Stafford Speedway 2019 Street Stock And Limited Late Model Rules Released

(Press Release from Stafford Speedway)

As the 2018 season begins to wind down, Stafford Speedway track officials have begun to release the 2019 rules packages. The 2019 rulebooks have been released for Stafford’s Division V Street Stocks and Division IV Limited Late Models, with both seeing limited changes for 2019.

“We are keeping all our rules stable for the foreseeable future,” explained Stafford Speedway General Manager Mark Arute. “We are focused on consistency in rules for all our teams and drivers and will be making very few changes for 2019. Our focus at Stafford is to make our racing divisions as affordable and as competitive as possible. ”

For the Street Stock division the overall car weight rule will be a minimum weight of 3,000 pounds regardless of wins or transmission type. The maximum left side weight percentage has increased from 53% to 54%.

The Street Stock division has seen a highly competitive season with 9 different winners through 16 events. There is also a tight points battle between Brandon Michael and George Bessette, Jr., who are separated by just 12 points with 5 races remaining. Additional highlights from the 2018 season so far are the wide array of new drivers entering the division including rookie Meghan Fuller and former SK Light driver Jason Lafayette with both drivers notching a victory this year.

The carburetor rule in the Limited Late Model division will change from a 4-barrel to a 2-barrel for 2019 and will require the use of MSD #8727CT digital RPM limiter set at 6400-RPM.

“We have decided to make a few changes in the Limited Late Model division including moving to a 2-barrel carburetor,” continued Arute. “The focus has always been to create an affordable class while also creating a racing package where drivers and teams can gain experience. This move to a 2-barrel carburetor further emphasizes our focus on keeping costs down.”

After moving up from the Street Stock division Jeremy Lavoie has seen success in the Limited Late Models. With 8 wins in 16 races this season, Lavoie and the #6 team have really hit their stride. Duane Provost, Ryan Fearn, and Justin Bren have also scored victories.

“Rules for the SK Modified®, SK Light Modified, and Late Model divisions will be released in the coming days,” explained Arute. “Much like the Street Stock and Limited Late Model rules, there will be a few changes from the 2018 rules package. We thank all our teams for supporting Stafford and encourage them to reach out with any questions.”

For more information, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at


  1. well i guess the fans opinions don’t matter – still going to have the same 3 late model divisions in 2019.

  2. That’s cool. 2 barrels on the LLM’s may tighten things up a bit although it won’t solve the car count deal obviously.
    Stafford has done a nice job with the Streets with good competition, the chicks and nice spread of winners. Keep it up.
    Seriously would anyone have put money on Stafford changing the LM and LLM situation without major odds.
    No skin of my nose. I’m in for Modifiedz Night, VMRS and Opens only to avoid the LM and LLM heats.
    Nice they did it so early to squash the rumor mill that may make teams antsy.

  3. Joe Lajoie says

    I can never understand how trying to keep costs down and making things affordable involves the teams having to spend more money.

  4. Crazy in NY says

    Joe that’s some NASlogic at work. I own a 4bbl carb now but to keep cost down and make things more “even’ I now get to go buy a 2bbl one. Makes fo nucking sense.

  5. Maybe the thought was to keep cost down if you are moving up from street stock to limited,but I don’t know how engines differ between divisions ,I’m sure someone knows the answer, maybe dareal he seems to know everything , but like Doug said at least they are out early so team’s can make there decisions

  6. disappointed. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

  7. Dareal is busy shopping for a knee pad so he does not injure himself at Stafford Friday night when he takes a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.

  8. Elect I think you nailed it.
    Playing the devils advocate you have to have some sympathy for what Stafford is doing. Changing the rules fundamentally is a huge risk and puts the already fragile LM and LLM teams in turmoil.
    On the other hand who is the show? It’s the SK’s and increasingly the SK Lights. Would taking the risk of realigning the LM’s have any significant positive impact on the bottom line?
    Color me disappointed but completely not surprised.


  10. The real losers here are the fans. They pay their hard earned money to watch 10-12 LLM & LM Cars each week. It looks like Stafford doesn’t care about the divisions, or they would have done something to increase the car count. Instead they make stupid rules to cost the few racers they have left more money. Makes absolutely no sense.

  11. Late models were awesome when the rules were the same at all 3 ct tracks. Now you got 3 late models with 3 different rules at one track??

