NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Return to Jennerstown Speedway Set For Memorial Day Weekend

(Press Release from JDV Productions)

With the fourth race of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour season only a few weeks away, preparations are well underway between the JDV Productions and Jennerstown Speedway staff for the Jennerstown Salutes 150, presented by DGV. Set for Saturday, May 29, NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour teams roll to Pennslyavania for the only stop at the .522-mile oval this season — which will mark the 17th race in history at the track.

Last year, Justin Bonsignore opened his second championship campaign with a win at Jennerstown, in a race that had no fans in the grandstands due to COVID-19 restrictions. In August — fans were welcomed back — and it was rising star Craig Lutz who took the checkered flag. 

“The way the times were at the beginning of last year, you were excited to get back to racing, but as you were strapping in the car on the track before the race, and you looked and there was no one out there at all, it was definitely different,” Lutz said, recalling the fanless event in May of 2020. “It’s always exciting to see a packed house before you strap in for 150 laps. Really looking forward to getting back there and having fans again.”

Lutz, who has three career Whelen Modified Tour wins, enjoyed the surface that Jennerstown offers, and seems to have adapted quickly to the high speeds and challenges the track presents for Modified competitors.

“During that part of our season last year, we were struggling the race before and anytime you struggle, you’re always looking for what went wrong, and you want to go out and win the next one,” Lutz said. “The win was a confidence booster for myself and the team. It’s one of those tracks when I went there and I just liked it. It’s a long ride, but it’s worth it.”

The Jennerstown Salutes 150, presented by DGV, will honor fallen heroes. JDV Productions has partnered with Operation Vet NOW Inc. (OVN), a non-profit organization established to reduce veteran suicide and improve the overall wellness of veterans, regardless of era served, through innovative outreach experiences. OVN concentrates on veterans who suffer from the invisible injuries of PTSD, TBI, combat and transition stress issues, and mental health concerns, stemming from military service, connecting them to heal their mind, body and soul. The race day will feature special appearances from Gold Star Family members — including grand marshals, an honorary starter and more. All of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour cars will feature a fallen hero’s name on their car during the race. JDV Productions will donate $1 from each ticket sold to OVN to continue to increase awareness and assistance for veterans.

As part of a one-day show, the Jennerstown local Late Models and Modifieds will also join the action. Practice begins at 2:45 p.m. for local divisions, with the only Whelen Modified Tour practice of the day set from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Mayhew Tools Dominator Pole qualifying, which will be single-car time trials, is set for 5:45 p.m. Following tour qualifying, local divisions will race, and the green flag in the Jennerstown Salutes 150, presented by DGV, will drop at 7:30 p.m. 

General admission tickets are $30 for adults, with advance tickets now on sale at Tickets will also be available at the gate on the day of the race. Pit passes will be sold at the track only and are also available to the general public. There are no capacity restrictions in place for the event. The race will also air to a live audience on NBC Sports Gold through their TrackPass platform. 

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  1. 7:30 green flag,why can’t we do that in New England?

  2. STEVEO, lots of drunk driving in mid-PA. There are warning signs along the roads telling others to watch out for drunk drivers. Gets worse later into the night. Get the event done early, get people home before the drunks are out.

  3. i don’t think they run as many support divisions, but that may have changed.

  4. 🍸🍸🍸Liz Cherokee🍸🍸🍸 says

    One should also be very aware of drunk bicyclists too… There are plenty of idiots racing their bikes thinking that they are Miguel Induráin.

  5. wmass01013 says

    Where do you COME up with this stuff???????
    Yeah the race STARTS at 7:30 because of DRUNKS on the road later in MID PA
    also 2nd shift at jobs ends at 8 pm because employers dont want to lose workers to all the DRUNK DRIVERS in Mid PA

  6. It must have to do with PA having more race tracks then any other state in the country

  7. Miguel Induráin???? Liz, you are showing your age. Miguel Induráin retired in the ’90s.

    wmass01013, have you ever traveled outside of Chicopee? Try it sometime. I have reasons to travel to and through PA, travel there often, see the road signs warning of drunk drivers. It’s crazy. Anything east of Pittsburgh and west of Philadelphia is scary hillbilly country. Think Deliverance on exponential steroids. A couple years ago, three guys were arrested for bestiality in central PA. They outfitted a barn with special equipment to have sex with animals. Made national news.

