George Brunnhoelzl III And Heather Brunnhoelzl Aquire Brunnhoelzl Racing Inc.

(Press Release from Brunnhoelzl Racing)

George Brunnhoelzl III and his wife Heather have formed Brunnhoelzl Enterprises Inc. and have purchased Brunnhoelzl Racing to continue the family tradition of supplying the original aluminum jack to customers and race teams as the company has for over forty years.

Company founder and developer, George Brunnhoelzl Jr. and his wife Robin have sold the company to son, George III and his wife Heather keeping it a family owned and operated business.

“We’re excited to be able to carry on the family name and company,” said George Brunnhoelzl III. “Our goal is to bring it into a new, modern era with research and development, diversification and new equipment updates with the latest state of the art software.” 

With new ownership also comes new plans for upgrades and expansion as George and Heather have formed Brunnhoelzl Manufacturing LLC, a new fully functioning machine shop on the property serving both racing and non-racing clientele.

Along with their line of high-quality racing jacks and components, Brunnhoelzl Manufacturing will continue to machine all Brunnhoelzl products like nitro bottles, stagger rollers, billet toe plates and replacement parts and accessories.

A new showroom is in the process of being constructed along with a focus on brand marketing and awareness such a stronger social media presence across the major platforms, new website and the introduction of an e-commerce store. 

Customer service and diversification will also be a focus of business as the company will expand its distribution network, institute monthly specials, jack maintenance plans and stocking products for immediate shipping, cutting down customer wait time.

Along with the oval track racing world the company has plans of expanding into other forms of motorsports.

“The short term goal is to expand on the jacks and everything that makes a car go up,” George Brunnhoelzl III said. “But we also plan to diversify. We have been in talks with some other forms of racing like drag racing and street tuner, drifting organizations.”

The Brunnhoelzl name is synonymous in racing as the family has graced the NASCAR Modified ranks for three generations. George Brunnhoelzl Jr. was a longtime competitor on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour with a career highlighted by winning the prestigious 1987 Race of Champions at Pocono Raceway.

George Brunnhoelzl III carried on the winning family tradition by becoming the the first four-time NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Champion with 28 career wins. Although racing has been sporadic in the past few years for George Brunnhoelzl III, he’s far from calling himself retired.

“I’m not officially retired as a driver, I was going to buy a new chassis but decided to hold off for a little bit,” George Brunnhoelzl III said. “I still want to run some Tour races and plan to again but no date is set in stone.”

Brunnhoelzl Racing is located at 803 Performance Rd Mooresville, NC 28115. For more information about Brunnhoelzl Racing call (704) 662-3443 or e-mail [email protected]


  1. Ken Latham says

    My dad raced against George SENIOR at Freeport Stadium & I enjoyed JR going door to door with Charlie J. Great racing family.

  2. I like the way this kid operates. Take over the family business keeping the legacy alive while putting his desire to race on the back burner. A son to be proud of who has his priorities in the right order.

  3. I remember some Brunnhoelzl running at Islip.

    Earl, you why do you say such judgmental and idiotic things?

    The family business makes money, puts a roof overhead, clothes on the backs, and food on the table. Racing a Mod takes money, lots of money. It is not profitable. That’s why so many teams come and go. You want to make small fortune in racing? Start with a large fortune. That’s one of the reasons why sponsors are crucial. You think a first place 🥇 pays for what it took to run the car in that event? What they win only goes towards reducing losses, or the net cost of the hobby. If it were profitable, everyone would be doing it, no problems with car counts.

    Are you really that off-balance that somebody doing something sane and logical is worthy of admiration?

    My goodness… the circle of people around you must be complete morons.

