Ronnie Williams Featured This Week In Sid’s Vault Productions On Board Series

This week’s episode of the Sid’s Vault On Board Series presented by Waddell Communications features Ronnie Williams in his championship clinching run in Friday’s 40-lap Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature at Stafford Speedway. 

Check it out below


  1. Hey Doug, what do you think now? I see Williams patiently working through the field (as usual), Rocco in the lap before the incident take the top side out of turn 4 as Mike Jr battles Ronnie. After clearing the 82, Ronnie gets brake checked going into 3, then with Rocco blocking/chopping his nose into the lower lane out of 4 and the 82 pushing him, Ronnie makes contact with the 88 just enough to spin him. Bottom line: bad call Stafford. What could Ronnie possibly do? Congratulations to the 50 team on your first of many championships.

  2. First things first. I don’t know how you do it nor why you do it Mr. DiMaggio but thanks to you and you team. From the music intro, to the multiple cameras, the audio, the break away long distance shots for perspective and the editing these videos are just a treasure trove on insights. Thanks.
    When first you reflected on the dust up SKModFan you spun it as some logical, pre planned action where a message would be sent, the timing would be perfect and no one would be damaged but the evil doer. I believe sending a message to a bully and a new sheriff in town was referred to. Now with new perspective you change the interpretations, motivation and details with only the result of the evil, dirty Rocco being justifiably sent to the infield.
    What I know is racing isn’t some sort of logical, objective competition where every move is made like a chess match. It’s controlled chaos where decisions are made in a split second that have consequences good and bad. Drivers and fans tend to want to spin the decisions into some kind of logic but it usually just comes off as self serving and futile. Logic and pre planning generally never come into the action that evolves on the track.
    What I think I saw was Williams making a mistake and not the pre planned message you said SK Mod Fan. That his first reaction was it wasn’t his fault and feigning victim hood for being put back for the take out. All of which I have heard and seen so many times in so many races since I started attended races as a child at Danbury RaceArena.
    Now unrelated but kind of related is a bit of pre race trivia that I found interesting on the Stafford Facebood page. Glen Reen, smart phone in hand doing a little pre race video. What I saw was Dowling with his usual sullen game face refusing to join in the fun. But Rocco more then willing to jump in and Williams as well. Grudges may exist but certainly no blood feud was evident and it was just three drivers having a bit of pre race fun. It was nice.
    So you asked me what I think SKModFan its this. First you are possibly the most biased and least objective fan I’ve ever read interpret action that can’t be trusted to get the order right they come out on the track correct. Second that Williams is a typical driver that made a decision in a split second and reacted like drivers have done since the beginning of racing where he naturally wasn’t at fault. And last that silly little video Reen did gives me better perspective that while hard feelings may arise these guys don’t wear it on their sleeves and are always ready to have a little fun for the fans in the moment which is as it should be.

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