Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 12: Let’s Go To Vegas, Royal Downer, Genius Binge And Steel Curtain Drawn

Some semi-regular musings on racing and life in a COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine World 

Sick of quarantine? Who wants to go hang out with Cousin Eddie, Wayne Newton and the rest of the gang in Sin City? 

Like so many other businesses across the United States, Las Vegas casinos are shut down. 

Along the path of our recent Quarantine Life history we’ve all heard plenty of idiotic statements from politicians looking for attention from both sides of the political spectrum. 

But this week Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman set the new standard for senselessness and genuine moronic folly. 

Goodman is calling for the full reopening of Las Vegas immediately. Seriously, no joke. 

I’m all for taking steps to reopen the economy, especially in places where COVID-19 numbers have been in decline or never have reached worrisome levels, but come on now?

“I’d love everything to open,” Goodman said during an interview Wednesday. “I think we’ve had viruses for years that have been here. … It’s an entertainment capital of the world where everything is clean.” 

Yes, I certainly understand wanting to reopen malls and theaters and bring live events like sports back. And that can be done carefully with proper safety restrictions in place. 

But what kind of insanity does it take for someone to want to reopen casinos within a hub that attracts visitors literally from around the world? 

Let’s just stop for a second and take a common sense look at the casino business. You almost can’t enact any type of social distancing standards. Human to human contact is everywhere and unavoidable. You have lots of dirty cash floating from hand to hand, lots of dirty chips floating from hand to hand. It’s a business that is literally based almost entirely on people touching everything. Touching slot machines, touching change machines., touching chips, touching playing cards. 

Most casino owners on the Las Vegas strip have stood behind Nevada governor Steve Sisolak’s decision to keep casinos closed for the time being. 

And the best part about all of Goodman’s wild stumping? She has zero jurisdiction over what happens on the Vegas strip, which represents the large majority of the casino’s and hotels most look at as being in “Las Vegas”. The Las Vegas strip is technically outside of the city limits of Las Vegas and is governed by the Clark County Commission. 

Closing Up Shop

So this was tough to see on Facebook, and just makes you pause to wonder about how many other announcements like this we might see down the road. 

Port Royal Speedway, one of the most well known dirt facilities east of the Mississippi, announced Thursday they are suspending racing for the 2020 season until further notice.


Binge Watching 

If you’re into the true crime docu-series category Evil Genius on Netflix is quite an interesting little series. 

The series looks at the maniacally odd twists and turns that led to the murder of Brian Douglas Wells in 2003 in Erie, Pa. 

Wells died after an explosive collar he was wearing detonated after he was forced to rob a bank. 

The story behind how it all happened is beyond complicated and bizarre, but makes for compelling viewing. 

Evil Genius earns three out of five snacks on our Quarantine Snacks Rankings.

Evil Genius

Digging Through The Archives

Today’s archives choice slides away from racing to an award-winning feature I wrote in 2007 about then UConn football recruit Greg Lloyd Jr., who is the son of one of the all-time greatest linebackers in NFL history, Greg Lloyd Sr., who starred for years with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It was a feature that I stumbled into writing upon my first phone call to Greg Lloyd Jr. when I asked him about how much his father was involved in his career. The answer was shocking.

UConn Recruit Rises Above Fear Of All-Pro Dad – By Shawn Courchesne, The Hartford Courant, Feb. 7, 2007 

Greg Lloyd Jr. will sign a letter of intent today to play football at the University of Connecticut.

He’s one of 29 players expected to sign, but he’s the only one with a former NFL All-Pro linebacker for a father.

Greg Lloyd Jr. isn’t boasting about that. He hasn’t talked to his father in four years.

And while today is a joyous day, Saturday is a worrisome day.

He will turn 18, and a protective order issued by a Georgia court banning his father from having contact with him will run out.

And that is unsettling to his mother.

“I can’t protect him anymore,” Rhonda Lloyd said. “That’s a scary thought for me.”

She says it’s scary because Greg Lloyd’s father was accused of sticking a gun in his son’s mouth in 2001. Two trials in 2004 ended in hung juries and a third was not pursued.

Scary because Rhonda Lloyd’s former husband was accused, and pleaded no contest in 2004, to simple battery for pointing a gun at his estranged wife’s head in 2002.

Scary because of what Rhonda and Greg Jr. say they and a younger brother and sister went through living with Greg Lloyd Sr., a five-time Pro Bowl linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1990s.

Like most kids, Greg Jr. says he wanted a father who would see him become the football player that he is today. A father who would see him play college football. But not the father that he has.

“I’m living great without him in my life,” Greg Jr. said. “I don’t have to be scared every day. That’s much better than the way I was living back when he was around.”

He has not spoken to his father since 2002 and says he has no relationship with the man. According to press accounts of his testimony at the first trial, Greg Jr. said his father put the barrel of a Glock semiautomatic pistol in his mouth because he allegedly was upset about his 12-year-old son’s grades in school.

“He was like, ‘You’re wasting your life away and if you want to ruin it, I can end it for you right now,” Greg Jr. said at the trial.

Accounts of the trials are based on reports from The Associated Press, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Citizen of Fayetteville, Ga.

Greg Lloyd Sr. testified at the first trial in Fayetteville, Ga., and denied the story. He did not testify at the second trial. At the time, his lawyer, Ricky Morris, said that “Greg maintains that this is basically Rhonda Lloyd’s attempt to get an upper hand in the divorce.”

Several attempts to reach Greg Sr. were unsuccessful, but Joaquin Bonilla, who co-owns two Oh Do Kwan martial arts studios in Georgia with Lloyd, says he sees another side of the former NFL player. A black belt in tae kwon do, Lloyd is listed as an instructor on the school’s website

“He’s a great role model to all the kids here,” Bonilla said. “A lot of the allegations were fabricated. They tried him twice, and they never found him guilty. He’s a good man. … The things that went on didn’t make any sense. You wouldn’t believe how badly he wants to reconnect with those kids. His wife won’t give him a chance. All this was so she could get what she wanted. She was making Greg out to be O.J. Simpson, and he’s not. She’s saying, ‘He’s dangerous. He’s going to kill us all.’ What she did was a very planned-out strategy.”

Greg Jr. says he thinks his father will attempt to contact him at some point. It’s not something he wants.

“If he said he wanted to try again, I would say no,” said Greg Jr., a 6-foot-2, 209-pound linebacker. “It’s too late for that.”

Greg Jr. is finishing his senior year at East Ridge High in Clermont, Fla. He plans to major in international business at UConn. He is ready for the future. His mother says he is a funny, intelligent kid who focuses much of his time on family life and his two younger siblings and likes to write. She says he has written a 400-page sci-fi novel.

“What happened, it’s not something at this point I have any trouble dealing with,” Greg Jr. said. “It’s done and over. I guess I kind of get by not thinking about it. What good would it do?”

Drawn To UConn

Greg Jr. visited UConn in early December and went home impressed. He had other schools showing interest in him as a linebacker: Southern Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama-Birmingham, Middle Tennessee and Central Florida.

He decided on UConn.

“What impressed me the most was the system they have set up for getting an education while playing football,” Lloyd said. “I want to study international business, and it seems like a great place to do that being so close to New York and Boston. As far as the football goes, I was quite impressed with coach [Randy] Edsall, and the facilities just blew me away.”

After two seasons playing defensive end, Lloyd established himself as a linebacker. He finished his senior season with a team-high 154 tackles, three sacks, three fumble recoveries and an interception.

“Everything Gregory has ever done has been based on him and his drive and his discipline and his love for the game,” his mother said. “He just happens to have a father that was an awesome football player, so maybe some of it is genetics. I don’t know. I think that people need to stop focusing so much on big Greg and focus on the accomplishments that Gregory’s made. He’s the one that got up and went to practice. He’s the one that went out to lift the weights. He certainly didn’t have his father to push him.”

East Ridge coach Bud O’Hara said he was made aware of Greg Jr.’s situation when he came to play at the school.

“Greg is so mature, he’s got his head on so straight that I never had to worry about him,” O’Hara said. “I’ve got a lot more guys on my team that need me a lot more than he ever did, and that says a lot for his character after what he’s been through. After I met his mom, though, it didn’t take me long to realize where his strength came from.”

Difficult Transition

Greg Jr. speaks in abbreviated sentences when describing the abuse he says he and his mother sustained at the hands of his father.

“It started falling apart a long, long, long time ago, long before my parents got divorced,” Greg Jr. said. “After they got divorced and I no longer had to wake up every morning and see him, it was like freedom. It was the way I wanted it to be.”

In the 1990s Greg Lloyd Sr. was the embodiment of the black and gold of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. He was considered small by NFL standards at outside linebacker — 6-2 and 228 pounds — but his play belied that.

According to Rhonda and Greg Jr., the fiery anger that Greg Lloyd Sr. used for motivation on the field was also a regular part of everyday life in the Lloyd household.

“He had his on and off days where he was a good person or he wasn’t,” Greg Jr. said. “But it pretty much went bad after he retired.”

In 1991-95, Greg Lloyd Sr. made five Pro Bowl appearances and was recognized by many as one of the best outside linebackers in the NFL. He left the Steelers in 1997 after 11 years, then played one year for the Carolina Panthers before retiring after the 1998 season.

A 1997 Sports Illustrated story said Lloyd had four public run-ins with media members, flipping one off, cursing at another, threatening to “placekick” another and shoving one. A Sports Illustrated article in 1996 said he was ejected from a high school game for breaking the leg of an opposing quarterback, and his college coach at Fort Valley State said he had to be kept out of non-contact drills because “non-contact wasn’t in his vocabulary.”

Rhonda Lloyd said the deep roots of anger stemmed from her ex-husband’s childhood.

In a 1996 Sports Illustrated story, Lloyd described the living conditions he dealt with as one of 10 children growing up in his aunt’s two-bedroom apartment after being abandoned by his mother.

He said he wore the same pair of pants and shirt to school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the other outfit on Thursday and Friday.

“If you got anything dirty on Monday, you came to school with the same dirty clothes the next day,” he told SI. “The other kids would say, ‘You’re stinky. You stink.’ So that taught me humility.”

He also was ready for a fight.

“Back then, all you had to say to me was ‘your mama,’ and I was going to fight,” he said.

Rhonda Lloyd said the physical and emotional abuse for her began not long after the couple married in 1988.

“Greg Sr., his whole life was built on rage,” Rhonda Lloyd said. “It was all the rage of his childhood. … There was this rage and hate that motivated him, and that’s why he was awesome on the field, because that was where he got to hurt people. That’s what his life was about, hurting people. He had a fascination with it, but in a crazy way; that’s what made him such a great football player.”

Suffering In Silence

Rhonda said she didn’t know about the gun incident or some others with her son when she decided to leave her husband. She said around Christmas in 2002 he put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. She took Greg Jr. and his sister Tiana, now 14, brother, Jhames, now 11, left the house and never went back. The next month she filed for divorce, moved with her children to Florida and her husband was charged with battery for threatening her with the gun. He entered the no-contest plea and was given probation and ordered to enter domestic violence counseling.

After filing for divorce, Rhonda placed all three of the children into counseling, during which Greg Jr. said his father had put a gun in his mouth. The counselor told Rhonda. She wasn’t surprised her son had kept it from her.

