Fiery Clincher: Ronnie Williams Clinches SK Modified Championship At Stafford

Ronnie Williams celebrates his first SK Modified championship at Stafford Speedway on Friday (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – A relationship that came together in the offseason realized an earlier than expected crescendo for Ronnie Williams Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

With one event remaining, Williams, of Tolland, clinched his first SK Modified championship Friday with a sixth place finish in the 40-lap feature for the event.

Williams, who had driven in the SK Modified division previously with a family owned team, partnered with car owner Adam Skowyra after Chase Dowling deparated Skowyra’s team after the 2017 season.

“From the start we all had one goal in mind and that was to win the championship,” Williams said. “I knew these guys could. I was hoping I would be able to and win a lot of races with these guys and we did both this year.”

Williams has four victories, 14 top-five’s and 17 top-10’s in 20 starts this year.

Williams dedicated the victory to his grandfather Fred Peckham and his uncle longtime Stafford Speedway firefighter Jack Williams, who both passed away last year.

“I would have loved to have my gramps and Jack Oliver here,” Williams said. “My grandfather was bringing me here since I was born.”

The championship clinching night though wasn’t without some drama between Williams and his closest competitor for the title, Keith Rocco. Friction between the two has been simmering for much of the season. On Aug. 31 contact from Rocco sent Williams spinning out of the lead in the SK Modified feature at the track.

On lap 27 Friday it was contact from Williams that sent Rocco spinning out of the lead. Williams was black flagged of contact with Rocco.

“I was hoping for the win, but sometimes you’ve got to get a little payback when it’s due,” Williams said. “Happy Keith parked it in turn one and we get a championship and we’ll celebrate it tonight and for the next two weeks.”

Rocco ended up finishing 16th.

“I’ve taken a lot of crap from him over this year just because I wanted to get to this point, I didn’t want to ruin any chances with that,” Williams said. “He brake checked me in [turns] one and two, came across my nose in [turns] three and four and I knew if he was in my shoes he would have taken me out. Instead of braking and letting him come back into line, I wasn’t going to let him win tonight.”


  1. congrats to mike jr on winning tbe championship this year.
    williams 2nd rocco 3rd
    cant believe williams lost a huge points lead…go mike jr

  2. CONGRATULATIONS RONNIE WILLIAMS! Great job all year long. CONGRATS to Adam, Les, Tina and the whole #50 Les’s Auto Center team. Redemption. You guys have come close in years past, but are now the 2018 Stafford Motor Speedway SK Modified Champions. ENJOY!

  3. i just woke up it was all a dream
    williams win sk championsip

  4. Casual observer says

    The championship was already locked up as soon as williams took the green flag. Rocco just couldn’t make it happen this year even with the of Bear

  5. It was ok for his crew chief to go over the radio a few weeks back and tell Keith to dump Williams

  6. CONGRATS to Mike Pettit, for winning the SMS SK Modified championship, as the engine builder for the #50 Les’s Auto Center team. Great reliable power all season long. And again CONGRATS to Ronnie, Adam, Les, Tina and the whole #50 team. GREAT JOB

  7. Congrats to Ronnie and the 50 team. Also to Mike Pettit. Ronnie, Fred is smiling down on you. Great job.

  8. Well that certainly is momentous. Young, clean racing Williams as it turns out is just one of the guys. Willing to take the car in front of him out because he can’t get around or under him and isn’t patient enough with a ton of laps left to wait. Moreover it is on his way to an inevitable championship and emulating the pettiness and dirty dealing many thought he was above. Yea for Ronnie.
    Generally speaking you exact pay back when you are still in the battle, not after you’ve won it and have nothing to lose.
    Congratulations to the Adam Skowyra for finally grabbing the brass ring after so many years and wasting money in circle track racing the most successfully.

  9. Who is laughing now LFR

  10. I know two wrongs don’t make a right , but at some point you have to stand up to the bully or it will just keep going on,good job you only took out the bully and didn’t hurt anybody else

  11. Congrats to Ronnie and the 50 team for a Season of domination with consistency. Starting on average 12th and average finish 4th is quite amazing in this division. The 88 teams communication from lap 18 on was that Williams is coming and is faster than you. The tap and coming out of 4 was a reminder to the bully of the division that there is a New sheriff in town and I’m not afraid of you for all of our future battles. Unlike what Doug was babbling about, Williams was not selfish and put the 50 teams success in jeapordy like Rocco was baiting him to do. He did not fall for the trap. That is smart and strategic. Reacting immediately is childish and petty, the bully wins. Ronnie had the opportunity to send his message and won that battle and eventually the war which is what he was there to do. Mission accomplished as the Rocco goes 3 wide into 1 and destroys 3 cars including his own. Now Ronnie’s success is in Rocco’s Head.
    As far as the team owners, we need more people like them that support racing so Doug, don’t question their commitment to the sport and time to build a championship team. It takes money, time and the right people and they did it.
    Ronnie Williams and the 50 team ARE the 2018 SK Modified Champions at Stafford Motor Speedway- everything else is just commentary.

