RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Is Your Favorite One-Time SK Modified Winner At Stafford Speedway?

On Saturday at Stafford Speedway Tyler Hines became the 88th different driver to win in the history of the SK Modified division at Stafford Speedway. Of those 88 drivers, 29 have won just one race in the division. So today’s Daily Poll question, who is your favorite one-time winner on the Stafford Speedway SK Modified win list? Vote below.

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Who Is Your Favorite Name On The List Of One-Time SK Modified Winners At Stafford?
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  1. well……. it was either Tim Richmond or Vinny Who, had to give it to Tim. that was a good one , shawn

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0k_Yj8_s44&t=1153s

    Richmond didn’t even know how many laps the race was thinking it was 25. Nor did he grasp the meaning of the two white lines in the third turn that started races at that time. Being the star and all never really got called on it.
    It was the early days of SK’s and a sampling of the weekly carnage in the division.

  3. I went Johnny Lobo. They were an underfunded team at the time and the teams owners family sat next to me. They moved up from the pro stocks after they were dropped by Stafford and were struggling to find consistency. I believe TC was banging on his back bumper for the latter half and I kept thinking he was going to get by. Somehow Lobo held him off for the win. I may have made up the last part to increase the legend of the david beating goliath aspect of this win. Anyway I loved it for those guys. I was never so happy for someone getting a win A good bunch of people who deserved a good result. I believe the mod tour was there and Jerry Marquis won that night. Another one of my favorites. All in all it was a great night at Stafford for me. Great poll.

  4. Viva Race Fan says

    Dennis Gada was one of the best in a SK at speedbowl and had a single win at Stafford. Had alot of talent just spent his career in Waterford. Miss the old days for sure. These new young kids are so fast and fearless but do they have real driving talent.

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