RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Will You Attend The Northeast Classic At NHMS On April 17?

The originally scheduled inaugural Northeast Classic in 2020 ended up a victim of COVID-19 restrictions in the early phases of pandemic shutdowns. The event, put on in partnership between the American-Canadian Tour and Pro All Stars Series, returns this year with features scheduled for April 17. Today’s Daily Poll question is, will you attend the Northeast Classic? Vote below.


  1. I’ve got the over/under at 750 general admission fans.

  2. 🌈JD🌈, you would then call that a highly successful sold out event?

  3. Sharpie Fan says

    That’s the same day as Stafford’s Open Practice.

  4. They will probably get around 5k fans there if the weather is good. Now, that may look like 750 people given the size of the grandstands. This will probably be the lid lifter event for northern NE race fans. The first race after a long winter usually gets an attendance bump. Pass and ACT have a pretty good following up North.. Adding the mods will draw some of us Southern NE fans. I think they will do OK.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    I agree with csg’s estimate, but hoping more will go to support it. It will be nice to just buy a ticket at the gate for a change instead of paying service charges ahead of time to make sure I get in.

  6. 5000 bahahaha. They had about 1200 for the Musket last year (10k the first year though). MRS/ACT and the 4 bangers shows in years past have drawn a few hundred. A week after Thompson/ Martinsville, weather?, Covid theatre issues linger. I actually thought 750 was high. I don’t see more fans this April than last September when the weather was absolutely beautiful.

    Half the stands are gone now. 750 looks like 750. 5000 looks like 5000.

  7. Depends on the COVID-19 status. Four Bruins players just entered the COVID protocol and the next two Bruins games are postponed.

  8. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal, I can’t stop myself from asking. What in the world does 4 Bruins players getting COVID have to do with anyone going to NHMS in April? Should we watch out for people wearing Bruins shirts when we go?

  9. Fast Eddie, the NHL has been a remarkable and exemplary effort to protect players and staff in a bubble. That at this late stage players are still getting yanked and put into COVID protocol, and games postponed, shows how difficult it is to protect oneself, regular people, from this HIGHLY TRANSMISSIBLE AND CONTAGIOUS PATHOGEN 🦠. This NHL bubble is probably costing millions of dollars and yet it can’t provide perfect protection. Regular people don’t have this luxury. NBA, NFL, MLB and most other major sports are going through the same problems. Games have been, are and will be postponed. Players, and other staff are getting infected.

    Geno Auriemma and Shea Ralph are sidelined because of COVID protocols.

    Do you understand that there has been a pandemic for over a year???? Over 550,000 Americans have died, and 2.7 million worldwide have died from this pandemic. 😷

    And you opened up your post with, “Dareal, I can’t stop myself from asking. ”

    You must be wondering why people are wearing masks. 😷

    You simply don’t get it.


  10. DaReal and logic are like oil and water. They don’t mix.

  11. I am fascinated by people wanting bad crowds at races they have no plans to attend themselves just to prove someone else wrong. The only thing more amusing was the time I overheard someone hope the Oxford 250 would have a poor crowd so the promoter would go broke as the person himself was standing in line to buy a ticket to that exact Oxford 250.

  12. 🌈JD🌈 doesn’t know what logic is.

  13. Hey Fast, the NY Rangers Head Coach and Staff are off line, under COVID protocol. I heard the Rangers played without a coach the other day, because of COVID.

  14. Dareal,
    The NHL is no longer playing games in a bubble. That was only last summer. The teams are traveling to each other’s home cities. Please get your facts straight.

  15. Ed J, the NHL is still practicing a bubble to protect the players, staff etc. It’s not as “strict” as last season, but it is still a bubble intended to shield and protect the players.

    Like you shield yourself from information.

    You’re welcome. 😝😝

  16. Sadly, COVID will hurt this event. Loudon does not have a huge local population to draw from. The vast majority of attendees have a significant travel distance. I doubt many are going to travel under the current pandemic conditions. Can we start being real?

    The population of Merrimack County, NH is about 151,000, and the population of Loudon is about 5,400. A tiny percentage of them might be race fans, and a small percentage of them will be interested in going to this event.

    So this event is dependent on folks that have significant travel. Tough times for traveling.

  17. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal, I do understand your point. The NHL and NBA are working hard to constantly test in order to not become a covid source, and unfortunately no system is perfect. However, the lack of perfection has to do with the inaction of some people. Believe me, I get the full meaning of the virus. My wife had it back in April. Now when people look at me like I have two heads for wearing a mask when “the rules” say I don’t have to, I find myself explaining I have the mask on to help protect my Dad, who I check in on regularly. He has since been vaccinated, but that won’t change my routine for a while. Meanwhile, I went to 24 races last year and will hopefully go to more this year. I’m certainly no covid expert, but if you pay attention to your surroundings, mask up, & wash hands, you can still have some normalcy to your life. And I promise not to go to any hockey games! πŸ™‚

  18. DArealgoodfella, is your entire being on this planet revolve around the plague? If so why do you not just stay in your Joe Biden type bunker keep watching your hero Doc Fauci and never go to a race track again?

