RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Did Dave Sapienza Deserve To Be Suspended By NASCAR?

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour kicked off its 2021 season last Thursday at Martinsville Speedway with the Virginia Is For Racing Lovers 200. Early in the event Dave Sapienza ended up wrecked after contact with Kyle Bonsignore. NASCAR suspended Sapienza for his actions on track following the crash (see video below). So today’s Daily Poll question is, did Dave Sapienza deserve to be suspended for his actions? Vote below.


  1. HELL NO!!!!!!

    NASCAR just made Sap a hero, and brought a whole πŸ’© pile of hate upon itself.

    This was profoundly stupid. IDIOTIC.

    And NASCAR is gonna get out of this with more abuse of power. It’s gonna get uglier.

    Next poll: Who do you think will replace Jimmy Wilson?

  2. Next poll: How much longer before NASCAR promotes Jimmy Wilson?

  3. i wasn’t there, but what i’ve seen in film clips looks like bush league officiating. Sap didn’t go bananas, he just told Kyle what he thought of that move. Guess some things don’t change.

  4. For THAT? What a joke. I expected to at least see a decent helmet throw. That probably wouldn’t even make a Sid’s View Meltdown reel.

  5. Viva Race Fan says

    NASCAR has a Muzzle on there employees and competitors. Dave is a very up front guy. Great job let them know it’s not ok to wreck you. Props Dave …

  6. This whole deal has been blown was out of proportion by NASCAR. The fine is one thing to send a message however, probation for the rest of the season is pure bull πŸ’© considering what is allowed by NASCAR in their precious upper tier divisions.

  7. The Atomic Punk says

    Anyone that has followed the Tour can not be surprised by any action or inaction by Nascar.

  8. Is Jimmy Wilson still Director?

  9. solsticeson says


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