RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Will Ryan Preece Finish In The Cup Series Dirt Race At Bristol?

The NASCAR Cup Series returns to dirt racing on Sunday at Bristol Motor Speedway. Today’s Daily Poll question asks where you think former NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver Ryan Preece will finish in Sunday’s race? Vote below.

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How Will Ryan Preece Finish In The Cup Series On Dirt At Bristol?
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  1. Last 4 races at Bristol for Ryan.
    25,18, 12, 9th.
    Avg 16th place finish over 4 races, a good stat considering it’s Bristol. Survival of the fittest.
    I’ll bet I’m in the minority thinking, that I wish a different race was to be the dirt race ( other than Bristol) if it had to be, strictly for Ryan’s sake. Last years races at Bristol of 12, then 9th, I thought made it one of his better tracks. But logistically, if this were to happen, Bristol probably makes sense, other than a real dirt track (Eldora, ect)
    I have no idea how he will do on dirt.
    Then again, I’m not sure how any of these cars will do on dirt. I can’t imagine that they will be as low as they run normally, Been looking around to see if/how the cars will or could be different. Nothing yet. Btw, Freightliner sponsoring the #5 this week.

  2. Preece’s Modified experience will be an advantage here. I expect there will be plenty of cautions and red flags, no long runs. The dirt will be an equalizer. Anything can happen. Nothing will be a surprise.

    As long as he does not get collected up in some other mess, and can survive, he should do quite well. This will be a race about survival. Some will run like they have been doing this all their lives, and it will cost them.

  3. I take that back. NASCAR just posted a video by Steve LeTarte talking about that very issue of car setup for. Bristol dirt.

  4. These cars are very heavy, unlike typical dirt cars. Even the few experienced dirt racers won’t have as huge an advantage as thought because of how different the cars are. 💭

    But the biggest issue is that so many big cars on a small dirt track with most drivers having hardly any experience on dirt. It could turn out to be a wreck fest and exercise in survival.

    I think a driver that makes it a high priority to evade other cars and trouble, and can hang on the lead lap, will have a good chance of a top 5 finish. There will be plenty of DNFs and maimed cars.

  5. Captain obvious dacellardweller strikes again!

  6. Side rant about NASCAR…

    I surfed over to NASCAR.com to see the updated schedule after the rain. I get the “Please disable your adblocker” popup, I select the “continue without supporting” option, only to get a popup over the schedule page with no option to continue. Really??

    I completely get the point of these popups, and I happily disable my block when visiting advertiser supported sites like news and weather sites. However, the fact that I’m visiting NASCAR.com to find information about _NASCAR_ events and goings-on ,means I’m already supporting a for profit business known as NASCAR. Maybe they should just go whole hog, make NASCAR.com a paid subscription site and drive themselves one step further into irrelevance.

    Imagine if my local movie house forced me to view ads when I visited to find showtimes for their facility? Or if Tire Rack forced me to view ads before shopping for tires?

    Rant off… Happy Sunday!

  7. You call that a rant? Minor annoyance perhaps and based of fact that most times is counter productive to a truly good rant.. A proper rant should be unfettered hyperbole based on over statement and misinformation.. A dire consequence or threat as a capper helps as well.
    I experienced the exact same thing.

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