  4. Hey Earl, you need to reevaluate your decision to relo in AZ. AZ is turning blue, no doubt. You won’t like it there.

    Consider western CO, the district represented by Lauren Boebert. Just got her GED before she was elected by the residents of that district. You’d like that atmosphere much better than blue AZ.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Earl, agree completely. We’ve recently watched the Knapp family turn the dragstrip at Raceway Park in Englishtown, formerly the most prominent one on the east coast and home for one of the original 4 NHRA national events, into a Carmax storage lot. A legacy built by their grandfather and continued by their fathers now gone. We’ve seen the Hoenig family try to work on eliminating the Thompson circle track. Fortunately they are letting PASS and ACT run it for now. Countless businesses over the years go by the wayside due to the family not being interested in continuing what their parents and/or grandparents built from nothing. It’s great to see that WON’T be the case with this business!

  6. I’m just not seeing any dot connections here at all between a manufacturing facility operating out of a defined building space and current or former race facilities. If you own a large tract of land in a valuable, densely populated area that has a high rental value why wouldn’t you take a monthly check year round as opposed to promoting races and hope it doesn’t rain. If you own a large tract of land in a rural area known to be an entertainment venue and can change the racing focus to current trends why wouldn’t you do that? Especially if the new racing clientele have greater synergies with your other businesses.
    The whole notion of carrying on the family tradition in my experience anyway is more romantic nonsense then anything. They’re all businesses and they have to make money. Things change and good entrepreneurs change with the times.
    This intra family sale is pretty cool but not for reasons stated. It’s a sale. Not the kids can’t afford it type of deal and the parents have to let the kids run it out of pure nepotism that frequently rewards the least capable. Kids probably got a good deal but that’s how it should be.. Parents get the money and can use it to enjoy retirement. The kids don’t have anyone looking over their shoulders and can shape the business as they like going into the future.
    Makes for better holidays. That is post virus.

  7. Fast Eddie says

    Sorry, maybe the racetrack references weren’t the best examples, but they were family businesses built from nothing. I guess maybe I’m to traditional for today’s world.

  8. “Not the kids can’t afford it type of deal and the parents have to let the kids run it out of pure nepotism that frequently rewards the least capable”. Are you saying that GBIII is the least capable? Maybe a little judgmental and kind of a slap in the face to both GBIII & Heather.

  9. Ken Latham says

    Eddie Brunhoelzel ran at Islip for sure. That’s George JR’s cousin.

  10. I’m trying to think as if My Name is Earl. One of my all time favorite shows that I’m currently re watching on Hulu. A unique premise for a show plus great cast that in my view has one of the greatest characters of all time, Joy, played by Jaime Pressly in the roll of a lifetime.
    “Are you saying”. No I don’t think I did Earl and have no idea how you can take a general observation on family businesses and weave it into an insult about a business none of us know anything about with regard to it’s viability nor are qualified to evaluate. Now if you ask me if family businesses can be well run with family members knowing their rolls and doing them well I know that for a fact. I like to think Stafford is that business but I don’t know it for a fact. I also know for a fact family businesses can be a snake pit of competing egos, backstabbing and antics among entitled, unqualified family members using non family members as pawns.
    I’m making two points here and you don’t have to guess what I’m saying. One is that My Name is Earl in my view is a timeless, extremely well constructed TV sit com and I’m happy to argue that point if you wish. . Second that family businesses purchased by other family members is far superior then the founders having to stay on in an oversight roll basically until they die.

  11. Doug, you said it, read your post, you can’t talk your golden tongue way out of it no matter if you create a 10 paragraph response 😆.

    Don’t go pulling a Biden on me!

  12. Earl vs Doug.

    This will be real exciting… not. 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

  13. Believe what you will Earl. I find your black and white view of issues endearing. I love you man!!!
    Got my first shot yesterday and the Pratt clinic. We hear so much bad said about government but I’m awash with admiration for what a nice job they are doing with this high volume program.
    First a mention of VAMS. Started last August as a separate program by the CDC under Trump.. Scheduling was relatively fast and easy even for a challenged tech geezer. When you get there you’re shepherded by National Guard troops with various checkpoints to confirm registration and classify your risk level. They all couldn’t have been more polite. Then you get to the shot, a medical professional does that, a wait period to check for reactions and you’re on your way.
    About a half hour soup to nuts.
    Got home to schedule my second shot and with the growing supply I scheduled the second on the first day qualified and right in town to boot on VAMS.
    All complements of government at various levels from the Trump to the CDC to Biden to the Connecticut state government working hand in hand with the private sector tackling one of the biggest mass programs since WWII.

