Thompson Speedway Moving Forward With Newly Formatted Test & Tune Day On March 21

Thompson Speedway will host it’s scheduled Test & Tune day for oval track competitors on March 21 under a newly restructured and restricted format.

The new format for the test day will be run under the guidelines set forth for controlling group gatherings spelled out in an Executive Order by Connecticut governor Ned Lamont earlier this week. 

The executive order by the governor in response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic bans group gatherings of more than 250 people in the state. 

Thompson will organize the day to run two separate sessions on March 21, both with less than 250 people on site for each session. With a limited number of spots available for the day, teams must pre-register online to participate.

The schedule for Test Session A is: 

  • Pit Gates Open: 7:30 a.m.
  • Practice Runs: 9 a.m to 1 p.m.
  • Pits Empty By: 1:30 p.m. 

The schedule for Test Session B is: 

  • Pit Gates Open: 1:30 p.m. 
  • Practice Begins: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Pits Empty: 6:15pm

Competitors can sign up for the test and tune day at the reservations tab on the Thompson Speedway website

Teams will be allowed to have no more than five team members signed up per car, including the driver. Admission is $25 per person. All pit admission must be arranged online. There will be no pit ticket sales on the day of the event.

Teams will be informed which test session they are assigned to after registration. A valid email address must be used when signing up for the test session.  Any safe race car is welcome for this event.


  1. Great idea as far as crowd control and getting practice in.

  2. To their credit, this is a smart way to get a practice in.

  3. Sounds good and sticking to the limits the State has given is fine.
    Not a fan.
    Looking into the future there will be a date that the entire sheebang happens and the opportunity to shake the cars down prior to the big event.
    Right now we are wracked with insecurity and the unknown. Why do it now? What’s the point?
    Sure Thompson is taking the hit like tens of thousands of other businesses. This is an opportunity to make a few bucks but is it worth it? God help them if some kind of headline comes out that an infected person or persons spread whatever at their open practice. Is it worth it.
    All across the country organizations and companies are taking the hit to reduce the threat. An unknown threat mostly. One that could prove to be a big fat nothin muffin or crash the healthcare system.
    Why have a test and tune just now?
    I just don’t think motor sports understands this is not about arithmetic. Will your friend be affected It’s about geometric progressions that they are just not getting.

  4. Hey Doug, did you get your $20 back for the NBC Trackpass?

  5. No matter what the conditions scum bags troll and DGF is the king of scum bags.
    Sure I saw you mocking the moms and dads out there facing a toilet paper shortage with your fiber joke. Saw you appealing to people’s sense of patriotism sighting the health crises where there should be no partisanship and in the very same comment providing two anti Trump links. Lecturing and mocking a comment on the American political parties that somehow evolves into more attacks on Trump.
    So naturally this current bit of trolling, mocking my support of streaming services is just a time filler scum bag until you come up with your next stupid shot at me, Trump, the Speedbowl or any other of your pet themes.
    Eventually racing will resume and my guess is that there will be a pent up excitement equal to the unique circumstances this situation has created. A shorter season but more intense. Part of that will be renewed interest in streaming services along with higher then normal attendance at the various tracks. Not unlike what happened at New Smyrna. More people in attendance and more people streaming. And new people streaming seeing the product that eventually go to a local race. And more people streaming the race and getting more enjoyment of it while attending the race.
    While you scum bag think of your next bit of trolling and mockery.
    Streaming for you scum bag is exactly like how you treated the virus issue when it was first introduced. You mocked it. Now it’s a big deal for you. You’re always behind the curve. You’re the guy trailing the parade, seeing how popular it is the taking a short cut to pretend he’s leading it. Problem is you’re the emperor with no cloths while you strut at the head of the parade. You’ll do the same thing with streaming. Mock it now, take the short cut and pretend to lead it later.
    No I won’t be asking for a refund. Nor will I be curbing my excitement for the races that will eventually take place, the Stafford Opens, the TTOMS races that are streamed, my financial support for local race media nor will I be ashamed of any of it. While you scum are demanding purity tests, making outrageous claims you never prove and doing what you do best. Trolling, lying, mockery and jumping to the head of the parade pretending you’re leading it.

  6. Good idea. Show up prepared, know what you want to try, and things should be productive.

  7. Sorry, we all love racing, but the bigger picture should be addressed by TIS. Is a practice that important? Kudos for the thought behind it, but, considering pretty much every major and minor league sport worldwide has cancelled or postponed events, is it the wisest choice for TIS to go through with this? Especially with their revised schedule/purse structure. Possible public relations backlash? Seems like not so favorable public reaction is possible? Or will the public agree with bucking the trend of laying low and go with it? I would love to see all WMT tour events go as originally scheduled, but we all know that won’t happen. Hope everyone is well, looking forward to the season when it does start.

