Bryan Narducci To Make Valenti Mod Racing Series Debut At Thompson Sunoco World Series

Bryan Narducci celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature at the 2017 Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing at Thompson Speedway

Colchester driver Bryan Narducci can stand as a bit of Sunoco World Series trivia this weekend at Thompson Speedway.

What driver on the entry list for Saturday’s Valenti Modified Racing Series at Thompson Speedway event has won every race they’ve ever entered at the historic venue?

Narducci takes a perfect record at Thompson into making his Valenti Modified Racing Series debut in the division’s season finale Saturday at Thompson Speedway.

Narducci will compete in the event for Plainville team owner John Fredericks in a ride previously piloted this season by Joey Mucciacciaro.

Narducci is coming off a rookie season in the SK Light Modified division at Stafford that saw him finish second to Marcello Rufrano by two points in the battle for the championship.

Last year at the Sunoco World Series at Thomspon Narducci made his debut at the track driving an SK Light Modified, winning in his first ever event on the .625-mile oval.

He returned to win again in the SK Light Modified event at this year’s Icebreaker weekend at Thompson in April and he also won an SK Light event at the track on July 14

“I think it’s good that I have a little experience there. We’re going to be running the SK Light [Modified] also. I think that will help me a little bit because I’m used to that. It will be good to get back on the track with that.

“I’m sure it’s going to be very different because there’s a lot more horsepower [with the Valenti Modified Racing Series car]. But I think a couple rounds of practice I’ll be able to figure it out and then just use the heat race to try to get a good starting spot for the feature. Hopefully I can keep the tires on it. That’s going to be my one downfall is probably going to be how to save the tires because I’m not really used to racing where you have to do that. But I think if I can do that and keep all four wheels on it I think we’ll be in pretty good shape.”


  1. If he drives it like he did his lite he’ll be put in the wall in no time

  2. Narducci’s a bit aggressive but fun to watch in the SK Lites. Hope he settles down a little for this race. Bring extra nerf bars just in case.

  3. Hopefully we dont hear his name 5 billon times over the weekend.

  4. If he drives like he does in the SKL division you won’t have to worry about how many times you hear his name because he will not last long enough for it to be mentioned. These guys will chew him up and spit him out if the plays his games.

  5. Al Coholic says

    Holy smokes!!! All these comments but nothing but negativity!!!! Is the kid Young??? Does he have a lot to learn??? Is he a little bit over aggressive sometimes???? Yes to all of it!!!! How about we be happy for him wish him luck and watch him learn!!!!! Do I wish I had this opportunity like everyone else on here wishes they did???? Hell yeah I do!!!! But I’m not going to just sit here and Bash him!!!!!! Good luck Brian use your head and have some fun!!!

  6. I apologize if my comment comes across as negative but I did mention he’s fun to watch. He’s one of my favorite drivers which is one of the reasons I make the trip to Stafford and enjoy watching the SK Lites and you’re right, we should give him accolades as well. He brings the rubbing back to racing. Good Luck Brian! We’ll be rooting for you. Go fast and turn left! #01 SKL #10 VMRS

  7. I have worked with and watch a lot of young drivers , and I can say hands down he is one of the most talented drivers I’ve seen come along in a very long time . And with the right backing you will be hearing his name for a long time .

  8. Richard Quinn says

    Good luck Brian

  9. Give the 01 a chance as he’s young & still in the learning stages. Yes he’s aggressive, but that’s how you learn. The 01 is not the only aggressive driver out there, but I guess when you don’t like someone you got nothing better to to but bash Get a life !!!!

  10. Al Coholic says


    I apologize as well, i shouldn’t of “Globalized” my statement. Your comment was not justifiable to my reaction like the rest where.

  11. Connecticut Race Fan says

    Awesome job Bryan, good luck to you. So many negative comments and bashing a great young driver. I have watched him since he got started with racing. He’s always fun to watch. As any driver there is always a lot to learn. No matter what I will always be a Bryan Narduci fan.

  12. The generalized tug of war always appears like clockwork. Vague negative comments followed by accusations of negativism and hating followed by vague references of support.
    Narducci has been on my radar since last year. Where on a number of occasions in the LLM’s he made what I felt were bonehead moves of an inexperienced driver that was chatted about extensively. One specifically involving Alexandra Fearn and a couple of turn 3 banzai moves. When he entered the season in the SK Lights I thought he would have some major adjustment issues.
    That for the most part never happened. What he found was that instead of having to root and grind past cars in the LLM lower groove he could pass routinely on the outside and he did that a lot. He made numerous clean instant moves that won him a race or two. He passed a ton of cars and had fewer race action jingles then guys like Rocco or Berndt in the SK’s. A few races ago he took himself and another car out in a turn one banzai move that he recognized at the time was a mistake. In the last race Rufrano’s in car camera shows he may have nerfed Rufrano into the wall although Marcello as far as I can see hasn’t said boo about it. While the last race dust up was clearly dramatic it is not at all representative of Bryan’s entire season.
    In my view the idea he has been any more or less erratic then many other young drivers is rubbish. He just is noticed more because he’s usually the guy in front. None of his race stats, his friendship with Rufrano, comments on social media even hint at anything other then a fast young driver with an occasional mistake.
    He’s no doubt being coached by none other then Jerry and Jeff Pearl. I would guess he will drive a completely different and learning race in the VMRS event or at least would hope so.

  13. Narducci is gonna get it done #TanSuit

  14. Hope Joey Mooch has a speedy recovery, watched him drive a great race in the car opening day at Waterford. Great choice for a fill in!

  15. Brian seems to be a great young talent with the potential for a great future in racing. The sad reality is a lot of it is based on how much money friends and family will contribute to make it happen. Wish him and his family the best.

  16. “He brings the rubbing back to racing.”……wrong answer, RACING is racing.

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