Matt Swanson, Boehler Racing Enterprises Mixing Up Their Modified Racing Schedule For 2021

Matt Swanson (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

The iconic Boehler Racing Enterprises Ole Blue with driver Matt Swanson will be looking to hit a rainbow of varied Tour Type Open Modified events for the 2021 season. 

BRE owner Michale Boehler confirmed to RaceDayCT Monday that the team will step away from running full-time with the Whelen Modified Tour in 2021 and will focus on a close-to-home schedule of around 20 events for the East Freetown, Mass. based team.

“As a collective group of everybody involved we decided … it’s just come to a time where we just want to concentrate on good, smart races that are here in the Northeast. Whether it’s [the Whelen Modified Tour], Thompson [Speedway], Tri-Track [Open Modified Series], whatever it might be, that’s what it will be.”

Said Swanson: “I’m really excited for 2021 with the BRE racing group. Excited to see what we can do in all these different elements and series’ that we are going race with in 2021. And ready to get Ole Blue back in victory lane.”

Swanson was sixth in the Whelen Modified Tour standings in 2020 with the BRE team. 

Boehler said the team will not be at the Whelen Modified Tour season opening event on April 8 at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway. As of now the team is planning on running Whelen Modified Tour events at Stafford Speedway (April 25, Aug. 6 and Sept. 25), New Hampshire Motor Speedway (July 17) and Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Me. (Aug. 21). Boehler said there’s a possibility the event at Richmond Raceway on Sept. 10 could be an addition to their plans. 

“It’s not like we’re saying we can’t compete on the Tour anymore,” Boehler said. “We’re not saying that at all. It’s just kind of what works for everybody with scheduling and stuff. We don’t want to burn anybody out. We don’t want to run 40 races, nor do we only want to run five or six. I think funding-wise we have to make sure that what we do makes sense for everybody. … We’re just going about it a little different way. It’s nothing about competition level or money or where we can go. It’s just about what we have for equipment and help and people and sponsors. This is our plan.” 

The team intends to run all six events on the Tri-Track Open Modified Series schedule. The Tri-Track series will run at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. (May 1, Aug. 14), Star Speedway in Epping, N.H. (May 22, July 24) and Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway (June 30, Oct. 23). 

“Each year that series gains more momentum and gets more people involved,” Boehler said of the Tri-Track Open Modified Series. “… You run those events and you’re gone for eight, ten, 12 hours and you’re back home again. They’ve got a lot of good sponsors and a lot of good help with that series and [managing partners Wayne Darling and Ed Bennett] have done a good job with everything there. We’ve known all those guys forever and that deal just makes sense for us.” 

Boehler said the team also plans to run all six of the new Outlaw Open Modified Series events at Thompson Speedway, which kicks off with the Icebreaker 125 on April 11. Thompson will run Wednesday night events June 16, July 7, Aug. 11 and Sept. 15. The Thompson schedule closes out with the traditional Sunoco World Series weekend, which will be anchored by the return of the $20,000 to win Thompson 300 Tour Type Modified event on Oct. 10. 

The BRE team will also run the 50-lap Tour Type Modified feature at the inaugural Northeast Classic on April 17 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The Northeast Classic is being put on in partnership between Pro All Stars Series owner Tom Mayberry and American Canadian Tour Owner Cris Michaud. That partnership is also putting on the six-event schedule at Thompson. 

Boehler said the team will also run a selected number of the Open Modified 80 events at Stafford. Stafford has four of those events scheduled for 2021 (May 14, June 11, July 9, Aug. 20). 

“It’s come to a point where it’s just going to be smart decisions where want to go race to win and not worry about points,” Boehler said. “We want to worry about what’s going to be best for our group.” 


  1. When the Nascar Whelen tour schedule came out I figured a few teams would stop chasing Nascar points and pick and choose which Nascar events to support based on geography. It makes all the sense in the world to stick to races closer to your home base. The Nascar races may pay a little more vs the local races. Unfortunately the higher purses get eaten up, if you are required to travel a day to get to them for a midweek show where you have to take time off work vs a local race you can do in one day. Who was it Chris P who decided to concentrate on supporting local modified events versus following the tour as they did in the past.

