Sources: Whelen Modified Tour June Events At Seekonk And Riverhead Postponed

The stack of currently indefinitely postponed NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events continued to grow on Friday thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Multiple sources close to the Whelen Modified Tour and the tracks involved confirmed to RaceDayCT Friday that an announcement was forthcoming later in the day that the June 6 event at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway and the June 20 event at Riverhead Raceway have been officially postponed with a plan to reschedule them at a later date. 

Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson was not immediately available for comment Friday.

Wilson is expected to address Whelen Modified Tour team owners and competitors concerning restructuring of the 2020 schedule during a conference call Friday afternoon.

It now means six of the first seven events on the original Whelen Modified Tour 2020 schedule have been postponed with one additional event – at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway – cancelled. 

The Whelen Modified Tour was originally slated to open its 2020 season at South Boston (Va.) Speedway on March 21. That event was postponed indefinitely. 

The series was then scheduled to run the Liquid Death Icebreaker 150 at Thompson Speedway on April 5. The event was originally postponed to May 16th and then postponed indefinitely. The NAPA Spring Sizzler 200 was originally slated for April 26, was postponed to May 31 and now remains postponed indefinitely. 

The May 8 event for the series at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway was supposed to mark the fourth event of the season and the division’s first event at the track since 2010. On Thursday NASCAR announced the cancellation of the Martinsville Whelen Modified Tour event.

The originally scheduled May 23 event at Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway, which was set to be the fifth event of the season, has also been postponed indefinitely. 

NASCAR also announced the cancellation of the July 31 event at Iowa Speedway Thursday, which would have marked the debut for the series at that facility.

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  1. Need me some Seekonk this year. Let’s get that one rescheduled.

  2. JD, I truly don’t think there will be racing at Seekonk this season. Governor Baker has stated many times that the reopening will be a slow methodical process. Racing falls under large venue entertainment, so will be one of the last things to open. But, I could be wrong. Donald Trump could sign an executive order, ordering race tracks to open.

  3. So far JD you are batting 000 on your predictions. Really don’t think you will see much racing on the local level this year.

  4. Earl wrote, “So far JD you are batting 000 on your predictions.”


    👍 🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝🤡🤡🤡🤪🤪🤡😝🏁🤣😷🤣🤣😝🤪🤪

  5. JD is like Trump, the blonde, bimbo cheerleader.

  6. Be specific on what I’ve been wrong about? Just because you do not think there will be much local racing this year here on May 16th doesn’t make me wrong. I never said there would be racing in May. In fact I’ve said many times there would not be racing before June 1st. The fact that there might indeed be racing down south this month was just a bonus. Long way to go in 2020.

    Bob, short tracks are NOT classified as large venues in NH. That is yet another reason you should see racing up here this year at some point. I’ll have to research what Seekonk’s status falls under within the state of Massachusetts. You guys tend to not pay attention to those pesky little facts that often make you wrong so I will research it myself.

  7. JD,

    Earl wrote, “So far JD you are batting 000 on your predictions.”

    Since you don’t know what “batting 000” means, that means you have been wrong about everything. No need to be specific.



    Hey JD, are you aware there’s a pandemic going on?

    Large venue, small venue, potato vs potahto, venue schmenue… states are using people density, or numbers of people that can gather, and it is always way less than would be at a track on a bad attendance day.

    JD, it’s fun watching you flail.

  8. Well that anticipated NH permission item on Friday never happend, and when it does they wont be going from 3 car practice sessions to full race events in 30 days, it will be months folks. 4th of July town celebrations (fireworks) are being canceled yet some people on here think racing will happen soon in Northeast.

  9. Still waiting… Bueller, Bueller.

  10. So what has JD said. A lot of things actually. In March he said there would be no racing in 2020. JD did not make bold predictions about racing happening in 2020 as the plaque was ramping up. What JD did say that has proven to be spot on is the people would resist being locked down after a period of time. More colorfully of course but it has proven to be very true and he did say it first.
    I don’t see why racing can’t happen in the “Northeast” this year or why anyone would label a person that suggested it as out of step with reality.
    Right now at the very least Star and Monadnock have plans filed with the state to open using recommended distancing and safety guidelines. On the negative side New Hampshire’s confirmed cases are on the rise at 90 plus for most days in May. On the plus side it is only 90 and the rise may be attributable to a massive increase in testing. 450 April 13 and 1700 plus a day now. Connecticut’s infection number also blipped up (as hospitalizations continue to decline) after a steady decrease probably due to a doubling of the tests being done.
    We’re still deep in the woods in Ct and MA..Predictions at this point are mere guesses. If we’re talking “Northeast” I don’t see how anyone suggesting there could be racing in a place like New Hampshire is ignoring reality. At this stage one would think the greatest odds are that there definitely would be racing of some sort up there in 2020. It isn’t even summer yet.

  11. Welding Wonders has spoken. Anything anybody else says is BS
    wait, maybe it was Dougie, nope, had to be Rickyinmass.
    Where’s Waldo? Anybody seen Waldo? I’m so confused.

