Sunoco World Series Notes: Bryan Narducci Remains Perfect In SK Light Mod At Thompson Speedway

Bryan Narducci celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Friday at the Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing at Thompson Speedway

THOMPSON – One year ago Bryan Narducci made his first visit to Thompson Speedway one to remember.

In his track debut, Narducci won the SK Light Modified feature at the 2017 Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing at Thompson.

Since then Narducci has showed he doesn’t know how to lose at Thompson Speedway.

Narducci won the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Friday on opening day of Sunoco World Series weekend at Thompson.

The victory completed a season sweep of all three SK Light Modified features this year at Thompson for the Colchester 17-year old.

“Something about this place that I just love it,” Narducci said.

Narducci’s cousin Alexander Pearl of Salem was second in his Thompson Speedway debut. Mark Bakaj of Lebanon was third.

Narducci and Pearl ran first and second for the duration of the event.

“Before the race we were breaking each other’s balls about who was going to miss a shift,” Narducci said. “And I didn’t miss one and I don’t think he did either. He actually made it pretty tough on all the restarts.”

In addition to his three wins this year at Thompson, Narducci also had five wins in the SK Light Modified division at Stafford where he finished second in the standings by two points to Marcello Rufrano.

“I don’t think we’re racing any more this year,” It’s nice to cap it off on a high note.”

Mark Jenison of Warwick, R.I. drove away to win the 25-lap Late Model feature.

Paul Charette of Woodstock was second and Tom Carey III of New Salem, Mass. third.

Nick Johnson of Rehoboth, Mass. finished fifth to clinch the 2018 Late Model championship. Johnson never won a race, but never finished worse than fifth in seven events.


  1. Meanmachine says

    Hopefully they throw him out if his car is illegal this time

  2. Oh here goes the bashing again meanmachine, give it a rest. This kid has talent & obviously you don’t

  3. Jeff Williams says

    Out of curiousity meanmachine….what was the illegal parts??

  4. Henry Lecomte says

    The Kid does have Talent however he is a bit aggressive at times. If he ever wants to truly Excell he needs to find better alternatives. In my opinion that’s what top WMT owners would want win without the risk of destroying equipment. Again my opinion. Needless Good luck kid

  5. Congrats Bryan🏁🏁🏁. Once again the bashing begins. It seems like there is a lot of that going on,on

  6. Geoff Nooney says

    Wish people would post with real names, Congrats on domination again Bryan

  7. How come Buckler does not have a cute phrase about the gap between the starting line and where the 01 actually restarted several times? “You could fit the grand canyon in the gap between the starting line and where the 01 actually starts”
    Lucky for the 01, they have the race director who does not play favorites tonight.

    Tinat, if that is what you call talent then fine you win because we are not even playing the same game with the same rules.

  8. If one builder is allowed to seal motors there should be a clamier rule. It is simple, if the motor is legit; no advantage. If it isn’t; new buyer all of a sudden is fast.

  9. How did he do in the MRS car? Anyone know?

  10. Humphry,
    He was seventh of 10 cars in his heat race.

  11. This is for you Steve, there is a line on the wall between 3 & 4 as to where the leaders start & that’s where the 01 started in all the restarts

  12. Speaking of the VMRS a couple interesting tidbits involving musical modifieds. Dowling who has been driving the 25 post Pennink is now back in the 00 that he has had some success with. And none other then Todd Owen is in the 25. Dowling and Owen came in 1 and 3 respectively in the same heat. In the same heat Willis finished 4th and Pitkat driving Patnode’s car last in 11th completing only 2 laps.
    ROC regular Amy Catalano as well as Timmie were present in what is shaping up to be a banner field. Hopefully the open wound left from the Lee debacle will heal enough so folks can appreciate what may be one of the most dramatic features of the weekend with so many interesting stories.
    It has been said that the VMRS is a traveling open show and maybe with some merit. So what’s wrong with that?
    Look who’s fast in the Sunoco modifieds. Mike Christopher with the best practice lap by far at 19.477. What a hoot to see this invader crash the anticipated Preece/Rocco victory lane party.

  13. Richard Quinn says

    Way to go Bryan.go get them in the VMRS good luck

  14. Narducci went at least a car length before the line every start. When the rest of the field started to anticipate that, he slowed on the final start and then jumped when they slowed. Just saying. No doubt he drives the wheels off the car. Exciting to watch. How does he always start on the pole? Would be exciting to see him come from the back.

  15. Steve Georgiades says

    Jerry Pearl must be proud- congratulations Bryan and Alexander

  16. Bob, you need to watch the video of the race. Thompson starts the races by the times just like the cup races & that determines the starting line up. As far as seeing what he would do if he started further back, watch the Stafford videos as his best start was from 10th & he had 5 wins

  17. Then you should have come to Stafford Bob since he did it most every Friday night.

  18. Hillary 2028 says

    Not a fan of the guy who wins every Thompson lite race starting on the pole.

  19. That’s because you are a liberal

  20. Some enlightenment… First of all, Brian has a “newer” motor with better flowing heads than half the field, go ask the engine builder yourself if you question this. This change was instituted just after the season started. Am I saying that’s why he was so dominant? No.. but, more than 3/4’s of the field did not have these heads and this is why you see only a few cars posting SK like times at Stafford and dominating Thompson. He also has a lot of $$ behind him along with the people and the car has it’s own chassis shop. Starting to sound like SK’s isn’t it? The entire division was supposed to create some sort of equality, standardization and to mainly keep the cost of racing down and increase competitiveness. It’s only bred more money spending by way of SK type motor refresh schedules and now it’s an abomination of what the Lights were supposed to be. Should there be a motor claim rule? Absolutely. While we’re at it, just let the lights run regular Pro Shocks instead of the garbage steel bodied shocks that are supposed to be cheaper. By the time you buy all the shock collars, sleeves and shock ends for these shocks, they cost the same as a typical aluminum threaded body Pro Shock and it’s a known fact that teams do re-valve the current shock package and they can get away with it because the tech team at Stafford has no clue how to dyno a shock not to mention the standards in the rules are a farce. If this trend continues, this strong field will begin to diminish because the entire reasoning behind why people choose to participate in this division is just being pushed aside. It’s actually sad to watch this scenario unfold.

  21. I have a question…by no means am I bashing the 01 or anyone by asking it.. I noticed the had the 01 taking tight corners after the race in the Lot for putting stuff tech inspection.. does anyone know anything about it?? A few fellow competitors had said they had a ratcheting differential spool in the car…

  22. Former owner says

    lightsout…you are now going to be known as “the fountain of misguided information”!!! How do you know how many $$ that team has? Clue us in! I heard they had to come up with $$ to race Thompson. As far as the chassis shop, it’s a business! There are 6 cars housed out of there plus others that are worked on out of there! …..Al Coholic… the officials were checking the rear end out to make sure it was legal!

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