    The Busch North switch to a more national KN east series which seemed to really hurt that division in terms of car count and presents in the North East. I hope Nascar doesnt follow the same plan with the modifieds, try to Nationalize the modifieds away from their home base of the Northeast. I dont think that would go well for Nascar Whelen tour.


  3. Smart decision. Run more races closer to home. Tri Track seems to be attracting allot of WMT teams and drivers, as well as Stafford and Thompson, and there all within a couple of hours of home, and pay decent purses

  4. Hey, somebody from BRE Racing… can you please put your schedule on your website? That’s just about all I need to know for the racing season.

    Good luck!!!!

    In other news, I expected teams to do exactly this. The Mods are a regional series. Hauling them out to Martinsville makes no sense at all. Don’t be surprised when a couple more teams do the same. Opening up at Martinsville is a shrewd move.

  5. Add BRE to Pasteryak and Rameau who are saying no full time NWMT. Each saying they will race in selected NWMT events. It’s a change but not a sea change. They’re still prestige events and they’ll do just fine even as teams float in and out of events.
    What’s is really impressive is how Michaud & Mayberry are making teams like Tinio Motorsports perk up and lock into their events along with all the other pickers and chosers mentioning the Thompson and NHMS offerings.
    So much variety to chose from this year with unprecedented access.. So much promise with the pandemic receding. Even the economy that everyone thought would affect racing this year not seeming to be the anchor it was predicted to be last summer.

  6. Anyone know what the current Covid restrictions on racing in CT are currently? I saw Stafford limited ticket sales for that Tony Stewart all star June 12th show due to Covid. FYI The Spring Sizzler went on sale today. GA prices 35 for Saturday, 40 for Sunday. 75 for the weekend I didnt see a weekend combo ticket. It doesnt look like dropping Nascar sanctioning and the fees that come with it, reduced the general admission ticket pricing for the fans much.

    I was thinking of going to Thompson for the Ice breaker but I couldnt find prices for GA. camping and how to buy tickets in advance. Did they sell advance tickets last year? To make the Ice breaker work for me, I have to request some time off work and.get the camper back on the road. Probably need to start working on that within the next couple of weeks or so if I am going to make it happen. Starting to get excited for race season.

  7. CSG,
    Expect to see Thompson ticket availability before the end of this week.

  8. Stafford drops Nascar, adds a single GSPSS race to Sizzler weekend, calls it a two day show and doubles admission prices over previous Sizzlers. Seems about right. LOL. They are getting killed on social media for it.

    The Sizzler is a Sunday Night race now too??? Hmmm. Not sure the thinking behind that. Sit around all day for Sunday night. Fans don’t like late Sunday nights.

    What’s going on over there?

  9. JD

    I believe the Sizzler is only 150 laos this year compared to 200 lappers in recent years. Dont forget the additional 5 dollar service charge per order per day and you are at 85 dollars for the weekend. They do have two SK features, one on each day this year. In my opinion, a second SK feature and the GPSS does not justify the significant increase in price. I think Stafford is in a tough spot with COVID restrictions and not knowing exactly how many people they will be able to host. Due to these circumstances they set pricing at the upper limit for which they think they could get away with. I will give them a pass on this one but I will also most likely pass on attending this one. A shame I was really interested in seeing the return of the pro stocks.

    Shawn. Thanks for the info on Thompson.

  10. Fast Eddie says

    I would bet the stafford prices are related to possible still unknown crowd allowances and nascar fees. That also technically gives them two events in the books for season ticket holders, and a one day wmt race. With covid issues still prominent, that’s not all bad.

