RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Do Legal Issues Of Ownership Influence Your Decision To Attend Speedbowl Events?

With legal issues still swirling around track owner Bruce Bemer, the New London-Waterford Speedbowl will kick off another season of racing on May 8. Today’s Daily Poll question is, do the legal issues involving track ownership since prior to the 2017 season influence your decision to attend events at the facility? Vote below.

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Do Legal Issues Of Ownership Influence Your Decision To Attend Events At New London-Waterford Speedbowl?
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  1. Not anymore,so no.

  2. The Atomic Punk says

    Lets see… Do i want to put money in a Predators pocket, One that has destroyed lives so he can use that money to destroy more? Hmmmmm

  3. steven seiler says

    No I’ll still go it’s what I enjoy so I’m not gonna not go because the owners no good.I’ll go there to support the drivers.I try not to think about it as supporting the owner

  4. Punk have to stoped going to all the business and hospitals that he provides fuel to or his cycle shop I hope so you don’t want to put money in his pocket

  5. Crazy how people like Elect try to find ways to somehow convince other people that walking into the place is not supporting the owner.

    You can make all the excuses there are about supporting the drivers or the place not making a profit or whatever else you want to say. Every dollar spent there on a ticket or a pit pass is ultimately supporting the lifestyle of the track owner. He may be using that dollar to fix a bathroom at the track or pay an employee there. Or he might be using that dollar to buy furniture for his house, or maybe he uses it to pay for illegal sex acts from trafficked men. But that’s his choice after you put your dollar in his hand. So no matter how you slice it, you give him your dollar and he does with it what he pleases, so yes you are voluntarily supporting him and supporting his lifestyle. You’re making the choice to support a convicted sex offender.

    The excuses saying how it’s really about supporting the track or it’s really about supporting the drivers are just things you say. Things you say maybe to convince yourself you’re not supporting a criminal sex offender. Or maybe things you say to try to convince others that you’re not supporting a criminal sex offender.

    Like saying I know the guy who owns the ice cream shop is a convicted sexual predator, but I still get my ice cream there. I don’t do it to support the ice cream shop owner, but because I want to support the cows that provide the milk for the dairy company he buys his ice cream from.

  6. He is working making any $ from track. Yes he did a bad thing. It’s about saving one of the few left race tracks. If he pays the penalty it will be sold, hopefully to a racer. I do t know why racedayct loves to post negative press. Got a hard on downing Waterford. I get it beams did a bad thing. But why should a much larger group pay. Don’t worry race tracks don’t make money!

  7. It’s not even necessary to go to the trouble of writing a comment. Just go into the Speedbowl archive and every conceivable viewpoint has been expressed already.
    It boils down to this. If you’re a lifelong Speedbowl fan you’ll find some way to rationalize going to the races there. The holier then thou and self righteous that aren’t losing anything tend to live further away.
    He’s a convicted felon. One that would probably love to have the plea deal he was offered with no jail time back if he could get a do over. He’s paid a ton of money out in legal fees and civil judgements, may be ill and just got stabbed in December by his significant other. He’s not making any money on the Speedbowl with the money he’s dished out for renovations, he’s killing time doing something while his lawyers delay the final adjudication of his appeal.
    The whole supporting a bad guy train has left the station. His life absolutely sucks, reputation trashed, waiting to be taken to jail and could very well die in jail. Even if he does somehow beat the odds on the appeal and somehow avoid a new trial his life is still a dumpster fire in the late innings of the game of life.
    The town has approved the track as a race facility going into the future as has the area it is located. Boycotter’s including the Gada’s are back and life goes on. In ten years if the track is operating it will likely be under a new owner, Bemer the reason it is operating and no one will care.
    If they offer streaming this year I’m in and I could care less how much it benefits anyone. I’ll be enjoying the fact the track is back and thanking the good Lord that I’m not the guy that owns the New London Waterford Speedbowl, Bemer Petroleum, Skylark Airport or any of the other businesses he owns.

  8. Turn One Fan says

    During the years that the current owner has had The Bowl,, he has had to buy the track, put a lot of money into improvements, lose attendance after his legal issues were announced, shut down for a year, and had a pandemic strike! I highly doubt that he has come away with much money in his pockets! I will attend just to try to keep the place alive and hope that the ownership will change in the near future. With Thompson’s schedule a shadow of what it had been, I would really hate to lose this wonderful racing facility. Once gone, no one is building new ones!

  9. Elect and his ilk still believe Hillary ran a child sex ring and human trafficking operation out of a pizza parlor. And Elect would be the first to boycott anything Dem or associated with Biden, Clinton, Obama, etc.

    Ignored facts are still facts.

    Great country this America!!!!!

    There’s no way I’ll go to that track with the current ownership, and I’ll be taking notes on who is sponsoring the track and events there. My dollars will be spent elsewhere.

    This is like sanctions and tariff wars. If you are doing something I don’t like, I don’t spend my money there. It’s my choice. I don’t spend money to support a business. If the business doesn’t have something compelling in exchange for my money, I don’t spend my money there. It’s my damn money, I spend it the way I please.

    Remember the Montgomery bus boycott. People have the right and liberty to choose how they spend their money.

  10. Take the racetrack out of the equation, if Bemer owned your local Pizza Shop would you still go there to eat? Race Tracks are no different than any other businesses. Everyone acts like he’s not guilty, he was convicted and sentenced to serve prison time, he’s only walking around not serving time because he’s wealthy and can afford fancy legal appeals.