“You wouldn’t understand why he never said anything unless you’ve been in a situation like that,” Rhonda said. “How could I live for 17 years and not tell people what I was going through? You can’t understand unless you’ve been in it. It’s a protection mechanism.”

In March 2004, Lloyd went on trial for aggravated assault against his son. A mistrial was declared because of a hung jury. He went on trial again a week later, with a charge of aggravated stalking against his wife added to the assault charges against his son, and again the trial ended with a hung jury.

At the second trial, a girl who went to school with Greg Jr. said he once told her that his mother had urged him to “convince” the counselor that he wanted to live with his mother and not his father, according to a story in the Fayetteville Ga., paper, The Citizen. The story also said the judge ruled the girl’s testimony inadmissible.

Rhonda said she agreed when prosecutors decided in May 2005 not to pursue a third trial.

“I didn’t want Gregory to go through that again,” Rhonda said. “To realize that he had to sit up there and look in his face again after what he had been through, I couldn’t do that.”

Rhonda is proud of how her son has handled his life.

“A lot of kids would probably have turned to drugs … or whatever after going through what he went through,” she said. “Gregory did the opposite. I really think that has to do with his relationship with God and his relationships with his sister and his brother and with me.”

Rhonda’s voice spikes with enthusiasm when talking about her son’s decision to play football at UConn.

“I’m so excited for him,” she said. “I’m so glad he’s found the place where he wants to go to play football and get a great education. I think he made a great decision.”

But it’s an excitement laced with concern. She said Greg Jr. can’t reapply for legal protection from his father because there have been no threats made against him since before her ex-husband went on trial.

“I’m still in fear. I fear for my children, and I fear for Gregory,” Rhonda said. “But he’s going to move on and live his life, and I’m coming to grips with the fact that I can’t live in fear, which is why I can handle him going to Connecticut. Anywhere Gregory goes, his father could pop up, and that’s just a fact of life. It’s not a happy fact, but it’s what we live with.”

Stay safe everyone. Keep positive. Help your neighbors if you can. And wash your damn hands.

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  1. Bill Realist says

    Racing content please. If speed 51 who is basically a paid pr website can do it than so can you. How about some stories about teams preparing for the upcoming season? Maybe stories about guys we have not seen in a while.

  2. Bill,
    Plenty of racing content here. And then there’s something a little different. You don’t have to click on the story.

  3. Bill Realist, please share with us what you know about the upcoming season.

    Have you heard about the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed almost 50,000 Americans? Have you noticed that restaurants and many other businesses are not open? You are not looking very real.

  4. Shawn, great article. Glad you latched on to the Vegas Mayor. That is just 🦇 💩 🥜 . 🤪

    I like how you attempt to lead folks to take a common sense approach. If many more people had common sense, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. Your altruism is honorable. 🙏

    But here’s the real deal that folks need to think about, and Paul T, this is for you and the other Fox folks. The COVID-19 pandemic is killing the elderly. The older you are the far more likely you will not survive. The elderly are being decimated. The demographics of Fox channel are by far mostly over 62 years old. These people are being hammered by COVID-19. Fox is losing its audience to COVID-19. Fox needs to let their audience know that Dopey Donald is wrong in opening up the public before the doctors and scientists say it is safe. If you are a Fox watcher, please get your COVID-19 information from NPR. Even the late night TV shows are better that Fox.

    I know I’m not going out until there have been no deaths for about 30 days.

  5. Plugs 2020 says

    30 days you say? Until there are no deaths from the corona. Do us all a favor and stay home indefinitely. Might as well ad the flu to the list as well.

  6. The daily results are in for today:

    31,487 new cases

    2,325 deaths today

    48,845 total deaths

    Trump says we are only going to see 60,000 deaths. So we only have about 4-5 days to go, according to Trump.

    Get ready to go racing if you believe Trump.

    I’m surprised Trump hasn’t tried to hire the Las Vegas mayor for his Administration. He has plenty of open positions. She is a perfect fit.

  7. Our President suggested to the experts to look into a few things. I will not mention these as I would not one person to attempt these foolish things. Dangerous and kinda sad. We deserve better than this. From the Mayor of Las Vegas and the President of the United States of America…

  8. Hope you saw or go see today’s White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

    President Donald J. Trump thinks things like ingesting/inserting/injecting bleach, disinfectants or UV light sources into a human body will work. He wants the doctors and scientists to look into this.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

  9. HEY dumbfella , Stop with all the statistics and the bashing of our government . Get off your keyboard and go check on your neighbors & relatives to see if they might need any help . That’s what real americans do during a crisis . Your starting to sound more & more like a old man that’s afraid of his next life . I will pray for you ,while Iam watching the dirt race at Pt Jefferson ,SD this weekend .

  10. All you Republicans line up for your injection of Lysol. Guaranteed to kill the virus…and you. Lysol not your thing… How about infrared light… Guaranteed to cook the virus…and you. What a f ing dumbass. And to think this guy has the nuke codes… Maybe he’ll nuke the virus…and you.

  11. That statement Trump made was so disturbing that the makers of Lysol actually issued a statement urging people to use their products only as directed, and under no circumstances should they ingest or inject the products.
    This guy is starting to border on unstable, and the statements he’s made in the past few days are a good reason for the enactment of Article 24. What a quack!

  12. After yesterday’s Whiter House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing, Lysol was compelled to issue the following statement:

    “We must be clear that under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body (through injection, ingestion or any other route)”

  13. Rob, UltraViolet light, UV. Dopey Donny wants to insert an ultraviolet light source into the body somehow.

    Folks, you Dem haters, Fox gobblers, etc. missed your leader in prime form yesterday. You can ignore him but you can’t hide from him. You folks think you can harass and make fun of all you want, but when the tables turn, you go crying unfair and demand it stop. 🛑 Bunch of big babies. 👶

  14. YESSSS a argument about politics on the internet I wonder if businesses that SPONSOR the tracks did already they cut THE CHECK send it in to the racetracks?????
    Is the money behind the checks still there or dry up
    FAIR ENOUGH question to ponder bro

  15. The USA TrumpPandemic death total has exceeded 50,000.

    According to Dopey Donald, only 10,000 left.

  16. I can’t wait for the #TrumpPandemic to be over so we can get back to racing. The sooner the #TrumpPandemic is over, the sooner we can get back to racing.

    But there is a problem. Dopey Donald needs to get reelected. He’s going to use the #TrumpPandemic to his advantage. This is a great time to do even more voter suppression, perhaps even try to declare an emergency to delay or postpone the elections.

    Imagine a Dopey Donald in a second term where he does not have to be concerned with an election. That should scare you.

    There’s nothing like the aroma of racing gasoline. In moderation of course. And the sound. The sound of the open headers of a mod is so special.

  17. Carl Block wrote, “HEY dumbfella , Stop with all the statistics and the bashing of our government . Get off your keyboard and go check on your neighbors & relatives to see if they might need any help . That’s what real americans do during a crisis . Your starting to sound more & more like a old man that’s afraid of his next life . I will pray for you ,while Iam watching the dirt race at Pt Jefferson ,SD this weekend .”

    Hey Carl Blockhead, the statistics about your boy Dopey Don really bother you? Too bad. They are all over the news, it’s so hard to ignore. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 In order for democracy to work, feedback is required. Like you never practice democracy? Stop with all the statistics?????? Absurd.

    I’ve called the police for wellness checks of a neighbor already. I have the names of nine family members of an elderly neighbor I can call for help if I see she might have a problem. Done that several times. I’ve been doing that already for years and years.

    Is there a problem about fearing a next life? I have a nice life, I don’t want to leave. If you aren’t afraid to go there, what are you waiting for? Everybody says it’s a better place, what are you waiting for?

    Hey Blockhead, here’s some statistics: the USA coronavirus #TrumpPandemic death total just exceeded 50,000.

  18. Trump found another cure for the #TrumpPandemic!!!!!!

    Read all about it!!!!!! Hey Knuckles, he’s an idiot, and he’s YOUR idiot.


  19. I can’t wait to get to the track. I want to see that rig that was fitted out with the compressed air system. Sounds like it is a top notch installation. I do hope they put it on display.

  20. Fast Eddie says

    Hey Dareal, don’t forget the sounds and smells of race tires during a nice four wheel drift through a corner!
    And despite all the critical comments about them, don’t we all feel like we can’t wait to hear Ben Dodge, Matt Buckler, and any other track announcers with their signature comments and analogies over a racetrack PA system? I certainly can’t!! I think it would be great if some of the tracks beefed up their PA systems in order to hear more of them!

  21. I’m not seeing The Wicked Big Meet that Subaru thing at Stafford happen in 2020 but you never know just waitin until the WEATHER POPS
    but Stafford always had good sponsors remember the Manaforts and John Rowland was grand Marshalls when I was a kid

  22. That’s our DGF. Look in the direction of a vast forest, point to a tree and say see the tree. Then pick the low hanging fruit on it, smile, puff out his chest reflecting on how smart he it.
    You knew it was coming. Trumps idiotic stream of consciousness about disinfectant, ultra violet light and heat. Outrageous says DGF like this one incident is simply the most outrageous thing he’s ever said. Like you’re all too stupid to figure out it was idiotic.
    For the record, as ridiculous as it was he was not recommending anything except his experts and medical professionals look into it which is essentially saying it’s the end of it.
    No the real problem is not what he said it was Birx and the Under Secretary for Science and Technology William Bryan. Sycophants that Trump has riddled his administration with sitting their squirming too afraid to speak up and say what they clearly were thinking. “No, that’s not a good idea Mr. President and we should never be suggesting anything of the sort”. But the best Birx could do is squirm and say fever is heat and a good thing in the bodies fight against infection.
    So thank you DGF pointing out the tree that clearly everyone can see then making it sound like you discovered it.. One that I’m sure you offer for the public good and not to further your political agenda. That I’m sure the entire RaceDayCt audience missed but now can thank you for pointing it out.

  23. How valuable is DGF to modern society? It’s not good enough to run errands and go grocery shopping using social distancing, a mask and good judgment. Kind of like he said he’s been doing wayyyyy before it was advised. Or when he went grocery shopping just recently and noticed the shortage of meat. Now he’s making a point so here comes the hyperbole.
    It’s not good enough to wait until the curve flattens and deaths decline. It’s not even good enough for there to be no new deaths for a few days. No, DGF requires no deaths for 30 days. Locally, who knows where that is. Statewide, again an unknown. Could it be in the US or even the world?
    That’s how important DGF is. No new deaths for a full 30 days. Or so much hyperbolic crap like he’s always dishing out.

  24. ” The elderly are being decimated.”
    ” The COVID-19 pandemic is killing the elderly.”
    That’s our DGF. A kernel of truth, passed through the DGF hyperbolic filter and comes out carnage on an epic scale.
    No DGF the elderly are not getting decimated. We are bearing the most casualties but in relationship to the total population of people over 65 that is over 50 million the word decimated is ridiculous. Moreover the Fox News audience is only a few million at best.
    Nope DGF yet another example of you missing the forest and pointing to the tree.
    What is changing is public opinion in the over 65 demographic That is the danger to Trump and Republicans not death. In 2016 over 65 voters preferred Trump to Clinton 53% to 45%. According to Quinnipiac Biden is leading 55% to 42%. The absence of people via death is not the problem it’s perceptions of how Trump is protecting them that is changing.
    Beware of information passed through DGF’s filter of doom.