  11. Not surprisingly I would advocate for the Stafford product this year as well.. I’m sure they may be getting blow back somewhere but it sure isn’t on the Stafford Facebook page as folks claim to have gotten tickets already.
    Is the comparison to prior years fair. Why is it assumed the two day product this year is equivalent to prior years. Saturday is GSPSS. That series has it’s own fan base and combined with the Stafford Late Models if you’re a full bodied fan it will be the place to be. The Price is fine.
    Sunday you get to see the best in modifieds all packed into one day at a price consistent with the product offered.
    There’s no rule that you have to go to both and in fact this lets you spend dollars on what you like most. Being there to see what you love most and watching the product you don’t favor so much on TV.
    The reality is that in April there will be crowd limits which means TV becomes mores important. Sunday on NBC Sports Gold is what it is. Saturday will kick off StaffordSpeedway.TV via FloSports. That will be huge and the first of what hopefully will be a first wave of subscriptions for Stafford racing.
    I’m going to assume that all the Stafford open events this year will go from $30 to $35 and that will be fine especially if they can raise the purse for the tour modifieds in the process.
    In any event if you like the NWMT at Stafford you might want to go to this one. For sure Stafford will be watching how the Icebreaker goes. If it’s a success the greatest odds are that they will be cutting back or eliminating the NWMT races. Like everything they do it will be done carefully and with great trepidation considering the last time they Sizzled without the NWMT. That was 1988, the first year of SK’s and Streets only, the year that nearly bankrupted the track according to Paul Arute. In 1989 the NWMT was back.

  12. It is what it is. Covid restrictions hurt attendance, and they pass the cost along, knowing they’ll most likely sell out.

  13. Didn’t Stafford get rid of the NASCAR sanction?

    Shouldn’t tickets be like free????

    What the hell?????

  14. The Saturday part of the Sizzler is not much different than a regular $14 Saturday night show at Seekonk. $20 if the PS division is racing 50-75 laps. Plus an entire undercard.

    I don’t care how many laps the Sizzler is it shouldn’t start at 6:30 pm. Is it really the Sizzler if it isn’t 200 laps?? Discussion for another day.

    Doug doesn’t mind the ticket prices because he watches on tv but he didn’t like it when I suggested the increase for online access.

  15. OMG Dr Seuss (no relation to Andy) is a racist. That’s right the beloved writer who gave us “cat in the hat” is a racist. At least 5 of his books have been pulled from publication. If you’ve got Seuss books they’ll be worth money soon.

  16. JD,
    The original Spring Sizzler was 80 laps so I’m not sure of your rationale that it shouldn’t be called the Sizzler if it isn’t 200 laps.

  17. NASCAR does not care about the modified tour, never did.

  18. Yes, I know 80 laps. The Greatest Race in the History of Spring has been 200 for a while now though. It went back to 80 before too. I know all that. I’d rather see 80 again over 150 if it needs to be changed to be honest.

    The Thompson 300 is the Thompson 300. The Spring Sizzler is (was) 200. Tradition is tradition.

  19. This is why my buddy WeldingWonders has it so right showing the actual words of contributors as opposed to recollections. According to WeldingWonders you said this about streaming races.

    JD says
    November 14, 2020 at 10:49 am
    Cancel all live TV/Internet feeds too. Sorry, buy a ticket or go without.

    So where is the part about raising prices for online access. I definitely objected to what you said November 14 but have no recollection on objecting to prices on any streaming product. Not even paying more to see races at Riverhead Raceway.

    I get it JD. You’ve got the future by the tail and you’re pulling as hard as you can to hold it back. Unfortunately that rarely works as the stock investors in buggy whips, Western Electric telephones and incandescent lights have found out.
    You’re ticked about Stafford dropping the NASCAR sanction. You’ve got it in your head that streaming races is somehow a detriment to the sport. Doesn’t make any difference if people are spending hundreds of dollars more shooting money all over from NBC Sports Gold to FloRacing to RiverheadRaceway.TV on SpeedSport or Speed51 and doing it from literally any location. In your head there is only one way to enjoy racing and that is in person. That’s fine for you but it’s not the current trend, it’s not what’s best for the sport and it definitely is not a purity test any but backward thinkers would find value in.
    You have to start with a baseline for the track and if it’s Stafford the baseline is the normal price for a regular show that’s closer to $20 not $14. Last year the streaming version for a regular show was $20 and the opens and 5K were $30.
    It’s simple. The GSPSS series is equal to the tour modifieds at a Stafford tour modified open show. Add in all the other divisions including the popular SK’s like at tour modified opens and the $35 bucks sounds more then reasonable. It’s reasonable even if you’re not willing to throw the track a bone for doing it all in the current restrictive environment.
    Bottom line if the Saturday show is too expensive don’t go. If you live in New Hampshire and a late starting time Sunday is not acceptable don’t go. If you don’t believe in streaming races don’t stream either of them. I’m pretty sure Stafford will survive with or without my streaming dollars or those of a stubborn cuss in New Hampshire that is having a hard time adjusting to changes in the local racing scene.

