Former Speedbowl Driver Garrett Denton Second In Formula Drift National Event At Texas Motor Speedway

(Press Release from Denton Motorsports)

Garrett Denton (center) celebrates with his Denton Motorsports team at Texas Motor Speedway (Photo: Courtesy Denton Motorsports)

Just last year, Garrett Denton watched the Formula Drift Pro 2 live stream from his college residence. He was currently running Pro Am and was hoping to earn his professional license to move up. He had studied the tracks, thought about how he would tackle each turn and wondered if it was possible.

This past weekend, Garrett not only competed but earned a spot on the podium at Texas Motor Speedway. As a rookie in Formula Drift, Garrett spent much of the first two events figuring out his car and the higher expectations for professional drifting. However, he arrived to Dallas ready to demonstrate his skill.

There were 33 drivers registered from 4 different countries vying for one of 16 qualifying positions. Garrett’s first attempt earned a score of 84 out of 100 which placed him as the top qualifier for most of the first round. At the end of round one, he was in 3rd. The second round the track was drier and the scores rose but so did Garrett’s. The judges gave him a 90 for his high style and angle. This score at the end of qualifying put him in 4th position and qualified him to compete in the top 16 battles.

The following day, Garrett hit the track for his top 16 competition against Josh Robinson from Australia. A clean run and tight tandem led to him moving forward by unanimous vote of the judges. During the great eight battle Garrett once again drove his line, threw in some angle and took all three judges votes. The final four was against the number one qualifier Dylan Hughes a competitor in the championship chase from Washington. Dylan is a talented driver who often finishes in the top 3. Garrett knew this battle would test his skill. As Garrett took to his chase run, he became a shadow of the lead car. Exactly what the judges are looking for. On his lead run, he was precise and fast. As the two cars set on the line for the final decision, the votes all slid to under Garrett’s picture on the large jumbo Tron television trackside.

This was a moment to remember.

As one of the final two drivers remaining, Garrett went back to his pits to get fresh tires. At that same moment the winds picked up, lightening flashed and it began to down pour. The Formula Drift officials rescheduled the final battle for Saturday afternoon. Saturday, Garrett and his competitor took to the track for two practice runs before the battle. Unfortunately a cone was struck causing a mechanical problem. The crew attempted to fix it but with only five minutes they knew he would be competing with lower power. However, he was in the finals at a Formula Drift Pro 2 event forfeiting was not an option. Garrett took to the track against Travis Reeder from Washington. Although his runs were clean, his lack of power was evident against this talented driver.

What appeared to be a loss was still a victory! Just one year ago, he was dreaming of this moment and he had just won 2nd place and was about to podium in Formula Drift.

The same podium that James Deane, Frederick Asbo, Chris Forsberg and so many others he loved to watch had stood on.

Garrett took to the mic to thank his family, crew, friends and fans for their support. The guy who for many years held the checkered flag at Waterford Speedbowl was now on a worldwide live stream at Texas Motor Speedway accepting a carbon fiber second place trophy. In addition to the trophy, this amazing weekend moved Garrett from 18th to 6th in points for the season. The top 8 pro 2 drivers are awarded their Formula Drift Pro 1 License at the end of the season. Garrett’s last competition of the season is in mid October in Irwindale, California referred to as the House of Drift. Will he finish on the top again and earn his Formula Drift Pro 1 license? No matter the result his dreams are coming true.


  1. Very cool story. Nice to see a local competitor on the big stage no matter what type of motorsports. Congrats Garrett, keep it up!

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