Monadnock Speedway To Host Race Three Of 2020 Tri-Track Season

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

Return to New Hampshire For Competitive Night Set For This Weekend

The Tri Track Open Modified Series returns to competition this Saturday, August 15, for race three of the 2020 season at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, New Hampshire. This is the second stop at the high-banked oval this season, and if the first one was any indication, fans won’t want to leave their seat until the finish checkered flag and beyond. 

On July 5, Craig Lutz used a bump-and-run to get around Les Hinckley in a final dash to the finish line, bringing fans to their feet, and creating a bit of frustration between some of the top contenders. Now, as the season hits the middle of August, these two could be headed straight for a rematch. But they won’t be the only top contenders when Tri Track takes the green flag on Saturday. 

Matt Hirschman, who has 12 career Tri Track wins, including the SBM at Star Speedway earlier this year, is coming back looking to rebound from a performance he wasn’t happy with last time at Monadnock. Although the driver of the No. 60 finished seventh, Hirschman wasn’t pleased with the way the car handled. After dominating at Star, he’s heading to Monadnock looking to pounce. 

Lutz and Hirschman are the two Tri Track winners so far in 2020. Lutz earned his first win in his debut race at Monadnock earlier this year. 

Veteran Modified competitors Chase Dowling, Matt Swanson, Ron Silk, Woody Pitkat, Anthony Nocella, Ronnie Williams, Chris Pasteryak, Richard Savary and more are also expected, along with Monadnock weekly competitors Ben Byrne, Derek Robbie and Matt Kimball.  

And that’s only a taste of the drivers who will unload their cars in the mountains of New Hampshire this weekend. 

“We can’t wait to get back to Monadnock,” Wayne Darling, Managing Partner of the Tri Track Open Modified Series, said. “If the last event there was any indication, it should be a great show on Saturday night.” 

Per a new order by the state of New Hampshire, face coverings are required for everyone that is entering and exiting the pit and main grandstands, when walking in crowded areas, and visiting the concessions or restrooms. Fans who are seated in the main grandstands, following social distancing guidelines with group of 10 or less six feet apart, will not need the mask once seated. Race teams are not required to wear face masks in their own pit stall, however, when leaving the stall, team members must have them on when social distancing is not possible. 

Also, per order of New Hampshire, grandstand capacity is limited to 50% for this event, so race fans are encouraged to purchase their tickets ahead of race day on the Monadnock Speedway website, or make sure to get to the track early. 

Names like Sam Rameau, Kirk Alexander, George Sherman, Kurt Vigeant, Calvin Carroll, and more, have also pre-ordered tires. 

Pit gates open for Tri Track teams only at 12 p.m., followed by the rest of Monadnock’s race teams at 1 p.m. Practice begins at 3 p.m., with 45 minutes for the Tri Track Open Modified Series. The Tri Track teams will also have a 15-minute scuff from 5:15-5:30 p.m. Heat races begin at 6 p.m., followed by the start of feature racing at 7 p.m. The Tri Track Open Modified Series feature is scheduled to take the green flag around 9 p.m.

The NHSTRA Modifieds, Late Model Sportsman, Mini Stocks and Pure Stocks will also join the card. 

For more information on Monadnock Speedway, fans are encouraged to visit and follow the track on Facebook. For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, visit and follow the series on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

1. $6,000  
2. $3,250  
3. $2,600  
4. $2,200  
5. $1,600  
6. $1,500  
7. $1,400  
8. $1,300  
9. $1,200  
10. $1,190  
11. $1,180  
12. $1,170  
13. $1,160  
14. $1,150  
15. $1,140  
16. $1,130  
17. $1,120  
18. $1,110  
19. $1,000  
20. $1,000  
21. $1,000  
22. $1,000  
23. $1,000  
24. $1,000  
25. $1,000  
26. $1,000 


  1. It would be cool if a crate motor guy won.

  2. Been a ton of Tour Type races in last 6 weeks, the fields are thinning out.

  3. Around 9pm. No good TT/Monadnock. No good. The whole show could easily be moved up an hour.

    I live in NH and I get home earlier from a Thompson show than I do from a Monadnock show.