  25. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Doug is triggered.

    Hey Insipid Cybil, 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

  26. I am just wondering how people feel about candidate Biden? All we hear about is Trump.

  27. So now Dopey Don is saying his recommendation to explore the ingestion/injection of bleach or disinfectants, or the insertion of UV light sources, was sarcastic.

    Does he not know that is actually worse than the idiocy he used to base those comments? Riffing on a national pandemic when we just passed the 50,000 dead mark, and this guy is riffing like that? This is no joke, or a place or time to be joking.

    Folks, with this guy at the helm, the #TrumpPandemic is not going away anytime soon at all and you can forget racing until 2021 if we are lucky.

  28. TJ, I may be wrong but here goes. When a company wants to sponsor an event at Stafford, they are given the option of paying ore season, or in short advance of the event. All the sponsorship money brought in pre season is out in an escrow account, and drawn out when the event happens. If the event is cancelled the money is refunded.
    A few years back, I looked into possibly offering a contingency bonus. I was told I could pay for the whole year at once, establish a payment plan, or pay weekly. Stafford doesn’t keep a sponsors money if no race is run

  29. Shawn, great article about Last Vegas. Good reading. Shows exactly how moronic some people are, and how some people put profit ahead of safety. Unfortunately there are allot of morons out there prematurely opening cities, states, shopping malls ECT… The end result is going to be spikes in cases, and erasing all the hard work and sacrifices that’s already occurred.
    People seem to think that if we reopen today..BAM.. in a few weeks the economy will be back to where it was before Covid. The sad truth is that if we hold fast, keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll only manage to keep Covid at a level where the healthcare system doesn’t implode. The damage to the economy right now is going to take years to rebound from, if we can even rebound from it. Prematurely reopening cities and states is only going to compound the matter, leading to unnecessary deaths, and adding even more years even decades to the economic recovery. We’ve tolerated this for so long now, that it’s a shame all the progress we’ve made is going to get wiped out by a handful of morons eager to make a buck, yet setting us back months and years in recovery.

  30. The next president who ever that is will not see full economic recovery from this, neither will the president after that. If Covid magically disappeared today, the president we elect in 2028 might see the recovery of the economy. With all these morons reopening sections of the country, the president we elect in 2032 may be the one who sees the end of recovery from this.

  31. There is a rumor, or conspiracy theory going around the town of Palmer. A homeless man who has been barred from entering many if the town’s establishments in the past, is Covid positive, and is wandering around lurking outside open establishments purposely coughing on people, trying to infect them with Covid as revenge for being ostrisized. Anybody else heard this conspiracy where you live? I truly don’t believe it, and treat it as a rumor.

  32. Everyone stay safe and don’t drink to much Lysol , can’t believe even Trump is that stupid

  33. Plugs 2020 says

    I injected myself with bleach tonight. I missed dafellas post saying that it’s not been an approved remedy yet. Oh well, dafella is doing the best he can . He can’t save us all. I’ll report back in the morning on how I’m feeling.

  34. So we close out another day of the #TrumpPandemic.

    New Cases: 38,764

    New Deaths: 1,951

    Total Deaths: 52,185

  35. Quarantine Chronicles…. Why we aren’t racing.

    So after the totally 🦇💩🥜 briefing at The Whiter House on Thursday when Dopey Don discussed ingesting/injecting bleach or disinfectant, the Friday briefing was unusually short, Trump took no questions. LMAO!!!! 😆 And it has been announced that there will be fewer The Whiter House coronavirus task force briefings and Trump will not be running them of attending as much or as often. hehehehe!!!! Dopey Don is getting left out of Presidential activities.

    US Government officials are still scrambling to neutralize Dopey Don’s recommendation to ingest/inject bleach or disinfectant before more people are harmed.

  36. Some beat Trump to death day after day so let’s switch gears and talk about what Biden will bring to the table. I am curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

  37. So you said people are ingesting/injecting bleach and disinfectants dareal? Please provide us with documentation from the news media that this is happening. You said before more people are harmed, again please provide links to news media reporting this has happened. Please dareal, these are serious accusations you are making, please we need documentation this practice is indeed is happening.

  38. Earl, do your own search, it’s all over the news.

  39. Earl, you wouldn’t see any of that on Tucker Carlson, so try a real news source.

  40. Earl, please tell us what Trump will bring to the table.

  41. Earl, have you found the reports of people taking Trump’s advice to ingest bleach or disinfectants yet?

    Here’s a little, hope you can read it, no discussion of reports of actual ingestion here, that’s for you to find on your own. You’ll have to leave the Tucker Carlson world though.


  42. What Joe Biden will bring to the table is years of experience in government. What Joe Biden will bring to the table is diplomacy. What Joe Biden will bring to the table is a stable relationship with world leaders, and Allie’s. What Joe Biden will bring to the table is the ability to work together with both Democrats and Republicans to draft, and pass meaningful legislation. What Joe Biden will bring to the table is stability. What Joe Biden will bring to the table is a carefully thought out procedure to reopen this country in a way that puts people’s health ahead of money. What Joe Biden will bring to the table is a plan to stabilize and revive the economy once the virus is under control. What Joe Biden will bring to the table is compassion. What Joe Biden will bring to the table is the countries first female VP. But most of all, what Joe Biden will bring to the table is leadership that works for every American, not just the rich

  43. Dareal you printed “US Government officials are still scrambling to neutralize Dopey Don’s recommendation to ingest/inject bleach or disinfectant before more people are harmed”. Now lets drill down a little further here “before more people are harmed”. That specifically means someone was harmed from ingesting/injecting it. You printed it. Where did you get this information from? Show me a news article when and where this specifically happened.

    Then in a subsequent post you printed “Here’s a little, hope you can read it, no discussion of reports of actual ingestion here, that’s for you to find on your own”. Lets drill down again “no discussion of reports of actual ingestion here” so then you did not print the truth, right? You actually printed a lie. That tells me volumes about you.

  44. Bernie 20never, no tires for anyone says

    Perhaps you missed this gem from the last time Dr. Trump gave advice on medication.


    “The woman told NBC News she had seen a televised briefing in which Mr Trump discussed the potential benefits of chloroquine as a treatment Covid-19. “

  45. Earl, I told you that you will have to step out of your world of Tucker Carlson to get that information. ℹ️ I’m not going to spoon feed you. It’s out there, make an effort. If you do not make the effort, you are a deliberate ignoranus.

    Earl you are playing the omission game, “that’s for you to find on you own” is a crucial part of the content that you OMITTED.

    I have not spoon fed you. You have to take responsibility to inform yourself. By deliberately not informing yourself, you are a willful ignoranus. It’s out there Earl. The more you refuse to go get it and make like it doesn’t exist, you are not just looking like an ignoranus, you are proving you are an ignoranus.

    And I’m loving it.

    It’s a simple internet search Earl, it would have take a fraction of the effort it took you to write that post. But you chose to be ignorant. It’s not my job to inform you. You can do it yourself, and just because you don’t do that does not mean it does not exist.

    And I’m loving it.

  46. Absolutely gorgeous day today. Got out of the house. I made a roadside sign, it’s 6 feet wide and 4 1/2 feet tall. The message is simple ” Thank You Everybody it’s meant to encompass everyone from doctor’s, nurses and EMS, to all the people doing the right thing by staying home. Allot of people beeped as they went by. Just a small gesture of thanks. Hope you all we’re able to take advantage of the great weather as well. Stay safe, strong and sane.

  47. Let me be perfectly clear, why is it up to anyone to substantiate your post? You printed the information and made the claim, that’s right you. That’s your job to substantiate your very serious accusation when requested not anyones responsibility to research it. Did you just make up the claim for something good to do? First you report it happened and then you recant your statement. “It’s not my job to inform you. You can do it yourself, and just because you don’t do that does not mean it does not exist”. OK, then tell me where and when it exists? Then you attack me by printing “By deliberately not informing yourself, you are a willful ignoranus. It’s out there Earl. The more you refuse to go get it and make like it doesn’t exist, you are not just looking like an ignoranus, you are proving you are an ignoranus”. Dareal, you reported it happened then you report it did not so who is the ignoranus? Look in the mirror.

    Your mouth just overloaded your rectum and the only one that is loving every minute of it is ME.

  48. Bravo to Earl for switching gears asking for what Biden would bring to the table and Rob p as well for answering.
    What wasn’t mentioned was empathy. Biden will bring an understanding of the views of those that he disagrees with. If elected he’ll be faced with many of the same Sophie’s choice like decisions Trump faces. Health of we geezers vs the economy.
    The need to stay put is the priority. Nonetheless the economic impact on those that are younger and less vulnerable is worthy of empathy. What you will see in the weeks and months to come is a balance of health resources, medical provider capacity and economic interests.
    Economic interest will gain greater consideration as time goes on. For those of us getting money deposited into our account monthly from Social Security or disability benefits we can afford to be militant with the stay at home directives. If you need to make a living and feed your family via you job and need to get on the job to survive the perspective is different.
    Rob p and the scum bag know what’s in their best interest. Empathy need not apply.

  49. Went out and mowed the lawn today in the beautiful warm sunshine, loved every minute of the fresh air! Had to borrow my neighbors tractor, had mine running 5 times this year and the day I really needed it, broke, safety switch or something. Dam Trump, all his fault and if Hillary was president I am sure it would have never happened.

  50. DGF 3/9/20
    “ I am normally preparing multi-million dollar plans and budgets for a variety of huge product development efforts. Knowing how to calculate what something will cost is a major part of what I do with my engineering expertise. Common practice for engineering professionals. It’s what we do.”

    Aside from the fact that’s about as vague a can of nothing I’ve ever read claiming expertise and showing zero it isn’t possible. “I am normally preparing multi-million dollar plans and budgets”. No you’re not. You’re normally combing through the news for bits to use against Trump. Virtually all day, every day. While overdosing on emoji’s. No engineer or professions does that. School children do.
    Good luck with that Rob p.

  51. Some if you may remember my wife’s friend Patty, the wacky Trump loyalist. Well, she’s at it again. This time concerning Trump’s recent disinfectant remarks.
    It seems, according to Patty, that Trump never mentioned anything about disinfectant during Thursdays briefings. What was really happening is Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama hacked into the national TV networks, and fed us a computer generated Trump making those remarks. In fact Trump wasn’t even in DC, but rather 40,000 feet above Montana aboard Air Force 1, where he’s been for weeks. Look it up, it’s all on line.
    I think Patty has been doing more than just drinking the Kool aid. Might be time to call in the guys in the white suits.
    Although I laughed my ass off at first, seeing the look on her face worries me. Just thought I’d share that, so you can see there are some seriously ill tTrump supporters out there, who seem to share his alternate universe And NO, I did not make this up, and quite frankly it scares the hell out of me.

