Gunning It: Andy Seuss Wins Pole For Whelen Modified Tour Musket 200 At NHMS

Andy Seuss (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Full Throttle Fall Weekend qualifying day at New Hampshire Motor Speedway meant for a surprise out for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. 

Andy Seuss, making his first series start of the season, won the pole in qualifying for Saturday’s Musket 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. 

Seuss toured the 1.058-mile oval with a fast lap of 29.521 seconds. 

Seuss, of Hampstead, N.H., made three series starts in 2019, with two of them coming at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He finished 12th in the July 2019 event in Loudon and 14th in the 2019 Musket 250. 

Chase Dowling will start second after a qualifying lap of 29.629 seconds. 

Bobby Santos III, who won the 2019 Musket 250, will start third after a qualifying lap of 29.656 seconds. Like Seuss, Santos is making his first series start of the season Saturday. 

Justin Bonsignore (29.753 seconds) and Jon McKennedy (29.776 seconds) were fourth and fifth respectively during the qualifying session. 

Anthony Nocella, Ron Silk, Timmy Solomito (qualifying for Sammy Rameau), Eric Goodale and Rob Summers rounded out the top-10 respectively. 

Full Qualifying Results from New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Reigning series champion Doug Coby will start 13th.


  1. Must be a new motor. He was fast right off the truck.

  2. 🌈JD🌈, anybody that is serious goes to Loudon with a new or refreshed motor. That is standard operating procedure for Loudon. We always had a new or just refreshed motor at Loudon. Specifically tuned for Loudon. Back in the built motor days, some teams had motors that were just for Loudon. Special cams and other stuff. You wouldn’t understand.

    So, you are late to the game again.

  3. At Stafford tonight, Matt Buckler summarized qualifying at NHIS. However, when he announced that Chase Dowling was second fastest, he failed to note that Dowling’s car is owned by Ben Dodge (Buckler’s broadcast partner at Stafford). There seems to be a prohibition on talking about Dodge’s non-announcing role at Stafford (and within New England short track racing in general). It reminds of the days when most fans didn’t know that WWF announcer Vince McMahon also owned the wrestling organization. Can anyone here shed some light on Dodge’s broader role at Stafford (and elsewhere)?

  4. Last year it was Coby, McKennedy, Bonsignor and Silk. This year Seuss, Dowling, Santos and Bonsignor.
    Silk 7th, Coby 13th.
    That’s all kind of a shock isn’t it?
    Dodge, Dowling and Tommy Lee getting it done.
    What happened to the 99?

  5. What happened with the 01 at 5 1/2 seconds off the pole time? Mechanical issues or maybe just sand bagging and saving the equipment?

  6. Hey dareal, who is the “we” you are referring to? Or is this just another line of BS you won’t substantiate like everything else you post.

  7. Ronnie had to get to stafford. He will start from the rear tomorrow.

  8. Good to see Santos back in New England. Who’s ride is he in?…. Wheeled the 36 last I believe when Sap had the bad back.

  9. Jussayin, Santos is driving of Saps backup cars

  10. Melissa is 5.5 seconds off……..why does NASCAR allow her to run…….why do they run..I have to believe that an SK would time trail faster than that at NH…JEESH

  11. Thank you Kevin.
    Now when you say back up car is that just an expression? It’s the car that came in second at Jennerstown as reported. Is there really any part of it that backup implies?

  12. Enjoy racing while you can folks.

    The experts and various medical agencies are saying we will be living under COVID-19 safety conditions such as social distancing and masks until late 2021. That means that there WILL NOT BE A VACCINE FOR OVER A YEAR FROM NOW.

    The longer this drags on, the more it shows we need to clamp down harder, and that means consequences for idiots that refuse to practice safety.

    Respect yourselves and each other.

  13. @Doug, Sap owns 4 LFR cars, Kinda hard to say which one is he primary or backup. Both cars at Loudon where Gen II, the two others are Gen I which one of them is for sale.

  14. Thank you Just Me!
    Joe Coss said the car Santos drove was the same one he won last year with. An article in Facebook said it was the car Sapienza came in second with at Jennerstown.
    I’m going to assume Dave was driving something that was top notch.
    That Sapienza/Thilberg team is just loaded.

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