  11. JD is boycotting Thompson, dafella is boycotting the Speedbowl. I say who really cares. One butt in the seat isn’t going to make a pee hole in the snow difference in the revenue.

  12. It’s the only track that has racing on my night off. Why would I not go there and stand on turn one 6 ft from the racing surface every chance I get? I don’t care who owns it, I’m just glad it’s open and has races. Not everyone can take time off to go to stafford each week. ( Which doesn’t have a spot for me to stand 6ft from the track. Which imo is the best way to watch. )

  13. sour grapes of diversity and inclusion says

    I go to support a gay race track owner who was targeted due to his wallet.. PS why wasn’t the state of CT a codefendant ??.. letting state employees pimp out alleged “residents” of a state run facility??. no surprise John Droney was involved early on and of course Bruce remains out on bond waiting appeal. this will eventually be reduced or thrown out. after all prison reform will allow others to go free who have committed more heinous crimes. these were consenting adults with a financial arrangement period end of story. civil cases probably at or near an end .let the rainbow flag wave at the speed bowl . anyone objecting is a homophobe !

  14. I’m going. I don’t give a rats petuty about the owner. Its his life. God will be the final judge for him. I’ll leave it to God to dish out whatever punishment he deserves. Me, I love the speedbowl. I love the drivers, the teams, the fans. Bemer will pay for his crimes. I’m not going to pay for his crimes by missing out on the best racing in New England. As someone wrote, its my money, I’ll do whatever the heck I want with it. And I won’t judge anyone that that choose to go or not to go. Freedom. I like it.

  15. steven seiler says

    Well 3 quarters of the votes tell u that they will attend nonetheless

  16. Viva Race Fan says

    You know maybe people change . Sometimes you don’t know what path your on until someone strong enough tells you or get arrested. It can change a life. You still think its more than soliciting sex at best. Courts and lawyers have been know to also pray on people with money. God will make it right. The speedbowl is beautiful and the best race track hands down . Every track has predators in attendance. Let’s just hope continues to open the gates and we get another race season in place. Bashing someone over and over because a life partner stabbed him many times doesn’t seem fair . I’ll be in turn 1 enjoying the races with a bunch of great race fans. And I’m not to judge. If you know what sex assault is most have crossed a line. Just a comment to a friend or group about how someone’s dress code fits its a form of assault. Bet none of you have done that.
    Example : think about every comment you have made about someone male or female being announced over the public address system for all to hear ?
    You should be proud of your self.
    Mirror looks a little different. Think before you speak we are in a different world.
    God Bless the new London Waterford speedbowl.

  17. WeldingWonders says



    Viva race fan says
    September 18, 2018 at 8:12 am
    I told him it’s his track and run it but he seemed like maybe he thought he would be berated from some people and l told him if so have them removed. We need to stand behind him till the court thing is over. Then and only then we can judge. The civil suit is just so the lawyers can pad their pockets. that will happen if he’s guilty or not. so the best recourse for the track is let’s see what the news conference has today. and if Bruce is staying the owner. Maybe we should support him until said court date.


    Viva Race Fan says
    February 26, 2021 at 2:13 am
    -You know maybe people change
    -Courts and lawyers have been know to also pray on people with money.
    – Every track has predators in attendance.
    -And I’m not to judge. If you know what sex assault is most have crossed a line.
    -Mirror looks a little different. Think before you speak we are in a different world.


  18. The legal troubles are one thing… the talk about God is another. Bemer is gay, and we all know how God does not approve of that at all. The Christians remind us all the time. The Christians all know that anything other than a pure heterosexual life is a sin. Bemer is gay, profoundly, and apparently can not satisfy his need for gratification with just one partner. Maybe some Gods don’t have any problem with being non-heterosexual.

    It’s so nice to see you folks, like supreme GOP conservative Earl, and a few others, look past Bemer’s transgressions and heathen behaviors, and approve of his blasphemous behaviors, and let it go. You almost make yourselves look laid back, easy going, and extremely liberal. I laugh at the way you say it’s not your job to judge, so you’ll do whatever you want, and let God do the judging. Meanwhile, religion teaches us to judge others, and do exactly that. For example, they all trash talk each other, and call themselves the one true religion of the one true God. This is like watching competing beer commercials.

    Or God can judge you, and send you straight to hell 😈 to burn for eternity for supporting a heathen like Bemer. Heaven help you.

    Your choice.

  19. The way I was taught in all those fine Catholic schools, I’d go straight to hell if I went to a track owned and operated by a man such as Bemer. And we all know that the Catholics are the one true religion of the one true God. They have the best rules. They say so.

    I love how the core of the track legal issues are because the owner is gay and apparently a sexual predator, and how you God blathering boobs rationalize that every which way you can to defend going to a track owned by a gay man that admitted to heinous, homosexual, sex crimes. You know your religion condemns homosexuality, and criminality, yet you support it.

    Heaven help you.

  20. Just a brief reminder that Doug, and his many other alter egos, recommend supporting Bemer to enrich Bemer even more so his victims might get bigger money 💰 during the civil proceedings.

    Talk about idiocy.

  21. WeldingWonders says

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    70. you God blathering boobs
    71. It’s so nice to see you folks, like supreme GOP conservative Earl, and a few others, look past Bemer’s transgressions and heathen behaviors, and approve of his blasphemous behaviors, and let it go
    72. Just a brief reminder that Doug, and his many other alter egos, recommend supporting Bemer to enrich Bemer. Talk about idiocy.


  22. Doug, and all of his other screen names, is a gift that keeps giving.

    Their idiocy is endless.

