Quarantine Chronicles Vol. 14: Facebook Civil Rights Lawyers And The Masks They Hate

Some semi-regular musings on racing and life in a COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine World 

Feeling a little punchy today …

So social media has become a vast wasteland of bitterly divided people, fuming disagreements, name calling and just plain viciousness. 

Oh my bad, it was that way before the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

But yeah, those things have certainly been magnified exponentially over the last two months or so. 

Which brings us to the latest civil rights debate raging from the representatives of the recent graduating classes of the Facebook Law Degree program. 

You know the proud alumni from the Facebook School of Law & Stuff right? 

If you scroll Facebook and you see people throwing out phrases like “I won’t let my Constitution be walked all over” or “the Bill of Rights says …” or “I’m not going to sit back and let my civil rights get stomped on” you’re probably reading information from some of the proud alumni of the Facebook School of Law & Stuff. 

Now I’m not saying I think wearing a mask in public is going to protect me or protect you from getting sick. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. I don’t really know, I’m not a doctor and I don’t even claim to play one on TV.

I don’t want to wear a mask in public. It’s annoying, it’s cumbersome, it feels weird and I think it might just be a way to give some people a false sense of security. But, it is what it is for right now, so big deal, I’ll put the mask on. 

Oh wait, whoa, hold on, “Facebook F. Lee Bailey Wannabe” just posted on his timeline that the governor of his state telling him to wear a mask into Cumberland Farms when he goes to buy his tin of Skoal Long Cut Classic is infringing upon his civil rights as an American citizen. 

So understand this. Right now in this great country we live in there are probably quite a few people who woke up this morning and decided they needed to go to Walmart to pick up a few things. And there’s probably a small percentage of those people who would really really like to go to Walmart without any clothes on today. 

That’s right, I’m not joking. Somewhere in America right now there is a guy who would much rather walk into Walmart today with his Frank & Beans flying free in the wind rather than stuffed uncomfortably into some damn Hanes tighty-whities and Wrangler jeans.

But alas, Johnny Freeballit can’t saunter into Walmart today with his Twig & Berries on salute for his arrival because in this country we have some rules about social norms and engagement. 

Yes, you have to wear clothes at Walmart or at the Cumberland Farms and even at the local bar. 

Now, here’s the interesting catch. Nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights does it say that citizens of this country must wear clothes when walking into Walmart. You don’t believe me? Go look, read it, I’ll wait. But I swear to you, it’s not in there. 

So here’s the question for all those who have taken to social media to loudly proclaim that their civil rights are being stolen by government by being told they should wear a mask in public while in close proximity to others. How come you weren’t complaining about your civil rights being trampled on eight weeks ago or eight months ago or eight years ago when government was telling you that you couldn’t walk into a grocery store naked? 

What’s the difference now when it comes to masks that you weren’t complaining last July because government was making you wear something then? Why weren’t you complaining about your civil rights being trampled on in July of 2019 because you couldn’t walk into a store naked? 

And let’s be honest, at this point if you do go into a public store without a mask on the chances that you’ll be cited, fined, arrested, beaten, taken down with a Taser or thrown in prison are highly unlikely. So just chill with the chatter. 

And while we’re on the topic of civics and such, let’s also have a heart-to-heart about the whole social media trend of “My Freedom of Speech is being taken away”, which also seems to be a favorite topic of the alumni of the Facebook School of Law & Stuff. 

News Flash: Your right to “Freedom of Speech” as a citizen of this country has absolutely positively nothing whatsoever to do with what you want to post on Facebook. 

Just because you’ve figured out the three steps to creating a Facebook profile doesn’t suddenly give you the right to say whatever you want whenever you want about whomever you want. 

The First Amendment to the Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Freedom of Speech means you have the right as a citizen of this country to voice your opinion publicly without the threat or fear of government arrest. That’s it. 

So Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean your boss can’t fire you when you call him a big fat lazy moron. It also doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want through the channels of social media with no censorship or punishment. 

So please just stop crying when the Facebook group you’re a member of deletes your comments because it has nothing to do with your “Freedom of Speech.” 

Ok, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programing. 

Imagination Nation

So yes, we all want short track racing to return to live action this year, preferably by next month or sooner. 

But let’s be responsible about it, and that includes the sharing of information. 

Over the weekend the Granite State Pro Stock Series started adding “Event Pages” to their Facebook page. 

Now certainly we all want to be optimistic during this time when so much of life is about wondering when normalcy will return?  

But optimism and imaginary wonderment are two quite different things. One of the “events” added on Facebook by the Granite State Pro Stock Series was a June 20 race at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. 

Now understand this: Nobody from the management or ownership of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl has announced anything about a racing schedule for the 2020 season at the track. We know they hope to be racing. We know they’re taking steps to hopefully get the track returned to a state where events can take place there. But, they haven’t said a single word publicly about a potential opening date or any type of possible working schedule. 

And when you mix in the fact that there’s this little global pandemic thing happening, it’s probably the best idea at this point to just not announce anything, or create “event” pages for that matter. 

Is there really a need for posting an event page for a race at a track that hasn’t even publicly stated that events can or will happen in 2020? 

And lastly, if after all that you’re still going to put up an event page, at least associate that event page with the track’s actual Facebook page and not the Facebook page that was hijacked 19 months ago and no longer has anything to do with the facility. 

Binge Watching 

While we’re on the subject of social media, let’s take a look at the 2019 Netflix documentary The Great Hack. 

The Great Hack is a fascinating look at Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and how your tiny social media footprint can be an amazingly valuable treasure trove of data for use by political campaigns without you even knowing it. 

The documentary exposes how Cambridge Analytica was able to harvest data from Facebook and then take that harvested data and sell it to political campaigns to allow them to use pinpoint targeting of individuals through social media. 

Remember when politically connecting with voters meant knocking on a door or shaking hands at a rally stop? The Great Hack shows how political campaigns are using social media to speak directly to you without you even knowing it. 

The Great Hack earns four out of five snacks on our Quarantine Snacks Rankings.

The Great Hack

As always, stay safe everyone, keep positive, help your neighbors if you can and wash your damn hands.

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  1. Tiger King. That deal got planted in my brain from reading the review here first and I followed it up by viewing David Spades podcast interviews with people in the series that expanded on the behind the scenes drama.
    So I did get Netflix and the first show I watched was episode 1 of Tiger King then half the second episode and that was it. What I got from it was such a depressing view of shady characters that take the cast offs that come to them in record numbers from rich people. Rich people like Shaq that enjoy them for the few months they are cute until they get dangerous and discard them. The most depressing thing its so extensive. I guess I’m too old to appreciate the entertainment value in a show that is very popular.
    “absurdly crazy train wreck of a docu-series” Agreed!
    Thank you for the bit on wearing a mask. I have a higher opinion of it’s value but view the wearing of it much the same way. When I wear it I think of women putting on their brassier every day. It’s an extra piece of clothing they got stuck having to wear by the shear coincidence of evolution and being primarily responsible for making new people. Is it fair they have to bolt that thing on every day……..no. Do they do it and not complain about it daily…..yes. I try to follow their example.