  52. No you won’t hear this from the left wing rednecks..
    “President Trump said Wednesday that he opposes Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s controversial decision to allow some non-essential businesses to reopen despite a high number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state.”
    My view if you are a Democrat of good faith you shouldn’t be afraid to throw out an atta boy in a crises when the guy you do not support does a good thing. That would exclude rabid left winge redneck like DGF and Rob p.
    I too enjoyed lawn mowing today Earl as well and broke the steering on my old Wheel Horse. However it proved to be a faulty bushing and neither a Republican or Democrat was involved.

  53. Doug, please explain Rob p. and the scum bag know what’s in their best interest, empathy need not apply. And the bit about combing through the news for bits to use against Trump virtually all day every day no engineer or proffesional does that.school children do good luck with that Rob P.
    Why the attack on me? Like you, I watch Morning Joe. Before the virus, at 9 am I’d leave to go to work, or to my dad’s. The only other news I’d see is local stuff. When the virus hit, I followed my governor, Charlie Baker’s recommendation, and stayed home, but didn’t comb the news for dirt on Trump.
    We all know the timeline here Doug, it’s all over the news, even local. Dareal brings up some good points some times, that’s all I’ve said. Yes, I’m an engineer, so what? I build and maintain hydraulic machinery for everything from school furniture, to aerospace companies.
    So I ask you Doug, what’s your problem with me? Have I ever done you bad? Don’t think so. I’m just a 53 year old guy, bored as hell, talking racing politics and viruses with people I don’t even know. Yes I urge people to stay at home if the cab, and to be careful if they can’t. I want this to be over just as much as the next guy.
    Do I like Donald Trump? No, he’s a lying egotistical meglomaniac . He has been for many years, and his behavior has hurt many people and destroyed many lives.
    Do I like Joe Biden? Yes, you read the post. Joe is good people, and will get my vote.
    But again I ask you Doug. What is your problem with me?

  54. Daily report:

    New Cases: 35,419

    New deaths: 2,065 Americans

    Total Deaths: 54,256 Americans

    The Whiter House has concluded that Trump’s performances at the Trump Campaign 2020 daily briefings are a detriment to his election chances and are stopping the daily briefings.

  55. Plugs 2020 says

    What Biden will bring to the table is… Well he won’t actually know why he’s at the table.

  56. Rob p., Doug’s problem with you is that you are on the same page as me. He can’t get to me, I laugh at him and destroy him. So he goes after you by association with me. Does he seem to be familiar? Think Trump’s tactics. Also, Doug will try to say that more people are in his favor and therefore he must be right. Tried that before, didn’t work then either.

    Rob, I know a guy like Patty. Trump can do no wrong according to this guy, and when cornered, he resorts to whaataboutism, yadayadayada. It is truly frightening. These are the uneducated, uninformed ignoramuses Trump needs.

    What does Biden bring to the party? Well, he has a career in public service where he never did anything stupid like Trump does, and Biden has a career defined by fighting stupidity like Trump. Biden will also bring the successful experience of the Obama administration that will be needed to recover from the Trump disaster. Biden has been around for all the modern day successful recoveries: Clinton’s recovery from the Reagan/GHW Bush depression, Obama’s recovery from the Cheney/GW Bush depression. Biden is the perfect candidate to fix the disaster that will be left behind by Trump.

    Trump is dangerous, Biden is not.

  57. Earl, you are pulling a Trump, exactly what Trump does at his The Whiter House daily press briefings. Trump was just fired from his own press briefings for exactly this. His performance is scaring people, specifically the elderly, his base, and The White House is taking him off the briefings. He was fired.


    By shotgunning questions you do not hurt the credibility of the subject. You are trying to while evading it. You are evading substantiating your questions while thinking you are casting suspicion and aspersions.

    Again dude, you could have informed yourself and answered your own questions 20x over already. It’s a simple internet search. If you can’t find it, you are ignorant, an idiot, or both.

    🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤣🤣 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

  58. Doug, so now I’m a rabid left wing redneck? Did you fall down and hit your head or something?
    Doug, I am very far from left wing, more in the center. I’m very far from being a redneck. My shirts gave sleeves. I’ve got 2 college degrees, one in electrical engineering, the other in information technology. Don’t use anything I learned in IT, in my work.
    You say I should have given Trump praise for opposing Kemp. Why? Trump himself back peddled and said the governor’s would make the decision on when to reopen, a power already guaranteed to the governor’s by the Constitution.
    Left wing? I think we should stick with Obamacare, and build on it. Students shouldn’t get their loans paid off by the government, because ok, say that happened on January 23rd, 2021. What are you going to do for the student who made their final loan payment on January 20th? College shouldn’t be free, but it should be made to be more affordable, and no one should get a free ride because they’re good at a sport. Taxes should make sense, a billionaire shouldn’t pay less taxes than his secretary who makes $75,000 a year.no Doug I’m not a rabid far left Democrat.
    When I go to vote, I don’t base my vote on the letter (d or r) following a person’s name, I vote for the person I feel is best suited for the job. And I do believe there should be term limits. As that goes, I think there should be spending caps for candidates. And don’t even get me started on lobbying.
    You see Doug, I believe these far left people will destroy the Democratic party.
    As far as Coronavirus goes, like I said before, we all know the timeline, we all saw the mistakes, and misleading that took place and continues to this day. So Doug, what’s your problem with me?

  59. Rob p., Doug is trying to condition you to shut up and not disagree with him. He will relentlessly attack you otherwise. Just like Trump does.

    Getting ready to watch SNL. They did a good job last week.

  60. Earl, your boy Dopey Donny keeps saying that if Hillary had won, we’d be at war with North Korea. Can you please explain that and most importantly, substantiate it.

  61. Memorial Day 2020 is May 25. Vice President Pence has issued a statement saying that the COVID-19 Pandemic will be largely done by Memorial Day. What that means is COVID-19 is here, right now.

    When Pence said that, it was asked, “What year?”

    Interestingly, Trump issued a deadline that the country was going to open on May 1.

    Earl, that has been reported by a few thousand news bureaus. Look it up yourself, you will get thousands of returns. My search shows 8,920,000 results. Sorry, but not sorry if Fox, Sean ins-Hannity, or Schmucker Carlson have not covered it.

    Learn to fish and feed yourself. I ain’t feeding you, I’m having too much fun.

  62. The United States has 4.2% of the world population, and 26% of the world COVID-19 pandemic deaths.

  63. Brian Raymond Nye says

    Dareal, I wonder if the US has a larger percentage death rate because we keep our elders alive for so long in this country with medical intervention that’s just not available in other countries. Many of the senior citizens in our country are still living purely because of medication that seniors in other countries just can’t afford so these countries have less people just hanging on.

  64. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_life_expectancy#Combined_table

    If you sort this list by CIA 2017 -> B (both sexes), notice we’re not close to the top.
    – #1 is Monaco @ 89.4
    – USA is #56 @ 78.8

    I chose the CIA data because it’s the most recent, as well as a USA generated statistic.

  65. Brian Raymond Nye Esq, maybe you should check what countries have the best elderly health care , and the life expectancy of other countries , you may be surprised, no I’m not moving!

  66. Brian, it would appear that the combination of countries with better health care and commensurate longer life expectancies, and that COVID-19 is far more deadly with the advanced age of its victims could be an explanation for the apparent disproportionate deaths. European countries and the Mediterranean region, Italy for example, where there are higher life expectancies, are seeing huge death rates, and the older the person the more likely they are to succumb. But then, Italy had massive Chinese tourism leading up to the pandemic and shutdown. And Italy admits they just didn’t believe this was going to get as bad as fast as it did and they did not react accordingly.

    The nursing homes are getting hit hard.

  67. No Rob p you are not in the center. This is where your are in your own words.

    .” Right now is the time to put politics aside and present a United front. Republicans at all levels of government, with a few notable exceptions care about 1 thing only…money. they are unwilling to help us lower class individuals, who live paycheck to paycheck, and have proven it time after time. So pardon me for expressing my hatred of Republicans in government, but I’m just plain sick of getting shafted day after day. I’m tired of all the lies, and hearing how great everything is going, when in fact things going smoothly is no where near true. I’m sick of being worried that my kid sister is not safe at work due to the lack of PPE, which is being used as political leverage. I yearn for some honesty about the situation.”

    Those are not the words of anyone near the center. They are words loaded with contradictions, self pity and hatred. The government including Republicans passed a massive relief bill in record time and as part of it gave money to the American people that I’m sure many of us have already received. I know I have and I’m grateful for it.
    My fear is both you and the scum bag that take news items, fill them with vitriol and stick your finger in the face of people that may actually be center right and open minded will just lose votes like Clinton did with her divisive rhetoric.
    You may confuse my open mindedness and empathy for the other side as being a Trump supporter if you wish. It would not be correct.

  68. So I was watching previous Stafford Sizzlers on Youtube today. I really need this #TrumpPandemic to be over so we can safely get back to racing.

  69. The Rob p/DGF anti Trump alliance seems like one of strange bedfellows but maybe not as much as would first appear.
    DGF’s self congratulations and claims of every kind of expertise are fairly well established. No one in this forum makes more claims of expertise with no proof then DGF. The only expertise I’ve seen concerns emoji’s of which he has no peer with his innovative introduction of the turd emoji. Rob p has worn his heart on his sleeve for years complaining of his financial challenges, deteriorating physical condition, operations and now friends sick and passed. The candor is unique and refreshing in many respects. One an insecure pretentious fool, the other a continuing Greek tragedy..
    In both cases it mainly amounts to look at me. For one its see how smart I am, what I claim are my bona fides, how you should be listening to me. For the other the challenges I faced in life, how I’m struggling, need help and can’t get it. Each focusing all that is wrong in the world on Trump. DGF because he’s been doing it since the beginning and Rob p because Trump has caused his already precarious circumstance to worsen.Or at least has processed it that way.
    In both your cases instead of cringing in your homes and blaming Trump it might be time to sack up and take some responsibility for your situations. Trump didn’t tell you to spend a crap ton of money Rob p on racing when you could have been saving for a rainy day. DGF’s hyperbolic no deaths for 30 days nonsense and blaming Trump for it equally deflects from personal responsibility and decision making. It’s a world pandemic not a Trump pandemic as you two seem to think.
    The stay home policy isn’t literal. People have to go out and shop for food and do other things. It’s for people to limit trips out and be smart while doing it that as far as I can see is really taking hold.
    Put on your big boy pants, mask up, grab some sanitizer and do something instead of spending all your time blaming Trump. Trump is doing fine screwing up his chances for re election just fine and doesn’t need you two pissing off the other side sticking your fingers in their face every day.

  70. Rob p
    “. I’ve got 2 college degrees, one in electrical engineering, the other in information technology.”

    I stand corrected. Clearly being the two people in this forum with engineering degrees you Rob p and the scum bag are intellectually superior as well as kindred spirits politically.

  71. OK I’m done with the DGF/Rob p anti Trump alliance. I don’t have an engineering degree like DGF and Rob p but I can cook. What-a-ya think RaceDayCT of my meat loaf.

    Doug’s Healthy Meat Loaf
    (AKA Anti Trump meat loaf if you’re Rob p or the scum bag)

    -16 to 20 ounces lean ground turkey or chicken
    -quarter to a third cup Ocean Spray low sugar dried cranberries
    -1/2 to 1 cup smooshed unsweetened shredded wheat
    -1/3 cup egg whites
    -1/3 cup low sugar catsup
    -1 medium onion diced
    -one or two chopped up apples if you have them
    -garlic, Italian spices, black pepper and red pepper depending on your personal tastes.

