Stafford Speedway Racing Saturday; Whelen Mod Tour NAPA Spring Sizzler 200 Postponed To May 10

(Press Release from Stafford Motor Speedway)

Due to the expected heavy rain, Sunday, May 5th’s NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® Whelen Modified Tour 200 has been moved to Friday, May 10th, under the lights. 

Racing will still take place this Saturday, May 4th as Stafford’s 5 Weekly divisions and the Vintage Modifieds will run a full schedule in an afternoon racing format for Stafford’s first event of 2019.

All tickets purchased for the NAPA Spring Sizzler® will be honored Friday, May 10th.  NAPA Auto Parts ticket holder buffet will be held from 5:30pm to 7:30pm Friday May, 10th.  Stafford’s five weekly divisions will also be on hand Friday, May 10th in a feature only format.  The Top-18 cars in points will be locked into their respective feature events.

Saturday, May 4th will play host to Opening Day at Stafford.  Pit gates will open at 10:00AM and General Admission gates at 11:00AM.  Qualifying races will kick-off at 1:30PM with feature racing slated to begin at 2:30PM.  See full schedule below. General Admission ticket pricing for Saturday’s event will be $18.50 for adults, kids 6-14 $5, and 5 & under free.  Reserved seating is $20 for all ages and paddock passes will be $30 for NASCAR members and $35 for non-NASCAR members.

The Open Modified 80 event scheduled for May 10th has been moved to May 24th in conjunction with Dunleavy’s Truck and Trailer Repair Modifiedz Night. 

“We appreciate all of our teams working with us,” explained Stafford GM Mark Arute.  “This weather has been tough but we want to get a race in for all the teams, drivers, and fans.  It made the most sense to bring the Modified Tour back next Friday for a one day show.  Hopefully we can put the bad weather behind us.”

For more information, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783, visit us on the web at, or contact us on social media.


  1. Makes sense to me!!! No one can control mother nature!!!!!

  2. Sorry for the NWMT fans but it is what it is.
    I am however elated that the Open 80 and SK Light big race will happen on the same night on May 24th.

  3. Makes no sense to me early show Saturday no one can get two and tour race on Friday no one can get to the world doesn’t revolve around the place and don’t look at that Friday forecast

  4. Tim,
    Not for nothing, but what would you suggest as a better alternative? Why do you say no one can get to an early Saturday show? The original schedule and postponed schedule already had early features on Saturday like the rescheduled show.
    Tour race on Friday that no one can get to? Why is that? It’s a track that races all season on Friday nights. Why then would you say no one can get there. And you’re looking at a forecast for May 10 on May 2 and putting trust in that? Really?
    I’m struggling to see any logic in your comment.

  5. Both dates should have been later on Saturday and Friday tough for all without taking time off from
    Work no I can’t blame them for the weather

  6. Tim I’m pretty sure this isn’t the ideal situation for the track either but I think they’re trying to do the best for fans and competitor, I’m sure it’s not the money maker a 70 degree Sat and Sun would have been

  7. I agree with that and let me just say that I live close to lee speedway but would travel two hours as much as I can to stafford much better show and do all big races there it early in the season and no need to go crazy yet lots of dates

  8. Crazy in NY says

    Fri Sizzler is a no brainer. The rescheduled Open 80 two days before the big paying TTOM lead off is brainless. Almost assures a low cc. I know SMS doesn’t care about the rest of the world. Might be something to do with the NASCAR flags snapping in the wind there.

  9. Crazy,
    I don’t think it’s fair to say Stafford doesn’t care about the rest of the world. They’re running a business like all the other tracks and series’.
    I’d say it’s the unfortunate product of a market flooded with the “Tour Type Modified” racing. You have the Whelen Modified Tour, Valenti Modified Racing Series, Tri-Track Open Modified Series, Bullring Bash and Open 80’s at Stafford and a finite amount of dates which only grow fewer by weather issues.

  10. agree with crazy a bit not a good date for stafford ‘open’ also looking for that 70 degree weather elect was talking about like we had at Thompson long time coming

  11. I really hate to say big mod fan but yes I think two many different divisions and tours and when schedules overlap no really good for anybody

  12. You have to realize that the track is doing everything they can to get this show in.!!! And we all know……..YOU CANT PLEASE EVERYONE.!!!!!!!!!

