RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Do You Think Doug Coby Will Do With The SRX Series At Stafford?

It was announced Friday that six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby will be part of the lineup for the inaugural SRX Series event on June 12 at Stafford Speedway. Today’s daily poll question is, how do you think Coby will do in the SRX Series event? Vote below.


  1. Will Phil Moran be tuning the car?

  2. Or another way to ask this is, “How do you think Doug Coby will do without Phil Moran?”

  3. He’s won in a midget without Phil Moran and he won a late model championship with his father ,I’m guessing mid pack I’ll know better after the 12th

  4. getserious says

    The biggest question in this SRX deal is. “Who is Ernie Francis Jr?”

  5. Getserious,
    Six-time Trans Am Series champion.

  6. Charlie Brown says

    Really dug Kobe he is the biggest baby in any modified racing series he cries about everything I can’t fit in my child seat my belts are to tight, my feet don’t reach the pedals the mirrors crooked I don’t want to go to Florida, he complains about everything, an seriously what has he accomplished at Stafford, oh I forgot he one a full body championship, big deal, I’ll bet the house he complains about everything he drives, hopefully Kleenex Tissue is on his car, better yet throw the baby a crying towel, Dug maybe you should check with your parter to see if it’s alright to race with the guys🙄

  7. Wow, feel the love for Doug here. Sorry, but a champion at Stafford in the late models and pro stocks. SK modified winner, believe he finished third in points one year. Multiple time tour winner. Oh yeah, six time tour champion. As a business decision for the powers that be at SRX, who else is in the same position? Seems like a good choice.To all the naysayers, offer up a better choice and back it up with facts and not dislike for someone.

  8. There’s no need to believe he did anything. The Bottom Shot Podcast with Coby will literally walk you through his entire career complete with commentary from the guy himself. I’ll be taking you up on that challenge. Gotta be careful when you’re anonymous and are doing your best express the fact there were better choices and that involves some homework. I’ll get back to you on that.


  9. Getserious,


    He’s still active, unlike many other pros in the SRX series. He’s also “pretty good… ;^)

  10. Charlie Brown says

    Pretty good what, Baby, he’ll have something to complain about you watch, he accomplished nothing at Stafford, WOW ! a full body champion, an a few SK wins big freaking deal, he’s a part time racer, end of story, Dug stick to real estate,

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