  12. Well, let’s not forget, I predicted that the Bowl was not going to open. I was right!!!!

    And you all were wrong. Bigly wrong!!!

  13. Did I miss something? Did Waterford announce they won’t open in 2020? I know there is still allot of work to be done, truth be told, I thought they wouldn’t open till 2021 long before Covid.

  14. Plugs 2020 says

    Don’t worry dafella, we won’t forget what you predicted. Why don’t you post that a few more times on other articles for good measure. Damentalcase

  15. #WaterfordGate, you all know what it is.

  16. WeldingWonders says


    Rob p. says
    April 11, 2018 at 9:06 pm
    Dareal, get real, if you’ve been around racing then you should be able to see it for yourself. Modifieds have begun to evolve. The LFR wasn’t a car drawn on the back of a napkin, it was designed on a computer where they could look at stuff like the placement of tubing and the effect that placement would haveRicky was right your a special kind of stupid

    darealgoodfella says
    April 11, 2018 at 10:15 pm
    I highly suspect that Rob p. is another alias of Doug.
    Rob p., CAD is decades old, many decades old. If somebody is bragging about using CAD on a modified, they just crawled out of the primordial soup.

    Rob p. says
    April 11, 2018 at 11:34 pm
    Dareal, really are you really that stupid. Technology has had a profound effect on Modified chassis building. Yes CAD has been around forever but recent software allows an engineer to design a chassis complete with suspension, then he is able to highlight an area and see the stresses that area will be under in race conditions as well as other areas that may be affected
    Darealdumbass, I am not another alias of Doug. At least with Doug’s posts I am entertained sometimes enlightened,sometimes aggrevated but always respected. Doug, like myself is an old racer with actual knowledge of the workings of a race car. I enjoy reminiscing of the good old days with him. Your posts are 99.9% worthless drabble from a person who has absolutely no clue. Bet you show up at the races with your prized Dale Earndhart #3 jacket and hat on, drink too many beers, become belligerent and piss off the people around you. Am I right. Why don’t you stick to going to the Waterford Toilet Bowl and keep your Ill conceived thoughts to you and yourself no one appreciates someone who has nothing constructive to add to the conversation

  17. Welding wonders, everybody knows your Doug, or Rickyinmass, where’s Waldo.
    Point being posting pointless drabble under 3 different screen names is so sad on so many levels
    Dougie, welding wonders, Rickyinmass, Waldo… Whoever you are, get help man, your not well.

  18. It could very well be exactly as you say Rob. Three screen ID’s. All from one person identified with the same email address. Is that wrong? All screen ID’s are aliases. People use multiple screen ID’s all the time Is the screen ID the important thing or is the content of the comment what is most important.
    A couple fun facts. RaceDayCt kicked off on or around June 2012. Under the NWMT banner there was no provision for comments until September 2012. The first comments were logged in October 2012 and for a while people used their real full names. Using actual names lasted until well into 2013 when first names and screen ID’s started to become the norm. Actual names could never have a future in any comment forum with people willing to exploit a persons background and living circumstances against them. If real names are important to you go to Facebook. You can lodge whatever taunt or insult you like but probably only once until they delete your entry and ban you from their page.
    I should think you’d be grateful Rob seeing as how RickyinMass is such of fan of yours. WeldingWonders is not confrontational at all but does hate braggarts and hypocrites so he lets people make fools of themselves not with accusations or taunts but using their own words. Me, I’m just Doug trying to put it all in perspective.
    Am I not well? Could be. On the other hand some of the nonsense that goes on in these pages and has gone on over the better part of a decade is pretty ridiculous. Perhaps as WeldingWonders made clear with you Rob p labeling the same persons differently depending on the specific topic being addressed and whether you agree with it or not. It’s funny seeing you name call and taunt DGF and say nice things about me then reverse it depending on the topic. If I can find a way to make it entertaining then perhaps all three of us aren’t that crazy at all.

  19. Doug,
    Just to be clear on the timeline of commenting at this website. RaceDayCT was originally launched in June 2012 in a traditional old school HTML format. Under that format a Facebook associated commenting section was employed for use on entries. In September of 2012 the decision was made to abandon the original traditional HTML design and move to a WordPress formatted site. Stories that were published from June 2012 to the launch of the new WordPress format migrated to the new WordPress format, but comments left on those stories could not be migrated over. A more traditional commenting section was then launched as part of the new WordPress format.

  20. There you go. More RaceDayCt insider history.
    A few have tried to launch local racing web sites. Virtually none has been able to stick to it and keep their offering updated and vibrant. None have been able to link consistent revenue streams to their site that I know of. None have provided more content.
    Eight years. Amazing

  21. Gotta say Shawn, you do a GREAT job with this site. Find your articles interesting, and your race coverage is top notch. Keep up the great work, you and your team do.

  22. Rob,
    Thank you, appreciate that.

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