RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Win The First SK Modified Race Of 2021 At Stafford?

Stafford Motor Speedway kicks off its 2021 season with their special Opening Day event on Saturday. The Saturday racing card includes the first 40-lap SK Modified feature of the year the track. So today’s Daily Poll question asks, who will win the opening event of the season for the SK Modified division? Vote below.

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Who Will Win The Season Opening SK Modified Feature At Stafford Saturday
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  1. Rocco, pretty sure he’s won every time I’ve been to Stafford and I’m going Saturday so it’s pretty much a lock.

  2. This is an incredibly competitive class.

    Great racing.

  3. You have to go back to 2017 for an SK opener Rocco didn’t when Dowling won in the Skowyra 50 now piloted by Williams. Williams in his family car the 49 second and Rocco third.
    So it’s only logical someone else will win it and that driver will be the Stephen Kopcik.

  4. It is such a good field. Tough to go against Rocco but I will. I am going Todd Owen. Top 5 Todd Owen, Keith Rocco, Ronnie Williams, Mike Christopher, Chase Dowling.

    I saw Eric Berndt has a number registered, anyone know how much he is planning on running this year?

  5. I believe Rocco has won a few Opening days now. Have to say I agree with Dareal, though I dare to say the SK’s at Stafford are the MOST competetive Field in all the NORTHEAST, if not everywhere.

  6. SOOOO hard to pick… If you truly follow this class, there’s a bunch of drivers with legit shots. That’s what makes it great!

  7. Stuart A Fearn says

    I’m thinking the guy that won the last SK race. Kinda surprised at the results of the poll to be truthful. Ronny Williams, Owen definitely have to be respected and I’d put them as favorites. Kopcik and Chase Dowling both top runners as well. Mike Jr was already near the top picks and that makes sense.
    Should be a great race with the top talent starting up front too, essentially from the finish of the heat races. Should be less crashes and more door to door tough competition

  8. Charlie Brown says

    My pick is Dug Coby in one of Rocco’s rentals

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