Title Searching: Todd Owen Looking For Next Step In SK Modified In 2021 At Stafford Speedway

Todd Owen (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

The names in the top-three positions in the SK Modified standings at the conclusion of the last two seasons at Stafford Speedway have been identical: Keith Rocco, Ronnie Williams and Todd Owen. 

In 2019 it was Ronnie Williams winning his second consecutive SK Modified championship at Stafford. Owen finished tied with Williams at the top of the standings, with Williams taking the title based on the tiebreaker of his five victories topping Owen’s four victories that season.

In 2020 it was Rocco winning his fourth SK Modified championship at Stafford with Williams finishing second in the standings and Owen third. 

Owen, who has seven victories in 34 SK Modified features over the last two seasons at the historic half-mile, goes looking to keep the success rolling in 2021 with the goal of taking that next step and joining Williams and Rocco as an SK Modified champion at Stafford. 

“It’s one of those things, it’s not necessarily a way too look at it where we have to have a championship and if we don’t it’s not a great year,” Owen said on the most recent episode of the Unmuffled podcast. “We’ve had great success the past three years basically running up front. When you do that you want it to be a little bit better the next year. We’re working hard at the shop trying to get the cars even better. It would be great to win a championship there because obviously that’s the premier place to win one. But if I have years like I’ve had the last two years it’s hard to sit back and say we had a terrible year. We’ll just keep working hard again and try to do better than the year before.” 

Owen will be chasing victories this year at Stafford with a new teammate in the SK Modified division. Bryan Narducci has moved on from the Owen owned team and Doug Meservey Jr. will fill the seat left open in the stable. 

“The deal with Doug Meservey Jr., he talked to me at the end of last year and wanted to see if there was something available to get into this year and when Bryan decided to move on that car kind of opened up and it seems like it’s going to be a good fit for him,” Owen said. 

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  1. Ken Latham says

    He deserves a title. Hard working racers racer

  2. Echo what Ken said. But have to add that he’s had great performance over the last 3 seasons with basically is a one- off chassis. I think the guy bleeds racing fuel. He not only builds and maintains his own cars, but also for a handful of other teams as well. Although I’m a Williams fan, I’d like to see Todd clear that final herdle. Wish him and his team the best of luck in 2021.

  3. Gofasturnleft says

    Who is the Doug Meservey kid taking Narduccis place? Narducci was just starting to come into his own in the sk.

  4. The night Christopher and Pennink were fixing to trade blows in victory lane Owen who came in third made it clear he wasn’t impressed with any of it. That’s Owen, low drama.
    Great Stafford Shop tour video of the Skowyra 50. Loaded with a tour type modified car, NWMT car, a new car for the SK’s and an SK backup. Very neat and organized .. Have to say the team of Williams and Skowyra seems to be one of kindred spirits. I’d paint them as a couple or colorless stiffs but then again I’m not of fan of either. More accurately it would have to be really smart, focused, no nonsense colorless racing guys that each know their jobs and do them well I’m sorry to say.
    One bright spot though. They showed the pile of wrecked parts from last year and Skowyra said they had more fixing to do last year then most years. That was fun to hear. Lets see if we can add to it this year.

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