RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Was The Better Race, Martinsville Or Thompson?

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour kicked off its 2021 season last Thursday at Martinsville Speedway with the Virginia Is For Racing Lovers 200. On Saturday Thompson Speedway kicked off its Thompson Outlaw Modified series with the running of the Icebreaker 125. Today’s poll question asks, what was the better Tour Type Modified events, the race at Martinsville or the race at Thompson? Vote below.


  1. I voted Thompson just to see the results. I didnt see the thompson race and had the Martinsville race online but wasnt paying much attention to it once a hockey game started. So my opinion isnt an educated one. I really wanted to see where the percentages were.

  2. Thompson by far. Just not a fan of Nascar anymore.

  3. wmass01013 says

    Martinsville could have had 400 lead changes and a 5 wide finish and NEVER wi this poll on here!!!!!!!!
    CONGRATS to the 58 team!!!!!

  4. I’m in the both category. Bonsignor’s charge from the rear with underdogs Goodale and Rypkema coming in one and two was a blockbuster opener in my view in spite of the poor announcing. The Icebreaker equally riveting. You just never can tell what’s going to happen in opens. Rocco’s cruising around with no worries as the race in winding down and who could have predicted the Silk and Santos charges at the very end.

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