  13. Fast Eddie says

    Stafford is trying to make the best of a bad situation thanks to Mother Nature, and I really think they have. If you break it down, despite the weather problems there really isn’t any racing lost on Stafford’s schedule. This weekend looks like rain Saturday night and all day Sunday; not good weather for a 200 lap WMT race on top of the weekly categories. Saturday afternoon’s event will help set the “no heats” fields for the Sizzler next Friday.
    Meanwhile the third Open event could have been cancelled. Instead, it is now part of Dunleavy’s Modifiedz night… very appropriate given Mr. Dunleavy’s support of Modifieds and an even bigger show for the fans that night.
    I wonder if the TriTrack’s change for Claremont from Saturday to Sunday might have had something to do with giving some assistance to the racers and Stafford’s revamped schedule. Now the Open Mods have a day for prepping and repairs between Stafford’s Open and Claremont’s TTOMS 100. It will be fun to see which racers go to both events. I know a fan who will hopefully be going to both!

  14. coming in from n.y. 2 hr ride turns into 4hr on friday evening / saturday evening makes more sense / its all about the money

  15. Al Coholic says


    Not to sound condescending but this fan isn’t upset! I hate racing when the “follow the leader take over the track” NWMT is there. They take the place over, you loose practice time and heats, pay higher admissions and fees like welding insurance, i almost want to stay home!

  16. It’s understandable why the folks hours away from Stafford are lashing out. They’re disappointed. A Friday night show is OK but is problematic for people including the camper crowd with work schedules and other commitments. Not the same anticipation and vibe either.
    This weather has just been cruel and weather reports more guesses then predictions. Yesterday the National Weather Service was predicting partly sunny for Saturday with no mention of rain and this morning it’s back to 30% chance of showers and cloudy.
    Staffords not only trying but actually being a little creative in dealing with a bad situation while taking on increased risk in the process. You might consider cutting them a little slack.
    We knew this modified whack-a-mole was going to happen didn’t we as we all witnessed the calendar fill up with new events over the winter? It’s also a fact there are more modified teams and cars to fill up the dates once the rain stops.

  17. You’re not being condescending at all Al. We all have our preferences. You’re just approaching it from what you’re losing and from your perspective it’s true. Nothing wrong with that. But you can’t deny the NWMT events draw the most fans to Stafford and the NWMT events are the crown jewel of modified racing.
    I say that as a huge Stafford Open fan.

  18. Muddbus says

    Star baby,20-25 350 Supers and a full field of ACT type cars is sounding fantastic right now.And all for $12 bucks!

  19. Crazy,

    Does all this rescheduling threaten your boy Matt?

    Look, there are plenty of series now, even things like the Stafford Open events. The Tour Type Mod class is getting fragmented. There are the cars that can run on the big tracks because they have the engines and horsepower, and then there are the cars that do not have the engines for such tracks and they focus on the momentum tracks, the bullrings.

    Just say it Crazy, you want everything to revolve around Matt.

    Folks, get some mood lighting to simulate sunlight. Lordy knows you need it. In the mean time, go watch paint dry or grass growing.

  20. Sharpie Fan says

    On the other hand, this is a great opportunity for families with younger kids to bring them to an affordable day of racing. Don´t have to worry about keeping them out late and kids get in free with organization t-shirt. This is the way to get the next generation hooked on racing!


    cant belive the whiners here.. guys would travel all up and down the east coast in the old days sleeping in the cabs of old haulers dragging their cars behind to race. too bad there is a conflict ..choose where to race period. if you want to try and run both events and have to travel too bad.. must be a real bear to drive 4 to 6 hrs and have to sleep in a comfortable motorhome or hauler. the racers today are spoiled.. shut up and race . quit your whining..kudos to Stafford the premier track in the northeast !!!!

  22. Viva race fan says

    I’m pretty sure NASCAR gets 75,000.00 to pull into tracks driveway and only Butts in seat help pay the bill . Great decision just a week late . Fluke fishing opens tomorrow . Maybe a coin toss. See what weather brings .

  23. I vote fluke fishing.

  24. What’s the next rain date?

  25. Fast Eddie says

    The next rain date is Saturday May 11th.

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