  2. I nominate this column for a Noble Piece Prize.

  3. YES!! always politically align oneSELF with the bartender but don’t MIND the brown “sugar’ on your sniffer bro but personally i been getting teased at my job for my mask. GO figure. and the BROOKLYN FAIR got cancelled … others too man when is the others shoes gonna drop. good POINTS TO PONDER maybe

  4. Quarantine Chronicles… late breaking news.

    Newly released Trump Administration models expect death rates to reach 3,000 per day by June 1.

    Also, the CDC is expecting the new case rate to reach 200,000 per day by the end of the month (May). New case rate per day is currently around 30,000 per day.

    In other words, it’s gonna get real bad over the next couple weeks, by the end of May.

  5. Anytime you can work Frank & Beans into a column it’s a home run.

    I thought the first two episodes of Tiger king were average. It really does get better beginning with episode three Doug.

  6. Fox News just asked why tattoo parlors were not included in businesses that can reopen later this month.

    Don’t have to make this stuff up.

  7. Bill Realist says

    You can get a abortion but not go to the dentist or get your hair cut.

  8. Hannity needs to get his Trump 2020 tattoo , can’t do it himself . I want to know why none of these news people need a haircut as bad as I do

  9. NHRA is pushing the season start from June to August.

  10. Quarantine Chronicles… why we aren’t racing.

    New COVID-19 cases today: 24,713

    New COVID-19 USA deaths today: 1,324

    Total USA deaths to date: 69,921

    Play by the rules. The life you save will be your own. At least.

  11. Claremont Motorsports Park announced today that the season is on hold. No information on when operations will resume.

  12. Libertarian Racer says

    I work from home, and go out every day, to get coffee, lunch, banking, and just get out. i have continued my routine every day through this “hysterical pandemic”, going out, every day. i do not wear a mask, i never have, and have no intention to do so. i don’t go around kissing strangers, or licking door handles, but i don’t panic either. My girlfriend is an APRN at a local hospital, i fully understand true naryre of what is happening in said hospital, and the demographic of people suffering from this virus, and not what is hyped by the media, i am fully aware of the recommended precautions, required for medical professionals, as i live with one. unless you work in a hospital, and, or have major health problems, just practice common sense hygiene, and you will be fine. if wrapping yourself up in a very porous material, and hiding in your home, makes you feel better, than fine, enjoy yourself. but if you honestly believe someone not wearing a mask, 10 feet away from you, at a public store, puts you in anymore danger? trust me, you should stay home, and hide in a closet… LIVE!! go out to the garage, work on the racecar, go for hikes, take the boat out, go fishing, go camping, ride the harley, play ball with your kids, go for a drive. use common sense, but STOP PANICKING!!!

  13. Libetarian Racer,
    I think you fully missed the point of the column. I wasn’t opining about choosing whether or not to wear a mask or the positives/negatives of that. The column was about people complaining about their civil rights being infringed upon and ignorantly claiming that somehow the Constitution or the Bill of Rights protects them from the oppression that is being asked to wear a mask while in close proximity to others.

  14. The only people I see that are panicking are the folks that want to get themselves and others infected. They can’t seem to control themselves. The rest that want to survive and get through this pandemic alive are calm, thoughtful, deliberate, and methodical.

  15. OK Dareal, what have you actually done to be calm, thoughtful, deliberate, and methodical. I’m very interested too see what exactly you have done to stay healthy during this pandemic.

  16. Libertarians are cool. High on talk radio, screwin and a grooving on whatever makes them feel good on their islands of me. They’re the modern day version of the 1960’s hippies.
    Then they get into their 60’s, realize that no private company is going to insure their ugly ass old broken down bodies and without the government they’d die broke, sick and a lot younger then they thought when they were “Libertarians” then poof, it was all just a phase.

  17. That’s an additional 1324 Americans that the scum bag has used for his cravenly opportunistic political vendetta against Trump.

  18. Fast Eddie says

    Massachusetts is going to start fining people who are outside without a mask. I have one in my car, and it goes on before I go anywhere besides home. It’s a hassle and uncomfortable, but if it increases my odds of not getting a severe and/or fatal dose of this disease, I’ll deal with it. If you want to exercise your civil liberties and go without a mask, thereby severely increasing your chances of getting the virus, have at it. Please be sure to let us know how great your freedom feels if you catch and die from the disease.

  19. 3000 dead a day, 3000 dead a day. See, see all you fools that have supported Trump. The scum bag can’t get that from his computer screen to RacedayCT fast enough.
    The reality is that it’s a projection that is likely to be wrong as have so many. Looking under the hood it’s predicting the surge will come from the Prairie States, the Mississippi Valley and Deep south. Where as poor urban areas, nursing homes, meat packing plants and VA homes have generated the lions share of deaths to date in populous regions the projection assumes the deaths will involve more rural areas the virus has been slow to get to.
    The projections assume a couple things. That the areas that will be affected will conduct business as usual and won’t respond fast enough to CDC recommendations. They assume that mitigating treatments that now show one approved drug being manufactured won’t be widely available and that rural health care systems will be stressed and under equipped.
    In any event the projection has little to do with what we are experiencing in the Northeast corridor.
    So how scummy is the scum bag. Pretty scummy. There’s the continuing use of dead Americans to promote his anti Trump vendetta. Then there is usurping the Quarantine Chronicles series name as if his anti Trump updates are a part of the series. Then there’s this.
    “JD, the pandemic is also working its way north from the NYC area. It’ll find you.”
    Using a contributors location to taunt him about misery coming to New Hampshire that the scum bag seems to hope will happen but of which there is no evidence it has or will.

  20. knuckles, I don’t need to do anything to get or stay calm. I just added social distancing requirements to my lifestyle. I started social distancing long before it was made an official directive. I’ve been wearing a mask, wearing gloves, and using disinfecting wipes since a couple weeks before it was recommended. It wasn’t that hard at all to figure out. There were several reports this was coming, Senators and Governors had discussed the coming pandemic in the news. They mentioned high level Government meetings and presentations about this a long time ago. The GOP politicos used this information to dump their stock portfolios before they lost value. Remember that? There were plenty of indicators in the news. And that it was largely ignored also caught my attention, you know how Trump likes to ignore-it-away. So glad I was careful and paid attention.

    I go grocery shopping at times when there will be less people in the stores, no big deal. I plan so I only have to go grocery shopping ~ every two weeks instead of every week. Consume the highly perishable fresh produce such as lettuce and leafy greens in the first week and the hardy produce such as squash, potatoes, carrots, fennel, etc. the second week. Everything gets thoroughly washed. Plenty of fresh fruit too.