  8. Listen, people aren’t going to stay inside as the weather gets nicer. People aren’t staying inside now where it is nice already. I think controlled outdoor venues will be the first to open back up anyway. It might be too late for any of this to work to begin with. There are still a lot of us who have to go to work on Monday. Not sure an outdoor practice will be that bad. The government has already said outdoors may be the safest place. Sadly this will thin the herd some but the horse as left the barn. Drink water, exercise, get fresh air, wash constantly and hope for the best. We still have RaceDayCt to help keep us entertained. It’s a safe virtual entertainment venue.

  9. Todd Carey says

    Mass will begin no more then 25 people in a gathering starting Tuesday and listening to Gov Lamont tonight CT,NY and NJ will follow suit tomorrow. CDC also recommended no gathering of more then 50 people for at least 60 days. Anyone hoping this ends in a couple weeks is just foolish. We will get back to Normal around Memorial day.

  10. My view the winners:
    Dr Anthony Fauci for working tirelessly to inform us all.
    Nancy Pelosi and Steven Mnuchin for working together to fund the response to the virus
    Trump for not firing people telling the truth about the threat we are facing and organizing the corporate response.
    Every organization that has canceled events that will hurt them financially but did it anyway.
    Governors Lamont, Baker and Cuomo for leading when the Federal response has been confusing.

    The losers
    Mitch McConnell and the US Senate for phoning it in and barely doing that.
    Trump for saying so many things that are spectacularly incorrect and self serving
    Conservative media for resisting the obvious for the wrong reasons
    Motor racing for being the last to get it and Thompson the last of the last.

  11. We had the division, the hoarding and every stinking negative response that anyone could have imagined.
    That’s changing.
    I don’t know about the rest of the US or where you are but in and around Enfield, Ct people appear to be more focused, more courteous, paying attention to hygiene and trying to be more empathetic about this mess. Kind of like we’re in this together and get it.

  12. This will not fly now with CDC 50 or less requirement, if you havnt noticed the update.

  13. Rich,
    Just for clarification, right now that’s a “guidance” from the CDC on the 50 people threshold. It’s not a directive like the executive order banning gatherings of 250 or more by the state.

  14. Regarding the ban using the figure of 250 people as far as I can tell the authority to do it is based on a vague law that could very well be challenged in the court if someone was so motivated with a stay order and all the rest. The penalty referred to in Ct General Statutes 28-22 as far as I can tell was written in 1920 and updated last in 1951 and refers to air raids and impersonating an official in uniform.
    This is more about common sense and voluntarily doing what is in the public’s best interest more then some kind of dictatorial edict. As far as I can see people seem to be pretty much on board with it in CT anyway. Overkill is a good thing.

  15. JD, great points, I have recent experience from just yesterday to back you up. Out where I live, we are pretty lucky and have plenty of options for hiking and walking. Very nice and peaceful. The parking areas rarely have more than a couple cars. Yesterday, the parking lots were at or above capacity. Never saw anything like this before. We were turned away at the first parking area and had to go around to another that was almost at capacity. People were talking about how we never saw anything like this. We go for hikes to experience the peace and solitude.

    Fear of Cabin Fever is happening. 😷

    Since this virus first showed up on USA soil, we minimized exposure to the public. We didn’t wait. No movies, restaurants, changed errands to times when stores were usually less occupied, etc. We started social distancing a long time ago, before it was even announced. When the first cases showed up in WA, it was only a matter of time before it spread, and in a week, almost every state had cases. That’s fast.

    Be careful out there.

    Along those lines, it is best to stay away from Republicans. No joke. In a survey, Democrats are heeding advice such as limit exposure, social distance, sanitize hands, careful hygiene, reduce travel, don’t go to restaurants, and avoid crowds, in far greater numbers than Republicans. No joke. Apparently the petulant Republicans think public safety and their own safety infringes on their liberties.

  16. Plugs 2020 says

    I think we all need to walk around with a R or D on our shirts. That way people like dafella can know for sure who to avoid.

  17. Hey dareal , Your talking like a Hillary Clinton lover !

  18. Hey Carl Block, you’re talking like a Trumper.

    Carl Block, Hillary would have been far better than what we have now. We would still have our pandemic office and capability to handle this. You do know that Trump terminated that capability, part of what has put us in this mess. Not a Hillary lover, but this debacle would not have happened if she was Commander in Chief. The coronavirus was known in November, and all POTUS was saying up to a little over a week ago was that all is good, we’re in good shape, we have nothing to worry about. We had only 15 cases and no deaths a week ago, and Trump said by now we would have zero. As of right now, we have 4,661 cases and 89 deaths, and the numbers are skyrocketing. Carl, how’s that working out? That delay, that deliberate ignorance and negligence, or the pure stupidity, allowed the virus to spread unchecked. The virus is now out there and we are in a mitigation mode. All our infection numbers are now skyrocketing.