  23. sour grapes of sin says

    LOL da real.. if we knowingly support all gay business we are going to hell. ??? your an arrogant sick person .. the catholic church says we can love gays without approving of their behavior. I guess ALOT of people are going to hell based on your thoughts . once Bruce recovers from his injuries you can arrange a public stoning at Thompson your favorite track ?? you can throw the first rock. no illegal stuff going on there right ??? LOL

  24. sour puss, the Catholic Church is imploding and losing market share, so they are ready to say anything to keep the rest of the flock from leaving. The church has been flip-flopping more than a freshly landed bluefish, or Lindsey Graham. Various sects of the church did/would ban or excommunicate non-heterosexuals. The church hates gays because they can’t reproduce and provide more members for the flock, hence gays have been taboo and not allowed 🚫 in the church. And hating on the gays makes it look like they are not gays or sexual deviant predators… until they get caught. Besides, the church is clearly a collection of *MANY* non-heterosexuals, which they freely and hypocritically preach against. Renegade sects have allowed gays in, but they have been threatened with financial penalties from the Vatican, the self proclaimed supreme Christians, when they did so. So much for principles, or even dogmas, capitalism rules the holy roller church.

    Heaven 🌌 help you.


  25. So dafella, you are an alleged catholic democrat and that makes you the best there is, the best there was and the best there will ever be? And I am going to burn in hell because of my belief’s and my opinions?

    Boy am I glad I am not a catholic democrat because you are one demented individual.

  26. Earl, I don’t belong to any tribes of any kind.

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  28. Viva Race Fan says

    Court Case is still not over.

  29. Viva Race Fan,
    Technically yes the court case is over and concluded, a verdict was reached and a sentence given. Bruce Bemer was found guilty of five felony charges, including participation in a sex trafficking ring involving drug addicted and mentally ill men. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, five years probation and mandated to register as a sex offender. Bemer has asked for the court to throw out that conviction on an appeal, something that happens very rarely. A decision regarding that request has not been made. But, as of right now on Feb. 26 2021, his original court case is concluded. A verdict and sentencing is a conclusion of a court case. “Requesting” an appeal is above and beyond the original case. Hundreds of thousands of convicted offenders across the country file requests for appeals every year. The difference being, most don’t have the cash or influence to be granted an appeal bond and be out of prison while waiting for a decision on the appeal. Viva, I know it’s your mission to sugarcoat everything about the legal issues involving Bemer, but saying the court case is not over is 100 percent false. The case is over, a verdict was rendered and a sentence handed down.

  30. Be careful darealdaPinocchio, the more you post the longer that nose gets.

  31. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Pope Dadope. Classic. Add another one to the list. Ladies and gentlemen Dafella: Theologian. Sorry Dafella, I’m not letting a civil rights boycott from the 50’s influence my decision about going to the bowl this season. Nice try though. The ilk have spoken. Most don’t care and will participate and attend races there. Just like last year. So everybody hang on. We’re all headed to hell in a big hand basket. I hear Tony Membrino Jr. is running full time at Waterford this season. Interesting addition.

  32. Viva Race Fan says

    Understand. Not going to argue your statement. I was told the judge gave improper either instructions or judgment and may have to vacate her ruling . I read something a time ago maybe from the head of law at Yale. Something to do with if she didn’t she could hurt her career going forward. That’s why l made such statement. Not trying to sugar coat anything.

  33. Around mid June work was still being done to the track, plans “foggy” as RaceDayCt described them with no start date or schedule. Early July the track still a giant question mark as Serluca resigns. Sunday July 12th the Speedbowl finally announces the return to racing in a surprise announcement with the first race targeted for July 25th. That never happened but the track did open after missing an entire season and in the middle of a pandemic on August 5th with the Wednesday program and blasted off with weekend racing headlined by the MRS on August 8th.
    After no racing for an entire season, the track renovations still at sixes and sevens and the popular track manager exiting something crazy happens. In less then a month the base of competitors and fans goes from knowing little to nothing outside rumors and word of mouth to producing cars and butts in the gleaming new stands to be followed by a full on race season.
    Forgetting the turmoil surrounding the track ownership for just a second that’s just a remarkable example of how much love a loyalty exists for the shoreline oval. That love and loyalty will likely exist long after the current owner is out of the picture and you have to respect that on some level.

  34. Any news re: additional construction (press box, concession areas) at the Bowl for the upcoming season?

  35. Rafter Fan,
    I have been told there are no plans for any further continued construction that would be completed for the 2021 season.

  36. Viva,
    Come on, seriously? Do you actually believe your own lunacy? You’re not trying to sugarcoat anything? You’ve been on here literally since 2017 sugarcoating everything in regards to the legal issues being faced. For years you’ve continued the same stale cries of injustice, right up to this week. You said: “Courts and lawyers have been know to also pray on people with money. God will make it right.”
    Seriously, so you’re saying the Judicial system one day decided they were just going to target Bruce Bemer with some fake charges just because he has money? Really?
    You also said: “Every track has predators in attendance.”
    Really? That’s how you defend the felony conviction of the track owner, by saying nobody should care because he’s just one of many predators at the track? That’s an interesting argument.
    Even in your last comment you come out with the “I was told …” Really? I was told by a kid at the grocery store last week that Unicorns live behind the milk refrigerators. Guess what, I didn’t just believe him because he told me. You sound like the type that believes anything anyone tells them so long as it fits the outcome you hope for.

  37. Viva, I saw that article. A Yale Prof was interviewed and shared that opinion. That’s a Yale Prof., not a court of appeals, or other binding legal maneuver. I do not recall if that Prof. was a member of Bemer’s defense team.