    You know the drill. Mix it all up, pack in a well olive oiled glass baking dish and cook at 350 until the internal temperature exceeds 160 degrees. Serve with a nice salad, backed potato and McCormicks no MSG gravy for a hearty quarantine meal and meatloaf sandwiches in the days to follow. Yummy.
    I don’t know what the nutritional values are but it sounds healthy and that’s half the battle. I do know shredded wheat has twice the protein value of traditional bread crumbs.

  72. Insipid Cybil wrote, “OK I’m done with the DGF/Rob p anti Trump alliance. ”

    Hey, Insipid Cybil, how many times have you said stuff like that before? And never lived up to it? Must be all the time because nothing has changed.

    How many times did you threaten to leave, only to come back? All the times.


    Yeah, right.

  73. Hey Doug, you really are like Trump. You promise or threaten to leave and not comeback, just like Trump. Trump said the daily Whiter House press briefings were not worth it anymore, Took Saturday and Sunday off, but he’s on the schedule for Monday. And Trump uses multiple fake identities, just like you.

  74. Quarantine Chronicles… We aren’t racing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so here are the latest STATISTICS.


    New Cases since yesterday: 26,509

    New Deaths since yesterday: 1,157

    Total Deaths: 55,413

  75. I’m impressed. 113 emoji’s. See if you can prove your engineering credentials Rob p and match it.

  76. Here’s an interesting 🧐 contribution I read elsewhere…

    It must be so exhausting to be a Trump supporter. Everyday you have to figure out how to defend an idiotic comment or insane action, just because you can’t admit you made a mistake and voted a total moron into the most powerful office in the world.

  77. Credit Stafford Speedway and Paul Arute for yet another terrific podcast this time with Ryan Preece.
    In an hour plus he revealed a lot of himself and how he views his racing career. That he never really had a goal to reach the Cup level and that he just wanted to race as many times a week as possible. Biggest rival Keith Rocco. Favorite short track Riverhead and least favorite Seekonk. Admitted to coming in second to Doug Coby a lot with zero rancor and even mentioning Coby has had a Hall of Fame worthy modified career. Mike Paquette was the guy that took his knowledge of race cars from a basic understanding of setups to the finite nuances of chassis geometry and experimenting with change. Eric Sanderson and the 16 being the opportunity in NWMT racing that got him to the point of competing at the front consistently. How in TC’s last race as Preece searched for a way around Dowling and Galko that went side by side for countless laps Ted on his rear bumper and side in 4th never touched him and he took it as a sign of respect.
    The interview was conducted by a local race track and geared to a local race track audience so Preece geared it to the audience he was addressing. Nonetheless it did show that in spite of his career at the top level of racing he’s still absolutely locked into local modified racing. So much so he follows the racing on Friday night at Stafford on Race Monitor no matter where he is.
    Looking over Preece’s record you wonder why he’s revered as one of our most successful area drivers. He’s only got the one SK championship at Stafford in 2011..A good deal of the time he was chasing Pennink. In the NWMT he lost a lot to Coby and really only had the one championship in 2013.
    For me it’s because he’s just a racers racer that came from a racing family and started in tour type modifieds at an incredible “13 or 14” years old. Championships have always taken a back seat for Preece it seems as he gravitates to the best opportunity and competition available. Championships not so much but 4 NWMT seconds and a crap ton of wins everywhere including 10 wins in the Stafford SK’s in a year he did not win the championship. Burning with the inner fire of competition like TC but with softer edges and more fan friendly. Finally he’s been loyal and continues to work with one of the smartest local chassis guys in the Northeast in Mike Paquette. Preece doesn’t need to go to Open races at Stafford or New Smyrna. He doesn’t have to spent his time in the shop with Mike Paquette experimenting on cars. He does it because it’s just what racers do.
    Preece is living the dream and making a living at it. Something we all hoped for as we exited our schooling but so few attain.
    Paul Arute does a terrific job with these interviews and you have to listen carefully for the insights he casually drops in. Like how Stafford was not happy that Preece came to the Open race last year unannounced. Clearly they would have liked to promote it. Like the casual aside that the only reason many of us in the region tune into Cup races is because of Ryan Preece. Nailed it!

  78. Interesting contribution from an “expert” on CNN: Republican governors taking all kinds of heat for their handling of Covid-19, while Governor Cuomo gives an excellent, factual, no nonsense press conference each day. But the “expert” goes on to point out that there are more Covid deaths in New York State than deaths in all the Republican led states added together! CNN better not let this “expert” back on their network. Any more of this “expert” and people might start calling it the #CuomoPandemic

  79. I thank NASCAR, all the tracks and whoever else for putting races up on YouTube. It’s pretty cool to see these races again, and especially during these #Pandemic times.

  80. It’s funny how a few simple words can send someone into a freefall rant.
    To all those out there enduring this lockdown, hang in there, take solace in knowing your actions are helping
    Hope everyone is safe strong and sane, although sanity slips away a little more each day. Stay well

  81. “By shotgunning questions you do not hurt the credibility of the subject. You are trying to while evading it. You are evading substantiating your questions while thinking you are casting suspicion and aspersions”. I am not evading any questions, that is you that is evading! Dareal, I don’t have to substantiate any of my questions on what you print, you printed the information and its up to you to you to substantiate your post.

    “Again dude, you could have informed yourself and answered your own questions 20x over already. It’s a simple internet search. If you can’t find it, you are ignorant, an idiot, or both”. You already recanted your statement that it indeed happened by posting that it really never happened (ingesting/injection of bleach or disinfectant) so what is there to research. Who is the ignorant idiot?

    And this is the best post yet “Earl, your boy Dopey Donny keeps saying that if Hillary had won, we’d be at war with North Korea. Can you please explain that and most importantly, substantiate it”? Lets drill down a bit, “Earl, your boy Dopey Donny keeps saying”. You just said Trump said it. Why is it my job to explain and substantiate a comment Trump made? That’s Trumps job, GET IT? Dareal if you want an answer from him call, e-mail, tweet the man and ask him yourself to substantiate his comment, that’s not my job because I did not say it. And by all means please let us all know his response especially when the question comes from darealgoodfella!

  82. Aside from the terrible experience Loyd endured as a child at the point he entered the University of Connecticut they were heady days for the program on the rise in the premier division.
    Greg Loyd had a terrific career with UCONN and was on the team that included the pinnacle of UCONN’s success in football the 2011 Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma. They lost not only the game but the coach as well and it has been a steady downhill slide for our beloved Huskies since then. Now back in the Big East for most sports and independent in football we UCONN fans were looking forward to a new beginning. That may take a while.
    Loyd was good and had a few years in the NFL and as far as I know is still listed as a free agent.

    Interesting factoid. John McEntee was a QB on the 2011 UCONN Fiesta Bowl football team and went on to become Trumps “body man” and was promoted from that position to Director of the White House Presidential Personnel Office. Is that a six degrees of separation type of thing?

  83. Doug, please tell me that the dire situation the United States faces isn’t Trump’s fault. I’m not saying that we wouldn’t have been affected by Covid 19 with any other president. But I can truly say the response would have been better, and faster.
    Trump knew in December that this virus was headed to be a pandemic. He was told multiple times that this virus was deadly and spread quickly. Yet he did absolutely nothing about it, instead downplaying the situation, rather than taking any actions. Now he’s turned this whole mess into a political fight. His actions have been anything but presidential. He continues to lie, and tries to shift the blame. But we all know we are where we’re at because of the actions, or lack of, of one person Donald J. Trump.

  84. Earl wrote, “You already recanted your statement that it indeed happened by posting that it really never happened (ingesting/injection of bleach or disinfectant) so what is there to research.”

    I don’t recall recanting anything. Please post, by copy & paste, along with the post time stamp ID. Thanks in advance for you cooperation.

    Did you see the post I provided about the people that got sick and the one that died from Trump’s previous medical advice?

  85. Well Doug, how I spend my money is none of your God dammed business. But since you brought it up, I didn’t spend my money racing, I spent my money helping my father pay bills so that my mother could stay at home, rather than living in a nursing home. So how F yourself.
    As for the rest of you, I hope everyone is safe, strong and sane. Hang in there, and keep doing what your doing, it is helping.
    To all the essential workers, THANK YOU You are all heroes in my eyes.

  86. Stop and Shop grocery stores is trying to have their employees, and all grocery store workers, to be classified as first responders. This would allow workers to receive priority status for testing, and be able to qualify for emergency child care, as well as other benefits. I think this is a good idea, as grocery store workers are in constant contact with people at their job.

  87. People in and around Las Vegas are nervous. They know their customer base that has to fly to get there isn’t going to want to risk it for a vacation. They built the stadium and the Raiders are coming to town with the economic well being of the region more at risk then most areas of the country by the nature of the economic model they depend on.
    Enter Goodman. I suppose she did the political calculus. determined she had no risk exposure for the decision so why not say what the casino owners and people of the area might want to hear. The casino owners probably liked it but turns out local workers didn’t like the idea of being a control group at all.
    Or maybe she said what she said because she can’t be re elected because of term limits and might be a doddering old fool at 81 just happy for the attention TV interviews would give her. She did two.
    I don’t know what kind of thought process leads a person to conclude using the term “control group” is a good idea in a pandemic. I don’t know what leads a person suggest studying the possibility of ingesting disinfectants or shoving an ultra violet light down into peoples lungs in a stream of consciousness is a good idea. Biden isn’t in that class but he’s been known to blurt out some doozies as well. Ask Hillary Clinton what she thinks on any topic and she’ll go off into left field searching for dots to connect with the best of them.
    There’s a great bit in Clint Eastwood’s movie The Mule where Clint’s character goes on a meandering stream of consciousness with a complete stranger at a diner.. The stranger looks at him and says all you old people just lose you filters don’t you.
    Yes we certainly do like in this meandering comment but at least I’m not in a position of leadership thank goodness.

  88. A glimmer of hope today. Local news outlets are reporting that although the death till continues to rise in Massachusetts, the number of new hospitalizations is going down. State officials are hopeful that this means that Massachusetts has topped out, and is on the way to recovery. The “stay at home” order expires on May 4th, but will most likely be extended until June, an announcement concerning that will be made later this week.
    I fully expect that the order will be extended.
    To everyone who is considered an essential workers, all I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I consider you people to be heroes in this time of crisis
    I hope everyone remains safe, strong and sane. Keep up the good work, your sacrifices are helping to make a difference, and may prove invaluable when considering wether or not to reopen our great state.

  89. 🏁 🏁 🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁 🏁 🏁 says
    April 25, 2020 at 8:50 am

    US Government officials are still scrambling to neutralize Dopey Don’s recommendation to ingest/inject bleach or disinfectant before more people are harmed.

    🏁 🏁 🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁 🏁 🏁 says
    April 25, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Earl, have you found the reports of people taking Trump’s advice to ingest bleach or disinfectants yet?
    Here’s a little, hope you can read it, no discussion of reports of actual ingestion here, that’s for you to find on your own.

