Hit Man: Ron Silk Scores Big Payday In Icebreaker 125 Win At Thompson

Ron Silk celebrates victory in the Icebreaker 125 Saturday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – Looking to get your Tour Type Modified team to victory lane for the first time? 

The answer clearly to getting that first big hit is putting Ron Silk in the driver’s seat. 

Silk capitalized on a late restart and scored victory in the $10,000 to win Thompson Outlaw Modified Icebreaker 125 Tour Type Modified feature Saturday at Thompson Speedway. 

It marked the first victory for Haydt Yannone Racing. It was the third time since 2016 that Silk has given a Tour Type Modified team its first win. He gave Danny Watts Racing its first NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour victory on May 14, 2016 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. And it was Silk behind the wheel to get Kevin Stuart Motorsports its first Whelen Modified Tour win on March 30, 2019 at South Boston (Va.) Speedway

Silk, of Norwak, still runs for team owner Kevin Stuart on the Whelen Modified Tour. He will run the Tri-Track Open Modified Series schedule and numerous other Tour Type Open shows in 2021 for Haydt Yannone Racing. 

“It’s really great,” Silk said. “I’ve run well with them every time I’ve run but always been that little bit short so tonight to get the win for them, anytime you’re with a new team to get that first win checked off is always a big deal. It’s a really good night. I’m happy for all these guys, they put a lot of effort and time into this and I’m glad to get them some results.

“… Ten thousand bucks is pretty good too. I kind of forget about that to be honest. That’s awesome. I can’t wait to come back again.” 

Keith Rocco of Wallingford was second and Bobby Santos III of Franklin, Mass. third. 

Silk recovered from a penalty in the pits on lap 30 that put him to the rear of the field.  

“Luckily there was a lot of race left,” Silk said. “My car really wasn’t driving that good at that point anyway. We needed to make some adjustments. So it kind of worked out. I pitted anyway after I got put to the back.”

Silk lined up in fourth for a lap 113 behind leader Keith Rocco, second place Craig Lutz and third place Ronnie Williams. Rocco restarted on the outside and at the green Silk followed Rocco’s bumper up to second. 

From there Silk stalked Rocco for another lap before taking the lead off of turn four on lap 114. From there Silk went unchallenged to the checkered. 

“Fourth, I knew I was sitting good in fourth on the outside behind [Rocco],” Silk said. “He’s tough, especially here, but I could just tell after following him for like two laps that I knew I’d be able to get a run on him and pass him. … I was just hoping for no yellow [after taking the lead] and luckily we didn’t get one.” 

Lutz ended up fourth and Williams fifth. Sam Rameau, Matt Swanson, Anthony Sesely, Mike Christopher Jr. and Patrick Emerling rounded out the top-10 respectively. 

Icebreaker 125 Full Results

1. Ron Silk; 2. Keith Rocco; 3. Bobby Santos III; 4. Craig Lutz; 5. Ronnie Williams; 6. Sam Rameau; 7. Matt Swanson; 8. Anthony Sesely; 9. Mike Christopher Jr.; 10. Patrick Emerling; 11. J.B. Fortin; 12. Anthony Nocella; 13. Jeffrey Gallup; 14. Todd Owen; 15. Andrew Krause; 16. Richard Savary; 17. Chris Pasteryak; 18. Eric Goodale; 19. Jon McKennedy; 20. Artie Pederson III; 21. Noah Korner; 22. Dan Meservey; 23. Max Zachem; 24. Andy Shaw; 25. Trevor Bleau. Did Not Qualify: Carl Medieros Jr., Derek Robbie; Josh Zentek, Robert Bloxsom III. 


  1. Thanks for the extremely long day you put in Shawn (and staff).
    If there was a Pulitzer for short track racing coverage, Raceday Ct would be a lock. Great job on quick turn around times.

  2. Bobf,
    Thank you.

  3. yup, x2 must’ve been a long day good job, guys. thanks, bobf for reminding me that too often i forget to say thank you.