    Please consider that there are real, actual judges working the courts and Bemer’s cases, and there are Profs that will offer opinions on the decisions made in the courts. Look at all the spectacle that surrounded the OJ case. So the Bemer case is indeed a high profile case, he admitted to doing what he did, and the case wends on and on, trying to evade what appears to be the inevitable. Oh, let me remind you that Bemer ADMITTED to doing what he did.

    The other individuals that were part of this trafficking ring have pleaded guilty or been convicted and sentenced. They were poor. Bemer has 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 and is working the system.

    And given that you and many others are most likely homophobes, and have been raised to think that being gay is a sin, let me remind you that Bemer is gay. Religions that judges being gay as a sin requires gay conversion therapy, something that has been medically and scientifically debunked and declared illegal in many jurisdictions. The owner of your beloved track is a gay man, and admitted predator.

  38. Racetracks aren’t pizza parlors or ice cream stores. When they close pizza parlors and ice cream stores, others open new stores. You don’t find people building race tracks, when they’re gone, there gone for good.

  39. Viva, that article you alluded to was nothing more than a celebrity lawyer peanut gallery opinion. Like when the media goes and asks celebrity lawyers like Alan Dershowitz for their opinions. I would not be surprised at all if one of Bemer’s lawyers suggested to the reporter to go talk to a high profile lawyer or celebrity lawyer to get an opinion such as they did, and get lemmings like yourself to believe it.

    I could go ask my buddy, who is a severely conservative Irish Catholic lawyer, and he would say that the case is decided, Bemer admitted to it, the other guys are in prison, Bemer should have been burning in hell years ago, the judge did a great job, it is God’s will.

    Let me remind you that Bemer admitted to the dastardly deeds, and it looks like he’s just trying to game the system to do away with the penalty.

  40. Rob, the ‘bowl has been closed a few times in recent years… reopened. The ‘bowl will be so much better if it had decent ownership that is not hobbled by all this nasty baggage and scandal, and creepy legal issues.

    I wouldn’t go to a pizza parlor or ice cream shop owned by a sexual predator.

    Why do you think there are sex offense registries and you can look up who these people are and where they live? For the protection of the public.

  41. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.



    darealgoodfella says
    February 27, 2021 at 10:40 am
    I could go ask my buddy, who is a severely conservative Irish Catholic lawyer, and he would say that the case is decided, Bemer admitted to it, the other guys are in prison,



    darealgoodfella says
    February 26, 2021 at 12:17 pm


    -Catholic Church is imploding and losing market share, so they are ready to say anything to keep the rest of the flock from leaving.
    -The church has been flip-flopping more than a freshly landed bluefish, or Lindsey Graham.
    -Various sects of the church did/would ban or excommunicate non-heterosexuals.
    -The church hates gays because they can’t reproduce and provide more members for the flock, hence gays have been taboo and not allowed in the church.
    – And hating on the gays makes it look like they are not gays or sexual deviant predators… until they get caught.
    – Besides, the church is clearly a collection of *MANY* non-heterosexuals, which they freely and hypocritically preach against.
    – Renegade sects have allowed gays in, but they have been threatened with financial penalties from the Vatican, the self proclaimed supreme Christians, when they did so.



    What does that mean?

  43. Viva Race Fan says

    I just want to see our local track open and trying to have some Hope.
    I’m not a lawyer and just share what l have heard.
    If he would sell track this all goes away for everyone it will be a after thought
    No sugar coating here.
    Schedule in place.
    Weather is getting better and time change ahead very soon.
    Lets not give up on the Track.
    The turn 1 gang in the best fans .

  44. Viva, here you go, that lawyer was hired by the defense team, so he’ll say what he’s paid to say.

    “A Yale law professor hired by lawyers representing Glastonbury businessman Bruce J. Bemer says it would be “a miscarriage of justice” for the jury verdicts finding Bemer guilty of human trafficking related crimes to stand.

    Professor William N. Eskridge Jr. says in a three-page letter that the verdicts should be overturned because Judge Robin Pavia omitted a key phrase from her legal instructions to the Danbury Superior Court jury.”

    In other words, the defense is searching for what they want to hear.

    It came from here: https://www.journalinquirer.com/crime_and_courts/yale-prof-calls-bemer-verdicts-miscarriage-of-justice/article_6abb0c0e-8f0e-11e9-91b1-6755c04becea.html

    But wait!!!!! There’s more!!!!





  45. Any news re: additional construction (press box, concession areas) at the Bowl for the 2021 season?

  46. Viva,
    Seriously, just stop. Don’t even for a second say you’re not sugarcoating. Yes, a lot of people want to see the track open. Nobody wants to see another short track go away. I think a lot of people would agree with you when it comes that point. But that doesn’t mean you just spread lies or ridiculous rationalizations about the legal situation that has brought it all to this point. Look at all you’ve said. How many times in these comments have you said “Oh it was just two consenting adults being together”? Really? So you’re just victim shaming now for the sake of trying to make the predator look innocent because that helps the track? That’s like saying the sober person driving the car who gets killed after getting hit by a drunk driver is at fault for their own death because they chose to drive their car. Yeah, no, doesn’t work that way. This was not consenting adults. I think it’s been pretty well documented in all of the case filings that these were drug addicted men forced by threat into having sex with other men to pay off their drug debts. Hence why the defendants were charged with trafficking. If you think forcing someone by threat – man or woman – to perform sex acts on demand should be termed as “consenting” I’d have to term you as being a pretty morally bankrupt and sick individual.