    “ingest/inject bleach or disinfectant before more people are harmed”, “no discussion of reports of actual ingestion”. You printed them.

    The person that got sick and the person that died did not die from ingesting/injecting bleach or disinfectant, read the article you referenced.

  90. Did you know that the CDC put our an expanded list of symptoms for Covid 19 a week and a half ago? Unless you visited the CDC website, you wouldn’t have known. The old symptoms list had 3 symptoms fever, coughing and shortness of breath. The updated list includes fever, chills, coughing, sore throat, muscle pain, headache, coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath. Why is this important? Because most healthcare systems use symptoms to determine wether or not a person is tested. Even healthcare systems were not aware of this updated list until today. Another screw up by the Trump administration.
    States continue to bid against each other and the federal government for PPE. But did you know that even the VA has to compete against the federal government for PPE? Yup, the VA, a federal entity has to compete for PPE. If I remember correctly, didn’t Trump campaign saying he would assure that veterans got better care under his leadership? Just another day in Trump land.
    Your life could depend on it.

  91. Tucker Carlson of Fix News says “the virus isn’t nearly as deadly as we thought it was” He was talking about San Francisco extending it’s stay at home order

  92. Donald Trump’s latest; He alone built the greatest economy in the history of the world. Well, that’s funny because the GDP only rose about 3/10ths of a percent since Trump took office. The economic gains made in the past 3 years are mainly due to policies that Obama enacted. In other words, more of the same B.S. and lies.

  93. Earl, so glad to see you are choosing to remain willfully ignorant.

    The information you are demanding that I get for you are all out there. You would have expended far less keystrokes already if you done so, as I already told you I wasn’t going to do it for you.

    Glad to see you are in a state of bliss.

  94. Rob p., glad you latched on to the comment from Dopey Donny and how he is claiming to have built the greatest economy by himself. Total 🐂 💩.

    For the rest of you, Don The Con was riding on the coattails of Barrack Hussein Obama’s strong economy, the economy that first had to recovery from the Cheney/GW Bush depression. I will give Dopey Don credit for staying away from the economy, it was doing well without him meddling with it. He learned to stay away after trying to leverage companies and the failed tariff wars. And the best part, Don the Con inherited a great economy from a BLACK GUY and then Don proceeded to screw it up by trying to gloss over a deadly pandemic.

    For example, Dopey Don likes to make it appear that all is well, and we have blown right by a couple of Don The Con’s reopening deadlines already, as if they did not even exist.

  95. “Did you know that the CDC put our(t) an expanded list of symptoms for Covid 19 a week and a half ago? ”
    ” Even healthcare systems were not aware of this updated list until today. Another screw up by the Trump administration.”

    Chicago Tribune 4/27
    “Dr. Emily Landon, hospital epidemiologist at the University of Chicago Medical Center, said the hospital long has been using the updated possible symptoms as indicators of COVID-19, including on official documents aimed at the hospital’s own health care workers, so they could seek care if presenting with symptoms less obvious than fever, cough, or shortness of breath.”

    Medical professionals don’t depend on Trump for their analysis of related symptoms. Aside from the fact it exploded across most news sources a few days ago and not today health professionals clearly monitor the CDC and knew of the change on April 17th when it appeared as well as considering their own observations.
    The statement it was not known to the medical community until today is false.

  96. So I’m listening to WTIC AM the morning, the once universally popular most powerful AM station in CT that is now haven to an array of right wing talkers and there was and interesting call. An obviously old man and Trump supporter posits that “several doctors” have said that the Covid-19 death numbers are overstated. Overstated because people died from the underlying conditions and not Covid-19. The host showed no concern for the lack of sourcing of the doctors, took the old guys statement at face value then ran with it and it became an whole bit. It became a self perpetuating stream of ignorance mainly because it served the stations and hosts agenda.
    No I don’t know the VA is bidding against the Federal government for PPE’s. I’m virtually certain of a couple things. One that the Federal Government is distributing PPE supplies to VA’s all across the country. 2 that if there is a situation where a VA has bid to get PPE supplies locally that it is not a system wide policy.
    What I found out is this. The VA is massive and they have to treat mostly the most vulnerable segment of the population. While it may be true a VA location or locations may have bid against other businesses or States for PPE’s I can find nothing that makes it clear this is a common practice nation wide. The Federal Governement is sending PPE’s all across the country including VA’s. The problem is they are fulfilling only small percentages of the requests mainly because the supply is inadequate.
    The main criticism of the administration is that it has allowed this competition between States, health care providers and at times the Federal Government itself to continue and that it’s escalated costs for PPE’s. While that’s going on the Fed’s are seizing supplies at times. Not to stock pile them but to direct them to the places of greatest need. There is some merit to what they are doing but since the backdrop is the shortage no demand can ever be fulfilled so everyone is angry.
    The silver lining if you could call it that is that the higher prices encourage manufacturers to devote every resource they can to provide a greater supply but that takes time. We have seen the ventilator shortage crises rise and subside and we are in the process right now of mitigating the shortages of PPE’s.
    In an alternate reality the administration had centralized supply and distribution we might have seen a more equitable distribution of PPE’s. We might have seen fewer complaints about price gouging. However the problem is supply and even with centralized authority there would never have been enough to go around.

  97. Doug, as Crazy in NY once said, he called you out for you thought you were the judge of all others, calling who was right and who wasn’t. It was a great call out. 👍 Still stands today as the best.

    Insipid Cybil, with all your screen names: Doug, RickyinMass, WeldingWonders, etc., you demonstrated that you are in no place to judge others due to your persistent fraudulent behavior. Using other screen names to garner a FAKE conversation and a FAKE supporter was pure fraud. Carrying on a conversation with yourself was pure fraud.

    Just like the strongest and bigly fraud, Dopiest Dopey Don the Con. Dopey Don Used John Barron, John Miller, David Dennison, and Carolin Galego as fake identities to prop himself up. You are just like Dopey Don the Con. And how you GOT YOURSELF CAUGHT WAS THE BEST AND MOST STRONGEST BIGLY FANTASTICALLY STUPID!!!!!!

    DUMBO DOUG WINS AGAIN!!! Or so he thinks.

  98. 🚨🚨🚨 darealgoodfella 🚨🚨🚨 says
    April 27, 2020 at 4:56 pm

    I don’t recall recanting anything. Please post, by copy & paste, along with the post time stamp ID. Thanks in advance for you cooperation.

    🏁 🏁 🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁 🏁 🏁 says
    April 25, 2020 at 8:50 am

    US Government officials are still scrambling to neutralize Dopey Don’s recommendation to ingest/inject bleach or disinfectant before more people are harmed.

    🏁 🏁 🏁 darealgoodfella 🏁 🏁 🏁 says
    April 25, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Earl, have you found the reports of people taking Trump’s advice to ingest bleach or disinfectants yet?
    Here’s a little, hope you can read it, no discussion of reports of actual ingestion here, that’s for you to find on your own.

    You asked me to “Please post, by copy & paste, along with the post time stamp ID. Thanks in advance for you cooperation”. You asked, I cooperated, provided the information requested. Don’t know what else I can do for you.

    “Glad to see you are in a state of bliss”. No not at all, just wasting my time watching you make a complete and total fool of yourself by attempting to deny a statement you made.

    The lights are on and no ones home! Bye, Bye now.

  99. Doug, the VA is getting rationed PPE from the federal government, who outbid them initially. Same thing is happening with many states who buy PPE from over seas, only to have the shipments confiscated by the federal government. It’s been well documented in the past few months, on CNN, MSNBC and ABC world news. The PPE ordered by the VA was confiscated by FEMA, then returned out. Workers at some VA facilities have been forced to use the same PPE for days, which they now blame for the spread of the virus.
    It’s funny how Trump needs to be in charge when things are good, but is swift to shift blame when things go bad
    Your life could depend on it

  100. Earl, still refusing to make any effort to inform yourself? You are the perfect uneducated, uninformed, ignorant tool Trump is looking for. And very proud of it too.

  101. It is true that the VA has shortages of PPE’s. It’s also true that shortages exist virtually everywhere because the demand is so high and supply can only fulfill a fraction of the demand.
    It is true that FEMA has seized supplies ordered by the VA. I can find no articles stating that the VA as a government agency was bidding against FEMA or any other government agency as the crises started to develop.
    “I had 5 million masks incoming that disappeared,” said Richard Stone, executive in charge of the sprawling Veterans Health Administration. He acknowledged that he’s been forced to move to “austerity levels” at some hospitals.

    Stone said the Federal Emergency Management Agency directed vendors with equipment on order from VA to instead send it to FEMA ”

    The statement was made that the Federal Government was bidding against the VA that I believe is essentially false. FEMA seizing supplies and redistributing them on a rationed basis is not inherently wrong when there is a shortage of supply. There’s no scenario where FEMA can look good if the VA, any State or health care providers get an inadequate ration especially when they had the foresight to order in advance. At the same time there is an argument that when there is a short supply and an emergency it is the governments responsibility to take control of the supply and ration it more equitably.

  102. Dareal, like my father said hundreds of times and this saying fits you to a T “son, you can’t fix stupid”.

    And my old boss had one that fits you as well “no matter how hard you try, you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken 💩”.

  103. We have surpassed 1 million confirmed cases of Covid 19.
    Given that only 5 million tests have been done the number of actual cases is much higher how much higher? Unknown.
    Now states are starting to reopen. I’d be willing to say that 2- 3 weeks from now we will see a rise in cases in those states. What sucks Is states who have held out, they are gonna be home even longer, as a second wave hits.

  104. Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Fox News. Say it ain’t so, Joe Biden sexual assault allegations? Say it ain’t so, say it ain’t so!

  105. I was wondering when that kernel of a news item was going to cross these pages and it’s only fitting Earl that you were the one to do it.
    There may be folk here that try to poke holes in the accusation and perhaps attack the women in the process. I see no reason to. It should be taken seriously and the women given every opportunity to make her case.
    With regard to the election what did Republican’s that hated the idea of an admitted sexual predator being the face of the Republican Party say at the time. Ya it’s bad but it’s a bilateral choice.
    So that’s my response regardless of the validity of the accusation. Biden is inoculated by the documented behavior of his opponent. And it is after all a bilateral choice.

  106. “I was wondering when that kernel of a news item was going to cross these pages and it’s only fitting Earl that you were the one to do it”. Kernel? No, this is the whole silo full Doug. For the sake of COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY lets get it out there so the public is aware of what is going on other than he corona virus. Something wrong with that?

    Here is the sad part Doug, the press is doing a masterful job hiding this story from the citizens. I have only seen it printed in news papers but not one shred of information on television, the vehicle that most of the public utilizes and pays attention to. Of course this would be the absolute worse possible time to launch this on television with the American public quarantined at home, watching TV. The last thing the party wants is the American public to see is the savior of the party and America being accused of sexual misconduct on TV.

    Joe Biden has not participated in a news conference in over 3 weeks, I wonder why? Is he afraid of the fall out that could result in his party being de-railed from their bid to cease control of the white house?Yes the American people will make their choice in November however, lets make sure all the information good, bad and ugly is out there so they can make an unbias, informed decision. Not one that is orchestrated by the media in a specific direction.