  14. Got my second today, glad to see you are getting protected and I will let you know how the reaction is. Nothing from the first and hopefully same from the second.

  15. Earl, you went for a vaccine for a pandemic that your Orange Leader called a hoax?????? TRAITOR!!!!!! Remember that your boy Trump said the covid was a hoax to try to make him look bad. Are you saying the giant orange dipwad is a liar? 🤥 😝😝😝😝😝

    So how do you like the Bill Gates secret microchip? I hear it some good features. The first shot was to initialize the earlier chip from the other “vaccine” (one of you regular “booster” shots), then this second shot was to install the microchips. Yes, there are a couple chips. I can’t tell you exactly how many, it’s proprietary. All these shots are part of a huge conspiracy to control the masses.

  16. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.



    111 Doug is probably a fake.
    112 he and his (Doug) other psycho alternate personalities
    113 Are (a few of) you afraid the homophobic fan base will shun the track?
    114 Are (a few of) you afraid the place will fly the LGBTQ Pride Rainbow flags?
    115 (a few of) You must be afraid that you will look like you are gay.
    116 spelling has always been horrendous, a representation and product of the education system.
    117 Earl, you why do you say such judgmental and idiotic things?
    118 Are you (Earl) really that off-balance
    119 My goodness… the circle of people around you (Earl) must be complete morons
    120 Earl vs Doug. This will be real exciting… not. 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 70……………………………120


    2021 INSULT COUNT PER DAY THROUGH DAY 70 …………………..1.71


  17. Hey Earl, this is for you!

    This determines how we can attend races.

    From Yamiche Alcindor:

    Americans who will choose NOT to be vaccinated if one is available to them:

    49% GOP men
    41% Republicans
    40% White non-college educated men
    38% White evangelicals
    37% Latino
    28% White
    25% Black
    11% Democrats

  18. Doug, I could not thank the people enough the days I got both injections for their efforts. They definitely have their acts together. Team effort all the way around.

  19. No reaction from a shot means that the shot was nothing more than saline solution and microchips. And when a reaction does happen, it’s from the weak steroid that gets added to some of the fake vaccines, a deliberate planned minor inflammation. After all, they are just injecting microchips and want you to believe otherwise.

    The China Virus 🦠 TrumpPandemic is a HOAX to make the GOP Trump look bad, and install microchips to control the masses.

    Don’t forget the pizza parlors, they are just fronts for porn and child trafficking.

    And when a wealthy nice old man, a very successful businessman, invites you into his Winnebago for beer, hotdogs, pizza and ice cream, enjoy it !

  20. Team effort, nicely said Earl.

  21. Doug, reaction from the second is headache muscular pain and fatigue with a little more after pain at the injection site and in the armpit pretty much as reported. Just enough to be aggravating and interrupt a good nights sleep.

    But hey, it’s better than the alternative.

  22. Thanks Earl. I’ve heard everything from nothing to being in bed with a fever for a couple days. Sounds like you’re in the middle somewhere like most. You’re right, it is better them the alternative. And the symptoms show the vaccine is working.

