Keith pulled away from Ronnie several times, how is that not running with Ronnie? Ronnie gave Keith a shot into 3/4 last week greater than Keith did to Ronnie down the backstretch the previous week; who is the better driver?
    Is Ronnie a legitimate driver worthy of a championship, yes and happy for him if it works out but there is a reason really good drivers do not win every race and win every championship every year they race. Stop being a baby.

    Since you are so full of truths, why are you not commenting on Ronnie’s crash during qualifying at Thompson WMT? If Ronnie is so good why crash during qualifying when no one was near him. Let me guess, Keith was in the pits hoping Ronnie would crash and it is Keith’s fault. Stop being a bay.

    I agree Keith is no Teddy but watch this video after 7:36; do you think someone who was on Teddy’s team is not doing things for a rise? Keith wins more championships than most people win races. Jokes on you.

  21. Just to answer your rhetorical question, at Thompson Ronnie crashed in qualifying after being second fastest in practice,because his LR tire came off the rim. Freak accident, nothing to do with his talent. And yes no one was around him because it was group qualifying. I can explain that to you later.
    By the way, I do have a YouTube footage of Rocco “messing around “ near that tire before qualifying!! (Just kidding).

  22. NO CLASS kid 50 has become a punk! i guess he forgot where he came from

  23. Poor Keith get’s jumped on for a few comments in victory lane. Meanwhile the grand old man of the SK’s Dan Avery gets a major penalty and is invisible.

    #10 SK Modified®, driver Dan Avery
    Infraction- Actions detrimental to the sport, on-track, intentional contact with the #25 under yellow.
    Penalties- Parked for remainder of feature event. Suspended for next completed event. Placed on probation through the completion of the 2018 season.

    Say it ain’t so Dan.

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