Moving Time: George Bessette Gets Physical On The Way To Street Stock Win At Stafford

George Bessette Jr. celebrates victory in the Street Stock feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Thanks to a suspension earlier this season, chasing a second consecutive Street Stock track championship at Stafford Speedway became a longshot for George Bessette Jr. 

With chasing points out the window for the Danbury driver, the singular focus of chasing wins became that more intense for Bessette. 

And that intensity shined through brightly Friday at Stafford. 

Bessette came out the victor of a full-contact battle for third with the division’s points leader and then used a green-white-checkered restart to go from third to the lead and score victory in the 20-lap Street Stock feature. 

Dave Secore Jr. of Union was second and Adrien Paradis III of Plainville third. 

It was the third win of the season for Bessette.

With the laps winding down in the event Bessette was embroiled in a battle for third place with division points leader Zack Robinson. The rivalry between Bessette and Robinson has been simmering for weeks. Bessette put an exclamation point on that boiling battle in turn four coming to the white flag. Contact between Bessette and Robinson sent Bessette spinning in turn four. 

“I just played my cards right,” Bessette said. “[Robinson has] been pushing me around for a while now and I’ve had it. So I drove it in like I normally do and he bounced off my door and he spun. I thank the tower for not throwing me to the rear. But I don’t think that was my fault at all. I think that was just him just driving out of his head because that’s how he is.”

Bessette was third behind race leader Travis Hydar and second place Meghan Fuller on the ensuing green-white-checkered restart. Bessette found a lane under both on the restart and went to the lead.

Coming out of the final corner on the last lap contact in the battle for second ended with Hydar and Fuller in the wall. 

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  1. Smooth move by Hydar on last turn to the checker , I understand its the entry level class but what a bonehead

  2. I only know the superficial stuff. What I see is Bessette’s sister having serious issues with Megan Fuller to the extent of a court order and police involvement. Zack Robinson appears to be an evil guy as well involved in all kinds of dirty dealing.
    It all may be completely justified and Bessette a victim. Or perhaps a kid completely devoid of introspection blaming others for all that affects him negatively.
    Banging in the Street Stocks. Oh the humanity!

  3. Hillary 2020 says

    Court,police, evil Robinson? Daheck is going on?

  4. What happened to Hydar? He was doing so good. Used to be a hammer looking for a nail that frequently was Nicole Chambrello but had been racing pretty smart lately. Then for some reason he pulls out his hammer, confuses Fuller with a ten penny and drives her into to wall.
    Simply terrible driving decision. Fuller finishing in 13th and Hydar black flagged can’t be the extent of the consequences I’m hoping.

  5. Megan Fuller…..Facebook…..
    “Tonight at Stafford we almost had a really good night. In practice we had a pretty decent car it was a bit tight. We started 5th in the heat race and finished 3rd. Qualified to start 8th in the feature, we made our way up through the field but unfortunately coming off turn 4 for the checkers we were running 2nd and got put straight into the fence. This was a very unfortunate end to our night, we had an amazing car and it was very fast. We’ll be back next week. Congratulations to George Bessette on his win, Dave Secore on 2nd and Adrien Paradis III on 3rd. I can’t thank my Uncle Jimmy and my dad enough for all the hard work on the car. Thank you to my pit crew Dave and Lisa and for their help.fa Thank you to my sponsors Interstate Transmissions, Tick Mike, Propane Plus, Standard Auto Parts,, BFR chassis, John and Wheelers Auto. Big thank you to my car owner Broadway Joe and all my friends, mily and supporters!”
    I would think under the circumstances a fist fight or at least some pointed words and hand gestures would be in order under the circumstances.
    A very unfortunate end to the night? Are you kidding me? She’s so young and yet so elegant and mature in her response. All so very Fuller of her. Look at the big picture, always the big picture and don’t get distracted by something in the past you can’t change.
    How do you not root for this chick?

  6. Turn One Fan says

    Doug, could you please drop the “chick” label. How about using “young lady” or” talented woman” or something else more appropriate when referring to the capable female drivers at Stafford. Thank You.

  7. I hear you Turn One Fan and am going to respectfully request an exemption based on geezerism. My logic would be it’s not meant to marginalizing of demeaning in any way. I write with admiration about Megan’s conduct and success in the Streets often and the chick deal is merely an endearing contrast from an old Street Stocker enjoying the new landscape in the division.
    A final thought on the last race I couldn’t help watch in amazement as the winner on the podium was whining about Robinson and how he’s now going to be Mr. Trough guy. Then flipping over to facebook and seeing the chick with a wrecked race car behaving so wonderfully.
    I love chicks in stock cars, love the different approach they bring to the sport and hope my backward reference can be viewed in the context of appreciation.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Fuller bounce back in a newly repaired race car this Friday and root my brains out for her and Nicole as well.
    Hopefully Stafford will give Hydar the night off to contemplate his questionable decision making.

  8. She’s pretty smooth on and off the track, she may be even able to help Coby with the off track part, keep up the good work Megan

  9. Hydar get’s two weeks probation and starts scratch this Friday…….boooo! Not enough!

  10. Turn One Fan says

    Have to agree with you on this one Doug, Hydar got a “slap on the wrist” considering that he intentionally drilled the #2 right into the wall and never backed off! And then Bessette said in his remarks “nice job Travis” tells me that some young drivers in that division need to be taught some lessons. Still have to agree to disagree with you on the “chick” thing.

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