  107. Earl,

    Check this out, and Dopey Donald denied it was him on the video/audio.

    I’m sure you would never be able to find this, so here it is.

    Here you go:


  108. “Here is the sad part Doug, the press is doing a masterful job hiding this story from the citizens. I have only seen it printed in news papers but not one shred of information on television,”
    I can’t fight those vague statements. I don’t see how you can say you’re monitoring the entire media and be in a position to judge what is being covered and what isn’t.. I open up my yahoo news summery and the first thing that pops up is a story from The Week.” How Tara Reade’s allegations could bring down Joe Biden”.
    I pinged ” biden sex assault allegations” on google and see articles from every major news outlet from the NY Times to Fox News.
    I know I’m on top of it and have read accounts from the people supporting Reade’s account as well as those saying supportive things of Biden’s conduct at the time.
    It may be fair to say it’s taking a back seat on left wing cable news which is to be expected. I’d bet Fox News and talk radio that is in every media market in the country is beating the hell out of it. Broadcast news you can understand it not being a priority given their time constraints and the fact the plague is the story of the century. I know The PBS News hour has more time and has covered it.
    Don’t say I’m trying to hide anything. Here’s the story Earl. Enjoy.

  109. “It may be fair to say it’s taking a back seat”. Of course it is taking back seat, if you were a Democrat would you want it in the front seat? They are hoping by ignoring it, it will go away and be forgotten, but that won’t happen. Its there Doug, it is reality, can’t deny it. You can’t click your heels 3 times Dorothy and it all goes away. How does that saying go “the chickens are coming home to roost” and now Americas savior honest Joe is fair game.

    As the Albanian said on the phone in the movie Taken “good luck”.

  110. Earl,

    I do make an effort to stay on the sidelines of these political back and forth battles here. I make it a point to try to stay out of political debates in general in all facets of life. Honestly, I think this instance to me isn’t even about political party affiliation when you really slice it up. It’s about two men and that’s it.

    I do think the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Joe Biden, and the coverage of those allegations, certainly brings up some questions. Is it being covered or exposed the way it should be? Hard to say when you take into consideration the environment we live in today. Is it that the media doesn’t really see this as being something today’s voter really is concerned about? And I ask that because we have a sitting president who has had how many documented allegations of sexual misconduct alleged against him? We have a sitting president who is literally recorded describing himself sexually assaulting women (Grab ’em by the …) and saying that action is acceptable if you’re a celebrity. So maybe in essence that fact has just made the general public numb to these types of allegations. Kind of like the idea that Bill Clinton taking a hit off a joint nearly derailed his election, but today that fact wouldn’t be a blip on the media radar.

    How do you vilify one person and say they shouldn’t be president because of a foggy allegation arising from decades ago when you have a sitting president who has had the same allegations made again him numerous times over? To me it’s not even about political party allegiances, but two old men who have been accused of a misdeeds, with one of those men actually on record saying that sexual assaulting women is acceptable if you’re rich.

  111. Earl, you and the rest make like Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, and all others never happened. Something like 25 accusers, and numerous women silenced with $130,000 payments and NDA’s. Do a search on Trump accusers and you will have months of reading material. Look up the court cases where Trump and Jeffrey Epstein were co-defendants. You’re not gonna do that.

    Biden looks like an angel compared to Dopey Donald. If that was the determine factor,Biden wins because Trump p has this reputation and is on tape bragging about it. The Entertainment Tonight video for one. And Trump denies that was him on the Entertainment Tonight video.

    Who is worse, Joe or Don?

  112. Earl, Why didn’t the GOP bring up this Tara Reade accusation when Biden was running as VP? It could have been used to derail the Obama campaign.

    Earl, you do a good job ignoring all about Trump and his dalliances. If it were a competition, Trump wins! He brags about it.

  113. I never said the man should not be president. I am questioning his actions just as others question and continue to criticize Trumps. The sitting president acted in a manner not becoming when it comes to the female gender however, just because Trump did it does that mean it is OK for Biden allegedly to? Should we all look the other way and just ignore it? Maybe the Democrats aren’t really the party to offer change, not when it comes to sexual behavior anyway.

  114. Earl, Trump’s unPresidential behavior, including his mistreatment of women, was dismissed by your tribe because of whataboutism. Your tribe constantly brought up Bill Clinton and if Bill could do it, so can Trump. But if your tribe thinks is was wrong for Bill to do it, isn’t also wrong for Trump to do it?

    Now being President is far more than these allegations, but one thing for sure is that Biden can do the job.

    Earl, 1993, and now this gets brought up??? It’s reasons like this that accusations are considered not credible. Let’s face it, there have also been many false accusations thrown around. Your boy Dopey Don has current and active sexual assault cases going on. I’ll let you inform yourself on that. Don needs to stay in office to continue to evade and slow down these cases.

  115. Jared Kushner went on Fox and Friends, and called the Covid 19 pandemic a great success story. How’s that for irony.

  116. The Republican governor of Iowa, Kate Reynolds, has ordered her state to reopen amid a surge of Covid cases. She has made it clear that any employees who do not return to work for fear of getting the virus will lose their unemployment benefits.

  117. Plugs 2020 says

    Dafella says since it was 1993 the accusations are not credible. I thought since #metoo we have to believe all women no matter what. Surely dafella must have believed every word of Blasey Ford’s accusations from high school.

  118. Plugs, just as it is wrong to dismiss any and all accusations, it is also just as wrong to believe all accusations without verifying. And yes, I do realize it is difficult or impossible to verify all accusations. Look what eventually happened to Bill Cosby, and the evidence against Bill Clinton. False accusations, insinuation and innuendo are damning and often impossible to defend against. So in a way, false accusations are damning and damaging. And you know that Rudy Giuliani and the campaign will flood the public with these stories.

    Will you be willing to forgive, or look the other way like you did for Trump?

  119. Only accusations against Republicans are true, accusations against Democrats are irrelevant and false even if they were yesterday.

    “Will you be willing to forgive, or look the other way like you did for Trump”? Answer, Joe is a Democrat so we all must be willing to forgive and dismiss his short comings no matter what the allegations are. So what if the shoe was on the other foot? Same behavior, Biden was president and Trump was the challenger, same circumstances, same issues only in reverse, wouldn’t you be defending Biden to the end of the world because you and he are democrats? Lets get real here.

  120. Earl,

    I keep breaking my rule of avoiding getting involved here. First, I don’t think anyone here inferred that: “Only accusations against Republicans are true.”
    I just keep going back to what I said before, as much as everyone wants to make this a party affiliation fight, it’s really not something that has to do with party affiliation. It seems it’s more about the numbing of the voter base in 2016.
    You had a presidential candidate literally on record saying his opinion is if you’re a rich celebrity you have the right and privilege to sexually assault women without repercussions. Removing any of the documented accusations against that person, you still have that vocal admittance. And he was elected. So what that tells me is that a large group of voters thinks it’s alright to have the opinion that if you’re a rich celebrity you should be allowed to sexually assault women. The irony now is most of the people who decided that they were alright with accepting that opinion are now the ones who are upset because they feel allegations against another candidate aren’t getting enough attention. I don’t understand how you have it both ways?
    Let’s break it down like this. We all know McDonald’s French fries are bad for you. But, they taste good and a lot of people like them. So let’s say every day at noon you go to McDonald’s and order a super size order of French fries and you eat them right there in front of all the other regulars that come in around noon. Then let’s say after three years of eating those French fries every single day in front of all the regulars at McDonald’s around noon, one day out of the blue you stand at the door at McDonald’s at noon yelling at every customer that comes in telling them the French fries are unhealthy and dangerous to eat and they will kill you if you eat them and that you think McDonald’s needs to get rid of the French fries.
    Don’t you think the people walking by are going to say: “I’ve been watching you eat those fries every single day for three years, now you’re telling me eating French fries is bad? You don’t make any sense.”

  121. Earl, just because Biden is not a rich guy doesn’t mean he should be persecuted for the same stuff rich guys can get away with. Let’s get real here.

    Accusations are just that… accusations. Only true when proven or admitted, and Trump admits to what he’s accused of doing, in very strange and twisted ways. All those payoffs and NDA’s with all those girls.

    “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” – Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propagation Minister

    Shawn, hypocrisy means nothing to these people. Absolutely nothing.

    Earl, you are a Republican. Why are you afraid or embarrassed to admit it? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Trump is in a Bill Cosby situation. He has a few sexual assault cases going on right now, slowed down because he claims to be above the law while in office. Earl, you can look that up for yourself.

    I’m still wondering what the Trump Library will be like. Maybe a big cardboard box, a blanket tent.

  122. Don’t know if the accusations are real or not why wait 27 years?

  123. The French fry bit is wonderful but will it change any minds for those that only consume French fries?
    Two old men accused of misdeeds and the public in the middle of a generational, existential threat and numb to competing accusations of sexual misconduct. It’s a nuanced message that resonates but has largely gone unnoticed in the responses.
    I don’t know what Earl and Plugs 2020 watch and read for news but based on the screen ID and their comments it seems logical they get their news in large part from Fox News and talk radio. If that’s the case and they are hearing the accusations against Biden brought up constantly it’s not hard to imagine if they turn on broadcast nightly news and don’t hear it constantly they conclude it’s being covered up.
    On the other side are the two engineer amigos with a constant stream of anti Trump bits that in far too many cases they got wrong or distort. For those two the news wherever they get it has one purpose. Get a headline that makes Trump and/or Republicans look bad and regurgitate it here in the simplest, most outrageous way in hope of scoring political points.
    On the table now is the accusation against Biden. Are they expressing any nuanced, well intended arguments regarding the issue? No, none of them is capable of it so they hurl one liners back an forth essentially saying your guy is worse and doing it all while the pandemic rages. Earl repeats the same thing and DGF perceives you an ally now pivoting off your French fry analogy but each is saying nothing new or that they even get what you are saying.
    From now until the election Plugs 2020, Earl, Rob, DGF and many just like them will be irrelevant. While they hurl one liners they got from some talk radio host or an outrageous headline they bastardize by taking it completely out of context each cancels out the other. None of them will ever score political points because each is so blatantly disingenuous, purposely excluding facts that don’t fit their agenda none can be trusted.
    This election will be about generational and societal change. It will be about making decisions about our very existence. The smartest, well intended among us will be fighting that battle and good things could come from it. Well intended, informed voters able to process what is a stake will end up being the deciders in November.
    While the real battle of ideas is going on the bottom feeders like these four and millions like them on both sides will be consuming whatever news fuels their belief system and regurgitating the accusation in forums like this as if nothing is different.

  124. Doug i only disagree WITH YOUR characterization of the UPCOMING election in that we will be trading one inconsequential leader IN FOR another….. oh maybe so much like trading Franklin Pierce for James Buchanan …one dunderhead in trade FOR … you know
    But yes the action is all sucked out OF THE room by you know who but that’s how #SOME PEOPLE’# want it you know… clicky clicks pay the bills 🤑🤑🤑

  125. Dareal, I asked you this question in a previous post “So what if the shoe was on the other foot? Same behavior, Biden was president and Trump was the challenger, same circumstances, same issues only in reverse, wouldn’t you be defending Biden to the end of the world because you and he are democrats”?