    As far as exercise goes, I avoid the crowded trails and stay on the road, or avoid the times the trails are more crowded, and still get about 15 miles of biking per day or 3 miles of walking. Out where I am, the roads can be less crowded than the trails, especially with far less motor vehicle traffic due to the pandemic.

    So I’m not panicking, no reason. Just adding protections to my lifestyle and routines.

    Just had to replace the cogs and chain on my bike, they were so worn out!

  21. 2500 cases, 86 deaths thus far in NH. Plenty of empty hospital beds for new cases. Almost all the deaths related to elderly living facilities. Still sad but somewhat expected. NH is doing well and trending in right direction thus far. We know what we are doing up north. Gov Sununu will be a presidential candidate in coming years.

  22. Plenty of covid doctors here in the comment section, not sure how Shawn got them all here.

  23. JD, NH is lucky in that it has no large metro area or an airport. Manchester, NH’s largest “city” is about half the size of Sioux Falls, SD. The lack of population, metro areas with dense populations, and reason to go there has helped. Sioux Falls, SD is an international location for the meat packing industry, hence the outbreak there. NH doesn’t even have a major airport. In the beginning of the COVID spread, the early hotspots were areas that had major airports. All the infected people were going through those airports. The pandemic then spread out from those areas. You are lucky in that NH is off the beaten path.

    Just wait until the tourism season starts. Stevie Mnunchkin is encouraging people to travel the USA this summer. Hope they make NH a destination, don’t you? Perhaps they can take in a race at one of those fine NH short tracks. The warm weather will make COVID disappear like a miracle. Tell that to all the countries around the world. Those warm weather countries, the equatorial countries, etc.

    Hey, you keep mentioning that NH racing will start up in June. Can you provide a list of those NH tracks that are operating or will be operating in June? 🤷‍♂️

  24. Yes, this whole civil rights BS, makes me laugh some times.
    The government, in particular governor’s and mayor’s are not trying to take away your civil rights, they are trying to save lives. The best way to save lives in this case is through mitigation. Social distancing, wearing masks in public, restrictions on business. They are not done to hurt people, they are done to help people.
    States have started to reopen, and now all the neysayers are like look, no rise in cases. What they forget is this virus has a 10-14 day incubation period, so wait a few weeks, and see.
    As always, hope everyone is safe,strong and sane. Hang in there a while more, the sacrifices you make today are helping to save lives.
    My cat brought home a snake today, I named it Doug the welding wonder.

  25. Bill, you can get a haircut in NH beginning on Monday. Book ahead. Appointments are going fast despite what the Democrats around here will tell you. I’m thinking about going in for a trim myself. I haven’t been in any establishments in 2 months outside of the grocery store. Been enjoying the great outdoors almost everyday though. Walking, fishing, hiking. It feels great too.

  26. Concerning masks. In Massachusetts starting May 6th you are required to wear a face covering when in a public setting. Not wearing one could cost you 300 dollars for your first offense.
    Some convenience stores are selling those simple paper earloop masks for 1.99 each and An N95 mask could run you 15 bucks. Keep in mind an N95 mask will never have earloops, but rather straps that go all the way around your head. I say this because I’ve seen masks people claim to be N95, but they have earloops, not straps.
    It’s a shame in these trying times people are still trying to scam a buck.

  27. Bernie20never says

    New Hampshire has a population density of 147 people per square mile.
    Connecticut’s population density is 738 people per square mile.
    Mass is 884.
    It’s not that you now what you are doing. It’s that no one lives there.

  28. Anyone who thinks the Trump administration handled this ordeal properly needs to get their head examined. This whole pandemic has been nothing but lies, and shifting blame, not to mention the total lack of leadership. Anybody want a test? Too bad you can’t get one, even though as recent as yesterday Trump still insisted that there are more than enough tests, the US leads the world in testing, and that anybody who wants a test can get one. All lies.

  29. My original comment weeks ago was after June 1st it would become too difficult for government to keep people locked up. I said tracks might open June but would probably be open to some degree in July. Star and Lee have since stated they are shooting for June. Lee has already contacted the NH Reopening Task Force. Wrenn owns three tracks remember. I don’t expect any decision until the next round of test numbers come back in mid May. Maybe even late May. I put the party fishing boat industry in the same category. The boats are running in Florida with restricted capacity.

    Someone yesterday mentioned the pumpkin festivals. I don’t put short track racing with maybe 2000 people on the same level as the pumpkin festivals or the state fair which can draw over 100,000 people over a long weekend. Apples and oranges. The Lee Speedway crowd is closer to a Walmart crowd.

    Someone else mentioned NCAA Football. The schools have to be open for football to be played. That said, most schools are 2 months away from any decisions. The ACC/SEC schools will hold out the longest. No decisions have been made. The college kids want to go back. Make no mistake about that. Obviously they aren’t the best source of judgement either. I will give you that.

  30. Well, let’s look at it this way… the next relief/stimulus bill might have an indemnification feature. The GOP is insisting on granting indemnification to businesses so they are immune from lawsuits and liability as a result of reopening and any resulting harm. If the GOP wants to make sure businesses are not responsible for deaths and harm as a result of opening business, you know it isn’t safe to go outside.

    That’s the same as saying lives are an expense of doing business.

    JD, that NH has been spared great harm so far has nothing to do with what they know or have been doing. It’s that the conditions for a severe outbreak just aren’t there. No population densities, even localized, no destinations to draw a large flux of passersby, no airports, no stopover traffic. At least not yet. Wait until it warms up and some people start traveling. If NH opens the beaches and restaurants, NH numbers will pop. No doubt about it, that’s the way it has been happening. Enjoy it while you can. I’m surprised southern NH hasn’t seen effects like CT has seen from NYC. But it will happen.

  31. JD, there are plenty of adults that are demonstrating over and over that they are terrible sources of judgment.

  32. Holyoke community college has extended online only classes through the fall semester. No on campus classes now until January 2021. In a press release they said that given the forecast out now on the virus, predicting 3000 deaths per day by June, and an almost certain second wave, this was done for the safety of students and faculty. They won’t be reducing the cost of the classes, but said help is available from the federal government through the CARES act.
    A week ago I would have said they might be jumping the gun, but now I’d say they’re making the right move.

  33. Lamont announced at 10AM this morning that schools are closed for the rest of the current school year. Talked about summer school, think he is on crack, serves absolutely no purpose.

    Went by Waterford today, bright shiny new stands installed from turn 4 to around where the gap is for the new scoring tower. It appears they are working on the other section as well. Entrance completely secured at 85 so could not get close.

  34. World of Outlaws is going racing with limited fans. So, there you go. Racing in May. The first race this Friday in TN is no fans. May 23rd and beyond is limited fans.