  4. For sure but don’t forget all the other folks that made the show go as well with a special shout out to the announcers and specifically Buckler. He and his colorful descriptive observations faded a bit as the day wore into the evening but not by much. What was left was a low key straight call that in my view was terrific. As for the show itself you can tell me what is was like on the ground but it seemed to go off like clockwork.
    Oh yah and the open mod race was outstanding as well.

  5. steve jesus says

    What’s your take on the lap 35 wreck that put the 45 into the wall? The race director didn’t throw the yelliw for a two car spin off of four until the field was almost to the wreck causing the piling up of the field.

  6. Did Silk spin during the 2nd half of the race? Matt Buckler called it as Sesely (the other #16 in the race), but I think it was Silk(?).

  7. Chuck,
    Thank you.

  8. Rafter Fan,
    I thought it was Sesely.

  9. Shawn, you continue to set the example of how it is supposed to be done.


    Take the rest of the day off.

  10. wmass01013 says

    But the 44 spin was intentional right at pit road to put his tires on, NOT A BIG FAN of that move!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Atomic Punk says

    As I sat in the stands I had to laugh when I thought about the Best Track in Conn debate/conversation…. On this day there was NO debate. Stafford is better UNTIL the cars pull on the track. BIG T!!

  12. Nice job Silk..

    So in the other thread about Rocco’s new hip, comment was made about Keith not performing well in a tour car (paraphrasing), perhaps different in tour type car?? historically that may be true in stints in a tour car but I’ve really never understood this.. I’d venture to say it’s been equipment and not the driver for his lack of success in a tour car.. I’d have to dig in the results archive to find out when those stints actually were.. my memory my be failing..

    Good for Keith and his new hip.. this is a bad sign for his competition..

  13. Congratulations to the promoters and all who organized and ran the event. Cramming two days into one day had to be a bit stressful. You did it, great job!!!! 👏

    Good call, the weather is looking threatening today.

    Always good to see Silk win.

    The Thompson Oval… how soon can the surface be reconditioned?

  14. Just Me - The Original says

    Thompson Notes – Open Modified Show:
    Rocco’s car was set up with the help of Rob Fuller,
    Silk was sent to the back of the line when they made unapproved adjustments at the fuel only stop. He also under shot his piit stall on one of his tire change stops.
    Overall there were a lot of bad pit stops
    Good turnout
    Smooth transition between the Saturday/Sunday shows. Glad they got everything done in one day.
    McKennedy’s car is junk, they ordered another car that night. He told me that was the best driving modified he’s ever been in. He hit so hard it broke the carbon fiber seat.
    Bad night for Chris Pasteryak, blown motor.

  15. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Walking around Thompson yesterday all I could think is besides the few basement dwellers on this site, race fans are over the pandemic. If you were there you’d know what I’m talking about. If you weren’t don’t bother trying to tell me different.

  16. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

    Wear a mask, keep your germs to yourself.

    If you get sick, you caught the germs from someone else. Think about that. Let it sink in.

    Wear a mask, keep your germs to yourself.

    A family member has to go into the hospital for a procedure. Although this person is fully vaccinated, a negative COVID-19 test result is required a couple days prior to the scheduled procedure. Clearly those that know better, the medical healthcare providers, are not over the pandemic. 😷

    So who ya gonna believe? Race fans or the healthcare providers?

  17. Congrats Ron Silk on your win. Great job by the promotional team running the Ice Breaker in one day smoothly and efficiently. And a big thanks to Shawn for all his hard work keeping everyone informed and updated on the days happenings.

  18. Charlie Brown says

    I might’ve been blind but I didn’t see the prince of NASCAR Dug what’s his name, oh that’s right nascar told him he can run tour type races, because he belongs to them, now that’s Funny 😄

  19. Like you were the only one with a mask at Thompson? Few thousand people maybe a mask here and there I was there place looked pretty full to me.

  20. I was working so unable to attend the Saturday reschedule but I’m curious on motors

    I know the spec won but seemed the 18deg guys were real fast? Anybody see who had what vs speed?