  19. Darealgoodfella, does your whole entire being evolve around the plague? If so why do you not stay in your Joe Biden type bunker never go to a race again and just sign up for the Doc Fauci newsletter.

  20. The definition of a bubble the NHL gave was all teams in one location, quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. No outsiders.If you left you could not just come back. They are not doing that now. They have rules in place, but all teams are traveling to different cities,not a bubble. The bubble was the one location no outsiders rule. Are the fans going to games in the NHL bubble also? How can it be a bubble if there are fans in the stands?

  21. 🌈JD🌈 posted, “5000 bahahaha. They had about 1200 for the Musket last year (10k the first year though). MRS/ACT and the 4 bangers shows in years past have drawn a few hundred. A week after Thompson/ Martinsville, weather?, Covid theatre issues linger. I actually thought 750 was high. I don’t see more fans this April than last September when the weather was absolutely beautiful.

    Half the stands are gone now. 750 looks like 750. 5000 looks like 5000.”

    🌈JD🌈, you always post happy days are here again, stands will be overflowing, this is the land of infinite opportunity, COVID is a hoax, blah-blah-blah.

    What happened?

    Shawn, is this the same 🌈JD🌈? Has this user been hacked? Is this yet another 🌈JD🌈?

  22. krh, I am careful. So far, so good. 😊 Are you one of the 49% of Trump voters refusing to get vaccinated? Doc Fauci has been pretty good, what he predicted has come true. You should have someone read his newsletter to you.

    If so, that’s just one of the reasons why you are an idiot.

    There are a handful of variants of concern that will be a factor in the coming months. Particularly, B117 is more contagious and has a much higher death rate. It is presently blossoming and is expected to become the dominant variant over the next few weeks and months. Vaccine efficacy against this variant is unknown. With only a small fraction of folks vaccinated so far, there is indeed reason to be concerned. 😟

    Racing has been and will continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 😷

    krh, why are the Trump voters refusing to get vaccinated?

  23. JMB, polls are meaningless. Entertaining but meaningless. You can’t read anything in to them.

    I have nothing against NHMS but non Nascar events have never worked there. They just don’t. Fans never show up. Not sure why this will be different. Especially in April, a week after the Icebreaker and Martinsville.
    I just call them like I see them.

    Can we hear more from KRH?

  24. Ed J, the NHL is not back to normal, pre-covid operations, with teams traveling freely all over North America. The league is broken up into four divisions, East, North, West and Central, and each division is its own bubble. The four divisions are not playing each other in the regular season. They also minimize travel by playing back-to-back games in the same arena.

    Canada is prohibiting cross border travel, and the Canadian teams are their own division, staying up in Canada, playing only amongst the Canadian teams. That would be the North division.

    You really did not know this? You didn’t notice this? You must be the guy walking around at the tracks with the arrow through your head.

    The bubble still exists, but with a slightly different definition.

    There are minimal fans allowed, the arenas are still effectively empty.

    Pittsburgh did not enforce the mask rule, so they Photoshopped masks on the fans in released photos. They got caught. Idiots.

    Ed J, as long as sports are not operating as they were pre-COVID, there is a bubble. The bubble changes as conditions allow.

  25. Dareal,
    Could you please cite your source that says the NHL is still playing in a bubble.

  26. Ed J, just Google the NHL and you’ll have 347,000,000 replies in 0.083 seconds. Help yourself.

    Just look at the NHL standings. See how the league is divided. Too obvious? No intra-division play… you didn’t notice that? No wonder why you are asking for help trying to figure out the bubble. You will never be a Captain Obvious, not even close.

    Ed J, is the NHL operating as it was in January 2020, pre-COVID-19 TrumpPandemic? If not, then it’s in a bubble.

  27. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “JMB, polls are meaningless. Entertaining but meaningless. You can’t read anything in to them.”

    Where’d this come from? But I’m sure Trump would agree at this point that polls are meaningless. Indeed you can read anything you want into polls, as Trump does. Facts are facts and you can’t read anything into facts.

  28. Ed J, learn to use Google, or other searchers. Amazing what you can find. You might get yourself informed.

    Ed J, I understand your confusion. The NHL is sort of saying there is no bubble, because the bubble started as a very Draconian and very strict protocol, like a prison. Things are slightly looser than that now, but still a bubble. They are saying things could go back to be very Draconian soon of things continue to get worse, like the recent rash of players and staff that are off-limits due to positive testing. Things are a little looser now, but still a bubble. But they have imposed other rules, such as players are only allowed at the arenas, practice facilities and homes. I believe at the beginning, the teams were living in team supplied housing with controlled food and other supplies. Players were not allowed to see their families, and some players opted to sit out the season because they did not like being cut off from the family. Now, they are allowed to be home with family. Potato vs. potahto. Only 3 arenas are allowing fans, and at that, only 10-20% capacity. If it ain’t wide open like pre-COVID days, it’s a bubble of some sort. Cross border travel requires 10-14 days of quarantine, making that impossible, hence resulting in separate divisions, with Canada on their own.