  12. :( :( :( !!!! says

    Another year of the same 3 full fendered divisions with lousy car counts. I agree with the cg and his definition of insanity. I guess SMS needs a reason to draw the show out by an hour or so to sell more weenies and beer. I quit going to the SMS weekly shows long ago for having to spend way too much time watching or listening to races that are basically snooze fests with only 12 or so cars. I do attend the special events with mods but as for the full fendered taxi cabs count me out.

  13. Ethan J Williams says

    The Sk’s and Sk lights are the reason I go to Stafford every week. The Street Stocks are decent this year I just wish they were more like Limited Sportsman. The Late Models and Limited Late Models are painfully boring 95 percent of the time because there is a lack of competition due to a low car count. I just wish they would rip the band aid off and dump the Limited Late Models altogether and run ACT rules in the Late Models.

  14. getserious says

    Insane is right! They obviously have no clue what the fans think, or want. 10-car fields in the features are terrible. And don’t forget 5-car heats ! So now, more of the same wastes of time next year. I’ve said it before, but when the mod fields start to taper off, (and they signs of it now) they might as well shutter the doors, because there will be no reason at all to go. And how in God’s name does forcing people to buy a new 2-BBL carb “emphasizes our focus on keeping costs down.” The front office must be as out of touch as the announcers . I just can’t believe it. It’s the SOS.

  15. Mike mordino says

    Spot on

  16. great changes. makes sense to me and i am an enjineer..

  17. I don’t think lumping the Street Stock division with the LLM and LM as “lousy car counts” is fair.

    I thought the Street Stocks have had good counts and some exciting racing all year, and I’ve only missed two Friday nights. Like most fans, I purchase my season ticket to see modifieds, but I actually look forward to and enjoy the SS feature.

  18. With so many people that know how to run a race track , and Thompson chose Eames ,just doesn’t make sense

  19. bob, Late models are on the same rules at Seekonk, Thompson and Waterford. Stafford is the only track which hasn’t gone with the ACT late model. I don’t understand not making changes, I imagine they must know the fans are not happy with the current state of the Late Model divisions. I cant imagine Stafford is happy with one driver winning 63% of the LM races in the otherwise they wouldn’t of had a bounty early in the year. I can tell you I have been a weekly attendee at Stafford and I have made it to 3 shows this year. The reason, primarily, is because of the sad state of the late model divisions. I found myself bored during those races and asked myself why am I subjecting myself to this. Now going from a weekly attendee to hardly ever I found myself missing the people, the sks and about once a month I break down and get the itch to go. Then the two heats of 5 cars each roll out, and I think, it hasn’t gotten any better. Then the LM features come out and it solidifies my thoughts, I am spending money to be bored. Friends at the races call every other week or so and ask if I am ever going to come back. I say, are they still running the late models or limited separately before the SK’s. They say yes. I tell them maybe for the modified tour at least they wont have heats. I was going to go last week because its been awhile, then noticed there was an extra distance late model event and thought the 30 lappers are too long how long is a 50 lapper gonna feel.

    I agree the street stocks were entertaining the times I went. With the release of the Limited rules and an indication that the Late model rules will largely remain unchanged it looks like next year will be more of the same. I am sure a couple of drivers will move on, maybe a street stocker will move up. Same small fields where one driver wins the majority of the races adding to their record book totals. Its disappointing but its their sandbox and its their rules in said sand box. I am sure my attendance next season will remain largely unchanged show up every once in awhile so I can catch up with some friends I used to see weekly.

  20. I crewed for Jim Peterson from 1992 till 2014 at Stafford. When we first started racing there, there were probly 25-30 late models, making for a full field. Back in ’92 the late models were like today’s street stocks except no tube clips and built 350 motors. Through the years the rules constantly changed, but in 2001, 2002 there where probly 30 or 32 cars, enough to run a ” B” main, the 21 means 21 race. The rules continued to change, and by 2011 there were maybe 18 cars showing up, and by 2014 only a dozen. Jim cited this disappointing car count as his reason for retiring. Josh Wood took over driving the 17 for 2015 thru 2017, but moved to the SK’s, don’t know what happened to the car. Now I rarely attend the races because I don’t want to watch 2 divisions with only a handful of cars, and in both only 3 or 4 that are competitive. Throughout the years Stafford has constantly changed the LM rules citing cost savings, but in actuality end up costing the teams even more. When car counts started going down, rather than finding and fixing the problems, they add the LLM division. This makes no sense to me, and they continue to adjust the rules citing cost savings. Bet there’s even fewer cars in 2019

  21. Stu Fearn, what’s your take on all of this? Surprised you haven’t chimed in.

  22. Shawn recently said that he’s working on a story related to LMs/LLMs at Stafford. Perhaps his story will shed some light on the Arute’s thinking.

