Mike Willis Jr. Returning Home To Claremont Motorsports Park In 2020

(Press release from Claremont Motorsports Park)

Mike Willis Jr is planning on returning home for the 2020 race season. Willis will compete for the NHSTRA Modified track championship at Claremont Motorsports.

Willis is no stranger to the Modified division at the speedway winning both the 2010 and 2011 track championship and has visited victory lane with both the Modified Racing Series and the Tri Track Modifieds at the Thrasher Rd Speed plant.

Over the last five years Willis has competed mainly on the Modified Racing series where he was the 2019 series champion.

When asked why the change Willis stated it was time to race at home and support his local race track and help build the NHSTRA Modified division.

Willis stated he believes in the 604 program and he really likes the way things are moving at the speedway. ‘With Mike Parks and his staff taking the reins that was the deciding factor, with what they have been able to do with the Granite State Pro Stock Series hopefully they can bring that type of professionalism to Claremont on a regular basis’. 

The class will be stout we have no illusions as Brian Robie, Dana Smith & Kyle Welch will offer strong competition stated Willis.   

Willis will compete on a regular basis at Claremont as well as selected event with the NHSTRA at Monadnock, Hudson and Lee, as well as selected Tour Type Modified events beginning at New Smyrna Speedway in Fla. for the World Series of Asphalt Racing in February. 

You can catch all the action at Claremont Motorsports Park beginning on Saturday April 25th at 5pm, you can also follow us in Facebook and www.claremontmotorsportspark.com 

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  1. That is a real kick in the knockers for MRS.

  2. JD,
    I’d say the track putting out this press release three days after the MRS put out a press release about their banquet and celebrating Willis’ title definitely feels like rubbing it in their faces.

  3. Are the NHSTRA 604 Modifieds comparable to a Stafford or Thompson SK Lite? Does seem like a kick in the bag to the MRS, maybe it’s time they change their Purse structure, and maybe review the rules. Seems like their car count gets lower each year, as other modifieds series grow.

  4. In only seeing the 604s couple times it is a good show. One race a stock 604 led a large portion of the MRS race at Monadnock and finished in the top 5. On the shorter tracks in NH they put on a great show. It’s like any division if the right guys are in the race it is great racing. Put Rocco, Williams, Dowling, Owen in so lights and they would put on a show. If local heavy hitters are in 604’s the show will only get better and it is trending that way. MRS which ironically started because NH tracks were moving away from modified is meeting it’s demise because the same tracks are focusing on them.

  5. Color me confused on the engines as well
    The NHSTRA Sportsman Modifieds used the 602, 350 HP crate engine with a 4 barrel vs the 602 crate with the 4412 two barrel the Stafford Lights use. Is this 604, 400 HP Modified class new for 2020? Does the 604 crate engine with a 4 barrel compare at all to the SK built engine with a two barrel?
    Todd Patnode ruled the roost in the Monadnock Sportsman Modifieds and ran a couple races in the 29 SK at Stafford. Now he’s registered the 42 at Stafford for 2020. so does that mean he’s not on board with the 604 Modified program?
    Wouldn’t combined SK/604 Modified rules make more more interesting invasions North and South?

  6. They ran 604s last year, you could run 602 if you had one in order to continue running. Most of teams ran the 604. l would say he is on board with 604 and Nascar points that is why he would run Stafford. With low car counts at Claremont running there was a waste for him, never had a full field and gained no real points in national standings.

  7. There it is, alternative three. Thanks unbiased. For that and the Patnode insight. It would be great if he did race the Stafford SK’s with a competitive car on a regular basis.
    Couldn’t find a weight or carb break for the 602 but they did allow any gear vs the 510-536 604 restriction which is interesting.
    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

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