  4. The other shoe is about to fall, and when it does it won’t be done dainty woman’s slipper, no, it’s gonna be a size 20 steel toed workboot. So enjoy what live racing you can, even if the features don’t start till 9pm, because soon there won’t be any racing.
    Can already hear Queen in the background.
    “And another one gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust! Hey, it’s gonna get you too, another one bites the dust”

  5. Good news if you want to see this race and can’t be at the track. It just popped up on Speed51 since yesterday. Appears to be included in monthly membership.

  6. Rich posted, “Been a ton of Tour Type races in last 6 weeks, the fields are thinning out.”

    And the fans do not appreciate the folks that are not wearing masks. Hence, Stafford had plenty of unsold tickets for tonight, even at 25% capacity.

    I sense a huge implosion in the near future.

  7. It’s not the masks. It’s the $60O weekly federal unemployment stipend that went away. The ticket decline has been right inline with that.

  8. Fast Eddie says

    Anyone going to Stafford wanting to have people around them wearing masks need only to sit closest to turn one in the main grandstand. The track designated that as being a “mandatory mask” section. Everyone in that section has to keep their mask on even when seated and track security enforces it. And I’m not just stating the track rule. I’ve seen security go through that section and tell people in order to sit there they must wear a mask.

  9. It’s the masks. Just look at the conversations online about the idiots that are not wearing masks. People that are wearing masks, for themselves and for others in their family, are uncomfortable around people that are not wearing masks.

    Furthermore, it is NOT the track that makes the rules about dealing with the #TrumpPandemic. The tracks are supposed to be following and imposing the rules, guidelines, etc. set by the State, Dept. of Health, etc. Right now, from what I see, people are supposed to wear a mask 😷. A track can not, and should not, downplay the guidance or mandates from the state authorities.

    You are a fool if you do not follow the rules presented by the experts and authorities.

    You want racing, you better play by the rules. Otherwise, the tracks will have no option other than to stop operating. Given all else that has been halted, you need to appreciate how lucky you are that racing has been allowed to the degree it is. Only you can screw this up. The immediate future of racing is TOTALLY dependent on the compliance of the fans and participants to the health rules.

    Wear a mask. 😷 At least you will look smart. Not wearing a mask 😷 shows you are dumb.

  10. Stafford has had the same mask rule since they opened. Sold out in 5 minutes in July. Federal unemployment ended and ticket sales slumped in August. Yup, must be DaMasks. Maybe people who just lost $2400 a month may not have anymore extra money to go to track. Maybe they figured paying the mortgage and feeding their children was a little more important. Monadnock has not soldout tonight and the new mask rule wasnt even announced until this week.

    In the words of Dusty Rhodes, these are hard times!

  11. Put another way. “It’s the economy stupid”

  12. Put it the right way, “It’s the #TrumpPandemic, stupid.”

  13. You really gotta love the effort the promoters of this series have done through the years. They post the full purse, when is the last time NASCAR posted the purse paid out to the drivers? About 10 years ago? They used to post “total rewards “ for each race, but that number was always overstated. It included the sanctioning fees paid by the track!! NASCAR treats its business like they’re fighting a Cold War, everything is so Top Secret!

  14. wmass01013 says

    So Phil A. so you own a Modified and want to know the Payout?? to see what races you will bring your car too? So 1st you want NASCAR to post full purse BUTTTTTTTTTT you don’t believe what they post, hmmmmmmmmmm ok, Just Me normally post the Entry Blank for most WMT RACES form the NASCAR member page which i do believe is the actual payout, Now if you were at or watched the TT race from Mad Dog Kyle Souza says to Rameau u win 6 k and Rameau says we spent that from his heat wreck.
    Yes TRI TRACK is very open back from when LIMM used to post pre and post race payouts to all the teams to the 2020 races now, but does it really mean that much to us Fans? or was it just another chance to be NASCAR HATER???

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