  12. winning the SK championship at Stafford is an accomplishment. Congrats to the 50 of Ronnie Williams and car owner.

  13. to Jeffrey, mike jr. did not win the championship, he won the race!!! watch out williams, i’m sure rocco will be hunting u down at the fall final!

  14. Hey Doug, 😢.

  15. Eff. LFR

  16. Well pardon me for the babbling but it would appear SK Mod fan you seemed to understand me quite clear having done such a nice job taking me to task for what was said.
    And there’s plenty to take me to task for but certainly not questioning Skowyra’s commitment. Who by the way I commended for getting the most of of his wasted expenditure in racing. And I’d remind you that now that you see Rocco as the new inherent evil in SK racing at Stafford the same could be said about you not supporting his contribution. Which are considerable wouldn’t you agree?
    As for Skowyra he believes in unfettered access to guns, loves dogs, loves Trump, thinks Democrats are a threat to democracy. You get the idea. I’d prefer not to know that and have him focus on racing but it’s a big deal for him on social media so unknowing it is not an option. And with the exception of loving dogs don’t share those pretty inflexible beliefs for the most part so naturally it’s hard to support his car. That’s natural isn’t it? Not that it makes any difference who you or I support SK Mod Fan unless we’re sponsors of the cars that I can say with 100% accuracy I am not.
    I’ve watched Rocco for years and don’t share the opinion that he is some kind or serial dirty trickster and car wrecker. As for Williams I don’t share either his or your interpretation of the reason or timing or wisdom of his deliberate take out. On the other hand I enjoy the controversy, think it’s good for racing and am especially happy that Williams has shed the Mr. Clean image that was so tedious.
    Hopefully the bad blood will continue in the Fall Final and beyond that.

  17. Did Ronnie do the right thing last night? Yes. Yes he did, he sent Keith a message. That message being that he was sick of Keith’s B.S.. Unlike Keith, who blatently dumped Ronnie a few weeks ago, Ronnie just didn’t lift when Keith blocked him. Ronnie is a great talent, in a fast car. He doesn’t move people often, and races guys the way he expects to be raced. Last night was a long time coming, and Keith got exactly what he deserved.

  18. I could not say it better, or agree more with Rob P. With Rocco brake checking the 50 and cutting his nose in turn 4, Ronnie not lifting is the message. I’ll drive you like you drive me. The penalty was a bad call. The 88 blocking and cutting the 50’s nose should be left on the track-you get what you get. Maybe if Rocco tried to race Ronnie clean, he’d be surprised how you can race hard and clean, but he won’t. I think about Rocco destroying Berndt’s car on the last lap in turn 3 years ago showed what kind of guy he is.
    I love how Doug hates Skowyra but I won’t comment on that, I don’t have Facebook. I’ll just say stick to racing comments, who gives about politics! I can’t wait for the Fall Final Race. I think it will be a good hard race, no BS.

  19. So Ron agrees with you SK Mod Fan and you agree 100%. I agree 100% of the time whenever someone agrees with me 100% so we agree 100% there.
    Mentioning Skowyra’s social media presence was only relevant within the context of why I could not support him as a race car owner not that it matters as merely a fan. A topic you introduced. That you abandoned when it comes to Rocco.
    I’ve got no dog in this hunt. I appreciate Rocco for his hands on, multi car operation and as a contributor to the SK’s and Stafford. Williams a hired gun with clean hands traveling about to drive is fine but not my cup of tea.
    Racing needs a bad guy. TC was it for so long and now it appears Rocco has morphed into the new bad guy for some with no redeeming qualities. And that’s half the story. This story that has only Williams comments not Rocco’s. With an interpretation of a season long Williams/Skowyra diehard fan. With pretty self serving interpretations of everything that has happened over several races. No surprises there.
    What I would prefer to talk about is folks picks for winners, losers, happy surprises, disappointments over the last year. Encompassing not just the front runners but a field of simply outstanding teams that raced in insanely tight lap time differentials during the entire season . Any takers?

  20. Yes….. Elect said it best

  21. I’m just happy Tommy Membrino hasn’t been there to spin out 5 times a race!

  22. I don’t think Dan Avery appreciated when Ronnie Williams put him in the wall awhile back. Since Ronnie admitted personally taking out Rocco he’ll be on probation for the rest of the year. And when Keith took out Burndt going into turn 3 for a kamakazi dive bomb move on the last lap for a win, he was suspended, apologized and let him run his car the following week. I don’t condone either guy dumping each other. I want to see good clean racing.

  23. geoffrey doppelgänger says

    Just like Ronnie Reagan, Ronnie Williams is the best!

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