  35. Quarantine Chronicles Daily Summary

    Why we aren’t racing

    New USA Cases: 24,798

    New USA deaths: 2,350

    Total USA deaths: 72,271

  36. Did anyone see the footage of Trump touring the mask factory? The song playing on the radio in the background was live and let die. How much of a coincidence is that.

  37. Keep this in mind, it took from 1958 until 1977 to irradicate smallpox, and that was with an effective vaccine

  38. That’s 2350 more dead Americans being used as pawns by a scum bag as political pawns against Trump.

  39. Did you notice that Trump is always looking for the cameras and is playing to the cameras?

  40. Dareal,
    Thank you for the daily updates on the summary of the virus. Your posts are very informative. I have been looking for two stats that I can’t seem to find. People at work tell me I can’t find the information because I am a “dumb democrat”. You seem to have your finger on the pulse of this thing, so maybe you can help me and add these two stats to your daily updates. The number of people who have tested negative and the number of people who have recovered.

  41. JD, WoO is a well sponsored series, TV contracts, etc. We understand what that means, at least I do. Just like NASCAR trucks and xfinity series have operated for their entire existence with no fans in the stands because of TV contracts, other series such as Cup and WoO should be able to do the same.

    So there.

    Tracks that operate with well funded series and TV contracts are way different than local short tracks with off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-Main St. series, little sponsorship and NO TV contracts.

    So there.

    Some fans are clueless and only pay attention to Fox and will therefore show up at the tracks, oblivious to the pandemic and social distancing. I got a feeling this isn’t going to end well. Stupid people and dangerous situations are not a good combination.

    So how about the operation of all those fine NH small tracks that don’t have TV contracts? Please present the list of those tracks fine NH short track that are:

    1, Presently operating, the race results, and schedule.

    2. The NH short tracks that have announced they are opening for the season in the near future, such as May, June or July.

  42. Just saw a report that a face mask has become a political statement. If you wear a mask, you are an anti-Trumper. I don’t see how Trump thinks this is a good thing. He is doing all he can to make it look like all is well while many schools, businesses, etc. are still shutting down and still announcing no plans to reopen. Trump is trying to create that facade that the coronavirus is gone and all is well. But he makes sure everyone is tested before they are allowed near him. Again, some people are still more equal than others. Trump wants people to stop wearing masks because wearing a mask makes him look bad. Wearing a mask is an acknowledgement and proof that the COVID-19 pandemic is a live threat, and makes Trump look like a failure. And that the true owners of the country want the expendable little people to go back to work and make more money for them. Trump wants to get people to stop wearing masks to get rid of the highly visible sign that all is far from well.

    Several days ago, Trump issued an order to a couple meat processing plants that are going through a coronavirus outbreak 😷 to stay open and work. Seven meat packing plants shut down yesterday due to employee coronavirus outbreaks. 😷

  43. Darealgoodfell
    This is for you
    Biden’s edge evaporates as Trump seen as better suited for economy, coronavirus response, poll shows

  44. So WOO is racing with fans in the stands in two weeks, something you have been saying wouldn’t happen for two months now. What does a TV contract have to do with fans in the grandstands? Real people sitting six ft apart cheering their favorite driver while drinking a cold beverage. All the keyboard warriors have been saying it wouldn’t happen in 2020. Now that it is happening it doesn’t count? Give me a break.

    If Lee opens next month with fans is there some other rule that will make that not count either?? White Mountain and Speedway 51 are practicing already.

  45. Even before the masks I was an anti Trumpian.
    It’s easy to stand there and say reopen everything, when you, and anyone in contact with you are regularly tested.
    This whole reopen America experience is about to turn ugly. Meat packing plants are just the start, of what I predict is going to become a fast moving downward spiral. Without comprehensive testing the numbers are going to exponentially increase, and overwhelm the already compremised healthcare systems in many states.
    At the current rate, we will lose another 50,000 people by the end of May. Shear stupidity.

  46. Dareal,
    Biden’s edge evaporates as Trump seen as better suited for economy, coronavirus response, poll shows

  47. Junior, Trump has been a disaster for the economy and coronavirus. How can he possibly flip around and become better? He’s in a full throttle nose dive.

    Biden was part of the Administration that recovered from the depression brought on by the GW Bush/Cheney regime, and then built the robust economy that was handed to Trump. Trump, as expected, destroyed the economy. And Trump neglected to deal with the coronavirus.

    Trump is acting like the coronavirus pandemic is all done. He’s disbanding the task force. Although it should have been called task farce. The pandemic is expected to explode in a couple weeks. Then Trump will blame the states.

  48. And Junior, if you read the article, it opens with this:

    “The opinion poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday found that 43% of registered voters said they would support Biden in the Nov. 3 presidential election, while 41% said they would back Trump. That makes the contest essentially a toss-up, as the results are within the poll’s credibility interval.”

    That hardly supports the click bait headline you posted. Biden’s 43% is better than Trump’s 41%.

  49. Junior, what pandemic response? What Trump has done is anything but an adequate response. Tell me, have you been tested? If you have, hope your recovery is going well. If there had been anything that resembled an adequate response, we all would have been tested, at least once. People are still waiting for that stimulus money we were supposed to get in March. Now, without comprehensive testing, he wants everyone to go back to work. Give it a couple weeks and see where we are. I’d suggest sticking up on meat, while it’s still available.
    Hope everyone is safe, strong and sane. Keep on fighting

  50. JD wrote, “What does a TV contract have to do with fans in the grandstands? ”

    Good question. A TV contract pays the bills that allows the event to go on. How has the NASCAR trucks and xfinity operated forever without fans in the stands? TV contracts. TV contracts pay the bills. WoO has TV coverage and great sponsorship, hence they can operate without fans in the stands. I’ve been to truck and xfinity races… stunning how there are just a couple people there, effectively NO PEOPLE. And that was Bristol, the shrine of racing in the heart of NASCAR country. The revenue from the ticket payers is negligible compared to what it takes to fund the event. Most of the track concessions and services are closed during those events. If you expect to be enjoying cold beverages, you should sit near the open concession stand.

    Your little NH short tracks can not operate without fans in the stands. That’s where they get the revenue. No TV contracts, no TV contract revenue. So what channel carries the NH short tracks live?

  51. Biden is a fine American who has served his country and suffered more personal loss than anyone outside of the Kennedy family but the guy doesn’t know his own name right now. He is losing it upstairs. His VP selection should be considered the real candidate,whomever that ends up being. It’s the Dems only shot. Hail Mary time.

  52. JD, without the big TV money, WoO wouldn’t be able to race with reduced fans.

  53. JD, Trump lost it upstairs a very long time ago. Just look at a history of his interviews. Many years ago he could form a phrase, and before that, sentences. Nowadays, he can’t put two words together. Geez, he can’t even pronounce words as he is reading. He sounds like first grade kids doing reading assignments. Squirrels have infinity longer attention spans. His massive money laundering of Russian money does not make him a good American. And that China’s President Xi and Russia’s Vlad Putin want Trump elected is definitely not a good thing for Americans. Hillary looks better every passing minute.