    “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” – MarkTwain

  8. Dareal you make the most asinine comments I have ever read. I was at Lincoln last night and will be at the grove tomorrow and Saturday and they will all be packed and wont be out until at least 11. I have been at the Grove were they try to get WOO events in and racing doesnt even start until 1 am, gets over between 3-4 am.
    No idea why you are even allowed to post on this site. Maybe you drive ratings by people coming on here to see what stupid comments you will post today.

  9. Tyson, I keep myself informed with facts and data. I know that bothers you and your ilk. I read police reports where OUI, DUI, DWI, etc. are part of the published public information. Friday evening through Sunday are dangerous times to be on the road, those operating under the influence are the big hazards. That’s been known for decades. That was taught way back in driver ed. It’s worse out in the boonies of central PA where the population density is low, alcohol and substance abuse is rampant, and law enforcement resources are scarce. Read Hillbilly Elegy, you can relate to it. My neighbors went to Penn State, right in the middle of it, they had experiences consistent with the reputation of the region.

    We are talking about a NASCAR event here, and they do not want that reputation, they are trying to be a family oriented entertainment option. Can’t keep kids out that late.

    “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” – MarkTwain

  10. WeldingWonders says




    darealgoodfella says
    April 21, 2020 at 7:54 am
    Jennerstown is located in central Pennsylvania, also known as Alabama. It is deep red country, they only watch the Fox channel out there and therefore believe that the CORONAVIRUS is a hoax. Travel through Pennsylvania at your own risk.

    darealgoodfella says
    June 5, 2020 at 7:42 pm
    Jennerstown is in Alabama, so this is expected. For those of you that are bewildered, Pennsylvania is known as Pittsburgh on the left, Philadelphia on the right, and Alabama in the middle.

    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    June 6, 2020 at 3:56 pm
    .On one of my trips into Alabama, I learned about a tradition where the residents line the streets in their lawn chairs to watch the traffic go by and listen to the tarantulas get crunched by the passing cars. Not kidding. Let me tell you, those tarantulas can get big, VERY BIG.

    Middle Pencilvania… just scary, think Deliverance.

    Alabama and middle Pencilvania are loaded with massively uneducated and easily led people. They are and have been desperate and will follow anyone that gives them the slightest attention, after all, they have nothing to lose. Sound familiar?

    On one of my trips into the heartland of Pencilvania, it was a family reunion, so there were plenty of us making the trek, we were amazed 😯 by the signs we saw. Ample and large signs warning ⚠️ to watch out for drunk drivers. I’ve never seen that anywhere else. Watch for deer, moose, wildlife, but never drunk drivers.

  11. The Atomic Punk says

    Facts and data Dareal??…Like the Fact that presidents for the last 40+ years have talked about energy independence and 1 achieved it…. The same guy that had the most secure southern border in the last 30 years according to the folks that patrol it….. Say his name…. Thank you President Trump.


    Atomic Punk…

    You believe anything from that Administration? That is a tell, about yourself. You have “IDIOT” tattooed across your forehead?

    We are energy independent. We have vast dormant oil fields ready to go as needed. We have vast, verified energy reserves. There is global interdependency for economic reasons. Look at countries that have vast energy resources, but they barely have adequate electricity grids and water supplies. And they have woefully inadequate infrastructure. We can be “energy independent” when the economic conditions allow or require. If we have to turn on the shale oil fields, it can happen, as it has. So the concept of energy independence is an artificial and meaningless concept, made to look important by a buffoon known as President Trump. Besides, the responsible approach now due to the factual human caused global warming is to reduce consumption, which shatters the concept of energy independence. But then, you do not have the capacity to understand any of this. You see, there is strategic reasons to keep our reserves as reserves, and consume the reserves of other countries. Do you understand that? Probably not.

    Our southern border is well protected by the brutal desert, a natural barrier. I love the videos showing how easy it is for people to climb over Trump’s wall. A waste of billions and billions of dollars. A disaster because thousands of rare saguaro cacti were destroyed during this construction. The vast majority of illegals come in through ports, right under the noses of the pro-Trump border patrol, aka: Keystone cops. Most people here illegally are overstaying VISAs, etc. that came in legally. What is happening at the southern border is but a drop of water in the bucket, and a complete sensationalization and distraction from larger issues. Admit it, Punk, Trump and his ilk need the illegals to work at their golf courses, ranches and sweat shops.