  20. Run 80 laps, brief intermission allowing adjustment only plus fuel, no tires, invert the field and run another 80 laps. That would make things interesting. Let them change up to 3 tires, but must be done in second half.

  21. getserious says

    DaReal, you said “Hauling them out to Martinsville makes no sense at all. …. Opening up at Martinsville is a shrewd move.” Is that really what you meant to say? Can you explain?

  22. I don’t understand… Stafford did away with the NASCAR sanctioning so they can give tickets away for free now. Right?

  23. Mod Tour has been on a downward trend for years. This year is going to be worse then most. Northeast teams have more races to choose from. Hopefully The 3 team score a few wins

  24. getserious, the Mods are a northeast region series. The south didn’t support them, the mods pretty much closed up down south. Yeah, I know there’s BG, but other than that, mods are not as popular down south as up in the northeast. After decades and decades, the mods are a northeast series. The southern teams wouldn’t travel across the street to race, only a couple of them traveled up north for races, yet the Northern teams are expected to travel down south. Why haul all the way to the south, to a region that failed to support mods for decades and decades? I went to several Bristol Mod races and was stunned at the lack of fans. I was more stunned at how long that went on, never bringing out fans, or even southern cars to run in their own backyard.

    Opening the season at Martinsville is shrewd, it forces teams that are really competing for a championship and points to go and travel, for no more reward than they would get running the event up north. It will be several days to run an event that could be a one day event up north. And traveling in these times with the pandemic is just not smart or safe. I look at the pandemic rules for travel and the requirements to have a test within 72 hours, quarantine, etc. is just not a smart thing to be concerned with and putting all those people, from the north and down south at risk. Travel is the conduit that spreads the pathogen. 🦠

    A race at Martinsville late in the season would probably not get many cars, many would not go, like Stuart/Silk declined a long haul race last season. They knew they had no chance to win the championship, so the long haul race was just not with it, they declined.

    Already other teams have indicated they are staying close to home, meaning they have no interest to do these long haul events.

    Hope that helps you understand the point I was trying make.

  25. 🌈🦄2020 says

    If you want to go to Stafford on both days, 80 freaking bucks, for one person. Bring your family plus food? Jesus. The defense seems to be that if you’re going on both days you’re not going to the sizzler on Saturday, just Sunday. Saturday is not part of the sizzler and a totally separate event. Hey at least camping is free….

  26. David Fisher says

    Love the “RIP NASCAR” sentiments. I am no fan of NASCAR on any level, but they have been sworn off as dead every year for at least the last 20 years, and yet there they are. Maybe down a little, but dead? C’mon. Kinda like social security I guess. In the 60s, my grandpa said it was done, he would never draw a penny. In the 70s and 80s, my dad said the same. Both did, and it’s still around. Perhaps the sky is really not falling.
    And as for southern mods, man I hate to agree with Dareal, but he’s right about southern teams travelling. Other than Myers and EHR, and after the Hillbilly touring days, if it’s more than a few hours from home, they ain’t going. With that said, the new SMART tour is making some waves, really hope they do well. Maybe not big on tour level, but having Bobby Labonte running the tour full time will draw some interest down here.

  27. Most of the WMT teams are quite happy with the NY heavy 2021 schedule. There is a lot LESS travel for many of them in 2021. Less races too of course. The VA races are closer than CT for some of them as well. It’s all a matter of perspective.

  28. JD,
    Just curious, outside of any teams based in North Carolina, what other regular Whelen Modified Tour teams are based in a place that is geographically closer to Richmond, Va. or Martinsville, Va. than it is to Stafford, CT or Thompson, CT. I think you’re really stretching on that characterization.

  29. 🌈JD🌈, let me send a map to you.

  30. Folks, there is still a deadly pandemic going on. STILL. I don’t know why you people are afraid to make the COVID-19 pandemic a part of the conversation. You make like there are other reasons for the crazy that is going on like there is no pandemic. 😷 IT’S THE DAMN COVID-19 PANDEMIC!!!!!! TRUMP HAS YOU IDIOTS TRAINED TO MAKE LIKE THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC DOES NOT EXIST.

