Great Late: Bryan Narducci Uses Final Corner Pass To Win SK Light Mod Feature At Stafford

Bryan Narducci celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – Bryan Narducci is making final corner drama his calling card in the SK Light Modified division at Stafford Speedway.

For the second consecutive week Narducci used a pass for the lead in turn four on the final lap to win the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature at Stafford Speedway.

Andrew Molleur of Shelton was second and Marcello Rufrano of North Haven third.

Last week, with Rufrano and Teddy Hodgon fighting for the top spot on the final lap, it was Narducci going from third to first in the final corner to win.

Friday it was Narducci diving under Rufrano into turn three on the final lap and coming out of turn four with the lead to grab his fifth victory of the season.

“It’s a blast racing with him,” Narducci said. “We’re both definitely the two fastest cars. It makes it more fun when you have someone equally as fast. It makes it more of a challenged. Tonight, I drove my balls to win that. I’m sweating. It makes it more fun when you can drive hard with one of your best friends and you can race clean.”

Said Rufrano: “Watching Teddy [Christopher] and Keith [Rocco] enough, I probably should have knew that was going to happen. I probably should have protected a little bit better. … You can’t get much better than that. I loved every minute of it. It may not have ended in my favor, but the car was still pretty good tonight, just not enough to keep ahead of him.”

With two events remaining this season, Narducci leads second place Rufrano by 26 points in the standings.

“Everybody at the shop, my parents, everybody says ‘Big picture.’” Narducci said. “Even in practice my mom says ‘Big picture.’ I’m like “I got it.’ But turn three that last lap, I was going for the win.”


  1. That was a garbage pass. The 01 ran the leader up a lane and a half in 3 on the last lap. He thinks he is TC but really just BS.

  2. The best racing of the night as they put in an awesome show week after week. Good job to all the drivers!! The LLM and LM are beyond boring with the small fields. Stafford doesn’t seem to care that 2/5ths of the program is in trouble with low car counts and boring parade races. Only 18 SK in the premier division. Where were the rest of the cars this week? A caution would have made there race more enjoyable but it’s was nice to see MCJ win. For those of us that were there for his first win earlier this season it was definitely a awesome sight both on the track and in the stands. Congratulations Brian on your win!!

  3. Congratulations to both Mike Jr and Bryan. The pass by Bryan couldn’t have been too bad as Rufrano was not complaining…,Sk Car counts are down because it is just too much money to race every week.

  4. Pump that illegal engine

  5. It seemed to me that Rufrano thought there was nothing wrong with that pass.

  6. Nothing different than he did last week…. also he didn’t think anything was wrong with the pass

  7. That motor has Ben “pumped” many times and is still in the car . If someone would like to purchase it . Will gladly sell it with rev box and distributor right after the conclusion of any feature .

  8. That motor has Ben “pumped” many times and still is in the car . If anyone would like to purchase the motor, rev limiter, or distributor it can be purchased after any of the races it runs .

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