ACT And PASS To Headline Inaugural Northeast Classic At NHMS

(Press Release from American-Canadian Tour)

The American-Canadian Tour returns to New Hampshire Motor Speedway in 2020 as part of the inaugural Northeast Classic (Photo: Courtesy American-Canadian Tour)

Event Will Also Include Open Show For Tour Type Modifieds

Loudon, NH’s New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) will be the launching pad for the 2020 Northeast Late Model racing season. The American-Canadian Tour (ACT) and the Pro All Star Series (PASS) announced today they will visit the “Magic Mile” on Friday and Saturday, April 17 and 18, 2020 for the inaugural Northeast Classic.

ACT and PASS are partnering up as co-promoters of the extravaganza that features two of the region’s top touring series. The ACT Late Model Tour and PASS North Series are set for twin 75-lap main events. Both will be point-counting events that open the 2020 title chases for their respective series.

The event is ACT’s first visit to NHMS since the 2017 ACT Invitational. It will be the second-ever point-counting event for the series at the 1.058-mile speedway, joining the ACT All-Star Challenge in 2011. PASS returns to the Magic Mile for the second straight year and third time overall after running National Championship Series events in 2015 and 2019.

In addition to ACT and PASS, the Northeast Classic also includes open shows for Tour-type Modifieds and 8-cylinder Street Stocks. The Modifieds will have a 75-lap main event while the Street Stocks will go 40 laps. It adds up to a full afternoon of racing for fans of both full-fender and open-wheel action.

Friday, April 17 has been set as Practice Day for the Northeast Classic with racing on Saturday, April 18. The rain date will be Sunday, April 19.  More details on all events will be announced soon.

“We’re beyond excited to return to NHMS,” ACT managing partner Cris Michaud said. “A few months ago, an event like this wasn’t even on our radar. But Tom Mayberry and the folks at NHMS worked with us to make it happen, and we’ve put something together that we think racers and fans will love. ACT had a great run at NHMS with the Invitational for nine years, and we’re happy to start a new chapter at this great racetrack.”

“We’re already looking forward to April,” PASS owner Tom Mayberry added. “A big event always gets a season started on the right foot. What bigger way to open our 2020 Northeast racing season than on the biggest stage in the region? We’re glad to be working with ACT and NHMS on this event and aim to make it a new annual tradition for racers from Connecticut to Quebec.”

The remainder of the 2020 ACT Late Model Tour and Pro All Stars Series schedules will be announced within the next few weeks. The 2020 ACT Late Model rules are already available.

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  1. AWESOME !!!!!

  2. Another new race…. VERY COOL!! Four great categories for NHMS! Hopefully heats will be on Saturday as well.

  3. This will probably be a good show if the weather is good Those early season shows can be difficult weather wise. I was hoping NHMS would go this route with the musket race instead of KN and Pintys. The short track showdown was said to be profitable, hopefully this reiteration will be as well. The Tour type mods may be interesting if the purse is there. MRS has to be disappointed they are not there and they decided to go the open route. Seems to be a trend developing.

    Given Mayberrys comments it looks like PASS is out of the Ice breaker at Thompson which is a little disappointing to me. Hopefully Thompson brings in Granite State to fill the void. Any news on Thompson’s schedule? Are they reducing the number of shows, increasing them or staying the same maybe go with a regular show instead of the Whelen tour race they dropped?

  4. Bill Realist says

    The last ACT race at nhms was the worst race I have ever seen in my life. I am an act fan and attend thunder road loyally but that was just a total abortion of a race. The officiating sucked and the entire series looked like a joke on new England’s biggest stage.

  5. I too wish PASS was involved with The Musket 200 weekend. Makes sense on a lot of fronts. This the opener for PASS so definitely no Icebreaker. I wonder if that was another Thompson change. I don’t see the point of GSPSS to be honest. They don’t get a lot of cars and there is no great outcry for more Pro Stock tours. I’m good with PASS and ACT. They need a person to run and promote the modified portion of this. If not, it could be a mess with few cars. Anyone know any available open modified event promoters? Maybe a real maniac with a passion for this stuff?

  6. Jd I agree I could see this being a miss for the modified portion of the event. Pass has tried a few different open modified events in conjunction with some of their SLM events with lackluster results, Most of them were down south though so maybe this one will work out better, at least, in theory it should. I assume PASS is the driving force behind the show. I like your oh so subtle hint. Where would you find such a person, perhaps somewhere on Long Island? Having a promoter who has worked with the modifieds would certainly add some credibility to the open wheel portion of the event.

    Bill If I remember correctly that disaster of an ACT show at NHMS was the first one under ACT new ownership. Unfortunately it was so bad they weren’t invited back. Perhaps this one will go better as the ownership has a few years under their belt and they aren’t shoe horned into such a tight time slot this time. I have heard ACT and T-Road are doing great up North. I just don’t get to see them much now without shows at Seekonk and Waterford.

  7. I think the disaster at NHMS for ACT was the year that Tom passed and Darla still had the reigns. It was the year before Cris Michaud and Pat Malone purchased the ACT. I think the Modified part can be good if the right people get behind it. I hope it gets support from everyone drivers and fans.

  8. Sharpie Fan says

    IF the snow is melted!

  9. Sharpie Fan I hope you’re wrong, but I do remember getting rescheduled for one of the Twin 125 WMT/BGNN events they used to have in April. At another it was about 45 in Boston, and it started snowing just as I pulled into the parking lot at Loudon!

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