RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Is Your Favorite New Hampshire Short Track?

New Hampshire sports a vibrant short track racing community and its tracks host a growing amount of Modified events. So which New Hampshire short track is your favorite place to attend an event? Vote below.

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What Is Your Favorite New Hampshire Short Track?
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  1. Tough question. I like a lot of them. Personally, I would rank them 1 Star, 2 Monadnock, 3 White MTN, 4 Claremont, 5 Hudson, 6. Lee. I have to abstain from voting on Riverside as I have never been there. Top 2 I was going back and forth.

  2. Csg, i had the same problem with the top two. Stat and monadnock are a tie for me.

  3. I’m convinced the people who voted for Star have not been to the other NH tracks. And one vote for Riverside means not many people have been there.

  4. Charles Rubacha says

    RGM Says My favorite will always be Monadnock, we won the Modified Championship there in 1975 with Jerry Dostie.

  5. I was looking for info on the Thompson icebreaker. Schedule. camping and prices what not. I ended up looking at the ACT and PASS websites for some information. My search for Thompson Ice breaker inforamation was largely fruitless but I noticed PASS and ACT have a race at Monadnock on 4th of July weekend. I also saw PASS has a race at Hudson. I may have to make a few trips up North next year assuming things get better. starting to get excited for race season

  6. WMMP loved me and left me in 2020. They are dead to me. Star and Monadnock are pretty equal in my book. In a good way. Both have decent weekly upper tier divisions. Both host TT and fender touring series. The Star Classic weekend is a big deal again. I enjoy both. Lee is nice but in all honesty they never give me a reason to attend. So-So car counts, No modifieds. ISMA night is ok at best. So much untapped potential there.

  7. I’ve been to 5 of 7 on the list. My “tie” for Star and Monadnock was based on the amount of Modified and/or Supermodified racing along with proximity. White Mountain would have also been there if they had the WMT and MRS back this year. Glad that Claremont has the MRS this year.

  8. Viva Race Fan says

    Lee is a blast to race. I know nothing about the other tracks

  9. I’m biased, I picked the one that takes me five minutes to get to, Claremont. Claremont is going to have a good year this year, car counts are looking to be up significantly and they’re trying some new stuff that’s really exciting. Claremont looks to be on the way up right now.

    My second favorite is Monadnock, only NH track with weekly modifieds and they put on an amazing show. I like Star for what’s on track and their amazing retro logo but I hate their grandstands, feel like I’m going to die on them or at least break some bones. Only been to Lee once for that Freedom 300. It felt like an amusement park to me, I loved it but they need to get on top of their program. Only been to white mountain once in the 90’s when I was a kid. Hoping to make it to Hudson at some point this year, sounds pretty cool and two of the best fendered racers in New England started there, Joey Pole and DG12.

    I’m thinking I want to try to make all the PASS/ACT NH races this year, if they’re going to race more in NH then I want to show them support.

  10. The one instance in which I would permit voting “early and often” applies to those voting for Monadnock on this question! Lol. I have attended all except Riverside and Claremont. While each holds a place for me, whether my first race (Star) or the one that most impressed me (White Mountain), Monadnock has no equal. [My close second, for the reasons I enumerate next, falls does not appear as it lies outside NH.] The track, quality of racing of all divisions, facility, people, and experience rank above all others. My favorite race night: MODS at Monadnock!

  11. Sharpie Fan says

    Hi Chuck @ RGM! Glad to see you haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. From a former Stafford Pro Stocker.

  12. Best track is Lee. Maybe not the best Show division wise. But the track is a one off cool place for sure.

  13. Arch Stanton says

    Monadnock WAS my favorite track until they installed the new low-rise “grandstands?”. Great track, great racing, absolutely terrible view from the stands. What’s the point of going if one can’t see?

  14. always did like to go up to monadnock on a sat. nite, lee needs to be repaved, it’s a really neat racetrack, hope they are able to do it. also needs modifieds, along with isma supers.

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