    Carl, even your favorite TV show, Fox News is changing their tune. They are no longer reporting the coronavirus as a vast Democratic conspiracy and hoax, but a real crisis. Where do you pick up your Kool-Aid? I believe the 🧠less one, Tucker, was the first to realize this was real and serious. Now Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, and the others are all praising Trump for his leadership, even though he’s mostly following the states. Idiots one and all.

    POTUS has no idea what he is doing. He waits to see what the states are doing, then makes a speech making it look like he directed the states. The Governors have made it clear they are going out on their own because the Fed has been no help.

    Hey Plugs, the Rs advertise rather well already with the bumper stickers, etc. Hey Plugs, why don’t the Trumpers wear those red MAGA hats anywhere other than the Trump rallies and KKK meetings? Cowards?

  19. Agree with Dareal to an extent. Look at the U.S. Senate, Republican led. The U.S. House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats passed a stimulus bill late Friday night. In the meantime Moscow Mitch sent the Republican controlled Senate home for a 3 day weekend. This all in the midst of a National Emergency no less. By the way 37 republican representatives voted no. The vote on the bill is set for Wednesday, and Moscow Mitch is encouraging Republican Senators to vote no. This is definitely a W.T.F. moment. This bill was to enable people with inadequate, or no insurance to be able to get tested. It also provided 2 weeks paid sick leave, and money to support local food banks. Moscow Mitch pissed away 5 crucial days already, and the bill has not been voted on. The President backed that bill and said he would sign it as soon as it was voted through, even if it was 3am. Now President Trump, Steve Munuchin, Nancy Pelosi and some key representatives are working out a bill to put money, food and medical help directly for everyone who needs it. What do you think the chances are of that bill passing the Senate. Again another W.T.F. moment. So I ask why would they do this at a crucial time like this? If you know the answer please post it, I’d be interested as to what you come up with.
    In the meantime people, stay strong, use common sense, if you know someone who’s elderly or has health problems, check on them. Please America, now is not the time to start a pissing contest, now is the time to stand together (6ft apart). Like Caesar says ” Ape alone weak; Ape’s together strong” take a lesson from the Ape’s together we will survive this and maybe, just maybe we’ll get to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of short track stock car racing this summer. Just my opinion
    Rob p. (I)

  20. The really sad part of all of this, is it’s not about the costs. The money has already been allocated 800 billion dollars gas already been allocated when Trump declared a national emergency. Moscow Mitch has blood on his hands Along with 89 other Senators and Congressmen men.

  21. To point a finger at anyone for this makes you sound more like a person affected with a extreme intellectual disability

  22. carl block wrote, “To point a finger at anyone for this makes you sound more like a person affected with a extreme intellectual disability”

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Don’t like to see your Pied Piper getting the accountability fo this. incompetence? And all the people that still support this POTUS are complicit in this national disaster. That includes Fox News. The incident with the NPR reporter is a perfect example. Trump fired the national pandemic response unit, was asked about it, and then denied knowing anything about it. The was HUGE news when he did it, and now not only does he deny doing it, he denies knowing anything about it.

    carl, what’s your problem? Your boy 👦 Trump takes credit for anything good, like the Sun coming up every morning, and then refuses to take accountability for all his failures. OF COURSE HE’S GONNA HAVE FINGERS POINTED AT HIM!!!!! HE’S A 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡!!!!!!!!

    carl, you took your head out of the sand for too long to write that post, stick it back in the ground.

  23. carl block wrote, “To point a finger at anyone for this makes you sound more like a person affected with a extreme intellectual disability”

    Yer boy 👦 Trump is constantly pointing fingers at everyone else over everything and anything, blaming everyone else, so therefore, he must be a person with extreme intellectual disability.

    In this case, Trump did eliminate the Government office that dealt specifically with pandemics like this, then denied he did that, then made like he knew nothing about it. So he did it and then denied it. Made a bad situation even worse, and then even worse. It’s all recorded for history.

  24. Rob p., you are so correct. Trump is desperate. He’s in the homestretch run in an election year and he can’t even buy the stock market happiness with hundreds of billions of dollars. He’s trying to buy his way out of this, but like the old Beatle’s song, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, it ain’t working.

