Stafford Notes: Ryan Fearn Keeps Family Roll Going; George Bessette Jr. Reigns In Street Stock Special

Ryan Fearn celebrates a Limited Late Model victory Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – Last week at Stafford Motor Speedway it was a Fearn Family sweep of the Late Model and Limited Late Model events at Stafford Speedway.

Friday the names in victory lane changed slightly, but it was another sweep at Stafford for the First Family of Fenders.

Tom Fearn scored his second consecutive win and 12th victory overall in 19 starts, in the process clinching a Late Model championship in the 30-lap feature for the division.

But before Fearn grabbed his fifth championship overall at Stafford it was his cousin Ryan Fearn of East Longmeadow getting his fourth victory of the season in the Limited Late Model feature.

It’s been a rollercoaster season of highs and lows for Ryan Fearn, but he said his goal of finding more patience on the track is paying dividends.

“I didn’t have the patience,” Ryan Fearn said. “That’s something that I just haven’t really been able to drill through my head. … I’ve just been trying to work on that. I feel like I’m reaching a point where it’s getting a lot easier to be patient on the race track.”

Matt Clement of Wethersfield was second and Duane Provost of Palmer, Mass. third.

Ryan Fearn’s older sister Alexandra Fearn won the Limited Late Model feature on Aug. 31.

George Bessette Jr. of Danbury held off the challenges of Johnny Walker on the closing lap to win the R.A.D. Auto Machine Street Stock 30.

Walker, of Agawam, Mass., held on to finish second. Travis Hydar of Woodbury was third.


  1. Congratulations George. Awesome pass with a few laps to go. Brandon had a fast car. It was nice to see 4-6 cars at the front all fast and with a chance to win. Anyone know why the 29 was black flagged? She was involved with the 2 car and was using the bumper to get through slower cars at the back of the pack. I know the said for aggressive driving but it didn’t see to me last me she was doing anything worse than the rest of the cars thus maybe I missed something. Congratulations to the rest of the drivers. Please Stafford fix the LLM division😴😴😴

  2. It’s so nice to see someone comment on the Streets. And it was a terrific race wasn’t it. The only division that seems to be gaining strength as the long, long season grinds on. We forget Wicker winning most everything last year and this year there is racing and drama. Congrats to Stafford for making the Streets a major contributor to the evenings entertainment.
    Oh Ryan, what did you say. Something about getting by the “riff raff” on your way to victory. The “riff raff” apparently being Clement, Surdel and Patnode. Obviously that sort of reference could be used as a bases for a menu of derisive comments with young Fearn’s demeaning view of his competition as the foil. Then there have been Ryans unfortunate choices on the track this season not the least of which involved his sister.
    Suffice it to say you might want to park the “riff raff” adjective permanently in future victory lane visits.

  3. Stuart Fearn says

    Have to agree Doug that was a poorly chosen phrase, I think Ryan meant the chaos of the starts and restarts, especially starting on the outside. Not one person (except maybe Alexandra lol) in any fender car wants to start on the outside.
    Congrats to 59 car Matt Clement, he had a great run for 2nd

  4. A bonehead comment to go with many bonehead moves on the track , no room to talk about anybody else

  5. One suggestion. No one wants to admit it but a lot of people read the comments here on racedayct. Teams and drivers especially. Were Ryan to make the clarification himself he might just gain a ton of new fans. Dad doing what dad’s do not so much.
    Most people knew that eluding to riff raff was a poor choice of words.

  6. The street stocks have been good this year. They seem to have better car counts and hold more interest then in years past. There are multiple story lines to follow. The women in the division, Bassette Jr and the 01 when he is racing are all among fan favorites. I am not sure if adding the laps or something else is responsible for the divisions improvement but I like the progress. Stafford has a nice entry level racing division here.

    Does anyone know what the plans are for Bassette Jr going forward? Is he going to stay in the streets or move up into another Stafford division or maybe go Pro Stock racing like his father ran? Anyone, have any insight as to who is changing divsions, or coming or leaving the Stafford weekly racing for next year.

  7. Rumor is SK Lite.

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