Thompson Speedway Back In Action With SK Modified 20/20 Sprint Sunday 

(Press Release from Thompson Speedway)

Keith Rocco looks to visit victory lane once again this year Sunday at Thompson Speedway

After nearly one month off, NASCAR Whelen All American Series engines will come to life again on Sunday at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.

The 3rd annual For the Fans event and the 5th annual Sunoco Modified 20/20 sprint will headline the afternoon of racing that is scheduled to get underway with qualifying at 1:30 p.m.

With their annual 20/20 sprint, the Sunoco Modifieds will compete in two, 20-lap races, followed by one, 10-lap sprint at the end of the afternoon. Entering the day of racing, only one driver has been able to knock Keith Rocco off the top this season, but things could change on Sunday. With shorter distances involved, it will be difficult for Rocco to work his way to the front in each segment, but he will be looking for the overall victory as the driver to post the best score across the three races.

Drivers will be awarded points for each race, and the competitor that has the best total at the end of the three events will be declared the overall winner for the day. In this sprint event last year, Todd Owen scored the victory as the overall winner, while Ted Christopher and Keith Rocco were victorious in the 20-lap sprint races. The victory was the final at Thompson for Christopher in his storied career.

A full slate of NASCAR Whelen All-American divisions are on hand, with the Limited Sportsman, Mini Stocks and Late Models also set to compete in qualifying and feature action.

With just two races remaining in the Limited Sportsman points battle, Shawn Monahan leads, while Nick Johnson is trying to hold off a pack of drivers in the Late Model title chase. Eric Bourgeois finds himself at the top of the Mini Stock standings.

Also, Sunday will see the return of Thompson Speedway’s “Family Fun Zone” which will include a bounce house, giant Connect-4, corn hole games and much more!

Heat racing on Sunday will begin with the Late Models at 1:30 p.m., followed by the Limited Sportsman and Mini Stocks. Since they are running a special event, the Sunoco Modifieds will not run heat races, but will begin with their first 20-lap segment. The second segment is also scheduled for 20 laps, with the final set for just 10 green flag circuits.

Fans can enter the grandstands at a price of just $12, with seniors and veteran/active military members entering at $10. As always, kids ages 12 and under are FREE to the grandstands. For those fans looking to enter the pit area and see the stars and cars of Thompson up close, the fee is $30.

More information on the event can be found via on the event page, or following the track on social media.


  1. Seekonk fan says

    going against patriots opening day may be a hard sell, I know I won’t be there

  2. It will be Thompson for me on Sunday and no more NFL. I will not watch any event that has participants who do not show proper respect to out National Anthem. As a veteran ,respect for our country and service men and women means more than any game.

  3. RichO,

    Read this for backgound on why the kneeling started. It was a former Green Beret who suggested it to Kaepernick. Not all veterans agree with you. I respect that you feel that way, but understand that there are MANY veterans who feel otherwise.

  4. Patriotic Vet says

    Rich C. regardless of who convinced this Kaepernick guy to either sit or stand during our National Anthem it is this Vets opinion it is still wrong and I along with Rich C. will be boycotting the NFL until the fad stops and those that took the knee apologize to those of us that have proudly served in our Armed Forces.

  5. I agree its unfortunate that Thompson is going head to head against the Patriots opener. Seeing how Thompson only has 7 or so races all year and this is one of the more reasonably priced shows I feel as though I should support it. I would like to encourage them to have more shows at this price point next season.

  6. I’m going to be watching far more NFL this season. There is massive commercial pressure on the NFL to back off the fake disrespect of the flag and anthem. That was never the issue. The issue was all about bringing attention to racism and police brutality. That you make this all about a flag or song when fellow Americans are being discriminated against and abused by law enforcement is your choice, as misguided as it may be. The relentless attacks on the NFL players has steeled their resolve. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    This whole flag/anthem debate is so stupid. The protest started to bring attention to racism and Trump deflected it to people disrespecting the flag and anthem. Well, why are they “disrespecting” the flag or anthem? Do they not like the design of the flag? Do they not like the song? Anybody have that answer? Well, it’s to bring attention to the plight of others that are being denied equality. Peaceful protest, as provided by the freedoms provided by the Constitution. I will defend anyone’s right to NOT stand for the flag. I will also defend anyone’s freedom to protest injustice. That is freedom and that is what America is all about. That freedom is what those who served defended and fought for. Not a flag or song. And you will never get an apology, so forget about ever watching another NFL game. You should consider apologizing to those that are being discriminated against and abused by law enforcement because you prefer to play the victim of people exercising their freedoms and Constitutional right to protest. When you fail to defend freedom, you lose your freedom. The freedom of your fellow Americans is under attack. Are you going to fight with them, or join in attacking them? You are pretty fortunate if you are in a position to feign or claim victimization because you think someone is disrespecting a song and flag.

    Those that served did not do so for a flag or song. They took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and the freedoms it provides.

    I’m surprised that there aren’t more MAGA hats at the tracks. You folks must be real cowards, afraid to wear your MAGA hats.

  7. DVR the Pat’s game. Go to the race. come home, grab a Bud Light sit back and enjoy the action while you blast through the commercials. Dilly, dilly.

  8. Fun fact. Bill Belichick’s dog is named Nike. The knowledgeable fans can figure out the irony in that.

  9. Im going to Thompson!!!

  10. James Comey says

    I absolutley LOVE how Trump lives rent free in some people’s heads. I’ve noticed its the weaker minded individuals who can’t help themselves and allow bullies to control their minds. And the bullies love every minute of it!!!! Good show Sunday at Thompson!

  11. I love how Obama and Hillary continue to live rent free in so many empty heads. Those same people that believed if the Orange ConMan won, they would be rich, and they are still waiting for that ship to come in. Should I tell them they still need to keep buying lottery tickets?

    Thompson rocks!!!!

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