  47. Viva Race Fan says


  48. Rafter, read Shauns post of 2/27 that answered that question for you.

  49. Viva wrote, “I’m not a lawyer and just share what l have heard.”

    Well, think about what you heard and ask yourself if it is true or even plausible. When you repeat stupid stuff, you make yourself look stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. Ask Doug about that.

    I laughed at all the times there were announcements that the ‘bowl was going to be rebuilt. It made no sense given the facts and surrounding circumstances. I was right. Geez, just about nothing happened as promised. The reconstruction is still not done. I’m still right.

    Being ignorant and positive does not help in the face of impossible conditions.

  50. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Maybe welding wonders can take a trip down memory lane and show how right Dafella was 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡. And what’s with your reminders of Bemer being gay Dafella? Still trying to shame drivers and fans that support the track? Keep trying Dafella. Homophobia isn’t going to work. So precious. So beautiful.

  51. Earl (and Shawn) –
    Sorry – I missed Shawn’s answer earlier today. It was a clear case of “reader error”.

  52. Ooooooh…. I love when WeldingWonders 🤮. He brings up all the times he, and others, were called out for idiocy. He is flagellating himself.

    🌈🦄2020, Bemer is gay. It’s well known, in the news. Why do you have a problem with that being discussed here? Homophobia is real, and you prove it.

  53. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    darealgoodfella says
    May 26, 2017 at 10:34 pm
    “Doug, I’m glad to see you understand this is more than the regular Saturday night prostitute deal.
    Why then can’t you understand that because of the extraordinary and heinous conditions with this case that people don’t want anything to do with the track as long as the current owner is associated with the track? The isn’t the “normal” prostitution, the world’s oldest profession, between consenting adults that you read about regularly. This is very different.”

    darealgoodfella says
    May 27, 2017 at 3:49 pm
    “This problem was caused by Bemer. Nobody wants to spend money at the track because of Bemer. The track is not viable without fans, also known as CUSTOMERS.
    If you want to dream that Bemer will operate the track at a recurring loss, go ahead. You are facing a very rude awakening.”

    darealgoodfella says
    May 31, 2017 at 5:10 pm
    “It’s been weeks since the grandstands were identified as the explanation the track not opening for the season. It’s been a long time, plenty of repairs and replacement could have happened, and a new opening date could be announced. After all, all those teams need time to get the cars ready, so a considerable lead time would be appropriate.

    OPENED 2017, OPENED 2018, OPENED 2020.

  54. sour grapes of hunger and pit stops says

    I sure hope they improve the issues with the vending on the midway .food needs to be delivered in a timely fashion. quality was fine speed not so good.. additional food trucks (minimum) and some additional bathroom options.(permanent structures at BOTH ends of the track? Also don’t understand the press box issue .are there plans with the town that are awaiting approval or is everyone happy using a bus??? need to finish what you started Bruce. OR the possibility exists the present lease holder /management might be responsible for co- ordinating for some of the logistical, vending, improvements under their contract ??? Shawn I know you might be able to provide some info here ??

  55. sour grapes wrote, “ need to finish what you started Bruce. ”

    Yes, we have another Captain Obvious here. 👏

    How many years has this been dragging on?

  56. The Atomic Punk says

    Thank you Viva. When I read your dribble I all of a sudden feel Very.very,very very very very smart

  57. sour grapes of humility says

    da real your predictions on the demise of the bowl didn’t come true. the embarrassment is yours to own.

  58. I don’t think I predicted it’s demise, but I did predict it wasn’t going to be rehabbed as was advertised, or won’t reopen in ‘19. Did a season get cut short, or something like that? I was right. Still isn’t done. I was right. Still has a long list of things to complete.

  59. sour, the place has been on life support, if not hospice care the last few years. I’m not far off.

  60. The Atomic Punk says

    If you think the Bowl is thriving and on stable ground then you shake more when you speak than Crazy Nancy does.

  61. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    😷 😷 😷 darealgoodfella 😷 😷 😷 says
    February 28, 2021 at 5:23 pm
    sour, the place has been on life support, if not hospice care the last few years. I’m not far off.


    darealgoodfella says
    April 10, 2019 at 9:58 pm
    As a result of the trial, the ‘bowl is now a severely distressed property. Bemer has no choice but to accept any reasonable offer, even if it means he takes a huge loss. Especially now with the grandstands gone.

    darealgoodfella says
    April 12, 2019 at 9:46 am
    And now with the guilty verdict, Bemer has been exposed as a person that many do not want to be around or associated with in any way. This was not the closure needed to say it’s safe to go back in the water. This is not going to help the patronage of his businesses.

    darealgoodfella says
    February 2, 2020 at 4:48 pm
    Look at the condition of the facility today, and then realize a year ago the 2019 grand opening was announced for May 2019. Many of you are still walking around with leaders sticking out of your mouths, and are still engorged on sinkers and hooks.
    Three months to go until the traditional May grand opening.
    The has to start letting people know soon. Everyone else also has to plan resources for this. They can’t just be told a day in advance they are ready to go racing.
    I’m stunned that some series are putting dates on their schedules.

    darealgoodfella says
    December 16, 2019 at 9:40 pm
    No matter how many races are scheduled for the Speedbowl in 2020, the fact that the place is a shambles and there’s only four months to go to get the place built speaks more truth than any planned or scheduled races. We’ve been down the announced season schedule before only to end up going nowhere.

    darealgoodfella says
    December 17, 2019 at 11:31 am
    The track appears to be put on life support. Waiting for something, most likely the disposition of Bemer’s spitting charges, bond violation, HIV status case, and appeal of his conviction for trafficking. If it is revealed that he is HIV positive, his civil liabilities will increase exponentially.
    And let’s be real here… every construction company knows what’s going on and that getting paid will be risky, so upfront payments will be required, or some very tough contract terms. But given how the State has already put dibs on the property as assets against future claims against Bemer, no construction company will go near this place unless cash is paid upfront.