    Just would like you to give me an honest answer to that question. Oh and by the way, a simple yes or no will suffice.

  126. Earl, your premise is vague and ambiguous. Where you talk about a shoe on the other foot, are you saying that Biden the democrat now has the history and life experiences of Trump, and that Trump as the republican takes on the life long reputation of a civil servant and diplomat of Biden but with one allegation from 1993?

    Please clear up your premise with exacting detail. I’d love to answer it if you can make it clear.

  127. W I w Doug, I’m glad you cleared that whole mess up. I thought this election was about which guy was the lesser idiot

  128. Nothing can be done with the accusations against Biden, the statute of limitations is long gone. Kinda the reason statutes of limitations exist.

    This is nothing more than a smear campaign, something Rudy Giuliani and Dopey Don are experts at.

  129. Just the answer and response I was expecting from you. As always confusing the issue to avoid answering the question. I can’t make it any clearer and no matter how I phrase or clarify it for you to wrap your brain around you will never answer the question. I won’t waste my time any further since I already truly know your answer.

  130. Earl wrote, “Just the answer and response I was expecting from you. As always confusing the issue to avoid answering the question. I can’t make it any clearer and no matter how I phrase or clarify it for you to wrap your brain around you will never answer the question. I won’t waste my time any further since I already truly know your answer.”

    Earl, that was exactly the reply I was expecting from you. You are incredibly vague and ambiguous, so you can then wend and twist replies to meet your agenda. You evade requests to clarify and remove ambiguity, as expected.

    So I will answer your request, by my interpretation of your inquiry. And there is no simple yes or no answer because your question is vague, ambiguous and undefined, and you refused to provide requested clarity.

    Earl wrote, “Dareal, I asked you this question in a previous post “So what if the shoe was on the other foot? Same behavior, Biden was president and Trump was the challenger, same circumstances, same issues only in reverse, wouldn’t you be defending Biden to the end of the world because you and he are democrats”? Just would like you to give me an honest answer to that question. Oh and by the way, a simple yes or no will suffice.”

    So Earl, here’s your premise as I see it. Joe Biden, who has been in public service since 1973, and was the VP from 2009 to 2017 in the Obama Administration, is now president, and he is being challenged by Dopey Don. Same people, just Biden is the Presidential incumbent and Dopey Don is the challenger.

    Your question is, “wouldn’t you be defending Biden to the end of the world because you and he are democrats?”

    Well, the answer is no for more than one reason.

    First, I am not a democrat. I am an uncommitted independent. Your question can be considered moot right there. You are a loyal, tribal Republican.

    Second, it has been known for decades that Dopey Don is a philanderer, idiot, moron, misogynist, xenophobe, homophobe, racist, etc., etc., etc. This has been known for decades, long before he ran for president. Dopey Don brags about it. So as I weigh the choices for president in the 2020 election, Dopey Don has proven what I knew in 2016 in that he is totally unfit and incapable to perform the job of President of the United States of America. That’s on top of being unPresidential.

    Somebody came up with an accusation about an allegation from 1993 regarding Biden. Trump has numerous similar allegations, some are currently pending in court, and Trump has made numerous payoffs to silence women with situations like this, like 25 women. And Dopey Don was good friends with Jeffrey Epstein.

    So if I have to weigh the two candidates on that, Biden wins in a landslide. Trump has a record that is horrible in many ways. Earl, you are making like Trump’s deplorable history does not exist. You won’t be allowed to get away with that. Biden has this 1993 allegation pop up. Joe has one allegation, Trump has literally dozens and has settled many out of court.

    Like I explained before, a vote for Biden is protection fo rate country to make sure Trump is no longer president. A vote for a third party candidate does not offer that protection.

    Why is this really a question for you?

    Haven’t you seen enough of how incompetent Dopey Don really is?

    Biden has a successful public service record and two terms as VP. Trump has 3+ years as a laughing stock in office, and a lifetime reputation as a thug and misogynist.

    Will I be defending Biden to the ends of the Earth. No, nothing to defend.

    You however have been and are defending Dopey Don all the time. So Earl, will you continue to defend Trump to the ends of the Earth? The more you try to make this allegation against Biden into an issue, the more you will have Dopey Don’s history smashed into your face. Deliberate ignorance still doesn’t work.

  131. The allegations against Biden have already started to fall apart. 3 co workers whom she supposedly had told of the incident have all said they have absolutely no recollection of it.
    But, if the allegations were proven true, I’d be disappointed with Biden. The question I ask is why all of a sudden 27 years later, right after new polls showed Trump falling farther behind, did this come out? Why didn’t it come out in 2008? Or 2012? It all just seems a little too convenient. Besides, with all the ethics rules and laws Trump has broken, don’t expect any future presidential candidate to be held to high standards. Don’t forget Trump had at least 13 woman accuse him, and that grab em by the________ video. It’s a catch 22 situation, there is no good answer sadly. I wish political candidates were held to higher moral’s, but nowadays we are lucky if they have any at all.

  132. “I wish political candidates were held to higher moral’s, but nowadays we are lucky if they have any at all”.

    Agreed, would be refreshing wouldn’t it.

  133. Rob p., do a search on “women accused Trump”, there’s way more than 13. He’s in court right now in a couple cases. He needs to stay in office since he claims as President he is above reproach. And some charges will then exceed the statute of limitations.

    As far as LA county goes, from what I’ve seen, they closed, reopened, too many people together, then the Governor closed them down, and then the county is defying the Governor’s orders.

    Trump thinks we’re all done, he’s sending ventilators around the world.

  134. So true Earl. Republican, Democrat, Independent, everyone has ghosts in the closet. Some politicians moral compasses are so screwed up it’s a wonder they manage to find their way around the capital. And it’s true on both sides of the aisle these days. But today, faced with the decision of Trump or Biden, it’s definitely Biden, at least he won’t get laughed off the world stage. Plus he was part of the economic recovery from 2008-2016. He has the Experience we need to help restore the economy, and defeat this virus. I have no confidence in a man who constantly lies, and cannot accept blame for his shortfalls. It’s easy ” I’m sorry, about our response to this situation, I promise to do better” that’s not hard to say, and if he lets the proffesional people do their job, it would be true. That’s the beauty of America, we have a choice. Let’s pray we make the right one

  135. Unaffiliated Dareal, not republican because of my 35+ year management career in municipal management. That way I could not be accused of being in kahoots with the political party in office. Wish I was affiliated though so I could vote in the primaries. Maybe they should change the laws to make it possible to allow the unaffiliated voters to participate in primaries or just eliminate the two party system period. That would eliminate much of the deadlock in State & Federal Government. Term limits, another issue, lets get rid of these career politicians. Get some fresh, new ideas, that is what this country needs. Now I am sounding way to progressive.

    Here is a blast from the past;

    Jan. 26, 1998

    “But I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie. Not a single time. Never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people”.

    Just thought you’d get a good laugh. Rob P, its been going on a long time and as I said, I agree, these people should be held at a much higher moral standard if they are going to represent “We The People”.

  136. Not sure what the quote from Bill Clinton has to do with the coming elections between Biden and Trump. Just looks like more diversion, distraction and whataboutism.

    Here’s a blast from the past, and relevant to the coming elections. And even better, Trump denied it was him on the audio!!!!!!


    and this:


    Trump did end up admitting it was him in the Entertainment Tonight video. 🤣🤣🤣

    Kinda funny… Billy Bush was a part of that. Yes, he’s part of the Bush family, the famous Republican Bush family that produced GHW Bush and GW Bush, and the commensurate depressions.

  137. Plugs 2020 says

    I don’t know who to believe. Rose McGowan, wacky Hollywood actress who was assaulted by Harvey and is calling out Democrats for their hypocrisy regarding Biden. Or dafella, a wacky commenter.

  138. The Republican party did have primaries in a few states, very few.

  139. Earl, you may not be a registered Republican, and as such maintain an appearance of neutrality, but your words and mindset are pure democrat hating republican. You can still be a Republican even if you are not registered and documented as such. You’ve made that clear, conclusive and irrefutable.

    Trump built his following on a platform of hate and haters, people like you. You will defend Trump to the ends of the universe, and attack any that challenge Trump. Exactly what you are doing.

  140. Earl, I did get a chuckle from that.
    In the case of Biden, I think he did the right thing asking to see the paperwork. Have to wait and see how it all plays out. I was surprised to hear Trump’s remarks, actually defending Joe a bit.
    I love my country. The fact that we all get to choose. But do we? I guess that would be true in a “battleground” state. I think it should be a straight up vote, and the person with the most votes wins. Then truly we can say that every vote matters.

  141. And with that statement in the first paragraph of your post dareal, you are the pot calling the kettle black, conclusive and irrefutable 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  142. Earl, you are again being vague, nonspecific, and ambiguous. What statement? Please present it exactly as written. Copy and paste.

  143. Rob P, the popular vote should determine the election not the electoral college. Give the power to the people and let them decide.

    The reason I posted the Clinton quote was it proved that what is happening now existed in the past.

  144. Yup Earl, and guaranteed Bill Clinton wasn’t the first to get his knob polished in the oval office.

  145. The amazing part of the whole Clinton deal, was how Hillary stood by her man. I think not having social media like we do today helped Bill too.

  146. Yes, he probably was not the first and definitely won’t be the last. And I agree on the social media. Being married to an ugly woman definitely had a lot to do with final decision as well I am sure 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Can’t believe I said that!

  147. Earl, education and history isn’t in the cards for you, is it? Remember I told you that my daughter is a lawyer and son-in-law is a Presidential historian? The predecessors of the modern GOP actually tried to make sure the the selection of presidents was exclusively done by the elitists, wealthy, and majority owners of the country. But even they realized that wasn’t very democratic at all. They required intelligence tests, which were a way for them to deny voting rights to those that were not their demographic. This was before GOP gerrymandering. There are still some people alive today that were subjected to these intelligence tests. So the Electoral College was developed as a way for the election process to be abused, for a party to keep their finger on the scales of equality. You know, some people are more equal than others.

    And GHW Bush was also known as quite the ladies man. It was kept out of the news out of respect for Barbara Bush, but it was in the news a little bit. Perhaps one of the most profound examples of hypocrisy was Newt Gingrich. As Speaker of the House, he championed the effort to impeach Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky. But Newt was boning his Admin. Assistant, while he was married, while he was going after Bill Clinton for having an affair, and ended up marrying the Admin Assistant. Newt did this more than once, he is currently on his third wife. Kinda funny… he had to convert to Roman Catholicism for his latest wife. His current wife is Ambassador to the Vatican. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Amazing that he hasn’t burst into flames.

    The reason I posted this was it proved that what is happening now existed in the past.

    But Earl, that won’t stop you from droning on and on about accusations of Biden doing it while you ignore or distract attention away from your boy Trump doing it. Try as you might Earl, you are not going to succeed in making like Biden is the first or worst person to ever be accused.

  148. Right now, if you take all of Congress, the Senate, president and vice president you get 536 people. Cummings seat has yet to be filled
    Out of those 536 people, with some extensive research, you’d probably find dirt on 500 of them.

  149. Junior, you are fighting a loosing battle, his daughter is an attorney, his son-in-law is a presidential historian and he is an engineer. Don’t waste your breath or energy.

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