  23. Let’s see here.. so a good 2bbl card will fetch somewhere around 700-800. A great 2bbl carb will be 1k. I’m not sure saving a few hundred bucks on a one time purchase (typically) is going to help any of these full bodied divisions. Also… I don’t see how the SK Lights are a cost effective route when teams are refreshing motors every 5 races and doing funny business with tires for a 300 dollar purse. This is getting out of hand Stafford, time to make some serious changes in your divisions or you’ll be left with open wheel only, not that I’m complaining.

  24. Maybe lightsout hit the bullseye. Maybe SMS is trying to kill off the LM& LLM divisions, leaving 2 modified divisions and the street stocks. Seem stupid, but SMS management ain’t the brightest bulbs on the tree.

  25. Agree the lights don’t run for a lot of money but you can take your chassis to the next level and sell your engine to a street stock team even. The street stocks can at least run the bowl and Thompson. Limiteds and Late models at Stafford no longer make sense.

  26. I dont Know says

    Man… 700-800 for a good and 1k for a great 2 brl. I guess I am buying the wrong 2 brl if mine was only $575. How much does a 4 brl cost, I see a few listed on line for 700-800

    A few questions I have for lightsout and all the others that seem to know the answers. Would running a 2brl use less gas? therefore saving money on fuel. If a 2brl is half of a 4 brl wouldn’t that mean they are using 1/2 tha amount of fuel. Just wondering

  27. Make a statement tonight – everyone should leave the stands tonight when the late models come out for the feature. Let’s do it!

  28. Yea sure, right after dareal takes a knee for the playing of the National Anthem LOL……………….

  29. Not a fan of of the LM and LLM at stafford. I see a lot of folks go off to buy concessions during these races. A lot of folks checking their smartphones, including me during these races. Wonder if there are any ACT type LM teams out there that would commit to Stafford if they switched to ACT rules. What do current LM and LLM drivers think of the idea of switching to ACT rules? How much work involved in converting a Stafford LM to ACT rules? Can they be used as ACT cars?

  30. jimbin= my guess is the Stafford late model can not be made competitive with an ACT late model. Stafford knows no amount of weight will even the field and they don’t want to obsolete there 10 Stafford Late models which have supported them. While admirable to not abandon the drivers which have supported the track they are doing so at the fans expense.

    I do find it laughable that they interviewed the one guy who would be in favor of staying status quo. The guy no one can catch who wins most weeks. Leaving the rules the same will bring in more cars? The car count has gone down with these same rules each year for the last 5. Maybe but my guess is there is not significant increase in late models which can be run at exactly one track. More cars for the special event? There were 12 cars for their big race. No doubt the big show brought in an extra car or two.

    At this point, I am not even sure Stafford thinks they have a problem with their late model divisions. To not address the issue and blindly hoping for a different result while not changing anything is disappointing. At a minimum combine the two Late model divisions, cut laps, run them last. Do something to minimize their impact on the show.

  31. Stafford most likely knows they have issues with the LM and LLM divisions since they went out of their way to tell the teams the divisions will be back next year with few changes so early.
    FYI a two barrel’s fuel consumption is only marginally more modest then the 4. It’s not a direct relationship although given the price of racing fuel the point is well taken.
    4412 Holley’s are common as dirt and in no event should any team need to spend over $500 to get one I wouldn’t think. As for their old 4 barrels there’s Ebay to offset the cost. Hope you saved the electric choke. Or keep it on the shelf just in case. Is there an ultra cheated up, ultra priced 4412 that the underground rumor mill no doubt will insist exists? Doubt it. It would stick out like a sore thumb on a dyno’d crate motor. Now if RAD offers a matched 4412 to a new engine package with specific output parameters all bets are off on price.

  32. James Scott says

    I like the rules packages for all three divisions. If you start with a street stock and do well and want to move up you can with modifications to both the chassis and crate motor to the limited LM. I would like to see open motors in the limited LM class as well. If you want to move to LM, that same chassis you started with in the street stocks can be converted to a LM chassis and obviously you would need more motor. Hope I made sense but that is the way I see it. ACT is not the answer folks. The car counts at other tracks in this area show that. Even up north, most tracks do not have great car car counts. I like what the Arutes are doing but at some point I think you will see a happy medium with the fender cars. I think the resurgence of the streets could be the open 350. Having to run only a crate I think hurts both the Streets and limiteds. A team should be able to build their own motor without breaking the bank. Anyways starting with a stock or aftermarket GM type chassis and altering what you have already makes more sense to budget minded people rather than those who are not. OK bash me.

