RaceDayCT Live Updates From Full Throttle Weekend At New Hampshire Motor Speedway

LOUDON, N.H. – The RaceDayCT team will be all over New Hampshire Motor Speedway this week for the inaugural Full Throttle Weekend featuring Saturday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Musket 250, the longest event in series history.

We’ll have our live updates team of Denise DuPont, Jim DuPont, Curtis DuPont and Fran Lawlor in action all around New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the weekend. Check out below for our live updates.


  1. Which 2 drivers fell off the entry list? Also, is there anyway the RaceDayCT reporters could find out if any teams are running built motors as opposed to the spec because of the fuel savings a built has… That would be a very interesting bit of information for race strategy.

  2. RaceDayNH,
    Walt Sutcliffe and Joe DeGracia did not show up. See what we can do on the other stuff.

  3. Thanks for the quick response Shawn. That information used to be provided by the hometracks site every race back when there was more of an even split. Generaly now only the low buck teams run a built motor so they probably don’t feel it’s that important to disclose… But with the fuel mileage issues of 250 laps and maybe the uncertainty of how a spec might perform over that long of a distance, maybe a few more teams might look to run a built.

  4. Bill Realist says

    Looks like someone forgot to open the grandstand gate

  5. Bill,
    Not sure what you’re seeing, but there’s a pretty good crowd here. I’d venture to guess more than 10,000. I’d say it’s a bigger crowd than management expected. Anything less than 35,000 in a grandstand that holds 70,000 is going to look empty.

  6. Thanks for the updates

  7. CONGRATULATIONS Chase Dowling on your first NWMT win. Great job Denise Dupont for the coverage

  8. Glad to see my record of predicting pretty much anything was wrong as usual. Regardless of the unfortunate accident that race was just outstanding. Whatever they win isn’t enough to cover those tire bills.
    Unsung hero Patrick Emerling. An ROC guy first and invader that has a crew that is so smart they just are in the mix most times when it’s a big race and it’s showtime.
    Raspberry to the announcer that was saying that Preece with the built engine was down on power.
    To all the guys that predicted that the strategy and sunset would be a factor you nailed it.

  9. JB a great driver and a wonderful champion. His team unmatched this year in terms of performance from stem to stern. But come on man. Isn’ t it a little cool how he had a bit of unforeseen catastrophe on the way to a big pay day? Isn’t that why we watch racing?
    Not fair picking on Dowling. To win after the top two tangle you have to be in third.

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