    Of those hundreds of billions, actually trillions of dollars when all added up, MOST of it will go to corporate and white collar welfare, and the regular folks will continue suffer. Sadly, Trump’s base of deplorables are happy with beer, cigarettes and coffee. As long as they get their next day’s fix, that’s all they need to vote for him again. Then consider that SNAP and actual welfare, that helps millions and children, to help those in genuine need, is only a microscopic, negligible, insignificant part of the national budget and the GOP is doing all they can to eliminate it.

    Consider the stock market as a dog dish, and the big dogs take care of themselves first, and control what happens to the rest. There really are only a very few that control the stock markets.

    Jared Kushner owns one of the companies that are producing the coronavirus test kits.

  25. Really Carl, really? The words right out of Trump’s mouth ” I knew this was going to be a pandemic long before it became a pandemic” … And yet he did absolutely nothing. When there were 15 confirmed cases he said ” oh, this is nothing, it will be gone next week” …how long ago was that? Moscow Mitch has been up to his normal behavior with this stimulus bill, which by the way, the president supports, that will help millions of Americans. But we shouldn’t be pointing fingers and placing blame?
    W.T.F. have you been smoking? Go crawl back under your rock. And by the way, I’ve got an idea what you can do with that finger. People like you are not what this country needs in these trying times. Straight forward, Trump, and the Trump administration screwed up big time on this one. There will be no sweeping this under the rug. The American people deserve better, and hopefully their votes in November will show their disgust with this so called administration, and the Senate that enables it. Just my opinion
    Rob P (I) MA

  26. I know exactly what your saying Dareal. A bad car accident in 2012 left me permanently disabled. After 2 years of getting beat down by the I Durance company, and a less than adequate settlement, I was forced to sign up for program’s I was enrolled in SNAP, medicaid and fuel assistance in 2014. Although these programs help significantly, I am still well below the federal mandated poverty level,but manage to scrape by. In 2017, again in 2018, and again in 2019 the help I received was cut beyond belief, all thanks to Trump and his republican Senate pals. I’ve found creative ways to be able to squeek by. Thank God I don’t have children to support. So when you hear about the stimulus packages that constantly face Republican scrutiny, think of me, and the millions of Americans like me. When you read about programs being shuttered, think of me and the millions of Americans like me. Look, I don’t want a free ride, just a little help to survive. So, in November, when your vote can make a difference please, please think of me and the millions of Americans just like me. Thank you
    Rob P. (I) MA

  27. Yep, the Administration still plans on throwing 700,000 people off SNAP on April 1. The very people that are supposed to be helped by the emergency bill.

  28. Wait till next winter, there’s gonna be allot of old, cold and hungry people. I’ve gained back a little financial security, and have learned how to make more of less. Children and the elderly are the ones who will be hurt most by the Trump cuts. FYI at last check 4 republican senators have voted NO for the stimulus package, among them Senator Rand Paul. Now I understand why he got shot a few years back. The guy votes No on every bill designed to help people, unless it’s a tax cut for the Uber wealthy 1%. Starting to look like Trump vs Biden in November. At least Joe has compassion, and is willing to help the neady, while at the same time keeping it real. Don’t get me wrong, no president is perfect, but I’ve never seen other world leaders laugh at, and mock a president the way they do Trump. Just my opinion
    Rob P. (I) MA

  29. Open mouth, insert foot. Yup, Trump did it again. When asked why NBA Athletes, and other affluent people were able to get tested rapidly, even if they didn’t show symptoms, he responded ” well, that’s the way it’s always been isn’t it” At first I thought I’d heard it wrong, till I heard it again. Just goes to show that it’s business as usual in the Trump administration. Take care of the wealthy while ignoring us less fortunate. Stimulus checks to go out April 6th and May 8th? Wonder how they’ll distribute this. Anyway, hope everyone is still safe, and strong and using common sense. Still a long road ahead friends, so keep safe, stay positive. We WILL get through this eventually
    Rob P. (I) MA

  30. Massachusetts has finally taken steps to try and flatten the curve. Earlier this week the mayor of Holyoke ordered the Holyoke mall at Ingleside to close till further notice. Other establishments followed across the state. Bars are closed, restaurants have take out, drive thru or delivery only. Casino’s have closed along with movie theaters and large entertainment venues. The rmv is online only. The list goes on…you get the point. By stopping people from gathering in large groups, hopefully they can slow the spread enough so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. This is a small step in the right direction, and when this is all over, people will say thank God we did it. Until then all you can do is hunker down, and be prepared for things to stay this way for a while. There are more steps that can be taken, and probably will be, but ultimately I think eventually we will be ordered to shelter in place. Be prepared, it’s probably going to happen. But remember stay safe, stay strong and use common sense. If your asked to do something, do it realizing it’s you they are trying to help. Just my opinion
    Rob P (I) MA

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