  33. Doug, carb prices for a 4412 are a tad bit more than you think and a stock 4412, what is that? No such thing on a circle track car. They have all been monkeyed with by the engine builders in the “grey area of the rules” for optimum performance. A VDL runs $800-$850, T/A was selling a Stallion back a few years ago for $1300, claimed it was the best thing since sliced bread for an SKL. Watched a carb go through tech one night and the tech inspector made the comment to the owner as he handed the carb back “he is playing with fire”. Engine builders all play in the “grey” until they are told not to bring the carb back next week, witnessed that comment as well.

  34. Seems like there is plenty of room for debate in some of your suggestions James but how refreshing to see a fresh perspective.
    I’d like to know of the LLM’s that are built on old Street chassis’. Seems like it would not be cost effective with all the work involved. The only new chassis I know of is Bren’s that was purpose built for LLM’s and a move up to LM’s and it’s fabrication looked state of the art based on the pics provided.
    I’m desperately opposed to more built engines. It’s a one way ticket to racing bankruptcy, lower car counts and decreased competition. Building one’s own engine is a thing of the past. Built engines means astronomical payments to engine builders for incremental increases in HP. Crates are plain cheap compared to what we were spending for speed long ago and evens the fields aka SK Lights.

  35. Thanks humphry. That’s consistent with what Stuart Fearn referred to a while back. That crate engines perform in a narrow band of output and that carburetor’s were one of the few area’s to wrangle an advantage.

  36. I wish I had the problem of watching a couple races with lower car counts,its still more exciting than sitting home on a friday night, consider it a bonus for paying less than $20 to go watch the best mod races in the country!

  37. Stuart Fearn says

    just saw all these cooments. good to see so many people concerned.
    First odd the carb: EVERY other division (at Stafford) runs the 2 bbl 4412. Makes sense to run it as well in the LLM. Sell the 650 4 bbl and buy a 4412, price diff maybe $300. Savings in fuel is $400 per car for the year. believe me I did the math. There are plenty of other racecars out there that run the 650 coming off so there is a market for these. I own three and the switch doesn’t really bother me. All the same is good.

    Weight rule on the Street stock very good. Hate to see these cars built like tanks, just more reason for drivers to ram other cars with no damage to their own piece. When the cars are lighter and a little more fragile you can’t use that bumper so much.

    The mandatory rev limiter I don’t agree with in LLM. I already own them so thats not it. The fact is you can check the gear for free in 2 minutes and the power band is pretty topped out where we are at so running more gear isn’t helping so much so what good does that do? I’m not so sure.

    I would like LLM to be 3000 just like the LM instead of 3100 like it is now. Reason above. LLM is a lot like the LM which is a very good thing.

    By the way, Stafford has been very consistent over the last 5-7 years with the rules in the LM. Rule changes cost money every time. They have learned this (i think when David and Paul started racing it was an eye opener) and there is careful consideration before rules are released. Changing rules is a decision but so is not changing and staying the same and that is given equal consideration. The division with the most rule changes over the last three years is the Street Stock for sure

  38. He never did it! Stayed at home in his room in his Parents basement!!!

  39. I don’t know,
    If your looking to spend some money on a carb go see T/A. You will end up with four of them in a season, each one promising 3 more HP then the previous one and your bank account will have lost about $6k! Then you will loose your shirt and sell them at the swapmeet and end up buying a VDL!!!

  40. Humphry,
    Everything T/A has is better then sliced bread!!! When he’s done with you that’s all you will be able to afford to eat or feed your family is just that!! A loaf of bread!!!
    Best thing Arute ever did for the sport was bounce him out of the crate program!!!! He will never get a dime from me again!!!

  41. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Stu. If you don’t think this is a big deal, it’s obviously not. As far as people not liking 5 car heats and 10 to 12 car features, it seams like a shame that keeps you home on Friday nights. if you don’t like them, go get a beer or a hot dog during them. I do think that any divisions with low car counts should have group qualifying during the last practice. That way people wouldn’t have to sit through (or whatever) those 5 or 6 car heats.

  42. You know Al some of your insights are great although you may want to lose the whole kneeling thing. The problem being there is no point of reference to make a judgement if you know what you are talking about. You’ve got a beef with T/A. Fine. When did you race and a few more clues please.
    T/A was not bounced out for the umpteenth time according to the reporting from this site. They withdrew.

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