    Don’t get hung up on a very loosely defined bubble. As the pandemic needs change, so will the definition of the bubble. Sports simply are not operating as they were pre-TrumpPandemic because the coronavirus 🦠 has had an impact. Travel and mingling is a great way to spread the virus 🦠 and in order to get over this, these restrictions, bubbles and variations of bubbles, are needed. And all people need to participate and do their part.

  29. Dareal,
    You still did not cite your source. Shawn,last summer when I said I read that the vaccine could be approved with only 50% positive results I was asked by someone and you to cite my source. I gladly did that. Dareal stated the NHL is still playing in a bubble. I asked him to cite his source and he says Google it. Why should I have to research his statement. I would like to see the article that he is referring to that says the NHL is currently playing in a bubble because in my opinion if they are allowing fans it is not a bubble

  30. Ed J,
    You know in the last year the term “bubble” has really been stretched to be defined in a lot of different ways. I think early on in the pandemic the term “bubble” really took on a definition of a group being placed in a setting where every element of the outside world was kept out. But as we moved on in our pandemic life, I think that definition and the use of the word “bubble” as it relates sports has really changed a great deal. I think bubble now more or less defines that a particular group is expected to live and work in a way that in a calculated manner tries to keep their contact to a minimum, but not so much in the same sealed environment that it was viewed to be say 10 months ago. If you look at the NCAA Tournaments this week, they’re defining that the men’s and women’s teams in each tournament are in their own “bubbles”, even though it’s really not a truly sealed environment. Every site is allowing fans and media to attend, but the contact of teams with those people is limited. Teams are expected to stay in defined areas at each site and only mingle among other teams. In the same way you can loosely define what the NHL is doing as a modified “bubble”. No, it’s not a sealed environment, but teams are expected to avoid contact outside of their team aspect and even though fans and media are allowed at games, players not allowed to have any contact with those fans or media. And obviously the league has put restrictions on which teams play which teams, which in and of itself can be defined as certain teams being put in a “bubble” with a very limited amount of other teams.

  31. I was not speaking about the polls. I was talking about people hoping attendance goes one way or the other just so can they “win” an argument with someone they argue with on every topic and usually goes way off the rails about something else. It is pretty much like the “No stopping in the White Zone, No stopping in the Red Zone” scene from the movie Airplane

  32. Ed J, Google it… you will be overwhelmed with the sources I used to present here. You will not be researching my statement, you will be informing yourself of the NHL bubble. So here is how you do it:

    1. Go to Google.com
    2. Type in “NHL bubble”
    3. You should get like 15,100,000 results in 0.57 secs.
    4. BOOM! 🀯
    5. Consider yourself informed.

    It’s all there, pal. It’s all right there.

    You’re welcome.

    Ed J, if you really think the NHL is not in a bubble, you can not be helped.

  33. Or you can redefine what a bubble is so much that you lose track of the point the bubble popped and failed to notice but still continued to call it a bubble anyway.
    There’s nothing bubblishis about what the NHL is doing in my view but that’s not Ed j point is it? Is the infection rate about to surge, the scheduled racing dates meaningless and the 2021 in danger of having dates actually canceled and postponed. That’s what’s on the table and why the NHL was brought into this wasn’t it? So what is it?

  34. Fast Eddie says

    Jd, the main reason the non nascar events didn’t work at nhms was due to how it was set up. NEMST rented the track like a club day and invited the other tours in. The only reason i knew was it being posted in the mrs schedule. I made it tothe last one and saw some great racing. Thought the mini and street stocks would be boring on the big track but was proved wrong. There was next to nothing in promoting the event so not many fans went. Too bad as it was one of the better events I went to that year.

  35. Maybe darealdabasementdweller should just worry about the basement he resides in rather than the NHL.

  36. Hey Shawn, how about you poll racedayct nation to see how many of those eligible have received their COVID-19 vaccination? And then a secondary question when eligible will you get the vaccination. Would be interesting to know peoples opinions especially with racing season just around the corner. Thanks

  37. Fauci on TV this AM again promoting social distancing, face masks and vaccinations. I guess those on spring break in FLA and in the states of Texas, AZ and NM involved with the border crisis didn’t get the memo. Don’t see much social distancing or many face masks being worn.

  38. Gonna second that Earl suggestion as an outstanding idea. Especially the part to see how many of racing nation fall in the camp of not planning to get vaccinated.

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