    “Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity. If mountain ranges and oceans can be overcome, anything made by man can be overcome.”
    – Gen. George S. Patton

    Yep, President Trump was a living monument to man’s stupidity.

    If you are a white supremacist, and want to keep things the way they have been for the last couple hundred years, I can see your concern over the southern border. That’s not American.

    Make sure you thank President Biden for getting the distribution of the vaccine 💉 organized so that millions of Americans and residents can QUICKLY get vaccinated to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic, and allow the economy to open up.

  13. The Atomic Punk says

    The vaccine you say?….You mean the vaccine that Lemmings like yourself laughed when THE man said it would be ready in less than a year?….Again say his name…. and “BWAHAHAHAHA” is without a doubt the Most intelligent thing you’ve said on this site…..Clearly reading is not your strong suit.

  14. Punk, why was there a need for a vaccine? Your President Trump said there was no problem, no pandemic, it was just like a cold and will go away on its own. Go ahead, say his name. Why need a vaccine when your President Trump made a speech about using injected bleach and Lysol, and UV light sources inserted in the body to cure it.

    I’m so glad the scientists ignored Trump so they could develop the vaccines 💉 in a timely manner. And quickly as would be expected by modern SCIENCE. If we did what your President Trump demanded, we’d be eating hydroxychloroquine pills, injecting bleach and Lysol, and inserting UV lights.

    Go ahead, keep saying his name.

    Thank science for the relaxing of social gathering limits.

  15. The Atomic Punk says

    Trump is guilty of thinking out loud as he was doing when talking about virus treatments. Had you been paying attention you’d know that. Looking at any and all possible options no matter how odd they might seem initially…. You’d be the guy once upon a time telling the Wright brothers they were foolish for playing with that funny looking thing….later called an airplane….. Stick with “BWAHAHAHAHA”…. It’s really all you know.

  16. Atomic, nice try, but another fail. Your President Trump used the “I was just being sarcastic” excuse to try to get away from his stupidity, aka: thinking out loud. It didn’t work, except with special people like you. And given that bleach and Lysol have had warning labels for decades, nobody should think about ingesting or injecting bleach or Lysol… EVER.

  17. You can thank Trump for the vaccine that is being distributed by rumblin, bumblin, stumblin Joe and kacklin Kamala.

    And speaking of the CDC, I think they are being a little premature about relaxing wearing of masks. If you received the vaccine you are still at risk of contracting and transmitting the virus. No thanks, I’ll keep wearing my mask in public and social distance for quite a while yet.

    And you blamed Trump for trying to open the country prematurely, what is Biden and the CDC doing? Scary stuff.

    We have a long, long way to go to get this under control so let’s not blow it now. Get vaccinated, mask up, social distance and wash your hands frequently.

  18. I’m thanking the doctors and scientists, not Dopey Don. The scientific community ignored the bleach and Lysol ingesting, and UV light inserting idiot. Amazing how things got organized once Dopey Don was out of the way and adults took over. Remarkable how things work when the competent are left to do their jobs.

    So you finally saw how stupid Don is when he was making like it was just a cold? And now you want to vaccinate, mask, social distance, wash, etc.? Should have been doing that starting well over a year ago instead of going along with Dopey Don.

    I love wearing a mask 😷 and social distancing. It has so many wonderful advantages.

  19. I will give credit where credit is due. The Biden administration has done a great job getting the vaccine distributed however, the Trump administration did a great job working with the pharmaceutical companies to get the vaccine developed.

  20. Who said I was going along with Trump? I did not need Trump, Fauci or the CDC to tell me what to do or how to do it.

    You think you know it all littlefella, you don’t. I know more about PPE than you will ever know. I was protecting myself and everyone around me long before anyone told me to do it and so was my family at my direction, not Trump, Fauci or the CDC. After 35 years in the profession I served trust me when I tell you, I would have been dead by now if I did not take the proper steps to protect myself every day. And I will continue to do so, don’t really care what Biden, Fauci or the CDC says.

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