    Trump is afflicted with John Wayne Delusion Syndrome. He thinks very highly of himself, thinks he’s the roughest, toughest, strongest badass around, but in reality he’s a 🐓💩 😭👶 and nobody likes him.

    John Wayne’s real name is Marion John Morrison. For all you John Wayne fans, you fell for it hook-line-and-sinker because you would never be a fan of a macho man named Marion.


  54. Rob p
    Yes i have been tested NEGATIVE Work every day making medical parts Making america greater every day

    Economy was great before the virus.

  55. I know how TV contracts work. That hasn’t been your argument since March. You all said there would be no racing in 2020. Now there is racing in 2020. Then it was there would be no racing with fans in the stands. Now there is racing with fans in the stands in 2020. TV money is irrelevant in this argument. Money in general is irrelevant. Money has had nothing to do with your argument for the last two months. Your argument has consistently been the virus will spread if there are fans in the stands and it won’t happen in the year 2020. Well, it’s happening just like I said it would. I was right and you don’t like it. Time to man up and own it. TV money doesn’t make a single person in the grandstands safer.

  56. JD, fans in the stands won’t last long. Look at where the WoO races, most of those states will be dealing with large outbreaks of Covid soon.

  57. Junior, you are fighting a loosing battle, his daughter is an attorney, his son-in-law is a presidential historian and he is an engineer. Don’t waste your breath or energy.

  58. Junior, thank you for your service as an essential workers. You must work for a great company to be able to be tested, good it was negative. But not everyone is as fortunate as you, look at the meat plants, where very little if any testing has happened.
    This pandemic is just starting, and will be something we deal with for a long, long time, time made longer by Trump’s lies and lack of leadership. America deserves better than this.

  59. Junior wrote, “Dareal
    Economy was great before the virus.”

    Yes, that is right. Trump inherited a great economy from the OBAMA/BIDEN administration. OBAMA/BIDEN did a great job recovering from the GW BUSH/CHENEY depression. We all know that. Some can’t admit that. Trump was riding the successful economy handed to him from President Barack H. Obama and VP Joe Biden. Trump destroyed that economy, as expected. Trump is lucky he can use the coronavirus as an excuse. Trump has no idea what to do.

  60. JD, you’ve been yapping it up about racing in 2020, and specifically about racing the short tracks of NH. That ain’t WoO, Cup, etc. NH short tracks is the land of no TV contracts, and the gate pays the bills and purse, along with some sponsorship 💰 from the local heating oil company, McDonalds and Friendly’s. You are the one that needs to suck it up and stop trying to make it look like you said something else. You were focused on the NH short track scene, and even that is now imploding.

    The conversation was about how Stafford and Thompson announced they were not opening, you were yapping how the NH tracks were getting ready to go racing, schedules were announced, yadayadayada. Well, series after series, track after track, there ain’t much racing to look forward in NH now, is there? There’s been a whole bunch of cancellations and postponements announced for those NH short tracks. If your Governor is smart, he will not allow it for racing could bring in people from afar and they could bring in infection. NH has been very lucky to date.

    A person has to be dumb, nuts or both to attend a track nowadays, in the near future, or for the next few months.

    JD, have you heard of the COVID-19 pandemic? Please, have a knowledgeable person explain it to you.

    Gov. Cuomo has set a pretty smart priority list for what gets to open first. Entertainment, arts, large venues, sports, racing, etc. are the last to be considered, after essentials and more essential services and businesses. Racing is all risk and not essential.

  61. Ace Speedway in NC is going green in two weeks with fans in the stands. They added mods to their weekly show too. Just saying…

    To every nurse I say THANK YOU you are all HEROES. Keep on fighting.

  63. 1. You wear a mask to protect OTHER people, not yourself. You are minimizing the “spray” from a cough, a sneeze or, yes, even talking. If you can’t be bothered to put on a mask, you’re just a remarkably selfish ass of a human being.
    2. An economy in which 40% of Americans would struggle to put their hands on $400 in an emergency is NOT a “great” economy.
    3. Ignore national polls and watch state polls. Clinton beat Trump by more than 3M votes nationally. It’s the Electoral College, sadly, that matters.
    4. Bless you, Shawn, for explaining the First Amendment.
    5. I thought Libertarianism was a cool idea when I was in high school; then I grew up.
    6. Did you know: The original meaning of the saying “to pull oneself up by their bootstraps” was “to attempt something impossible.”
    7. God, I miss short track racing.

  64. Plugs 2020 says

    Yeah Cuomo and dafella will let you know when you can go back to your local short track.

  65. Dareal, you proved to me that you really are not doing everything you can against corona virus, despite implying you know it all about the virus. Here ya go, and to all others. Please follow EVMS prophylaxis guidelines.

  66. Knuckles read the first line ” although there is limited data” that’s as far as I made it. Let me know if you find something with proven scientific data, and I’ll give it a try, maybe. But thanks for trying to help.
    Hope everyone is safe, strong and sane keep up the good work, it’s making a difference.
    Has anyone seen Waldo? Where’s Waldo?

  67. 3 words; Jack Daniels & Tequila
    Directions: Dispense 1 shot of each, consume imediatley, repeat as nessesary.
    Note: please don’t drink and drive. Drunk driving arrests are up despite bars being closed.

  68. knuckles wrote, “Dareal, you proved to me that you really are not doing everything you can against corona virus, despite implying you know it all about the virus. Here ya go, and to all others. Please follow EVMS prophylaxis guidelines.

    Now the prophylaxis guidelines from the attachment states:

    “While there is very limited data (and none specific for COVID-19), the following “cocktail” may have a role in the prevention/mitigation of COVID-19 disease. While there is no high-level evidence that this cocktail is effective; it is cheap, safe and widely available.”

    Yeah, there’s a good reason I don’t talk about that… there’s very limited data, none specific for COVID-19, no high-level evidence this cocktail is effective… That “cocktail” description reads like a Trump sales pitch, or a QVC channel special on wrinkle remover. And your tires will work much better if you keep air in them.

    BTW, my diet does well in providing Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and zinc. My diet is dominated by fresh vegetables and fruits, which provide those vitamins and other minerals. I don’t have trouble sleeping because of my diet and exercise regime, so I have no need for the additional melatonin. I track my diet and nutrient intake. Just because I don’t tell you what I do doesn’t mean I don’t do it.

  69. Quarantine Chronicles

    Why we aren’t racing.

    The following are USA statistics

    New cases today: 25,459

    New deaths today: 2,528

    Total COVID-19 pandemic deaths to date: 74,799

    First US death was believed to be Feb 28.

