Premium Parking Now Available For Full Throttle Weekend At NHMS

It’s going to be a new kind of racing experience Sept. 21-22 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the inaugural Full Throttle Weekend and that means new options when it comes to parking for the event. 

Click on the image below to get more information on parking options that are available. 


  1. Bill Realist says

    What a bunch of donkeys. Translation; we didn’t sell enough advance tickets or $1k campsites so now you pay to park or walk two miles. Probably will be a great last 50 laps but I think I’ll pass on this one. There’s some good dirt racing going on this time of year and for the most part they don’t try to take every dollar you have either.

  2. Bill Realist,

    Those are exactly the same premium\handicapped lots they use on the Cup weekends. It’s not like they were free before.

  3. Not a good move by the track, this sends the wrong message to fans. They should focus on filling the stands with a good crowd, not milking patrons for parking fees.

  4. Bill Realist says

    In order for parking to be premium wouldn’t parking have to be at a premium in the first place? Will they be changing the traffic pattern on I93 for the race?

  5. I would imagine the traffic pattern would be just like what a Saturday of a Cup weekend would look like. They don’t really change things much more than a normal day for that. If you look at the maps on the NHMS website, everything appears to be like Saturday of a Cup weekend, just with less camping areas which makes sense. Free parking is down where you turn into the track entrance by the gas station with trams running. The real big difference is the fanzone being in the infield. Which they can do since normally Modified\K&N haulers would be parked in the south end of infield with the Cup drive\owner motorhomes. But for this weekend all the cars\haulers will be in the regular garage areas leaving half the infield empty.

  6. How many people do they think they will get for this race? I would be surprised if they get a typical Saturday crowd on a Cup weekend. I wouldn’t expect any more than that. Honestly I think that’s being generous. I agree premium parking does give the impression of a money grab but they do have free parking which I assume is probably going to have you walk right through an empty premium parking lot to get to the track..

    I love this idea of this show but I would have rather seen multiple local divisions involved like Pro Stock SLM, Late model, mini stocks, street stocks, and modifieds. I went to the MRS Granite state race at NHMS which included 4 of those divisions and thought it was a good show. I don’t think KN and Pintys has a big following around here. I think local divisions would draw better. I hope they get a great crowd and a bunch of modifieds.

  7. Yeah, I would not expect a huge crowd. You could have twice as many people as a full house at Thompson and it would look empty at Loudon. Plus I almost certain the stand along Busch Series\Busch North race weekend they used to have in May during the 90’s and early 2000’s drew more fans than the Cup races do today. So the track itself does not have the same fanbase it did before.

  8. Free parking will not be a problem as this event will have a VERY small crowd. As far as the race divisions go the K&N series and the Pintys series will be lucky to draw 20 cars. The mods will also have a very small field as the expenses for at least 7 sets of tires for 250 laps is ridiculous. Good purse for a couple of fortunate front runners and everyone else loses a ton of money. Especially requiring mods to meet NASCAR tour rules. This is why the Tri-Tracks series with open rules is thriving and this event will not

  9. This really ticks me off. I go to 4-5 mod shows a year. I make at least 1 nh mod show, usually in sept because the weather is so much better. Back when this first broke, you could click on musket 250 icon and see where free parking is. It was, when I did this in july, lots S11,S12. None of the north lots will be open. So, this highly touted “fan freindly” event, is to put all the general parking as far away from the track with only one entrance(my understanding is north entry will be closed to help foster this ill advised ideal) and make the general fans, who have supported modified racing in nh since it’s inception, have to schlepp through empty parking lots on the way to track. Bill, i’m with you. It should be, all general parking, other than handicapped and disabled of course. I can well afford to pay the 10 for parking, not the issue. Fairness and fan loyalty to me, should take top priority. That’s “fan freindly”. I’ have no problem if nhis said, due to purses, blah, blah blah, we have to get 5-10 bucks a car to park from everybody. I’d have no problem paying that. If everyone had to, at least its fair. I get it, got to make money. But this “premium” crap is a kick in the pants. So much so, that I have decided to stay home, and watch the Sox. So nhis, you lose my ticket, my associates ticket, the 3-4 beers apiece (and we could bring them in but usually don’t to support track. Now I feel stupud for that I’ll tell ya) plus sausage, hamburgers. I know, hurts modified racing in general, and I’m truly sorry about that. But its more important to me, if you are going to tell me how fan freindly you are, and how much you value our loyalty, that you prove it. This certainly, sends a wrong message to me, if nhis wants loyalty. I will go to an extra event at Thompson, Stafford, or Seekonk this year instead. Sorry for the rant.

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