    2,000 USA people died yesterday from the pandemic. The USA has lost 530,000 people so far, in a year, and that is just about the population of the state of Wyoming.

    TRAVEL has proven to be the best way to spread the pathogen 🦠 and kill more people.

    It will take a long time, a year or so, before some 85% of the population is vaccinated and we have decent protection. Keep in mind, the idiots, Qanon, Trumpers, GOP, etc. are refusing to get vaccinated. But we have just found out that Trump was secretly vaccinated in January. He’s still trying to kill his followers, I don’t understand that.

  31. 🌈JD🌈 proffered, “Most of the WMT teams are quite happy with the NY heavy 2021 schedule. There is a lot LESS travel for many of them in 2021. Less races too of course. The VA races are closer than CT for some of them as well. It’s all a matter of perspective.”

    I’m laughing so hard I can barely type this!!!! My apologies for the typos!!!

    A mile is a mile is a mile, it’s not a matter of perspective. If I choose a location on the NY/PA border in western NY, it is still 100 miles or more to Martinsville than to Stafford.

    🌈JD🌈, just what perspective are you choosing? Are you using the perspective that Alaska is an island?


  32. This is the season for Ole’ Blue!!!!!

  33. David Fisher says

    Trump does not have us thinking there is no pandemic. But some of us know being afraid to leave the house is no way to live. I believe in safety for all, and I’ll wear my mask in a crowd, but to think it has anything at all to do with Trump, or thinking it makes us idiots, is ludicrous.
    And to say it will take a year before 85% of the population is vaccinated is in conflict with your president, who just said yesterday that we will have sufficient vaccines to vaccinate everyone in the US by the end of May. Joe’s got this, right?

  34. Dr Fauci, Dr Jah, and a host of other scientist are all saying that at the current rate of vaccination it won’t be until late 2021, or early 2022 before life returns to some semmbalance of normal. It’s not vaccine production, but getting people vaccinated that’s the problem. Only about 40% of eligible people have received their first shot, and of them only about 70% have gotten the second. The vaccine remains unproven against several varients. Plus we still have no idea how long it protects you. Add to that states like Texas and Mississippi reopening even as their numbers increase, and more states to follow, and it doesnt Look good. The best we Can do is what we’re doing, Mask up, wash your hands and social distance as even once you’ve been vaccinated. I believe we will beat this, especially now that we’ve got real leadership in Washington, it’s just gonna take time.
    MASK UP, GET VACCINATED, the life you save may be mine.

  35. Trump clearly has idiots trained to think there is no pandemic. Look what went on at CPAC. Attendees refused to wear masks 😷 at that HYUGE gathering of neanderthals and troglodytes. Trump still has idiots thinking this is a hoax. He has people refusing to believe the science and facts. When people believe science and facts, they realize Trump et al. are a bunch of idiotic boobs.

    If you wear a mask, that clearly has nothing to do with Trump. Trump is an anti-masker. If you wear a mask, chances are pretty good that you are not an idiot. Doug got his vaccine even though he’s an idiot, that’s why I say if you wear a mask, chances are you are not an idiot.

    There might very well be vaccines available by the end of May, but the Trumpsters and anti-vaxxers, of which there are many million, will not get the vaccine. What good is having all those vaccines available if the people are idiots and still believe the Trump HOAX QAnon conspiracy stories, and refuse to get vaccinated? Joe’s got this vaccine stuff working, but even he can’t fix Trump stupid.

    And this all has and can impact racing. If the data shows that the public is still at risk of flare ups, there will be restrictions on the size of allowable crowds. Don’t be surprised if the local vaccination numbers come into play in being a determining factor authorities use to allow openings, crowds, gatherings, etc.

    And to all you loyal Trump followers, Trump got his vaccination in January. Trump is also a germaphobe, he pushes off his disorder on others and makes them take the burden of his fear of germs. 🦠 This way he doesn’t have to wear a mask and can look so defiant.

  36. WeldingWonders says

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    100 Doug got his vaccine even though he’s an idiot

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  37. getserious says

    Thanks, Dareal. “Shrewd” for putting it at the front of the schedule.