  21. Atomic Punk : I agree with the PUNK !! If I had only one track to Introduce someone to Modifieds it would most Definitely be the HIGH BANKS OF THOMPSON !!! The Higher speeds and two racing lines allow for amazing battles and fantastic Racing !!! There were over 1100 ATOMIC TESTS in NEVADA in the Yucca Plateau .. Is the Atomic Punk from NEVADA ?????

  22. Charlie Brown says

    Hey just me; do you actually go to the races; that’s a yes or no question; were you there this weekend; that to is a yes or no question; so if your not at the race an no the facts; you should shut your mouth and get your facts right; good grief !

  23. At Thompson, SPEC motors rule, 18º motors drool. 🤤

  24. Just Me - The Original says

    Yes and Yes. Actually on a crew as a tire specialist. Been involved in racing for 43 years. So what’s the issue?

  25. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Sorry to those that were planning on going Sunday only. 7pm and although the rain is coming, not a drop all day yet.

  26. Just Me-The Original has been a fountain of in the paddock information for quite some time and a rarity in the rough and tumble world of comment section conjecture and unsubstantiated barbs. Please don’t chase him away.
    As a cellar dweller and devoted fan of streaming I’d like to offer the PPV review of the race.
    Speed51’s new interface is both attractive and easy to use. Finding the race choices, arranging for payment and bringing up the action on Roku was a snap. Well done Speed51.
    It’s a one camera shot and near as I can figure they did a terrific job focusing on the best action given the limitation of a one camera streamcast. It’s a big track and natural disadvantage but I felt like I had a good idea of what was happening with the announcers and camera working well together. Home track plug Stafford is still the gold standard with a camera in turn one and lap by lap switch to the centrally located camera.
    If the race next week at NHMS uses the same one camera set up then the view for we streamers will once again be limited but satisfactory. When they get to the Tri Track shorties then the one camera will be all you really need. So far only Star signed up for their two Tri Track races on a subscription bases but fingers crossed Monadnock and Seekonk will find a way to circumvent the NASCAR grip on their content rights.

  27. To you rebels that love the idea of a packed track and no masks I wouldn’t consider the racing community a barometer of life in Connecticut at large. We’re keeping the infection rate in check by vaccinating people and ignoring you with regard to safety. You scamps loved the Ace Speedway screw you safety protocol statement on freedom when that happened. Loved the packed stands at Mahoning the second modifed event of 2020 with no regard to safety. And the pandemic was still not even getting started. No the racing community as much as I love racing is not a leader with regard to civic responsibility and public health.
    I’m willing to bet the very competent promoters of what we saw yesterday adhered to state regulations as best they could in spite of you scamps that revel in being rebels against an unjust system of public health.
    Shout out to former president Trump for initiating the TrumpVaccine and Shotgun Joe Biden for leading the world in getting shots into arms to help protect against the ignorance of certain people in the racing community.

  28. It has been a horrible day, cool, grey, breezy, some rain. Not a very inviting day to spend outdoors.

    Great call to run all on Saturday.

  29. Just Me - The Original says

    Thanks Doug. I don’t post much as I can’t stand all the drama. I understand differences of opinions, but I try to be fact based on my content. i.e. when Darealgoodfeela keep on telling everyone a few years back that people from Coby’s team went to Bonsignore’s team (Bonsignore even posted afterwards it wasn’t true). People telling me it wasn’t true that Fuller bought Troyer’s.

  30. Happy to hear it was a good show. Reading through some of the comments I don’t see much complaining about the clear the track and re entry. So I am guessing it was done quickly and went well. Decent car counts among most divisions and good racing it seems from the articles and comments I read. It sounds like it was a successful show for ACT and PASS guys at Thompson. I couldn’t be happier for them.

    I didn’t order the PPV as I had something else to watch Saturday night. After Thursday night and the Whelen tour race going head to head against the Frozen four I found I just didnt pay much attention to the racing. Maybe it was the broadcast offered by NBC but once the hockey started I muted the race and had it on in the background. Anyway, I decided against trying to split my attention among two things and instead concentrated on hockey. I couldn’t be happier with the result. I will probably just catch some highlights of Thompson on Speed51 at some point.

