Tri-Track Open Modified Series Postpones Claremont Event

Tri-Track Open Modified Series officials announced Saturday the their May 24 event scheduled to be run at Claremont (N.H.) Speedway has been postponed due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

On Friday New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu extended restrictions crowd gatherings in the state beyond the expected May 24 date.

No makeup date has been announced for the event at Claremont.

A statement from series management read: “The Tri Track Open Modified Series continues to keep the safety of our race teams, drivers, staff and fans in mind with decisions. We will provide additional guidance around the 2020 schedule once it is available. Our intention is to hit the track for action this season.”

It marks the second Tri-Track Open Modified Series to be indefinitely postponed. The series was previously scheduled to kick off its 2020 season on May 2 at Mondanock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. That event was originally postponed to May 9 then later postponed indefinitely.

The next event currently scheduled on the Tri-Track Open Modified Series schedule is Open Wheel Wednesday on July 1 at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway.

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  1. I’M SCHOCKED!!!!!!


    It is interesting that while Trump is sequestered and protected from the coronavirus 🦠 , he is telling folks to go out and spend whatever money they have. Trump is protected, anybody that goes near him must be tested, yet he says that the country must be reopened to get the economy going. He wants to get the economy going at the expense of your lives, while he is protected and sequestered. Trump needs to get the economy resumed for his self serving needs. But he’s ignoring the pandemic, and trying to gaslight the public into thinking that the pandemic is over, it’s safe to go outside.

    Thank goodness he is being defied.

    Folks, don’t feed yourself to the virus.

  2. Plugs 2020 says

    Folks, Ned Lamont will soon be giving you permission to get a haircut. Folks, don’t feed yourself to the virus.

  3. CT Brooklyn Fair was just canceled and that was to take place in August, Racing and Fair’s are similar. Only people who think Racing at our local level will happen are Racers and Track Owners, General population and politicians can care less if these Tracks don’t open. If by some luck the Tracks get approval to open with fans, while CT,MA,NY,PA are still having Hundreds to Thousands of new cases daily the towns people who don’t like racing will call town Mayors, Selectmen, Officials and absolutely create a negative backlash on the Events or get them shut down.

  4. State and regional fairs are being postponed or cancelled.

  5. Cherkee Speedway in SC just had a race.
    Lee Speedway
    . “Our tentative plan is to open June 5th with our NASCAR Season Opener and tentatively moving Championship Night to Friday Night September 4th. ”
    Monadnock Speedway
    “As of Friday (May 1, 2020), Governor Sununu has extended the “Stay at Home” order to May 31st. The Governor has announced some businesses can start to reopen, however shorts tracks were not one of those businesses.
    This past week, we have monitored the NH Task Force meetings in regards to reopening the businesses in New Hamsphire. Under the reccomendation and guidelines the NH Task Force has developed, we emailed Governor Sununu a draft plan to reopen the speedway. The draft plan included the 6 foot social distancing mandate and operating at a smaller capacity while following all the guidelines set forth by the NH Task Force to ensure the safety of our race teams, fans and employees. We look forward to hearing from State Officials in regards to the plan while making sure we are in consideration for the next phase of reopening the businesses in NH.”

    This isn’t the time for predictions seeing as how we in Ct and those is Mass are still getting clobbered by the virus. In a few weeks if projections pan out it won’t be the case and that’s when hard decisions will be made.
    In New Hampshiire where they are not experiencing anywhere near the casualties we are they are not giving up. Monadnock has a full blown plan including safety measures. Betcha if they do open and we don’t in southern New England they get really strong car counts as local teams head north.

  6. I agree fairs should be cancelled. Tens of thousands of people riding the same rides would end badly. Amusement Parks as well. That is much different than sitting on a beach or watching a minor league ballgame or race IMO.

  7. Not really if you think about all the fans sitting side-by-side in the grandstands someone coughs downwind of you or sneezes where did the droplets go same thing with in the pits you also have to think about the concession stands bathrooms etc. at race tracks don’t think it’s a good idea right now to open

  8. Well, JD, how then are you using the activity at home center stores to say what’s going to happen with short track racing? I still don’t see the connection.

    Crowds are excellent opportunities for spreading the 🦠. Not different at all than rides. It’s the crowds and close proximity of people to one another that spreads the 🦠. How about waiting in line for a ride? Waiting in line for food, beer, etc.?

  9. JD, when I’m in the stands, I’m being impacted by the people that are smoking near me, and even quite a distance away from me. How is that any different than someone that has an infection and is sneezing, coughing, and exhaling pathogens into the air?

  10. I know everybody is on a NH kick, but they are barely testing compared to other States, thats why their #s are low. As they ramp up testing they will see way more cases and the NH Gov knows it. Racetracks all think they got a magic plan to re open, 2weeks ago Monadnock and Tri Track were absolutely positive they were racing on May9th how did that work out?

  11. wmass01013 says

    What race track allows smoking IN THE stands???????????????

