Bush’s Beans Back To Their Roots With Ryan Preece, JTG Daugherty Racing

(Press release from JTG Daugherty Racing)

A retail activation partnership 20 years in the making

JTG Daugherty Racing and Bush’s® Beans have been partnering for 20 years, one of the longest running relationships in NASCAR. The No. 37 Bush’s Beans/Kroger Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE and driver Ryan Preece will be showcasing the new design for Bush’s as That Beautiful Bean Co.™ at Bristol Motor Speedway for the Dirt Race this Sunday.

Team owner Tad Geschickter said, “We’re excited to be celebrating our partnership with Bush’s and the new paint scheme of That Beautiful Bean Co. at every turn on dirt at Bristol Motor Speedway.”

Founded in Chestnut Hill, Tenn., Bush’s Beans calls Bristol Motor Speedway their home track and they are looking forward to the NASCAR Cup Series hitting the dirt for the first time in over 50 years.

“I have some history with Bush’s and Bristol. Back in 2015, I won the first Bush’s Beans 150 at Bristol and have that trophy sitting on a shelf at home. I hope some of that luck carries over to this weekend” Ryan Preece said. “Bush’s headquarters is only an hour and a half away so it’s no wonder Bristol is a special place for them. Because of all that, you do put more pressure on yourself. You want to do well for your partners in their house. It’s a big unknown going into this dirt race for a lot of us, but we’re going to go have some fun out there with the Bush’s Beans car and enjoy playing in the dirt.”

More than 20,000 cubic yards of dirt created the temporary dirt track surface. Everyone is anxiously awaiting first practice to kick things off for the NASCAR Cup Series on Friday at 4:05pmET on FS1 and here’s a look at the weekend schedule: NASCAR race times, TV, results for Bristol Dirt weekend | NASCAR.com

“This is one race you’re not going to want to miss, and I’ve been using the iRacing simulator to help prepare because I may have been 12 years old the last time I raced on dirt,” Preece said. “We raced virtually in the iRacing Bristol Dirt Race the other night and I won the Heat to transfer into the main event. I think I’ve probably logged a thousand of laps on that simulator to get ready. Ricky’s (Stenhouse, Jr.) has got a ton of experience dirt racing, so we’ve been leaning on each other a little bit. Let’s roll that beautiful bean footage!”

Live coverage of the Dirt Race at Bristol Motor Speedway on Sunday, March 28th begins at 3:30 PM ET live on FOX, PRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. The distance: 125 (250 laps); Stage 1 (Ends on Lap 75), Stage 2 (Ends on Lap 150), Final Stage (Ends on Lap 250).


  1. I think I’ll have hot dogs and Bush’s beans… soon.

    This should be a wild race.

  2. Ironic isn’t it? Masks normally an impediment to normal breathing. Each driver will be socially distanced by circumstance with no need to wear a mask but may decide they are essential to help them breath.
    We may have seen how the drivers are going to react in this race. It was during the pandemic shut down and the sim races the Cup drivers were in. Some drivers not adjusting well at all, going crazy and hitting something every lap. It’s going to be a frustrating, grueling event and you can bet controlling tempers or an inability to control tempers may play a role.
    There’s no getting around the fact that Bristol not being on asphalt is a missed opportunity for Preece who has exceeded expectations at the track. Now with no meaningful experience on dirt he gets to compete with no real short track asphalt advantage that is his strength. There really is nothing to be optimistic here about is there?
    On the other hand he’s optimistic so there’s that. He’s logged countless hours on the simulator as well so maybe that helps. Then there is the fact it’s still a short track race in conditions that present disadvantages for every single driver from dirt experience to the very atypical car too heavy to be racing on dirt. Then there’s the length of the race and physical and mental demands that will be new to all the drivers.
    OK then so after careful consideration this actually may be an opportunity for our man Ryan in a race where the field and all the top team advantages have been leveled to some degree by the chaos that is sure to ensue. Chaos that we don’t really know how will play out. Dirt wrecks more common but generally not as fatal with regard to equipment.

  3. Slap on the big mud tires, throw it into 4WD.

  4. They’re gonna need windshield wipers and a 10 gallon windshield washer reservoir.

  5. Are you following the events at Bristol? What is brewing is a debacle of epic proportions and the rain is only part of it. Before the rain the setbacks included an inordinate amount of dust, the track scrapping off rubber from tires like a cheese grater, ruts and all coming from cars that most everyone knew were problematic on dirt for being so heavy. Off somewhere viewing it unfold is Tony Stewart who once felt jilted having his Eldora rejected trying with all his might to control himself from saying I told you so. And the NASCAR politics of the decision to do what they did, where they did with whom they did it and with Fox Network lobbying and the wisdom of it all.
    It’s hard not to admire NASCAR for their perseverance that was on display in full in the pandemic. They are trying to persevere here as well through a non stop list of setbacks making adjustments on the fly. To overcome what can only be described with 20/20 hindsight as a questionable decision investing so much money, time and material in an experiment. An experiment that they had absolutely no history to base on yet depending so much on it being a huge success to rejuvenate the Cup series.
    On Fox they were persevering as well rolling out the dirt pre race programing even after the event was officially postponed. Educating the fan base about dirt racing on the track and off with a show and tell on how to use nylons to cover your brew at a dirt race.
    Ironically the rain may be the savior for preventing a race that was more gamble then anything from being run and becoming an embarrassment that kills the notion of Cup on dirt forever. Or being run and allowed to be the reason it was not a success if indeed it comes to that.
    As Tony Stewart chortles and gets ready to introduce the SRX series. Also and experiment creating something never seen before that will almost certainly make it’s dirt debut in the second event more successfully then the Bristol gambit.

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