Mike Christopher Jr. Wins SK Modified Feature At Stafford Speedway

Mike Christopher Jr. celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – On Sept. 8, 2017 Ted Christopher won the SK Modified feature at Stafford Motor Speedway.

It was his 109th career victory in the division, and ultimately his last. On Sept. 16, 2017 Christopher – the all-time winningest driver at Stafford Speedway – was killed in a plane crash while flying to a NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event in Riverhead, N.Y.

Friday at Stafford Speedway, nearly a year to the day since that last win for Christopher, that same car was right back in victory lane.

Driving for the team that was operated by his late uncle and now owned by Christopher’s widow Quinn, Mike Christopher Jr. won the 40-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford.

“It feels good to be back in victory lane with his car,” Mike Christopher Jr. said. “… We did it for him.”

It was the second victory of the season for Mike Christopher Jr. of Wolcott.

Woody Pitkat of Stafford, making his first SK Modified start at Stafford since 2016, was second. Chase Dowling of Roxbury was third.

Christopher went past Dowling for the lead on lap five and never trailed again.

“My dad, he made this thing stout tonight, and I think it proved it leading all the laps that we did,” Mike Christopher Jr. said. “… Tonight showed that we have a fast race car that’s capable of winning races. That’s the goal every time we come to the track is to win races. So it feels really good to go out and accomplish that for my crew and my crew and my Aunt, my dad and my mom and my Uncle Ted. It feels really good.”



  1. Fantastic for Mike Jr.T.C.,sadly gone,never forgotten.Things have never been the same.There is a dark void at every race without him.Boy,we really had it good.

  2. Super Sub! Nice job Woody on P2

  3. If that race were longer, they could have stopped to wash the car before they drove it over the finish line! Great job Mike and team!

  4. GREAT JOB MCJ. good job Woody on finishing 2nd. Where was Rocco?

  5. great job to mike and mike jr.

    many more wins to come🤗🤗🤗

  6. Woody did an excellent job in the 10A last night. One more yellow and we could have had a different winner. What was wrong with Kieth Rocco last night? Last week he looked unbeatable. Both the 50 and the 66 also seemed to be a bit off. There were a lot of empty seats in the stands. There was less traffic on my way to the track. Strange Friday night. Just some observations.

  7. According to the lap times Christopher was the fastest car so Woody winning would have been less likely then likely even with a caution. Second for Pitkat was simply outstanding in any event.
    Rocco was penalized a lap for stopping on the track with a flat tire.
    50 was second place speed but had to make up too much ground.
    66 second tier speed and a tick off his game.

  8. Here’s an interesting stat racedayct nation might find interesting.
    Bassett, Narducci, Fearn and Williams are the current point leaders in the Street Stock, SK Light, LM and SK divisions. So who has had to overcome the worst average starting position to get to be the leader through 19 events.
    The answer is Bassett 8.4, Narducci 12.8, Fearn 7 and Williams 11.4.
    Reach your own conclusion if that means anything.

  9. Hillary 2028 says

    Watching the video highlights posted by the track, besides the lites, everything looked like a practice session.

  10. Well with season winding down, cooler weather, kids back in school, high school football games all add to the crowd size

  11. Doug Surprising Berndt is usually at or near the top of the weekly speed charts. I agree Pitkat finishing second in his first race with the 10a is very impressive. I don’t think he has been in an SK at Stafford for a couple years now. Good for him. I would like to see him come back to the weekly wars at Stafford. I still think Stafford doesn’t have quite the list of name drivers they have had in years past. I am also a little curious you gave us stats on each Stafford weekly division but the limited late models. Is that because the Stat is not impressive, just an oversight, or is it because no one really cares about the division?

  12. If there is only 10 cars in the LLM’s the stat can’t be much different from the LM’s.
    The point being guys like Narducci and Williams have much greater challenges then in the LM and LLM’s. Narducci doing what he has done given his average starting position and it being a momentum division is impressive. Williams maybe more because of all the heavy hitters and tight lap speeds.
    Disagree on the level of competition. You may not recognize the drivers so much and the old favorites may be gone but the guys that are there and their teams are serious and talented. The future is in good hands and the pipeline strong from the Lights.

  13. The guy who turns the fastest laps doesn’t always win the race.

  14. way to go

  15. The candidate that gets the most votes doesn’t always win the election either. However they do more times then not.

  16. As Joe said, thin crowd. My son and I went as he didn’t have to work. SK lite feature was good and street stocks once they got through 10 laps or so. LLM and LM are in need of a merger, little to no action and too few cars.

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