    Listen to the real authorities. The life you save will be your own.

  70. Dareal I know your statistics about Covid cases are always right on the money. I heard a statistic elsewhere that I just can’t believe, hoping you can check it out for me. Could you please tell me total cases and deaths in states governed by a Democrat versus the combined totals in states governed by a Republican?

  71. knuckles Mahoney says

    Dareal, you just keep showing how truly dumb you are. Trust me on this, you literally have no idea on what you’re talking about. And BTW, I know how to read, so your highlighting the first line of the prophylaxis guidelines just further emphasizes you putting your head in the sand. Your knowledge of the subject, and your diet, LMAO, is truly pathetic. But go ahead keep getting your diet advice from donkey Dr. Oz

  72. MJH, well, you can look up whatever it is you are looking for right here:


    You can do all your research yourself. Please let us know what you find out.

  73. Michael, come on now, that’s a loaded question. We all know New York, a democratic state has the most cases and deaths, but wait a few weeks and those Republican states will close the gap fast. BTW, Massachusetts has a Republican Governor, and is 3rd in the nation for cases.

  74. F— IT! Let’s just open everything up, go back to the way things used to be. What’s the worse that could happen?
    WAKE UP PEOPLE For Christ’s sake, do you really think it’s any safer out there, then it was say in mid April?
    The intense sacrifices we all made for the past few months slowed the spread, but didn’t get rid of this virus. Over 25,000 people were infected just today. Over 2500 people list their life, just today. Come on people, God gave you common sense, use it.

  75. Michael J Harelik asked about the number of cases of Covid-19 in states headed by Democratic governors vs Republicans. I know! I have the answer! The answer is… “Meaningless.” Absolutely frickin’ meaningless. You may as well ask about the amount of rainfall in D-gov states vs R-gov states. Is the population the same in all states? Is the population density the same in all states? How about the amount of foreign visitors? How about the insured rate in each state? The number of hospitals? The number of ICU beds? The availability of respirators? The number of medical professionals? The average age of the populations in each state? Does your “statistic” take any of those those factors into account? Or did some monkey on Fox or Breitbart just start tapping on a calculator? Actually, the Guardian has a good article on how two neighboring, not dissimilar states — KY, with a D gov, and TN, with an R gov — responded to the Covid crisis. You might want to google that.

  76. knuckles wrote, “Dareal, you proved to me that you really are not doing everything you can against corona virus, despite implying you know it all about the virus. Here ya go, and to all others. Please follow EVMS prophylaxis guidelines.

    Okay, pay special attention to, “Please follow EVMS prophylaxis guidelines.”


    While there is very limited data (and none specific for COVID-19), the following “cocktail” may have a role in the prevention/mitigation of COVID-19 disease. While there is no high-level evidence that this cocktail is effective; it is cheap, safe and widely available.
    • Vitamin C 500 mg BID and Quercetin 250-500 mg BID
    • Zinc 75-100 mg/day (acetate, gluconate or picolinate). Zinc lozenges are preferred. After 1
    month, reduce the dose to 30-50 mg/day.
    • Melatonin (slow release): Begin with 0.3mg and increase as tolerated to 2 mg at night
    • Vitamin D3 1000-4000 u/day

    — END–

    Then knuckle dragger replies with, “Dareal, you just keep showing how truly dumb you are. Trust me on this, you literally have no idea on what you’re talking about. And BTW, I know how to read, so your highlighting the first line of the prophylaxis guidelines just further emphasizes you putting your head in the sand. Your knowledge of the subject, and your diet, LMAO, is truly pathetic. But go ahead keep getting your diet advice from donkey Dr. Oz”

    I highlighted the first and only TWO LINES of the section you pointed out, knuckle dragger. There was no need to present the bullet line items. But there you have it, the ENTIRE PROPHYLAXIS section in all its “limited data”, “none specific for COVID-19”, “may have a role”, and “no high-level evidence” disclaimers leaving no reason whatsoever to consider this as a preventative therapy.

  77. The first use dead Americans by the scum bag in his vendetta against Trump.
    “So we close out another day of the #TrumpPandemic.
    New Cases: 38,764
    New Deaths: 1,951
    Total Deaths: 52,185”

    That would be 22614 additional dead Americans used by the scum bag since he first referenced a global crises as the “TrumpPandemic”.

  78. JD 5/6
    .” Your argument has consistently been the virus will spread if there are fans in the stands and it won’t happen in the year 2020.Well, it’s happening just like I said it would. I was right and you don’t like it. Time to man up and own it”
    JD 3/29
    “More talk of no football in 2020 today. You best prepare yourselves now for zero racing. It very easily could happen. The number of deceased are quickly adding up. This is going to be brutal. Something we have never seen before”

    You seem to put great store JD in being right when it’s virtually impossible to predict anything. Taking both sides of an issue at different times doesn’t make you correct. The above isn’t the only time you said there would be no racing..

  79. Mike86, who are you?
    “1. You wear a mask to protect OTHER people, not yourself. You are minimizing the “spray” from a cough, a sneeze or, yes, even talking. If you can’t be bothered to put on a mask, you’re just a remarkably selfish ass of a human being.
    2. An economy in which 40% of Americans would struggle to put their hands on $400 in an emergency is NOT a “great” economy.
    3. Ignore national polls and watch state polls. Clinton beat Trump by more than 3M votes nationally. It’s the Electoral College, sadly, that matters.
    4. Bless you, Shawn, for explaining the First Amendment.
    5. I thought Libertarianism was a cool idea when I was in high school; then I grew up.
    6. Did you know: The original meaning of the saying “to pull oneself up by their bootstraps” was “to attempt something impossible.”
    7. God, I miss short track racing.”

    First item, the single truest and most useful piece of information provided this far. Yes, masks help prevent infected asymptomatic folks from spreading the virus. Unless you have an N95 mask and maintain it and replace it meticulously the hodgepodge of what we are using has little preventative affect according to the CDC. Going bare faced is not a statement of personal freedom and strength it’s incredibly selfish and ignorant.
    If we all expressed our thoughts so concisely with equal relevance and dagger like precision we’d all be better off for it.

  80. Michael J Harelik, start with this statistic:

    The USA has 4.3% of the world’s population, and 28.2% of the COVID-19 pandemic deaths. We are the worst advanced country, or perhaps I should say alleged advanced country, in taking care of the citizens.

    The USA death totals are not even close to any other country, we are that bad. We have only 4.3% of the world’s population.

    The President is a Republican. The President has made it clear he is sending aid preferentially to the red states that like him, and he’s punishing the blue states that don’t like him. That’s just what he does naturally.

    I think the blue states need to stop supporting the red states, and the blue states need to stop making Federal tax payments to the Federal Government in protest of the inequitable distribution of Federal dollars. The blue states make the money to support the red welfare states. FACT.