    Shawn Courchesne says
    December 17, 2019 at 12:21 pm
    There has never been any reporting of confirmation from the courts or ownership that the track has been put up as any form of collateral toward future civil judgments. On the contrary, it has been reported that the owner did put a very large sum of cash in escrow very early in the court proceedings which was earmarked for possible civil judgments.

  62. I fail to see how the Catholic Church could come under a withering attack in this thread nor does mocking age related symptoms, Nancy Pelosi’s or otherwise have anything to do with the Speedbowl. It is however crazy season so allowances must be made.
    Regarding the Speedbowl being on shaky ground it’s all relative. It could announce tomorrow that the season is canceled and one reality would remain. It’s a viable race facility now recognized by the town with a host of tough issues resolved environmental and otherwise.
    Forget the owner for one second.. It’s been on shaky ground forever. Regarding the basic physical structure and viability as a going concern it hasn’t been on this solid a ground since somewhere in the 1950’s.
    What’s wrong with the bus???

  63. Well Doug, let me explain it to you.

    Someone else brought up that the Bemer mess in God’s hands, and that opened the door for the perspective of the Catholic Church. Get it?

    You’re an old geezer, so you can relate to and take offense to age related deterioration. Get used to it.

    The history of failed promises, failing to open, failing to reconstruct as promised, closed off stands, etc. all points to shaky ground, even quicksand, sold at auction in a distress sale, earthquakes… the Bemer legal issues make things worse, far worse.

    But it is a track with endearing qualities and character to the loyal locals, and for that, it lives, usually, to see another day.

  64. “It’s been on shaky ground forever”. Really? Come on man!

    You evidently know very little about the facilities history, owners or promoters since you made that comment. Why don’t you take an afternoon, sit in your barkalounger and educate yourself by watching the very informative documentaries produced by Sids View which if I remember correctly are done in 10 year increments and can be easily accessed through YouTube.

    Great material.

  65. Earl, does Sid’s View go into all the details of all the ownership problems of the ‘bowl over the decades? How much of all that drama is omitted, overlooked, left out? Just because it is not in Sid’s View does not mean it does not exist. You are cherry picking and sugarcoating.

    Earl, how much more are you going to take with all these unfulfilled promises? For years and years you’ve been promised a rehabbed facility and you got nothing, or worse, yet they are peeing on your leg telling you it’s raining. And you are so happy about all of it. You had to put up with unstable, roped off stands, then the place was torn down, didn’t open for a season, couldn’t believe anything that comes out of that place. Apparently, you love being misled. You do you boo.

  66. sour grapes of food trucks and porta potti says

    da real keep inserting your foot in your mouth like the big baby you are ! when it comes to the bowl.. no longer on life support. capitol improvements at the behest of the town done. new stands with more to come. yes I asked about more foot trucks and there is plenty of room for them on the midway they just need more of them. would suggest they use the turn one bathroom for men and perhaps build a new more sanitary structure for the ladies in turn 4 . more CLEAN porta lots as well. if they are satisfied sitting inside a bus for now so be it.. don’t BS me about the track. should Bemer ever decide to sell. the heavy lifting has been done . new owner could hit the ground running as the largest expense has been resolved. so STFU stick to what you know best ,being a liberal fool ,coil binding and kissing NASCARS.. BUTT you are needed here as a necessary evil just like me to provide the counterpoint. however there are plenty to take your or my place while Shawn rakes in the dough LOL !!!

  67. So Earl I was wondering what state you’ll be moving to that has the low tax, gun rights, God fearing qualities you are seeking. I’m guessing Tennessee. Smart move although I bet abandoning racing in Ct and especially the Speedbowl will be tough.
    I’ll miss you, you big lug.
    Bet you wish you waited to sell your house aye?

  68. sour grapes wrote, “when it comes to the bowl.. no longer on life support.”


    🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥

    Really? It is making money 💰, 💵 that is paying for all the capital improvements? 🤥 No, you idiot. Bemer hasn’t owned it long enough to have made enough to come close to what it is costing to rehab the place. If the place was making that kind of money, it would have been rehabbed very quickly to get it operating to MAKE MONEY. But no, that didn’t happen, and the rehab has been painfully slow. Hence, therefore and forthwith, Bemer is paying for it, he is the source of funding for the rehab. If you have another idea, please share it. Your ideas are so stupid, they are phunny!!! That year off really hurt the revenue flow.

    If the ‘bowl was such cash cow, the improvements that we all talked about for years, that the town wanted, that apparently the town refused to let go for another year, would have been done years and years ago, if not ten years or more ago.

  69. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Bemer is gay Dafella says. Ohhhh really Dafella, he is? Thanks for the news flash. That wasn’t know, especially to the readers of this site. “let me remind you that Bemer is gay”. “The owner of your beloved track is a gay man, and admitted predator”. “And given that you and many others are most likely homophobes, and have been raised to think that being gay is a sin”. Sorry Dafella keep trying. Your trying to deter people from going to the track has not worked. This latest tactic will not work either. But keep it up Dafella. Keep calling everyone names. A good laugh is needed every week.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡

  70. Come on everyone, we all know dareal hates anything Waterford Speedbowl so keep it up as I love watching him jump on his rocket to blast off and circle Uranus multiple times before returning to earth for another launch. Let me add this, he hates everything but himself.