  12. wmass01013, clearly that smoking is not allowed does not matter to some people. Apparently some people think that rule infringes on their Constitutional rights, and THEY SMOKE IN THE STANDS AT THOMPSON, STAFFORD, NHMS, …

    Speeding isn’t allowed but people do it. Murder isn’t allowed but people do it.

  13. Rich, you’ll get this. NYS Gov. Cuomo just went through the metrics for reopening. It’s gonna be a long process. Essential services get high priority. The lowest priority are the arts, entertainment, arenas and other large venues. These are completely non-essential and pure risk.

    As long as you don’t test, the data looks great!!! I don’t see nuthin’!!! 🙈🙉🙊

  14. Over the weekend, I watched a few dirt tracks races online. They were from down south where I don’t think they are in as bad a shape as we are up here in regards to the virus. They were mostly held without fans with a pay per view model. A few of the tracks had limited divisions and I think they were invitational events to limit attendance by drivers.

    It was great to see some live racing even if it was on the tv. What I found disappointing was there just wasn’t a bunch of people wearing face masks and gloves walking around. There wasn’t a lot of people in attendance without fans but the people there weren’t taking precautions. There were pit crews working side by side that didn’t have face masks on. They had a victory lane with pictures in which the race promoter shook hands with the winner,2nd and 3rd place. Interviews with the top 3 drivers using the same microphone. Overall there just didn’t seem to be a significant amount of social distancing or use of personal protective equipment or even a change in behavior that I noticed. I am concerned there is a small outbreak tied to one of these local racing events and then it is shut down until there is a vaccine.

    Civil liberties be damned I think it should be mandatory to wear a face mask when attending these events. Curtail the driver interviews or at a minimum Clorox wipe the mic between interviews. Maybe hold off on the pictures with more than one person in them. Just change the optics, make it look good so if the local news media or angry neighbor wants to make an effort to close the track down there isnt much to fixate on.

  15. The biggest crowd draw I saw this weekend was the garden centers at the box stores. Not exactly essential part of the business but they made a killing. Full houses. Doesn’t matter really, all the stores reopen this week in NH. Not much difference between a packed box store and and outdoor venue where people can space themselves out. Six feet apart at a packed Walmart and six feet apart at the Monadnock beer line is still six feet. The stores have public bathrooms, the tracks have public bathrooms. That’s a wash. You can argue all you want about whether you think it’s right or wrong. I get that. The tracks will open this year in NH. Will they stay open? Who knows. Depends on how things go. The beaches are already open. You just can’t sit or lay on the beach yet. Camp grounds and golf courses are open with restrictions.

    NH has plenty of testing Rich. If you need one it can be done within an hour of calling. The tests are all trending in the right direction. Thus the soft re-opening on Friday.

    I’ve said all along, June and July was when we would start to see racing. I stand by that today. Will there be restrictions? Probably. Will it be different? Probably.

    Ed Harvey Racing (the #1)is selling masks with their logo on it. I knew that would only be a matter of time. Get them while they are hot.

  16. JD,

    NH has 1 of the lowest test rates per 100k population.

    I agree with DGF its going to be alot longer than the magic month of June.

    Colleges wont even allow kids on campus for fall semester.

  17. Plugs 2020 says

    Folks need to get it through their thick skulls. There will be no racing anywhere in the northeast this year. They just cancelled some kind of pumpkin festival in Maine. For October. I mean, let’s get real here.

  18. Look, this pandemic has been dominated by what has been going on in New York, and even more specifically NYC. The statistics have been dominated by the NY content. About two weeks ago, NY was 45% of the national deaths. If the greater NYC area and Long Island, including northern NJ and SW CT was included, that region would have been well over 50% of the USA cases and deaths. You need to stop thinking that this was just affecting that region. It’s been simmering across the country. Relaxing social distancing will blow this up.

    But now, the death rate in that region is starting to decline. The length of the period of decline will be much longer than what it took to rise, many more times longer. And it is important that the same social distancing must be in place or it will blow up.

    Now the pandemic is moving across the rest of the country and other areas are flaring up. When all those areas are summed up, it will be far worse that what we have been seeing from the NTS region. Far worse.

    The greater NYC area has maybe 15-20 million people. There are still some 300 million people for the virus 🦠 to pursue.

    JD, the pandemic is also working its way north from the NYC area. It’ll find you.

  19. Trump is on ABC World news right now. His main message is We Have to get Back to work. He’s dodging around the questions in his normal way everything is beautiful and great. When asked about the hurt people are feeling he answered “It is what it is”
    WTF does that even mean?. David Mur asked about ” the 15 people” more dodging, now all of a sudden now we have the best testing in the world, everyone who wants a test can get one, anyone. He keeps saying the same BS thinking if he says it enough, people will believe believe him.

  20. Rob p., Trump operates by these rules:

    Propaganda 101:

    #1: If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

    #2: Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.

    #3: Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will.

    #4: It [is] vitally important for the State… to repress dissent, for truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

    – Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister for “Public Enlightenment” (Propaganda) in Nazi Germany

  21. How can a racetrack operate with limited capacity? How are they planning to control all the people who show up? How do you get to attend one of these limited attendance shows? How much more will it cost?

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