  23. The microchips are working perfectly.

  24. The NPR polling shows that 67% have already gotten the vaccine or are willing to take the vaccine and that at this stage is not bad. There is still time between now and when supply catches up with demand to increase the numbers.
    Republican men appear to be the single greatest opportunity for moving the needle on vaccine acceptance to the 80% or so needed. Question is how is that best done. It sure won’t be from mocking them.
    All the top leaders of the Republican Party including Trump and everyone around Trump got the vaccine. Conservative pundits that qualified early like Howie Carr couldn’t get it fast enough. So what’s the problem. It may be a disconnect between right wing pundits that are invested in trashing everything Biden that say one thing on air but have lived another privately.
    It all makes no sense because much of the credit for the vaccine availability is attributable to the Trump administration. It’s hard to give him credit for those that have been invested in disliking him like myself. It’s hard giving a guy credit that spends virtually every waking moment blowing his own horn. But the fact is we wouldn’t be where we are now were it not for decisions made last summer by people including Trump.
    Ideally it would be best if Trump taped a public service address promoted the vaccine like the other former living presidents. The more credit he takes for himself the better in this case encouraging his monolithic fan base that the vaccine that he is responsible for is safe and effective.. He doesn’t seem inclined to do it at this stage.
    Tell you what might help is for all of right wing media from Fox News to the hundreds of local talk radio shows to start promoting the vaccine with a dedicated purpose. It may be helpful for NASCAR and country music stars to join in. Might even be helpful for RaceDayCt to find some way to promote getting the vaccine seeing as how over 70% of the local race fan base locally is Republican oriented. Doesn’t even have to be a dedicated promotion. Simply mentioning prominent race people locally getting and endorsing the vaccine would be helpful To date other then Earl and myself I don’t recall any mention of the vaccine in anything connected to RaceDayCt and that seems strange for obvious reasons. The racing season depends on a high vaccination rate to be successful and much of the fan base is older, white and male and have the most to gain.
    49% of Republican men may seem reluctant but 50% very willing to get the vaccine including Earl. So what’s the problem?

  25. It’s better than the alternative and that’s viewing the roots rather than the grass.

  26. There is a galactic gap between those willing to get the vaccine and those that have already begun/gotten the vaccine. Mega-giant-galactic gap between those two groups.

    Trump and the rest of those 🐓-💩 manly men got the vaccine, many in secret. These are the John Wayne era cowards. BTW, John Wayne’s real name was Marion Robert Morrison. Trump used four other fake names. Doug uses several fake names.

    So I was watching a PBS special the other day, and they were presenting the history of African Americans. The roots of slavery are very deep and complicated. The Bible states that no person shall be enslaved by another, hence organized religion declared that the African slaves were not human. Remember in the Constitution that Blacks were considered only ⅗ of a white person. And there are those that do not have to be named (GOP) that want to say that the US Government is built on Christian values. 😬

    The vaccine would have been developed regardless of who was President, it’s just a matter of how quickly and the confidence level. Government provides the money 💰 for industry to do what it does. Hopefully, the doctors, scientists, etc. all ignored the directives of Trump and his lackeys, and they let science guide them. Clearly Trump wanted to control everything, such as injecting Lysol, bleach and UV light. If the staff doctors didn’t have to deal with Trump’s idiocy, the vaccines would have been available months earlier, saving tens or hundreds of thousands of lives.

    Trump doing a PSA for what is right and in the best interests of the general public will never happen.

    Racing is full of manly men, those that would never get the vaccine for they are too tough, or they would never admit to getting the vaccine. 💉

  27. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.



    121. Trump and the rest of those (vulgar emoji reference) manly men
    122 .These are the John Wayne era cowards
    123 Doug uses several fake names.
    124 Racing is full of manly men, those that would never get the vaccine for they are too tough, or they would never admit to getting the vaccine.

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 72……………………………124


    2021 INSULT COUNT PER DAY THROUGH DAY 72 …………………..1.72


  28. Just spit balling here but another idea might be for Stafford to do something perhaps in the form of a Bottom Shot Podcast. Endorsements by some golden oldies like Dodge or Jackie Arute saying they got the vaccine may help the cause. Lisa and Mark Arute are coming up on qualifying for the shot so perhaps them.
    So what’s the problem Northeast racing nation? This is a big deal why does it seem that if you have one single thing that can make a huge difference all we hear from the racing community is crickets. Freedom seems to be a big deal in some quarters why not support something that give you a measure of freedom or at least peace of mind?
    Give it some thought.

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