    He is the best there is, the best there was and the best that will ever be. Just ask him!

  71. Hey Earl, it really bothers you to see the ‘bowl 🚽 dirty laundry out in the open?

    Good to know.


  72. Doug, who said I am abandoning racing in the northeast as well as this site?

    Soon everyday will be Saturday, I will have plenty of time on my hands to do what I want, when I want as well as multiple forms of transportation to do it. The condo on the lake in NH will come in mighty handy.

    All I can say is we will have fun.

  73. Nope, don’t bother me at all, no skin in the game here, just enjoy preping you for blastoff their Major Tom.

    What I think is priceless is watching you go off the deep end on every little thing that you disagree with, the 🎪 is worth the price of admission 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  74. No racing won’t be the same Earl. You’ll want it to be but it won’t be. You’ll eventually be assimilated into your new way of life and culture and all this will be in the rear view mirror. It’s just human nature.
    Every day will be Saturday however so come on man, what state are you moving to? New Hampshire is nice but who retires to a place colder then where you retired from even if their taxes are a lot lower. There’s no sinister motive here just curious where the grass is greener. It’s Tennessee right? Goodbye Huskies, hello Vols. Too bad the UCONN men are really starting to make waves now they’re back in the Big East. Have you seen them? Boaknight, Cole lighting it up, they go ten deep and play their hearts out every game.
    Stop being coy. Spill it. How can I be jealous if I don’t know how warm you will be.

  75. I was at the Bowl that opening Saturday night in August. The place looked great and the racing was excellent. Car counts a little on the thin side but I understand it started to build up once things got rolling. I’ve been around for a while. I’ve watched West Haven, Plainville, Danbury and Riverside close. Little did I realize I was at the last race that would ever be held at 3 of them. I thought Waterford would surely be next. But Waterford is truly the cat with nine lives and after being on death watch for almost 2 years it’s now back and looking better than ever. I’ll go whenever I can because the place has a lot of good memories for me going all the way back to being a kid watching Ted Stack in Sharkey’s 44. I’ll go because I have the freedom to make a choice to do so and because I love racing. Yes, the track owner is a convicted criminal and the crimes he is convicted of are heinous. But for all the self righteous religious zealots who post their fire and brimstone beliefs, I find it somewhat puzzling that anyone could still be going to a Catholic church considering the pedophilia that has been exposed on such a grand scale but many still do. Or that you would let your kid join Boy Scouts. But many still believe in these institutions despite what they now know about them. Racing is no different. Support the Bowl because you you love racing and you want to enjoy it while you still can. Or stay homer because you will burn in Hell for eternity (unless of course you confess this mortal sin to you Catholic priest) if you dare to go.

  76. Doug, I can say this unequivocally and without reservation, I will always be a UCONN Huskies fan, Boston Red Sox fan and Dallas Cowboys fan no matter what state I live in.

    Here is what I will say, it isn’t TN, it will be west of the Mississippi River. Final decision forthcoming soon and I will let you know.

  77. Ed P, don’t forget Westborough MA, turned into a mall.

  78. This is exciting and quite the vicarious thrill. So it’s off the the condo in New Hampshire for the rest of the summer and into fall hoping all the time no doubt real estate prices cool off a little or at the very least more properties come on a tight market. Maybe you can get a condo but in many locations including Connecticut houses get snapped up in a day.
    West of the Mississippi you say. Given the criteria that can only mean three states and if climate is a key only one Arizona. Go full snow bird. Arizona for three months then off to New Hampshire for the summer and all those great tracks up there. Any state other then Arizona would be a shocker.
    Always a Husky fan you say. Very strong statement and kinda sounds like you had a son or daughter graduate from The University of Connecticut. Tomorrow night vs Seton Hall 6:30 on FS1. Critical game for NCAA aspirations. Lost the first match up sans Bouknight now the team near full strength. Win this one and the final against a down Georgetown team and a game or two in the Big East tournament and they’re in. Just a terrific resurrection by coach Hurley. . Then there’s Paige Bueckers and the number one ranked women. UCONN glory years are back.
    The Huskies come back East to the Big East and about the same time Earl goes west. We know there is no reason to miss any of the Uconn games nor the races at Stafford and the NWMT. Speed51 will be streaming a race here and there at the Speedbowl and if things fall into place perhaps they’ll eventually stream all the races fingers crossed.
    Gotta be Arizona. I’m so jealous. You’ll be putting on sun screen and I’ll still be shoveling snow.

  79. Ed P., add Freeport, Islip, Bridgehampton, and NY National Speedway to that list of closures.

    All part of God’s plan, right? God giveth, and God taketh away. Clearly, racing is a sport for heathens. Kinda funny 😁 that an invocation is delivered before all races. 😝😝😝😝🤣🤣

  80. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.




    73 It’s so nice to see you folks, like supreme GOP conservative Earl, and a few others, look past Bemer’s transgressions and heathen behaviors, and approve of his blasphemous behaviors, and let it go
    74 (Doug) Talk about idiocy
    75 Almost all posts from the apparently traditional “JD” screen name are usually massive (VULGAR EMOJI)
    76 Doug, and all of his other screen names, is a gift that keeps giving. Their idiocy is endless
    77 sour puss (SOUR GRAPES), the Catholic Church is imploding
    78 The (Catholic) church hates gays because they can’t reproduce and provide more members for the flock
    79 And given that you(Sour Grapes) and many others are most likely homophobes
    80 (Doug) You’re an old geezer,
    81 He (Welding Wonders) brings up all the times he, and others, were called out for idiocy.
    82 Your (Sour Grapes) ideas are so stupid, they are phunny!!!
    83 No, you idiot. (Sour Grapes)
    84 Hey idiot!!!! Yeah, you… Doug.
    85 Clearly, racing is a sport for heathens.

