Andrew Molleur Tops SK Modified Field At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Andrew Molleur celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Mitch Bombard/TK Race Photos)

Parity is proving contagious across the realm of SK Modified division racing in Connecticut in 2021. 

Over nine SK Modified events at three state short tracks in 2021 there have been eight different winners. 

That 2021 parity continued Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl where Andrew Molleur of Shelton was victorious in the division’s 35-lap feature. 

Todd Owen of Somers was second and Joey Gada of Salem third.

Molleur became the third different winner in three SK Modified events this year at Waterford. Molleur joined Cory DiMatteo and Gada in the win column in 2021 at the shoreline oval. 

Keith Rocco, who won in the only SK Modified event this year at Thompson, and is also one of five different winners in five events this year at Stafford, is the only driver in the state with more than one SK Modified win this year. Other winners at Stafford have included Tyler Hines, Stephen Kopcik, Mike Christopher Jr. and Chase Dowling. 

Saturday’s victory was Molleur’s second career SK Modified victory at the Speedbowl and his eight career win overall at Waterford. 

Jordan Hadley of Waterford got his first career Late Model feature win in the division’s 30-lap feature.

Jason Palmer of Berlin, who won the first two events of the season, was second. Tyler Tomassi of West Greenwich, R.I. was third. 

Ryan Waterman of Danielson led the way in the 25-lap Street Stock feature. Moose Douton of Niantic was second and Eric Lutz of Miller Place, N.Y. third. 

Chris Garside of Groton won the 25-lap Mini Stock feature, his first career win in the division. Charles Canfield of East Haven was second and Jared Roy of Sterling third. 

John O’Sullivan III of Salem was victorious in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature. Buddy Charette of Woodstock was second and Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale third. 

Allen Coates of Ledyard topped the field in the 25-lap Truck feature. Ken Cassidy Jr. of Lisbon was second and Jim Boyle of East Windsor third. 

O’Sullivan also won the 15-lap Legends feature. 


  1. Stuart A Fearn says

    Congrats to Molleur first off. Can anyone answer me, does the Speedbowl start the features heads up from the heat race every week? I check many a winner and they start from the pole and lead every lap. Not taking anything away from Andrew specifically here but just in general I prefer the handicap system where there is actually some passing more likely.
    I don’t go to Waterford so I don’t have a say but with the typical wire to wire run green to checker I’m not planning on going to see that either as a fan. On the other hand maybe I should race there since we are always fast and could start on the pole most likely.

  2. I don’t know many times have you raced at Waterford Stuart but don’t just assume cause your fast at Stafford you can just show up at Waterford and win.

    Congrats Andrew on your win!

  3. So where is this ACT legal Late Model car coming from with a proven record of qualifying in ACT legal Late Model races? Didn’t we already cover this topic before? Too expensive for Stafford rules Late Models to switch to ACT Late Model rules so the unicorns at Stafford shall only race at Stafford.

  4. Stuart A Fearn says

    I didn’t say switch. Pretty sure I know a couple guys that could help me on the setup for an ACT car there , I’m not too worried about that

  5. No I get it Mr. Fearn. You’re being the loveably cocky Stu. Admittedly no interest in the Speedbowl nor car to compete there but if you did decide to compete there you could perform whatever slight of hand is necessary to create and ACT legal car that can win from the pole.
    How about back to Stafford your home turf. Another great night for Fearn Motorsports except for the so called “celebrity” car. And Ryan of course smacking the wall but overall a good night I should think.
    I know there must be a division of cars and responsibilities within Fearn Motorsports and it may not be as simple as it looks but isn’t it time to think about moving Alexandra up? Really she has nothing more to prove in the LLM’s. It’s fan simplistic thinking but the car is right there and seeing her compete in the vastly improved LM’s against that terrific level of competition would be sublime.

  6. Stuart A Fearn says

    It’s not as easy as it appears. Alex did lose two races in a row before this last Friday’s race. Just thinking out loud is all about the Bowl
    Ryan’s car had a piece break prior to him driving into the fence that directly attributed to that mishap, btw.

  7. stuck in traffic on 95 says

    the bowl is back ! great car counts and fans in the stands boo hoo to the haters !!!

  8. Mitch Bombard says

    Lineups are handicapped, the rules are in the general rulebook.

  9. Stuart A Fearn says

    I’ll admit to not reading the rules. Does the handicapping start after 3 weeks or flag day or something? They definitely did not handicap last night
    4 features the winner lead every lap or took the lead after one lap then led the rest of the way.

  10. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Fun watching Joey Gada and Christopher come up through the field. Almost every pass on the high side. Still the worst racing surface in the history of racing surfaces in decades! Congrats to the Lutzcracker senior on his third place run. Nobody was going to beat Waterman once he got out front. I got my money on Rocco next week. Especially since Jordan hasn’t been as fast as usual.

  11. We fans say a lot of ignorant things in this forum like suggesting it’s time for Alexandra to move up to the Late Models. It’s nice to know Stuart that when you are away from Stafford you are one of us groping around in the dark at times even when a light switch is right there in front of you to turn on and get the information you seek.
    It’s right in the Speedbowl rules section 1.5.2. There are some exceptions based on car count but it’s based on money earned in the three previous races.
    According to the Speedbowl web site Paul LaPlante started on the pole and Moeller second. If you are interested in passing you had the opportunity to see Owen charge from 10th to 2nd or Gada from 8th to third. There is more to racing then the front row as it turns out. Last week Gada came from 8th to win. The week before DiMatteo won from the pole but Owen came from 10th to second.
    Last night in the SK Lites the winner started 13th, the runner up 10th and third place started 9th. Streets are big at the Bowl. Waterman came from 5th and Douton from 8th.
    The Bowl may be back and the car count adequate but there is room for improvement that hopefully they’ll get for next week.
    92 cars in 8 divisions for an average of 11.2 a feature. The three top divisions sporting 14, 10 and 17 in the SK’s, Late Models and Lites respectively. Two just fine but the Late Models not good at all.
    Ryan hit the wall because a part broke did he? If you say so.

  12. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Forgot to mention air time Jordan Hadley. Good to see him get his first late model win. I think Dafella would agree. The grand wizards of the speedbowl cannot be happy.

  13. chicken coop says

    No passing???? clearly you have Not been to Waterford… The passing throughout the field, in EVERY division is fantastic. Stafford, and Thompson has great passing for the lead, Waterford has great passing for every position. Also, the sk lites are NOT in the top 3 divisions at waterford, the Sportsmans are.

  14. 🌈🦄2020 says

    I think the mini stocks went side by side for the lead for about 10 laps. On the worst racing surface for decades according to Dafella. Don’t forget he’s an engineer. He knows everything there is to know about everything.

  15. There are no “Sportsmans” at Waterford any more limited or otherwise. You may choose to place the Streets in the top three if you wish and they are a robust division but based on payout they are not in the top three.

  16. SKLightFan says

    Kid did a great job. Showed he is maturing and confident by taking the outside on the restarts. Every time! Past couple races he wasn’t that good after winning the heat races. In fact he has won the last 3 heat races he was in. Membrino was staying up front for some of the race but Moeller had a straightaway lead by the halfway mark. Cautions brought the field back to his bumper. Congrats to the Bowl on car count and fans. Maybe a repave is next. Rumor has it they bought the property next door to make the pits bigger too

  17. Rumors, rumors and more rumors. Just once I would like someone to post something to substantiate these rumors that everyone hears.

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