RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which Late Model Rookie Will Be More Successful In 2021 At Stafford Speedway

Two names familiar to local racing fans will make up the rookie class in the Late Model division at Stafford Speedway in 2021. Stafford SK Modified division regular Andrew Molleur and two-time Stafford Street Stock division champion Zack Robinson will make up the rookie battle this year in the Late Models at Stafford. So which driver will do better statistically in 2021 at Stafford? Vote below.

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Which Late Model Division Rookie Will Be More Successful In 2021 At Stafford Speedway
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  1. Really, Zack Robinson in his home crafted car with no real experience against the car that came in second in points last year? RaceDayCt nation thinks very little of Moeller’s driving skills.

  2. You forgot Andrew Durrand, who I think will be rookie of the year.

  3. Rob P.
    Andrew Durand ran a full season in the Late Models in 2013.

  4. Stuart A Fearn says

    Lets just say those three new to the division this year from a different class. I knew what you meant Rob P.
    It will be very interesting to watch that’s for sure. All proven winners and all have good people in their camps helping them with experience in the LM in terms of the car and setup, etc.
    The late model division has, in only a few years really, become super competitive and THE PLACE to show your talents with fenders. Plan on 20 plus this year and quite a few, maybe a dozen potential winners this year in 2021.
    Keep your chins up fans, we will all be ready for the Sizzler very soon and ready to race and watch safely!

  5. Don’t see Molleur or #31 on stafford late model page

  6. “RacedDayCT nation thinks very little of Moeller’s driving skills”. I guess someone is now the official spokesperson for RaceDayCT nation.

  7. Doug wrote, “RaceDayCt nation thinks very little of Moeller’s driving skills.”

    Says the forum narcissist, court jester, and village idiot.

    Really? Doug thinks he’s the leader and speaker of RaceDayCT nation.

  8. Doug I know what that said but neither are listed as of now

  9. That was my interpretation seeing Robinson in the lead at the time and I was surprised more then anything.
    . Robinson has had a couple controversies. The motor incident, disqualification and expulsion in 2017. Last year depriving Fuller of a win that would prove to be critical in points. Then having the championship fall into his lap when Michael took Fuller out on the last lap of the last race. Suffice it to say he’s taken a lot of incoming in the past.
    With regard to next year the Late Models are packed with really good, hard as nails drivers in really good cars. Moeller will be in one of the cars that has years of experience competing at the front of the field. I can’t know the financial arrangements but one would think there may be some energy there given the resources the Moeller’s have demonstrated in the past. Robinson pretty much is starting at ground level as a driver with a new car he is building that is pretty swell in my view. However one would think the learning curve would be much steeper for Robinson all things being equal.
    There’s a great Bottom Shot Podcast with Joey Ferrigno an SK Light driver now but with a rich history of coming up through the ranks as an owner, driver and pace car driver can you believe it. One of the transitions he reflected on was from Dare Stocks to the LLM’s. In that transition he described the challenge of going from a car with one drive wheel and limited power to the track to two drive wheels and a lot more power. Robinson will be experiencing that in spades with the Late Model having far more power then Ferrigno was controlling with the LLM. Advantage Moeller.
    On the other hand while Moeller does have years of laps and wins in two drive wheel cars at the highest local level in some of the best equipment he doesn’t have the full bodied experience Robinson has. Modifieds as Ferrigno said go where you point them. The full bodied cars challenge as Paul Arute has said is to keep the car under you first and worry about passing second. Advantage Robinson.
    “Which Late Model Rookie Will Be More Successful In 2021 At Stafford Speedway”
    At the time I made the comment Robinson was ahead in votes. That was pretty surprising given the circumstances and history of each driver and the cars they will be piloting.
    That all said this is going to be a banner year for the Late Models with abundant intriguing subplots not the least of which is the Rookie of the Year fight between two well known drivers with little or no experience in the Late Models. Add to that Durand who does know Late Models well but will have an adjustment period and a capable sophomore group and the division once known for the same crusty old veterans doing battle in limited numbers has morphed into a vibrant division infused with a steady stream of new blood. My personal favorite and primary reason for paying close attention to the LM races is Ryan Fearn who in my view is the straw that mixes the drink in that division and must watch racing.
    We constantly harp on the SK’s and SK Lights being robust and it’s all true. Now it’s happening to the Late Models right before our eyes and we can all be part of the action by going to the races or at the very least view every single race on FloRacing for the ridiculously low price of $150.

  10. Love Racing says

    Doug you really need to move on, stop bringing stuff up from 2017, you have a issue and we all can see that get over it. Robinson built the 89 Streets Stock at home and that was a proven Championship car 2 years in a row. Moeller and Robinson are looking forward to racing against each.

  11. Love Racing wrote, “Doug you really need to move on, stop bringing stuff up from 2017, you have a issue and we all can see that get over it.”

    No truer words had ever been composed.


  12. That’s pretty pedestrian cherry picking in forum speak. Pick out the thing you didn’t want to read, draw conclusions and motivations, co-opt the entirety of the fan base with “we” all seeing the same thing. It is true that most like minded people or people with grudges may be sympathetic to what you are saying but not all people are like minded nor do they all have grudges.
    Drivers have a persona that encompasses the entirety of their racing exploits. It’s part of what makes racing fun and simply mentioning what happened not a reason for going into a defensive posture.
    Joey Ferrigno in the Bottom Shot Podcast kind of touched on it. Saying that when he started racing there was no social media and now everyone has a platform to pop off and he’s right. Clearly he doesn’t like it so much and who can blame him. On the other hand podcasts are new as well. Joey used it very affectively turning in a strong performance that will now be in the history books of Stafford Motor Speedway long after he is retired from racing.
    The fact is plenty of great things are said about teams and drivers every day in this forum. Insightful things giving them credit and showing an appreciation for what they do. Rarely do any of them stop by to thank anyone for what is said and quite the opposite. Like on the Robinson thing someone associated with the team or simply a very devoted fan picks some one thing to get outraged about and ignoring everything else.
    The basic nature of anonymous forums is to be adversarial and hyperbolic. It’s far easier to be outraged about something then to show you know what you’re talking about and appreciate the people involved in the sport. It’s far easier to be insulting and personal then to dig through the archives or screen race chat and stories to pass on to other race fans.
    I know Robinson’s record and it’s impressive. Building your own cars is impressive in an era where it’s becoming more fashionable to purchase expertise from others then learn it. I had a duty to be accurate and I was.
    I’ve mentioned the Joey Ferrigno podcast a few times for a reason. Most Stafford fans know of Joey and his accomplishments on the track and his nickname The Mayor. This is another video I put off thinking getting the inside scoop from an SK Light driver would be OK but not exactly on the Jerry Pearl, Rocco, Ricky Fuller level. That proved to be wrong. His story is the story of many of the older drivers that started out building and campaigning their own cars.. Hearing him talk about the transitions from each division, the money challenges, relationships, missteps, changes, heartache and triumph was riveting. In a way the universal story of the weekend racer that many of we older fans wish could be the rule in racing rather then the exception it’s now becoming.

  13. Now we have Molleur leading the voting by 9. Care to recant your statement mr. spokesman? And we don’t need a 1000 word post explaining your answer/rationale.

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