  81. Has anyone seen any data that shows the number of Republicans vs the number of Democrats who have been infected, or died from this virus? Not that it matters, a life is a life, and how you vote doesn’t nessesarily define who you are.
    Anybody seen Waldo? Where’s Waldo? Dammit this is frustrating.

  82. 🍌🍌🍌TJ🍒🍒🍒 says

    Internet arguments: changing minds, changing lives BUT one THING is that a lot OF you guys are Soo much cuter with your masks on and just your eyes EXPOSED haha so seductive just saying be safe points TO ponder please next up plenty of room FOR social distancing at Uncle Terry’s new Thompson raceway I bet they open up first more room than New Hampsure

  83. Rob, it’s not happening. People stayed home for 2 months and this country has the highest rate of virus spread. Most is centralized to NY, CT and now MA but still. How long do you want this country to stay locked down for? 6 months? April of of 2021? Or 2022? I’ve said all along, that after June 1 it would be next to impossible to keep the shelter in place going. Now we might have to wear masks for a while but America is opening backup for business.

    Off topic. Kyle Larson listed both of his NC homes this week. Anyone still think he will be back on Cup anytime soon? Reg? Words have consequences.

  84. Plugs 2020 says

    The guy is simply amazing. Ad dietician to his many rolls. I hope you all realize how blessed we are to have him here.

  85. knuckles, the concoction you present as the prophylaxis for COVID-19 is the same as has been touted as a cure/treatment for the common cold. Some throw in Vitamin B to the mix.

    Apparently as effective as witchcraft, voodoo, and prayer.

  86. JD, the stay home mode has saved hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives. We have been living under stay home conditions for some 2 months. If there were no stay home conditions or social distancing, the death totals would be astronomical. The objective is to prevent death.

    If we remove the stay home mode and social distancing, it will be like using a fire hose to spray gasoline on a smoldering fire. BOOM! 💥

    The mobility of the advanced countries has been our Achilles heel. The USA was infected with COVID-19 from all directions. The blooms started in areas with major airports: NYC, LAX, MN St. Paul, Chicago, Miami, Sea-Tac, NOLA, Denver, and the others. It has spread from those seeding areas. We have lots of stupid people that are still moving around, transmitting the pathogen 🦠. Stupid people like Rand Paul, and the guy is a doctor.

    The stay home mode and social distancing has worked… the infections and deaths have plateaued as expected. It’s working. If we get even stricter, we can starve the virus. 🦠 And when we do so, it will be safe to go outside. The spread has already happened, and it is smoldering, and there is still mobility that will result in more blooming outside of the greater NYC-Tri-state region. It’s coming, the numbers are rising. The deaths are stacking up.

    While Trump is saying all is well and opening is a must, business, municipalities, schools, and colleges are shutting down and announcing shut downs. A college has said that their campus will not consider opening for in-person educating until January 2021. Polls and surveys show that people have no interest in dying, and they do not trust Trump.

    Perhaps the most telling element that it is not safe to reopen is the red line established by the GOP in that any future stimulus, bailouts, relief, etc. packages must have indemnification provisions to prevent entities from being sued for harm and loss related to the COVID-19 TrumpPandemic.

    New Zealand did a very strict total shutdown. They are now reporting no new cases for several consecutive days. It could be over for them in a couple weeks. The Trump Admin is doing a half-assed job, trying to ignore the deaths, and release the safe mode.

  87. On the Kyle Larson thing; the guy brought this all upon himself. If he ever does make it back to cup, which I doubt, he won’t be in a front running car. He seems to have been accepted by the WoO crowd, and will probably go back to racing Sprint cars.

  88. Golf courses are open in Massachusetts. Time to get out those clubs. Only thing that sucks is no golf carts to beat the hell out of. Remember let the club do the work.

  89. He has an extremely high opinion of himself as well.

  90. knuckles Mahoney says

    Dareal, you don’t know science and never will. There is no “cure” for any viral illness. There is only treatment for the lessening of symptoms. If you think you can get these vitamins in enough abundance through your diet alone, no matter how healthy, you’re dead wrong. This “concoction” is put out by a very reputable medical school for the prophylaxis of covid. Having treated these patients in the ICU now for 7 weeks, I can tell you that it also in the treatment plan for the very sick as well. Vitamin D alone produces antiviral peptides. They WILL NOT prevent you from getting covid, but they will absolutely lessen your symptoms if you do, and hopefully keep you out of the hospital. So for the rest of you who don’t stick your head in the sand, follow the guidelines. Dareal is like the medical and PA students who come to me for training, and think they know everything already, cuz it’s in the book ya know. Not trying to politicize anything here, just giving free advice.

  91. knuckles Mahoney says

    Agree with you Rob P on Larson. He brought it upon himself, gotta lay in the bed you just made. IMO he’s done in cup, but will see.

  92. knuckles, what is the definition of “prophylaxis”?

    A prophylaxis is a medication or a treatment designed and used to PREVENT a disease from occurring in healthy people. Like a vaccine. If this concoction were so great, it would have been all over the news, making sure the general public was doing this protocol. Fauci would be talking about it all the time.

    Precision of language.

    If there is no cure as you so stated, and that is true and painfully obvious, why is there a prophylaxis passage in the EVMS guidelines? The passage you referenced. The passage with as many disclaimers as claims.

    Right now, the only prophylaxis looks like social distancing. That gets all the news.

    So does that prophylaxis concoction really prevent people from getting COVID-19? If not, then what’s the point?

    I so hope you respond correctly.

  93. knuckles Mahoney says

    Not reading any more of your BS dareal. You just keep proving to everyone here just how pig headed you are. When you go to medical school and get your degree ad license to practice medicine, then you can tell me all about treatment of anything. Here ya go, more reading for ya. I know, I know, it’s fox news so it cant possibly be true.

  94. knuckles Mahoney says

    And here ya go, just more reading for ya, in case you were wondering why African Americans are statistically doing worse with Covid 19 than others. Everything is not what you see on CNN. Done trying to educate the uneducateable. Dareal selling his encyclopedias, doesn’t need them, he knows everything.

  95. I’ve checked it out knuckles and think it’s interesting. Don’t know if I’ll stock up on the components but its definitely on my radar so thanks. One would think it smart to get various over the counter medications just in case so why not add these to the cabinet. Maybe not to use as a prophylaxis but early should symptoms emerge.
    EVMS is the real deal. As they say this is a dynamic situation with the medical community sharing new findings for treatments all the time. Like not lying on you back and trying to wait it out but sitting erect or lying on your stomach. Getting up and moving and breathing exercises.
    What’s the harm in keeping an open mind and being prepared..
    Good stuff, thanks again.

  96. Now comes word the virus spread might be far lower outdoors. Even Cuomo touched on it this week. The southern states seem to support this data. Is not absolute data but interesting none the less. It does show how the narrative can change with time and research. This situation is evolving everyday.

