Competitors Pleased Season Will Finish As Scheduled At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Mike Serluca will take over the lease of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and serve as the track’s general manager for the final four events of the 2018 season (Photo: Passing Bird Photography)

When it comes to the history of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl over the last decade, the overriding theme always comes back to a facility that continuously seems to stave off what seems sure demise.

And that was once again the case on Tuesday morning when it was announced that a new management team would step in to run the facility for the final four events of the 2018 season.

“I don’t know how many lives that track has, but they may have more than nine lives,” longtime New London-Waterford Speedbowl Sportsman division driver Al Stone III said.

As reported exclusively by RaceDayCT, George Whitney – who has operated the track since June 2017 – has terminated his lease.

Mike Serluca, who has worked for the Speedbowl this season assisting with public relations and social media, confirmed that he will lease the facility for the final four events of the season and serve as the track’s general manager.

“I’m happy that the race track is going to keep going and all the competitors that have stepped up for the last year or two … are going to have a chance to finish their season,” Speedbowl SK Modified division driver Todd Owen said. “It’s not fair to anybody that’s been there every week or the officials or anybody else, all this [stuff] was out of their control. … Let’s finish it out and see what happens.”

When word trickled out Monday evening that an announcement concerning the future of racing at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl was expected within a day, SK Modified division points leader Kyle James was ready for the worst.

“I did actually think when the original news came out that we’d probably be getting bad news that the season was over,” James said. “So this morning when the article came out that we would be racing I was obviously happy.

“George being out is bittersweet because he’s done a lot for us. He kept it open when we all thought it was going to close. I think as a racing community as a whole we just thank him for that. Also, congrats to Mike Serluca for keeping it going for the rest of the season. I think he’ll do a good job taking over. I think just as a whole, I’m happy for everybody that we’ll continue the last four events and hopefully build on something for next year.”

After cancelling last Saturday’s event, the Speedbowl will be back in action this coming Saturday. The Speedbowl is scheduled to have three more Saturday events (this week, Sept. 29 and Oct. 6) and their finale event Oct. 20-21.

“We owe it to our fans and drivers that have supported us all year long to finish out the season and work toward stability for next season,” Serluca told RaceDayCT. “That’s my goal, to have everything going smoothly while we get through this rough period.”

Said Stone, the track’s all-time winningest Sportsman division driver: “I’m happy it’s open. Once again the black cloud was over the track. … It’s pretty amazing. I just wish that they could get past all the drama and all the negativity and be as successful as it has the potential to be. Unfortunately it’s hard to do that right now with all the negative press.

“Giving those weekly competitors the chance to finish up a championship season or just finish up there season’s there is something special to them. Hopefully it all works out for them and they can get it done.”


  1. Walter Maguire says

    It’s very sad. I don’t know why, but the speedbowl has been horrible since I was in college at UCONN (1977-1981). It’s sad. There should be sk’s at Stafford on Friday, Waterford on Saturday, and Thompson on Sundays.

  2. It would be very interesting to hear a statement from ownership. I think his intentions for the place are good but we may never know for sure if and when all the legal issues are settled. I think today’s events are positive for now. What a facility that place can be. Buy your mega millions folks!

  3. Walter Maguire,you are very wrong.The Speedbowl has been far from horrible even on it’s most difficult days.Loyal racers,teams and fans have enjoyed some of the best bare knuckled short track racing anywhere.Just take a look at Sid’s Vault.
    George Whitney did his best and helped the Speedbowl out at a very tough time.That said,thanks to Mike Serluca and good luck.

  4. Maybe Mr Eames is just what the place needs.He did a good job even with all the bill collectors calling.Just think what a job he could do running just the weekly program.Does anyone remember the late model Funk Master show.Thats the kind of thinking we need to MAKE THE BOWL GREAT AGAIN

  5. The Speedbowl can be great if it can just hang on. As a spectator, the racing is right in your face, up close and exciting. Name another track where someone won going backwards three wide for a win.

  6. Eames….are you nuts? He’s the REASON the Bowl had bill collectors!

  7. Steven Olsen #68 XC says


  8. Hillary 2028 says

    Thankfully mine and others predictions were wrong.

  9. The banquet is gonna be awesome!!!!

  10. I first went with my Dad after they closed Dandury I love the modified. Anyhow maybe New London& Waterford could look to BowMan Grey in N.C and realize that this is a good thing open the track to more activity install a football field use it for concerts this is N.L&WATERFORD History both communities should embrace it and take pride.

  11. Blind as a Bat says

    Some people are saying TERRY EAMES did a good job.He screwed numerous competitors and venders at the Bowl.What are you saying.Once a snake always a snake. HISS,HISS.

  12. Stafford- Seems clueless about how to fix their car count and fan count struggles.
    Thompson- Hires Eames as the GM. I dont care what anybody says his downfalls as Waterford owner were far beyond finances.
    Waterford- Serluca is new GM. Nice guy, but really? I mean really?
    CT racing future is not looking too promising.

  13. blind/Star gazer. Stafford just needs to combine their two crappy late model divisions into one feature to make fans happy. Its a relatively easy fix which can be implemented quickly. Like an alcoholic they just have to hit rock bottom before they realize a change is necessary. I would have thought rock bottom occurred this year with the awful competition and dismal car counts but Stafford obviously disagrees. The rest of their program is good.
    Thompson has a road course which I don’t think has been as successful as they hoped. Eames has a road course background perhaps that was their interest in hiring the man. I thought most of the Eames issues where related to money, that shouldn’t be an issue now. He has gone on record saying he hopes to have about 10 oval races, so a few more than currently which is going in a positive direction. Under Eames Waterford had a pretty good weekly programs, I say we give him a chance to put out a schedule and have a few events before we evaluate him.
    Waterford the cloud that hovers over it for the past two years isn’t just rain clouds. With the owners day in court coming probably this next offseason there will probably be some resolution for next year. Whether that resolution is good or bad for the bowl I don’t know but its resolution. There have been some nice capital improvements since Bemer took over and the racing there when they have good fields is in my opinion the best in CT. At least they are finishing out the season.

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