    Even though it didn’t rain today, I believe Thompson made the right call given the cold temps, forecast for rain and upcoming schedule You can thank me for the dry weather, I reseeded the lawn in anticipation of a good soaking. I also put away the snow blower. So snow is probably likely in the not too distant future.

    Race season is here. We made though another long winter. Hopefully, we can see more racing in person this year. Maybe Seekonk can host some racing with fans in attendance. Personally I only went to a couple of shows last year which is an all time low for me. I hope to greatly expand my in person racing consumption this year once fully vaccinated.
    Stay healthy.

  31. Tyler Owen says

    Hey Shawn, thank you as always it was an entertaining tour type race!
    But, I thought on the entry list, the Czarnecki 20 was suppose to race with Doug Coby and I thought a couple other, tour guys were entered -but,, they didn’t show. I know Solomito had to do work for his Sign business. Is there any reason for no Czarnecki 20, did I not read it properly, or could it have been a product of Martinsville?

    Thank you, Shawn!

  32. So after all the ruckus Kayman created about the one day Ice Breaker, none of it came to fruition.

    What you say now Kayman?

  33. Tyler Owen,
    My understanding was the schedule change from Sunday to Saturday caused some teams to have to withdraw.

  34. So, how many full-time 2021 NWMT drivers made this event?

  35. 🌈🦄2020 says

    “If you get sick, you caught the germs from someone else. Think about that. Let it sink in”.
    Thanks for the clarification Dafella. I thought the germs would have come from the shrubbery in my backyard. The call to run everything on Saturday didn’t matter much to me. I was going to be there all weekend either. Not a drop of rain at the track until after 7pm. And Dafella praises the call to run everything on one day. I can’t be the only one to see the hypocrisy here. Here’s a guy that screams about the pandemic daily. But then has no problem with the track packing the fans into a one day show instead of the planned two day which would most likely spread the crowd out between the two days. And yes the place was packed.

  36. Saturday was a gorgeous day to be outside, Sunday was a miserable day to be outside. What day would be better to run? ANSWER: Saturday What day was a risk? ANSWER: Sunday. Who would spend a day outside in chilly, dark skies, with the threat of rain? Yeah, running on Saturday was a good idea.

    I thought there were effectively two shows in one day? I read it as being a Saturday crowd, Sunday crowd, and a both shows crowd. Right?

    There’s plenty of idiots out there that will do what is not recommended. Stupid is as stupid does. If the track was packed and exceeded the crowd limits, then that is a violation of the pandemic 😷 rules. I’m not sure exactly what the capacity limits are nowadays, last I recall, 50% was the limit for outdoor venues. Indeed I would have a problem if that was exceeded. But then, I take care of my personal safety. I avoid large crowds and people that refuse to wear a mask. 😷

    Mask up and keep your germs to yourself.

  37. For what it’s worth, I replayed the Speed51 broadcast and it sure looks like the 16 (without the orange highlights at the rear of the car – i.e. Silk) and the 24 tangled with approx. 35 to go (bringing out a yellow). If so, Silk overcame even more adversity than was previously acknowledged to win the final 35 lap sprint to the finish.

  38. Charlie Brown says

    Hey, Just Me, it wasn’t Rob Fuller who set up Roccos car it was his uncle Rick an Jeff, maybe you should find out the facts before you start puking out of your mouth, so your tire guy on what, a mini stock

  39. Fast Eddie says

    Great job to get this in all in one day. Real easy getting out when Saturday show was done and getting back in for sunday. Except for the one late caution flag in the open race. The track crews did a good job working a double shift. Long but great raceday overall! And shawn, thanks for all the race reports, great as usual!!

  40. Yet another look at the last 36+ laps of the SpeedTV broadcast shows how the “only green flag laps count” approach greatly benefitted Silk and Santos Saturday night. After Silk was involved with the 24 out of turn 2 (bringing out a yellow), he waited until the leader (the 25) “lapped” him and then followed the 25, 06, 46, 3 and 57 into the pits. Silk exited the pits immediately behind the 25 and started in 11th (and officially on the lead lap) on the restart. When Santos spun with 13 laps to go, he waited until the 57 “lapped” him, then entered the pits for new tires and restarted on the lead lap. If the NWMT rules (“all laps count”) were in place, I don’t think Silk or Santos would have been able to mount such late race charges.