  97. knuckles, never opened the Fox link. Sorry, not sorry.

    The Vit D deficiency goes back decades and decades to economic woes and a resulting poor diet. You are too young to know why food is supplemented with Vit D.

    knuckles, you appear to be someone that should know what prophylaxis is.

    First, when you are conversing, and you may think you have special knowledge, you must communicate with care. The nomenclature used within your field does not translate very well outside of that field. So very true. Precision of language and the audience is important. If I were to use the specialized nomenclature and language of my field, it would leave you comatose.

    Knuckles, there are two types of prophylaxis. There is a PRIMARY PROPHYLAXIS and a SECONDARY PROPHYLAXIS.

    The primary prophylaxis is something intended to prevent a condition. Like a polio vaccine is a primary prophylaxis intended to prevent a person from contracting the full blown disease and suffering harm from polio.

    The secondary prophylaxis is intended for aiding a person when primary prophylaxis is not an option or effective. Secondary prophylaxis aims to help the person through the condition, the infection for example, to hopefully make the enduring period of illness more survivable, less harmful and less uncomfortable.

    So the prophylaxis passage in the EVMS guidelines, with all the disclaimers, is supposed to be exactly what? A PRIMARY or SECONDARY prophylaxis? It reads like it is presented as a magical force field from “Lost in Space” or “Star Wars”. But the disclaimers make to look like a sieve.

    Knuckles, my doctors use my several highly scientific, technical and math degrees to get me to help them. I had a difficult condition years ago, went to the pulmonology specialist to check it out. The meeting starts with a few questions, then the Dr. picks up that I have a vocabulary so he asks my background. I tell him about my degrees in science and such, and we are able to communicate much more effectively, and in minutes we pinpoint the condition and I’m done, all fixed. That’s the way it goes with several other doctors and other conditions.

    I interview doctors. They don’t get away with anything with me. I was at an appointment with an ENT and we were discussing surgical options. I then ask him questions like how many of these procedures has he done? How many surgeries has he done? Ever been sued? Ever lose a patient? Ever mess up a surgery? And so on. He welcomed the questions and said I did the right thing, and that more people have to do that, and interview and drill the doctors. My process has saved me from numerous useless therapies and got me right to the fix. I question recommended therapies and how they are supposed to meet the symptoms and condition, only to find out there were better options. And the doctors welcome and appreciate it.

    So you claim to be a licensed medical practitioner. Okay, exactly what capacity? What it your job title? I’ve asked this of you before.

  98. JD, Cuomo also reported that NYS is seeing a brutal wave of hospitalizations, cases and deaths, from people that have been sequestered for weeks or more. NYS is seeing a huge spike in numbers from people that should not be getting sick in large numbers like this. How are these people getting sick?

    Indeed, this is a new pathogen and it is being learned about in real time.

  99. I read this morning that the Dairy Queen in Manchester NH was the busiest of all 5000 stores in America last weekend. Still think people are staying home? Source, WMUR and DQ website.

    I went to the local Aubuchon Hardware last night. The owner was stressing because he is slammed with business (mostly garden) and he can’t find more help. Nobody wants to work with the new unemployment payments being so high. Pays more to not work for many. Still think people are staying home?? Business is booming. Sales are through the roof. This is a continuation of what I saw last weekend at the big box stores.

    DaReal, the airport in Manchester NH is a real airport. They have major airlines flying in and out of there everyday. Similar to Providence.

  100. JD wrote, “I went to the local Aubuchon Hardware last night. The owner was stressing because he is slammed with business (mostly garden) and he can’t find more help.”

    JD, where do people do their gardening?

    Make a list. Name the top five locations people go gardening.

    Business is doing well at home centers/hardware stores for people to stay home and do those home projects at home. People do home projects at home. Where they also garden.

    I’ve been in and out of Providence airport plenty. It is not a real airport. Manchester is not a real airport or hub of any kind.

    And if unemployment pays more than an employer, then there’s another problem, the US has to get the standard of living up. Instead of 1% owning trillions of $$$$ of assets, and the rest buying and renting from them, there needs to be a shift in the distribution of wealth. JD, do you like being owned? You are, you just don’t realize it.

  101. JD, Dairy Queen in Manchester was rocking, eh? How many of those people slinging ice cream cones can afford the American dream of home ownership, a couple cars in the driveway and all that we live for as entitled Americans?

    Wall Street did not react to DQ in Manchester rocking out.

  102. They won’t be rocking long. DEAD PEOPLE don’t eat ice cream.

  103. I know you met the guy. The guy that loves to fish every weekend. Makes his own flies. Has a secret ingredient he dabs on his night crawlers. Caught a few sunfish last weekend. By the time he got to his favorite watering hole the sunfish became trophy size large mouth bass. Fighters they were. That’s great his buddies say can we see them? Oh no says the fisherman I am a sportsman after all so it’s catch and release for me. But trust me…….trophy size they were.

  104. I’m not keeping score JD but I think you won. It might have been one of those stopped clock being right twice a day deals but a win is a win.
    Sight all the anecdotes you like in your area but you’re understating how big you won. You know all those predictions you made about the revolt and all. Not exactly a revolt just people all over the country including States that are still being hit hard just easing back into business mode gradually. Right or wrong the die is cast. Hunkering down and containment is out. Being careful, wearing masks, distancing, accepting death within manageable limits within local health care capacity is in.
    It’s actually a thing now.
    Now if you would direct those clairvoyant powers at the NFL season I would be deeply appreciative.
    Stidham’s the man, go Pat’s.

  105. Insipid Cybil is looking for a friend.

  106. Dougie, what the hell is an acceptable level of death? Would it be ok with you if 1 or 2 of those “acceptable” deaths was one of your family, or a close friend. Your sounding allot like Trump.

  107. Plugs 2020 says

    No death is acceptable for Corona or in general?

  108. Thank you plugs. It’s nice to know of others who care.
    For the most part, there are allot of smart people out there, unfortunately there are allot of not so smart people, and some just plain stupid people. The numbers are on the rise, and at this pace, we will blow by Trump’s estimate of 100,000 deaths. Deaths that Trump did say we’re acceptable. I’d like to ask Trump if it would be “acceptable” if one of his kids, or family or a close friend died of Covid, but I think his moral’s are so low there’s a good possibility, that it wouldn’t matter to him.
    He thinks the economy is going to instantly change, and will actually be even better by November. Some experts, including some of his own economic advisers saying getting the economy back is going to be a multi year process.
    In the time it took me to type this, 3 people in the US died of Corona virus.

  109. Can’t wait to get a haircut? Seriously? That’s your concern?

    The folks that spent the last few years calling everyone else snowflakes ❄️ can’t wait to get a haircut? Really? That’s your priority?

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