  38. There is no such thing as Covid 19, it’s all a hoax made up by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Those 350,000 people aren’t dead, they’re imprisoned in Alaska. The vaccine is really saline solution. The January 6th asault on the capital didn’t happen, it was staged by the Democrats. There was massive voter fraud furring the November 2nd election. Donald Trump pulled off a massive victory winning not only the popular vote by 40 million votes, but also swept the electoral college.
    Sound familiar? It’s the scumbag politicians pushing these lies that make it impossible to beat covid.
    Covid is real. 350,000+ people have died. The vaccine works. The capital assault was Donald Trump’s fault, and Joe Biden won the Presidential Election. And, yes, somehow, those scumbag politicians are still scumbags.
    MÀSK UP, GET VACCINATED. The life you save could be mine.

  39. You guys are all hung up on Virginia. It’s two races five months apart. It sure as hell beats the 7-10 trips to CT at roughly the same distance all these teams have been making for years. Certainly the total annual miles has been reduced greatly.

    Go ask Emerling, or Hossfeld, or the Catalanos or the other western NY teams about the schedule. The LI teams are loving 3 races at RH. I get it though. Negative Tour news is good for business around here.

  40. So, traveling from Connecticut, Massachusetts, or eastern New York to Stafford or Thompson, is equivalent to traveling to Virginia. I want what your smoking.

  41. 🌈JD🌈, Emerling, Hossfeld, and the Catalanos are from north west NY, just a couple miles from the shore of Lake Ontario. Please refer to a map to familiarize yourself with what I an speaking of. The haul to VA, particularly Martinsville, is WAY further than Stafford, and even further to Thompson. Like 200 miles one-way further. We’re not hung up on Virginia, if you didn’t try to say it was closer than CT we wouldn’t have anything to say about how idiotic your statement is.

    Two trips to VA is better than 7-10 trips to CT? What kind of comparison is that? What is that supposed to mean? Did the two races in VA replace 7-10 races in CT? 🌈Idiot🌈, what was your point?

    Annual miles is reduced for the NY based teams because there are more races in NY near their operations. NOT because of the VA races.

    Yeah, the LI teams are loving three Riverhead races… the rest of the Tour is HATING IT. It is difficult and $$$$ to haul out to Riverhead. You aren’t expected to know or understand that. Perhaps you should visit Riverhead to see what it takes to get there. The time consuming and expensive ferry, or the worst road in the world, the Long Island Expressway. It really is not an expressway, more like the world’s longest linear parking lot.

    I am thinking that the “JD” screen name is one fo Doug’s alternative screen names, the idiocy is consistent across all scree names: Doug, WeldingWonders, RickyinMass, 🌈JD🌈, et al.

    A vaccine to cure stupid was developed decades ago. The anti-vaxers refuse to take it. It’s such a vicious cycle.

  42. Rob p, I don’t think 🌈JD🌈 is under the influence. When is he ever sober?

  43. Actually if you live in Mass you can get something to smoke and legally. I’m still pondering that death count of 350,000. Seems a little low. Actually seems a lot low.
    Come on man it’s Martinsville and a huge multi day event. Distance schminstance. The modified gang will be hobnobbing with the NASCAR elite and having a ball regardless of where they come from. Some of the declared NWMT part timers will be traveling to Martinsvilles and energy will be sky high. Then they may just exit Martinsville on Friday or even after the Cup race on Saturday night to rush up to the Icebreaker on Sunday. That’s going to be interesting who does that besides Preece.
    I’m listening to Todd Owen on Unmuffled.. He’s one of the guys that has no aspirations to race in the NWMT yet is laser focused on Thompson. I’m thinking it’s going to be a banner field for the kick off of Michaud and Mayberry 2021. There should be NWMT teams that make the trek up. They’ll do it because it’s a challenge and racers love to immerse themselves in challenges but they won’t be making the Icebreaker epic. That will be done by all the teams that felt the NWMT was a bridge too far like Owen. All super charged this being the opener for most.

  44. 17 states now without mask mandates. How long will it be before we start seeing massive breakouts? Those idiots jeopardize all of us. Don’t become an idiot, mask up.

  45. Last I saw, 19 states do not have mask mandates, 18 of those states have a GOP Governor. These are the red welfare states. I don’t get it, it’s like the GOP wants to reduce its voting base.

    As of this writing: 533,249 Americans have died due to COVID-19.

    Today’s total is 1,596 deaths so far.

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