  41. WeldingWonders says


    STARRING DAREAL ( That doesn’t sound like me) GOODFELLA


    Just Me – The Original says
    April 11, 2021 at 8:01 pm
    .I understand differences of opinions, but I try to be fact based on my content. i.e. when Darealgoodfeela keep on telling everyone a few years back that people from Coby’s team went to Bonsignore’s team (Bonsignore even posted afterwards it wasn’t true


    darealgoodfella says
    October 24, 2018 at 8:44 am
    No Just Me, it is you and Racer that are clueless.
    Luckily for you, dumb people always know they are right, and everyone else is wrong
    The 51 had that domination that the 2 had in previous seasons. The 2 lost it, it was lost out there. That was due to the talent that left the 2 and is now on the 51. The 2 lost crucial talent to the 51.

    Justin Bonsignore says
    October 29, 2018 at 5:14 pm
    The ONLY crew member change from 2017 to 2018 on my team was RYAN STONE. Every other crew member returned, no new ones added.

    darealgoodfella says
    October 30, 2018 at 10:30 am
    Is there or was there, anybody from the 2 team ever on the 51 team? Anybody?

    Justin Bonsignore says
    October 30, 2018 at 2:50 pm
    Other way around, we have had two crew members over the past 5 years leave our team to join the 2 team. None of their team members have joined ours.

  42. Great analysis Rafter fan. Re-viewing a race always pays off noticing things that affected the result but you couldn’t have known it at the time they happened.

  43. Nice call on the Silk/Krause spin with 36 to go. They said it was Sesely but it wasn’t. My score card has Silk pitting as the 15th car since only that amount were on the lead lap and coming out 15th. His march to the front 10th 35 to go, 8th 33 to go, 7 with 27 to go, 5th 18 to go, 4th with 14 to go. Caution on 13 Silk is 3rd and goes onto win.
    Santos is the big story. Came out of the pits after the lag 36 caution and essentially made zero progress in 14th as Silk was marching to the front. My view he spun himself on 13 knowing there were only 14 cars on the lead lap. Changed right side rubber came out in 14th losing nothing by spinning and the new tires made all the difference actually passing the 25 and 46 in turn 3 on lap 4 at the same time.
    Brilliant move of the race in my view…….Bobby Santos and crew.

  44. Just Me - The Original says

    Hey Charlie Brown… When was the last time Rick or Jeff worked on a modified???? I worked for Jeff and he wasn’t a chassis guy, he was a great communicator on what the car needed. Brad did the chassis and I did the tires. Who do you think Rocco gets his chassis from? Where do you think Rocco is getting the chassis for Megan Fuller from, not Rick or Jeff, it’s Rob.

    This is why I don’t post much, too much drama

  45. Doug – thanks for the compliment. Silk was 15th at the end of lap 89 (last green flag lap before caution). But, he restarted in 11th. So, Silk gained 4 places after a spin and a pit stop. He then moved to 10th at the end of lap 90 (the first green flag lap after caution).

    Similarly, Santos was 14th at the end of lap 112 (last green flag before caution) and he restarted 12th after a spin and a pit stop. He then moved to 8th at the end of lap 113 (first green flag lap after caution).

    I guess “that’s short track racing”(?).

  46. wmass01013 says

    REALLY DOUG so you think spinning on purpose to bring out a caution in thhhe last 15 laps to change yur tires is BRILLIANT MOVE???????, iTS NOT in my book, it just as bad as just STOPPING for WHICH MOST TIMES u get penalized a lap!!!!!!!!!!

  47. The Atomic Punk says

    The Atomic Punk is not from Nevada and Loves Van Halen. David Lee Roth VH .

  48. Easy there big guy. Could simply have been a tire going down that’s just my SPIN on it. If it was intentional however knowing the rules and how to use them to your advantage is part of racing as well.
    Don’t like it change the rules.
    What’s cool is Rafter fan took the time to noodle the replay and noticed things that were important that you can’t know viewing the race live that inspired me to do the same.

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