Todd Owen Tops SK Modifieds At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Todd Owen

Todd Owen got his second in in the last three weeks and fourth victory overall in the 40-lap SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Kyle James of Ashaway, R.I. was second and Rob Janovic Jr. third.

Jon Puleo of North Branford scored his second consecutive victory and sixth victory overall in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature.

Nick Anglace of Naugatuck was second and Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale third.

Anthony Flannery of East Hampton got his third consecutive win and sixth victory overall in the 30-lap Late Model feauture.

Jason Palmer of Berlin was second and Keith Scalia of North Branford third.

Shawn Monahan of Waterford won the 30-lap Sportsman feature.

Jordan Hadley of Waterford was second and Adrien Paradis III of Plainville was third.

Charles Canfield of East Haven got his ninth win in 16 starts in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature.

Nick Pappacoda of North Branford was second and Andrew Krzeminski of Haddam third.

Randy Cabral of Plymouth swept both the 25-lap NEMA Feature and 25-lap NEMA Lites feature.


  1. Hillary 2028 says

    Driver X should’ve been there last night to find out what the deal was between James and Able.

  2. sour grapes of anger says

    Able was a back marker last night . If that’s KRR prepared car shame shame. especially with a 10 to 12 car feature ..its laugh” Able”. with spotters how does Able get in front of James on the backstretch???..Intentionally. that’s how . disgusting move should be kicked out but there’s only one race left. ..that doesn’t fly with me . Intentionally trying to wreck and or block the forward progress of the leader as a “lapped” car ?? disgusting ..PS thanks Serluca for the 20+dollar admission.. I guess nothing will be done until there is personal injury to a driver??? . PS sure there will be champion’s in each division ..just doesn’t have the juice for me given there are such poor car counts.. how many past bowl champs raced with full features of +25 cars week to week.. much tougher …back then a top ten was something… now you can say we finished top ten or even top 5 by just starting a feature?? terrible terrible .it needs to be turned around for next season .. still fortunate to have a third of the stands full (my estimation)

  3. Taking nothing away from the current champions and their abilities, but it seems easier to become a champion at some tracks these days. Smaller car counts and less competition than in past seasons when cars were going home because they did not qualify for the feature due to 30 cars in the pits.

    They have a bad night and finish 10th or 12th rather that having a bad night and finishing 24th, big difference when it comes to making up the deficit.

    Not certain what it is, a product of the economy, inconsistency in rules packages, too many touring divisions or what. Watching the end of the Dover race and I have to say that there were a lot of open seats so I think this is a global issue not just on the regional or local level.

    And no matter what anyone tells you, the chassis builders are not selling race cars, they are struggling to survive as well.

    What will it take to turn it around? Don’t know but I hope someone comes up with an answer soon.

  4. There is plenty of history between Abele and Kyle James.If Driver X is looking for a real story,they have found one here.The Speedbowl needs to act on this flagrant violation by Abele.

  5. Hillary 2028 says

    He got kicked out of the race so that’s good enough for me.

  6. Hillary 2028 says

    I didn’t recall any on track history. I did think they worked together. Wonder if Rocco knew what Ableles plan was.

  7. Where was the race director during all this? If it was intentional blocking or impeding the forward progress by a lapped car then why was he not black flagged? Sounds like MS has his first controversy here. Get in front of this Mike don’t let it get in front of you.

  8. Mike Serluca says

    Penalties are assessed and will be in our penalty box on the website by tomorrow night. As far as a black flag, it all went down in the matter of less than a lap and our race director ruled immediately and swiftly.

  9. Hillary 2028 says

    As I stated above he was kicked out of the race. No need for Mike to get in front of anything. According to James the only reason Abele was in the race was to take him out, which didn’t happen. Just caused a restart which gave the opportunity for Owen to battle for the lead.

  10. sour grapes of punishment says

    OK Hillary a driver goes to the track driving a rented car to block the progress of the leader… to force a restart that will allow the second place car to challenge ,lead and win the race.??? .In your theory did Able pay to rent the car for the night?? was Keith Rocco involved in the decision to block the leader so Owen could capitalize?? . Did Keith give Able a freebie??. Did Able actually pay to race a car so he could go out and block James or wreck him??? saw the video.. clearly Able with or without the assist of his spotter at minimum blocked the track..should be run outta the track for a year ! along with a large fine. Even with low car counts anyone willing to do what Able did with or without Roccos help is as low as it gets.

  11. Wondered why Nooney abandoned the Stafford SK Lights to race in the SK’s at the Speedbowl. Turns out is was at least in part because of money. He’s using used tires mostly and his SK Light motor and gets
    better money even for a last place finish.

  12. Doug, let’s be clear, he is getting 10th or 12th place money not last place money which would be 24th. That is the only way he is making out better. Look at the purse breakdown.

  13. My reference to last place money was tongue in cheek. Like last place being a top 10 in the LLM’s at Stafford. He came in last on Saturday which was thirteenth with some fresh rubber.
    Nooney actually came in 9th on Sept 29 out of 14 cars and beat two others that were running. Not bad for used tires and a Lite motor aye? Or a sad commentary on the SK field of cars when his best lap of 14.89 would have got him sixth or seventh in the SK Lite feature. It’s all so confusing.

  14. Why are they allowing an SKL engine and car in the SK division. SK rules are pretty specific. While I realize they are significantly down on power SK engine rules are still engine rules. Just field fillers? So I guess it’s OK to run an SK on the tour? Just dont get it. Typical Waterford make up the rules as they go along.

  15. That is a great point humphry and seems kind of obvious. It’s what Nooney said in a pit interview that can be seen on youtube.
    Can’t we also say that this ending to the Speedbowl season is equally as bizarre. Just a bunch of guys and gals banding together to patch the ending together with no longer any pretense of who is ultimately making it all come about.
    In the background we know that Bemer is going to trial in November and that he actually plans to mount a defense of innocence. Aside from the merits of all that what of next season at Waterford. Will Bemer be free or in jail and what of the civil suits and stands and all the other baggage. It’s mind boggling. Kyle James in an interview said he’s hoping to be doing the same thing next year at the Speedbowl………….racing. I’m gonna wish him luck with that and to hold off on ordering replacement parts.
    Nooney using the Lite engine seems to be one of the least bizarre aberrations as they race toward the finish line.

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