Topper: Tom Fearn Grabs Victory To Become All-Time Winningest Late Model Driver At Stafford

Tom Fearn got his 10th Late Model win of the season Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway and took over sole possession of first place on the division’s all-time win list at the track (Photo: Fran Lawlor)

STAFFORD – Tom Fearn came into the 2018 season at Stafford Motor Speedway third on the all-time win list for the Late Model division, nine victories behind Ryan Posocco at the top of the charts.

Fifteen races later the history books are being edited at Stafford Speedway.

Fearn, of East Longmeadow, Mass., got his 10th victory of the season Friday to take over sole possession of first place on the track’s Late Model all-time win list.

“I could never dream of a season like this, 10 wins here,” Fearn said. “There’s some stiff competition here. I’m giving it my all every week. Luckily we’ve just been able to come out on top.”

Kevin Gambacorta of Ellington was second and Tyler Leary of Hatfield, Mass. third.

It was the 46th career Late Model victory at Stafford Fearn. He tied Ryan Posocco at the top of the all-time win list with a victory last Friday.

“I told you last week when we tied it, I just had to concentrate on breaking [the tie],” Fearn said. “We were able to do that tonight. I guess it’s a feather in my cap you could say. We’ve still got seven races to go for the season and we’ve got to concentrate on them for now then we can celebrates I guess.”

Fearn is also the all-time winningest driver in the former Pro Stock division at Stafford. He had 17 victories in the division, which ran its last season in 2000. Fearn had Pro Stock championships at Stafford in 1993, ’95 and 98. He won a Late Model championship at Stafford in 2016.

“I’ve got the best crew here,” Fearn said. “My wife, she’s right on the spotting deal. I can’t thank those guys enough that help me out here and every week they get us here. … I don’t like to look ahead. We’ll go back and do our homework and get the car ready for next week tomorrow.”

Fearn started seventh in the field Friday and was up to second by lap two. He passed Leary for the lead on lap five and never trailed again.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS TOM FEARN! but remember lonely is the head that wears the crown. Great job now try and break the record for consecutive wins…there’s still time.

  2. Congrats to Joe Hamm. Not only does the car you built in 07 have 2 track championships ’09 with Peterson ’16 with Fearn, and allot of wins along the way, but i believe Mike O’Sullivan won a 100 lap race in it. Only well built cars stand the test of time as this one has. Congrats again to Tom and the 92 team, job well done.

  3. One more… Congrats to Don Wood and the guys at R.A.D. auto machine. Tom Fearn’s engine builder throughout his career. Most wins in PS , most wins in LM and multiple championships, just at Stafford. Couldn’t have achieved it without great reliable horsepower. Anyone know Toms Riverside stats?

  4. Old Time Racer says

    Not to take Fearns accomplishments lightly, he is a really big fish in a small pond as evidenced by winniong so many features in a short 10-14 car field. Just imagine how many more victories Phil Rondeau would have had in his hayday if he only had to race again such small fields. When is SMS going to find away to combine the LLM and LM classes to put on a show worth watching instead of us fans heading to the car for cheap adult beverages? I would think someone as talented as Tom Fox in the race department at SMS could find a way to make it happen whether it was weight penalties, restrictor plate, and chassis rule changes.

  5. Stafford has everyone sold on a great racing program; all they have is a decent modified division and Friday nights, other than that its a crappy program. I would throw Seekonk,Thompson Beech ridge up against Stafford’s weekly show any day.

  6. How tedious. Especially when the victory lane interview get’s repetitive and boring.
    Yes good for Tom. Great decades long successful racer. Cornerstone of Stafford LM’s and well deserving of the place in the record books he shall have blah, blah blah.
    But what’s good for Tom is not necessarily good for the division, the paying fans, the track or local racing.
    We’ve all beat this dead horse on far too many occasions. All the suggestions and hopes for a change are on the table. The only thing left is to wait to see if Stafford makes a move or stays with the status quo.
    Hey man how bout them SK Lights. When was the last time the LM’s left the crowd standing at the finish?

  7. Tom Fern should start last every week. Make him race for it. He starts so close to the front that he is in the lead in 2 laps of a 30 lap race. In a field of 10 cars every week, throw out the handicap rules. You don’t need them. Just my opinion.

  8. Stuart Fearn says

    Hey Joe where did Tom start last night? Check the lineup. 9th
    Throw out the rules when it’s convenient. Good idea

  9. Joe White says

    Maybe Stafford needs another bounty? Where was Glen Reen last night? He was at the track. I saw him win the SK race in the 17.
    Tom’s car looks very powerful. I wonder if he has one of those flux capacitors like Coby uses in the 2?
    Did you see the 15 year old girl jn the 29 win the street stock race last night? She reminds me of Tom Fern in the last models.

  10. getserious says

    In 2 weeks there is a FIFTY lap LM race. Gawd,that is going to be painful to sit through!! Now, we ALL have known for the past four years or so that the LLMs and LM are boring wastes of time, and yet Stafford refuses to do anything about it. WHY? I don’t get it. And the LMs continue to run a mind-numbing 30 laps, while the full-field SKLs only go 20 laps. 20 laps is not enough for 24 evenly matched cars. And 30 is too much for ten mis -matched cars. I know I’m getting taken advantage of by Stafford every week for most of the show, but the SKs and SKLs just make it worthwhile. Butr, when the SKs start to deteriorate (and it will happen. Already I see smaller fields, no TC, no Preece, no Coby, no Pennink, and others falling away) then it will be off to Albany-Saratoga dirt, where there are over ONE HUNDRED cars in the pits every week for $11. Arutes: Get your stuff together !

  11. I think 20 Laps is just right for the sk lites – maybe 25. They are down to 19 cars – most likely less next week. The only thing the two late model divisions are good is selling food and beer. I could live with 3 weekly divisions/ due to the fact almost every week they have a guest division.

  12. Mildly disagree with on one thing Steve. LM’s need to be a part of the show in some form.

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