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 61……………………………85


    2021 INSULT COUNT PER DAY THROUGH DAY 61 …………………..1.37


  81. sour grapes of discrimination says

    like Facebook deleting/editing posts with no insults ,slander just facts…. what a shame . P.S. is da real Goodfella a real name or like me a screen name . LOL hypocrisy running rampant. the fact my post was deleted/edited what have you tells me my instincts are right on.

  82. Sour Grapes of Discrimination,
    Give it a rest with the censorship garbage. Pretty simple rules here for the most part: 1. No Vulgarity; 2. No threatening people. You broke rule number one. And don’t think because you got cute and used a symbol instead of a letter that it will pass. So yes, your comment was deleted. If you can’t express your feelings or opinions without using vulgarity then this isn’t the place for you. No hypocrisy running rampant here, just an immensely simple rule that you are apparently unable to follow.

  83. Hey Doug, if I was a psycho like you and went researching your posts, how may times would I find you called someone a scumbag?

    Care to guess? 😁

  84. I get it these are transitions times for you. You’ve had Trump since 2015 to harp on and he’s gone. The pandemic was big for you but with the virus in retreat, more vaccine coming on line by the day and no Trump to kick around for pandemic failures that’s dried up as well.
    I guess we’ll see where all the anger goes. Apparently the Catholic Church for starters.
    If you are claiming some kind of equivalency between my referring to you as a “scum bag” and the avalanche of insults you cast over the forum routinely I don’t see that at all. Nonetheless I try to evolve, have learned my lesson. Avoiding all insulting labels that have no specific focus or point.. Reflecting on the accuracy and wisdom of race related statements by contributors not judging them as people.
    I can thank you and Trump for the lesson seeing every day how unattractive and juvenile hurling insults can be. To make amends I apologize for any empty insult I have hurled at any time including the use of the term “scum bag”.
    My buddy WeldingWonders informs me the insult counter will continue through the year as long as there are insults to report. He believes it highlights bad behavior we should all be striving to avoid.

  85. 🌈🦄2020 says

    And no doubt welding wonders will be busy for the foreseeable future. Trump and the virus have seemed to take a backseat in Dafellas world for the time being. Catholics are his new whipping post. And since the speedbowl is opening again this season, there should be enough material to keep him busy. By the way did you all know Bemer is gay? Just helping Dafella out with his reminders.

  86. Doug, you are an old geezer. At your advanced age, you should already be very wise to the world of things you just mentioned about yourself and what you claim to have learned about proper behavior and decency. The things you mentioned are things you should have learned as a little kid, on the school yard. But no, you are still the school yard goofus, you are the forum jester. If it took you until your advanced geriatric years to learn what you claim to have learned, you are an idiot. But you being you, the sneaky deceptive slime you are, it appears you are simply trying another con and scam. You are an idiot for relentlessly trying to continue that very behavior while saying the opposite, and attempting to be contrite. You use all your alternate screen names to do most of your dirty work. That you think you are getting away with this makes you look like a compounded idiot.

    You look like Trump and all your alternate screen names are his lackeys. Hey wait, psycho Trump used several alternate fake identities too. That explains it. Lucky for Trump, and you, there are much dumber people around.

  87. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Whoops, I seem to have spoken too soon. Trump is back on Dafellas little brain again today. Geezer Goofus Jester Idiot Slime Idiot Compounded Idiot. Goofus? I think that’s a new one. Nice! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡

  88. OK then that was quite the mouth full.
    The election season was quite illuminating for me in this forum. I couldn’t disagree more with the Trump supporters but they for the most part could express their views without a constant stream of insults. The two most vocal Trump haters were the ones hurling insults constantly. I thought that the Biden camp was capable of conducting themselves better but as far as this forum was concerned we were worse.
    Now there is only one regular contributor addicted to insults so we’ll see how that strategy pans out.

  89. 🌈🦄2020, you don’t know Goofus? Just goes to show how minimally literate you are. Remember Highlights magazine? There was a feature called Goofus and Gallant. It was intended to teach good manners. Goofus was the rude, crude, idiot, and Gallant was the well mannered young man that did everything right, he was the role model. 🌈🦄2020, you and Doug and all his other screen names are a manifestation of Goofus.

  90. Doug proffered, “Now there is only one regular contributor addicted to insults so we’ll see how that strategy pans out.”

    Well, Doug, that would be you and your numerous other alternate screen names. You control them. When you let them rip, you get appropriate responses. You bring it on to yourself. Let’s see how you and your other alternative screen names do.

    I still laugh at the time you exposed yourself as the idiot behind WeldingWonders, and all your other screen names. You still think two or more idiots agreeing on something stupid makes it right? That can’t happen when those two or more idiots are all you.

    As always, I’m ready for you.

    🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪

  91. “Goofus was the rude, crude, idiot”. The first true statement that has come from dareal about himself.

  92. Between Doug and WeldingWonders it seems like they have dafella on the run. Dafella may just be bringing a 🔪 to a 🗡 fight LOL. Should be worth the price of admission!

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